Im 27 and a mother of one 8 year old daughter. I...

Im 27 and a mother of one 8 year old daughter. I had her very young, with that little knowledge of proper pre and post natal care. I weighed 125 and gained 65 lbs during my pregnancy which left my stomach with lots of stretch marks and extra skin. I didnt start to lose weight until 2 years after my daughter was born, but no matter how much i worked out i always had extra skin on my stomach which made me look bigger than i should be. Throughout these 6 years ive yo-yo dieted which put alot of stress on my body and my breast and trust me it showed, my body aged faster than my actual years. Until this year ive started to make a life style change , eating good 90% of the time and lifting weights has transformed my body the best it could by itself , but i know that this is not enough by itself. I feel great but the inside doesnt reflect how i feel on the outside. I hate feeling self concience of my body, not being able to wear a bikini , or have my boyfriend look at me, i feel like i am a prisoner inside my skin and ive decided that i will give myself the gift of plastic surgery to "reconstruct" myself. So this december im going in for a full adominalplasty and a bilateral breastlift with responsive gels, with micro- fat injections to my buttocks and Bodytite in my inner thighs. I figured i should do this all in one shot , one pain. Now my only problem is that i havent decided how big i should go on my breast. I'm 5.3 , 125 lbs and one doctor told me i should go with 275 to look natural, but i was told that would be to small so im thinking between 350-400 cc. But i dont want them to look to huge on my small frame aswell. I have my last consultation on november 6th and ill need to decide by than! . Any suggestions?

Hi there. I feel like we're in similar circumstances. I go in for my tummy tuck and breast aug nov 14th. My doctor suggested smaller implants as I have a small frame as well. I'm going with 295cc. My stomach is kinda like yours not a lrg amount of sagging but enough!lol my ps said I will be able to get out all my stretch marks but I'm still nervous. Did your ps have any concerns about your tummy? Thanks in advance :)

Very exciting! Here's what some doctors say about choosing the right size implants for you. You might also want to check out the rice test.

I'm 29 120lbs 5'0 and have a petite frame similar to yours. I do crossfit and ride quads and told my Dr I want a very natural size for my body and not large and I haven't chose my final size but so far were looking at 275-300 so if I were you I wouldn't go bigger than 325. My coworker is also my size she got 350 and is a DD. I think you are going to have fantastic results with your fit petite frame! I go in for a TT, BL, BA and lipo of the flanks and abdomen on Dec 17th!

So i just had my last consultation and ive decided...

so i just had my last consultation and ive decided to stay with 350 cc. I asked for the doctors professional opinion and he said that for my height that would be a good size. If i go any bigger they will cover my short torso and make me look shorter. So im crossing my fingers that i will be happy with that size .

Im so anxious and cant wait! ill post before and after pictures once i am able too!
Size sounds good! You are going to look fabulous, you already do! Congrats on the weight loss and best of luck, were all rooting for you!
Thank you !
That sound like a great size for you frame I'm 3 inches shorter a gonna probably do 300ccs so that sound about right

Been watching a lot youtube videos about tummy...

been watching a lot youtube videos about tummy tucks before and after! im learning alot -good and bad! even watched some botched ones which really freaked me out! most of those took place internationally though! that is why i dont mind paying a little more for my surgery here in Canada, atleast i know i have great medical care and insurance and can sue if i need too lol knock one wood
I really recommend watching "April29oregan" on youtube. She says everything how it is,
and you can see her whole journey with her mommy makeover and she gives alot of tips for pre and post surgery.

ahh. so anxious! cant wait until december 5th! pretty sure i wont be feeling the same after surgery dealing with the excrutiating pain i will endure :S

Flat tummy and perky boobs ! it will be worth it!
Beauty is pain!
Just checking in to see how you're feeling two more days :} I'm feeling pretty good getting a little emotional I've noticed but all in all doing well. good vibes for all of us.
Wow please post your pics . I will be sure to follow.....good luck...I think you re going to look amazing
thank you :)) and yes i will post my whole journey, cant wait to how i look!

Hellos everyone so I went in for my surgery today...

Hellos everyone so I went in for my surgery today and boy was I anxious! Mostly because of the pain.

