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Burning Pain After Tummy Tuck - Never Overweight, Had Surgery for Stretch Marks

TT to remove stretch marks. Quite a petite figure...

TT to remove stretch marks. Quite a petite figure to begin with so while major surgery not much changes in body shape and size Great hospital experience, doctor one of best in country, lots of recs and creditation, etc nurses great, recovery great in hospital. was up and about 12 hours after surgery to go toilet, etc. by 24 hours back at home with lots of help. slep first couple days, now up to day 5. Have been out to lunch today which i walked slow but was fine in terms of sitting. seen doc yest given thumbs up and to see him in a week for stiches to come out drains taken out after 24 hours. I didn't realise that was quite early until researching when i got home. i barely had any blood in there when they were in there. they changed them once and it was 10% full when they did. i have been able to shower after 24 hours as wounds had protective bandaids over them. showers are wonderful, they relax all my muscles and i can stand straight and have absolutly no pain for the time i am in there. its magical.

it seems my post op seems different to other people and i dont know if its because of my small frame? feedback would be great

I have a couple questions. I am day 5 post op. I had great surgery,no issues I weighed about 110lb(50 kg) and only 156cm tall. I was never overweight just had surgery for stretch marks. Now my PS took my drain, which was small and I only had one on my hip, out after 24 hours as I was going home. Is this normal. everyone else seemed to keep theirs in for days. I went to see him yesterday to question this and he checked me and said i am recovering extremely well and all my wounds are fine, etc and didn't say anything about extra fluid (i seem more swollen than fluid build up) I have been allowed to shower from the day I got home which was 24 hours after surgery. my other issue is I am not that much pain when im walking around and even lying down, but the min i have to get up, I get this awful burning almost feels like ripping pain near my incision. I get worried im about to rip it open. it hurts so much, it has a warm feeling to it. as soon as i am up it goes away and im just left with the uncomfortable muscle usual pain that everyone seems to have. my incision looks fine, its a really thin line, by surgeon is one of the best in the country and does know what he is doing, so i am confident in that. I am just working my self up over i think he has taken my drains out too soon and why am i getting this pain when i try and get out of bed or a car, etc i also had a little child run into the back of my knees today accidently and it jolted me slightly but enough that i started crying of pain. i was ok after 4 mins or so but worried i may have done something

Hi just an update almost a year and half later...

hi just an update almost a year and half later.

everything healed up fine. there was nothing wrong with drains and they are just a different way of how they do it now, which is more convienent.

i have now covered up my scar with a tattoo which healed up well though still was a bit red for a while....i did have some keliod scars on my belly button but i also covered that with a little rose tattoo.

i think i am just one of those people who get keliod scars because i know people who have had the same procedure who have not scarred like me,

all in all it was worth it and now dont want to have another bubba for a long time because the work it so great!!!!

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Hi This is not an answer, however I am looking or more hoping to find a great TT surgeon in Australia. Would you or anyone else that can point towards someone great in either Sydney or Melbourne please help me. I need a review of TT gone bad. Thanks
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I am from Melbourne. I am two weeks today post op. Wow i can't believe you tore your stitches. did it hurt? is it okay now? ive been driving for about a week now. i dont have any swelling or pain anymore. just an uncomfortable feeling like ive done a big workout the day before. i am just wearing elastic lycra body support now, only my binder at night. i felt like it was causing to much trouble and pain by wearing it all the time. my doc gave me two thumbs up on my recovery 2 days ago and didn't seem to mind i wasn't wearing it. my swelling seems to have gone though i notice that it comes up sometimes at night and after meals. and my stomach still feels like cardboard haha i do have to remember to take it easy. im quick to forget as i feel like im completly back to normal. i do notice i get fuller quicker with meals
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hey, im 5 weeks post op, nice to see another australian, i had a very good surgeon in brisbane, the burning is natural,i tore my stitches in the third week, and believe me i did nothing wrong for that to happen, just dont over do things and go crazy, it is a big op and you need to recover no matter how good you feel, im still swollen in one particular spot, and my vagina has an indentation underneath where it is swollen, but i could still fit into all my clothes even over my binder, but im still swollen, it will take time before you feel good and everyone recovers differently, what state do you live in
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Just an update, the burning pain has basically stopped. I will have it only every 1 out 5 times i get up from somewhere. i am back at home now and able to stand up okay and do housework, though i have to sit down every hour for a few mins as my back starts to kill me. i have not taken any pain meds today, not even a panadol (i think its called teneydol or something in america) which is pretty good. im not really in any pain, just soreness and in my back i still have swelling in my pubic region and my stomach. i tried on some jeans last night that fit me before my op but they wont do up now. by what ive read i suppose this will die down in a couple weeks?
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