So remember how i tol you guys i chose 350cc well apparently gel implants didnt come in thats size or something like that so they gave me 370s I was a little worried because I didn't want big boobs but the doctor calmed me down and said that they'll look fine , so I went for them :)

so he proceeds and does all my markings and starts marking my tummy, boob and my bum and asked me how big i wanted it and in like as big as u can get it! lol I Had an amazing anesthesiologist and surgical team and they made me feel super calm. Anyways I went out at 830 and didn't wake up until 530.

So something that I forgot to mention to you guys is that my doctor is the only doctor in western Canada that uses a pain pump. And because of that I'm able to walk and pee already without pain , I inject 5ml every 3-4 hours - god is good ! Or better said my doctor!

He even made my areoles smaller :) im gonna post a pic
I'm not gonna show my belly yet because of my mothers advice. My mom believes in "old wives tales" and she says that If I open it up I'm going to get "air" in my belly lol! So the garment stays on for now . Plus I'm so high on oxys right that nothing matters haha .

Keep you lovely ladies posted :)
So glad all went well! Keep us posted!
Hope your doing well, congrats!
Thank u. Recovery is not as bad as I thought it would be .:)

Day 3 - never knew it would feel worse before it...

Day 3 - never knew it would feel worse before it felt better. Now it really feels like I've been hit by a bus.
I'm wearing a full body garment with another underneath for my tummy.
And it feels tight probably because of bruising and swelling now
It's hard to breathe and my chest feels heavy and sore and my back is on fire. I still haven't had any bowel movements but have been taking stool softener for when i do.
I've never felt this useless before
Can't wait to feel better . No pain pump is saving me now from how sore my whole body feels.
I have a post op appointment today, that's going to be a mission, I might ask him to take pain pump out just so I can try and heal faster .
Hate the idea of having tubes stuck inside me, and it's starting to burn each time I give myself a dose

Fml right now. But I know it will worth it soon! Just hope my body is strong !
Came back from doctors and I couldn't take any pics because I forgot my phone at home. But I'm happy to at that my scar is super low, my stomach looks flat almost concave maybe because I was laying down, and my belly button is tiny!!! Yay and my boons look great too. Got lot of compliments from the nurses. They said I looked great. :)
Yea!! sometimes seeing and hearing about the results makes the pain a bit more bearable. time is your friend so rest up :)
Sorry your having a lot of pain and discomfort and I hope it lessens very soon for you!

Day 3 post op new pics

Day 3 post op new pics
Wow you look great for being so fresh post op. The new tatas are going to be amazing! The hardest part of the whole surgery is taking it easy while your body heals. It's a long road but believe me, you will be soooo happy in a couple months. Hang in there!
aw thank you. yes im such a busy body that being in bed rest is very new to me. i dont know what to do with myself. lol checked out your profile and your transformation looks amazing !!
COngrats on the surgery...Hope your recovery is as smooth when the pain pump is out...

Day 5 post op. Got my pain pump removed. Didnt...

day 5 post op. Got my pain pump removed. Didnt think i needed it.
boy was i wrong, once the last dose wore off, i had the worst burning sensation on my tummy insition. Ive popped pain meds and im much better. Boobs are healing really nicely though

I found out how much body fat was removed from my stomach:1400 grams which is about 3 lbs mind you i started out with only 22% body fat before surgery so i wasnt very big to begin with. They put 375 grams of fat in each butt cheek and they have been very sore since operation and sitting on them all day doesnt help either. They also feel very hard where they injected the fat.

i really hope that this will not affect the final shape of it. I havent had a chance to look at it because of the girdle and my bad posture wouldnt help anyways. So im just going to be patient.

Doctor says i must wear girdle for atleast 6 weeks -___- i hate this thing. But if it means that my body will benefit long term from only 6 weeks, than ill guess ill have to suck it up
Love love love your results, what size were you boobs, they looked about the same size as I am now (36b) I want a large c/ small D not sure If I should go with 300 cc or 350cc
i was a 36 b before. i originally was going for 350cc but they didnt make gels in 50's so doctor recommended 370cc he said id be very happy. Eventually they will fluff out and settle. I think theyre a perfect size already. Im super happy :) usually people always wished they went a bit bigger, so they say ;)
you are so small where the hell are you going with those big breast they look like they weight more then your whole body .lol you look greart babygirl.

Day 7 post op - Made my sister buy me some new...

Day 7 post op - Made my sister buy me some new sports bras today, neon pink and green in small and they give me perfect support.

She also bought me a bra in a D thinking it would fit.
It didnt.
I then remembered i had a couple C 38's from when i was a bit bigger, and guess what? THEY FIT and this time no empty space on top , but they were filled out perfectly and than some, and also keep in mind im still swollen.

So this means im a C38 from my 370cc cohesive gel round high profile implant , in case you were wondering .

Sports bras fit very nicely too.

Pain is about 5 today, just sore back and burning insition from time to time, and im still numb from lipo and fat transfer areas.

other than that... counting the days until i can be normal again.
You are right, you did have a lot more done. That's probably why the recovery is going a bit slower? You look great though! I never had the pain pump so I can't comment on that.. And now I'm only taking the pain meds when I am going to sleep so that I am not so uncomfortable. I'm normally a stomach sleeper, so this back/side sleeping is not as restful for me.

Post op day

Post op day
wow you look great,.you are right the top are perfect for you,.sorry about my comment about the girls being too big, do,get the blue,marks to go away.from your back
ya , theyre active friendly boobies for sure lol the blue marks are bruises from liposuction, theyll fade with time.

Day 8 post op: Took my first full body shower...

Day 8 post op:
Took my first full body shower today. Having the garment removed was like pealing another layer of my skin off .. it was so hard to breath, my muscles felt so tight, i felt so vulnerable. My body swelled up so quickly afterwards. I see why the doctors want us to wear it now.
Getting up by myself now is easy when im sitting up right. I tried getting up laying down today, and i did it, but boy do i regret it !
I felt like i used way to much abdominal force and now my top muscles are sore... I really hope I didnt do any damage to my muscle repair! i would hate knowing that i pulled a suture . Ive been so careful . Has anyone else had this happen to them?

Stuffed my face with chocolates for the first time since before surgery- about 400 cal -_- i couldnt help itttt ! (im a chocoholic btw)

I have this huge appetite since after surgery! i read about it online and apparently its normal. Its because of the healing process, our bodies need extra calories and nutrients for us to heal faster. But this fast metabolism will only last until we are fully healed. So we need to make sure we have lots of protiens and vitamin rich foods. (not including chocolate lol )

ugh my muscles hurt. :(
Heal fasterrrr!

You look terrific!! And you are not alone with the swelling, I am so swollen at 3 and a half weeks PO. I can't wait for it to be gone - I want to be able to fit into my work clothes when I go back after Christmas :( I also have been eating way more than my norm - I had blamed the holidays and boredom! Nice to hear about similarities :)
our before pictures are SOOO SIMILAR ! GOOD LUCK :)
What did you ps rec for scar treatment? I know your still early, just curious if it was mentioned

Day 16 pre op : Hi everyone ! doing much better...

Day 16 pre op :
Hi everyone ! doing much better now. Still cannot walk straight but im walking much faster. Started doing some mild cleaning, and im bending , getting up from bed much faster. Im slowly doing my normal things by mysef now, but I need to stretch BADLY... but i cant. I feel like im going crooked and its Frusterating.

However My Stitches are healing fine. Belly button still hasnt scabbed up an im Massaging boobs daily. Im still sore in some areas of lipo, but thats normal.

I went out to Walmart today with my sister, doing some last minute shopping. I used the shopping cart as support and it helped alot. Wasnt to bad, but i got tired very easily .

This recovery has been much more difficult than i thought it would be. Not pain wise, but just the fact that i cant stand up straight which prevents me to go out and look normal and not like a sexy hunch back lol Im missing so many xmas parties!!
my PS said that i should say that i had a snowboarding accident and said that i could drink a little wine

I have this big party on the 29th I pray to god i can walk up straight and that my swelling goes down. Ive had the worst swell hell ever! but than again i havent been eating to good these couple days maybe that has alot to do with it?
.. i tend to over eat when im bored.

Ill update again once i cant walk better.
Ill post new pics once i see a difference in healing .
Wishing everyone a Merry Xmas and a happy new year !!!
You look great:-)  I hope you can walk upright for ur party!! Recovery is long and rough- it was/is emotionally draining.
thank you! yes i hope i can walk straight too.. but it doesnt seem like i will be.. but its all good. I agree, recovery is emotionally draining me. Plus immense pressure on my back. dont know how long i can go without stretching lol
I had that pain in my back. It sucked. It still hurts sometimes.

Hello beautiful ladies ! so im about 4 weeks out...

Hello beautiful ladies ! so im about 4 weeks out and im doing soooo much better!

Im 60% normal !
No pain whatsoever, just tightness in muscle area and i still cannot walk up straight.. but definetly more straighter than before.
I think the reason for this is because my doctor also sewed up my obliques - hes known for doing major tightning which is a good thing ! I predict myself walking upright at about 6 weeks give or take ;)

I still have some bruising from lipo and my swelling has gone down ALOT!! started cleaning up my eating and drinking lots of water and boy did that make a difference!! I can finally see myself shrinking and its great! Ive always been sensitive to the foods i ate, i should know better, i guess all the hormonal changes and boredom made me forget for a while.

Scar and belly button are drying out nicely, Im still numb and a little hard on lower belly by scar, but thats normal.

I also cant wait to take my compression garment off, im wearing a full body suit so it sucks, 2 more weeks and its off. Ill probably still be wearing a half binder here and there after.

I also didnt get to make it to my party. But its okay, My daughter and i had a party at home watching movies and snuggling which is so much better :)

This whole experience has been emotionally draining because of me feeling useless, but it was expected.
But other than that im so happy i did it, And i know that things will only get better from here.

Wishing everyone a happy new year :)
you look so good in that dress!! i can't wait till i can start dressing up too :)
Looking good Momma!
thank you !

5 weeks - Had my follow up appointment today and...

5 weeks - Had my follow up appointment today and doctor said that everything was healing nicely. He told me to wear a little ear plug in my belly button to keep its shape. He also gave me some Silicone Sheets for free! yea! apparently they help soften the scar alot!

He said that starting next week i can start weaning myself of my compression garment, but if i find that i swell alot with out it , to keep it on longer.

I went to the mall today and id thought id try on a bikini just for the heck of it since i dont own any ... my boobs looked fantastic of course, but than when i looked at my stomach, all i could see is stretch marks !! but no flab or muffin top, which is still worth the trade i suppose.

My friends all want to go to mexico for FEB 1st and i really hope that ive made some progress by than. Still not sure if i could pull off a bikini without feeling self concience.. but we will see!

I still have a long way to go for healing , i consider myself a very inpatient person lol so this has been very difficult for me!

btw im still not standing straight at 5 weeks, im about 90% I really need to stretch bad! and im so embarassed being seen with posture.. im known for good posture! lol but other than that.. im pretty much bending, and shaving and doing all my normal activities with ease.
U look awesome!
You look great! I will be having all the same procedures and you gave me hope that I can handle the pain!
Little belly, u r looking great n looks like ur healing beautifully. Ur photos give me comfort. I just had my procedures done today and feel useless.. Sucks but I hope I feel better tomorrow and each day thereafter.

8.5 weeks post op - So it took me exactly 7...

8.5 weeks post op -

So it took me exactly 7 weeks for me to walk straight and feel normal again , i though that day would never come!!!

Doctor said im allowed to work out which i did for a couple days but it made my swelling worse so i stopped for now.

My boobs have dropped and fluffed out alot but they still are perky and high, they just feel more natural now. I started sleeping on my stomach, as well. But its not the same because i feel like im squishing my implants.

Doctor also said i could start weaning myself off compression garment, but i think im going to wear it a bit longer just because it feels better.. i also wear it full time at work and to bed, definetly helps with swelling.

scar is also really dark, and red but thats normal, especially with someone of my colour. Eventually it will fade, so in the meantime i wear my silicone strips and massage with bio oil.

Finally seeing significant improvement... cant wait to see what my outcome will look like :)
Hey, hey hey!! How are you progressing along? Before my mm, your profile was one that I followed. How is everything now?
Hey Hun looking good. Did you find the ear plug helped you. I'm gonna try that too. Did you where it under compression garment .?
Yes i wore it under garment- Once I take it off belly button begins to shrink again! I hope it stays put !

The reality of my recovery - 8 months post op.

Hey everyone!
I know its been a while since I last posted but honestly I didn't feel that I had anything of value that I wanted to share with you guys since than.
I'm not going to lie and say that it has been smooth sailing because it hasn't.

As you know I was a little disappointed that the doctor wasn't able to pull anymore skin down to remove my stretch marks (so he says) . So not only was
I still looking at my ugly stretch marks again, but now i had to look at a vertical scar, and long ugly incision as well, and at that point having to wait 1 year before I could tattoo it, felt like an eternity. This made me very depressed, and when I'm depressed I usually eat...A LOT.

I've suffered from a eating disorder since i was a teenager.
I found that it hit me worse when i was depressed or stressed. I have no self-control around food and i eat until i painfully full, because i feel that its my only comfort when im going through these issues.

I had finally thought I had overcome the worst of this disorder before I went into surgery. I started to educate myself on how to take care of my body and it worked out well for me because eating healthy and exercising really is the only permanent solution for weight loss.
I finally looked and felt good for once in my life. Surgery for me was just the icing to the cake and I honestly thought that all my body issues would be over.

3 months after my surgery I became very depressed because my results weren't looking like i thought they would, and didn't feel like myself . I picked up a lot of bad eating habits -
and when i say bad, i mean BAD - like eating a whole jar of Ben and Jerrys ice-cream to myself bad, a whole plate of nachos , fried food was on the menu pretty much every day. I was Binge eating.
I pretty much turned a blind eye to everything i knew about living a healthy lifestyle and just didn't care anymore . I just wanted eat all the food in the world.

I also liked the fact that no matter how much I ate my tummy wouldn't be as bloated as it did before. I also suffered from a lot swell hell during these first months, ( i still get now if i eat junk) which back than didn't click that probably 90% of it was contributed by my bad eating habits.
I willfully turned a blind eye to everything. I honestly thought that i was invincible. I thought I wouldn't gain anymore weight and that my swelling would go down at 6 months like they say it will..

well... 6 months passed you know they say that after a tummy tuck you don't gain weight on your tummy? Well , you don't , but you do gain a lot of weight all over the place which makes you and your tummy look huge anyways especially to someone who is only 5.3.
I ended up gaining 12 lbs of pure fat from 123 post op to 135- on my small frame that is a lot.
I started to see cellulite on my butt and thighs ,the area around my inner thighs started to expand. I grew a double chin, huge arms, and my back fat came back which was making me look wider. What really shocked me the most was that I was starting to see the beginning of a new roll growing.
Yes the top part of my tummy was flat, but everything else didn't look proportioned.
Not only did I feel un fit, flabby and heavy, I became very depressed because I spent all this money on a surgery that was supposed to change my life and I was watching myself throw it all down the drain, and that was a real eye opener for me .

This recovery has taught me a lot about myself. I am not genetically blessed or have a fast metabolism
Yes my tummy is flat, but If I consume more calories than I burn, I will gain weight.
This Mommy over surgery did not make me invincible.
Surgery was not the answer to all my problems, yes the nip and tuck helped a bit, but the rest was totally up to me. And my results from here on are going to depend on how I decide to take care of myself.

My goal weight is 120 and I now weigh 128 and I feel better than ever. I slowly weaned myself back to eating clean 80-90% of the time, which not only works out well for me - but my swelling is pretty much gone now.

I also finally started to get my exercise routine back which is slowly toning everything up again. Now, because my tummy is flat it gives me more motivation to work out because I'm seeing faster results. One day at time.

I have a couple concerns about my results though. As you can see in the pictures since my swelling has gone down, I have noticed that I have a lump of fat or skin on my left side - i don't know if I caused this myself by gaining weight or if it was left by the doctor after surgery. Any how, last week i talked to my surgeon about it and he was willing to suck out 3 ccs or so of fat at the end of this month for free which i'm really happy about.
I still feel like i have extra skin. He says that because of my stretch marks, my skin will always look like that.

I have also recently noticed that my breasts have dropped way to much for my liking... I really miss them being high. Maybe its just me and my OCD, but my left boob looks like it has dropped way more than the right and to me it looks crooked which is also bothering me. I will mention that to my surgeon next time i see him.

I will update in a couple months after i get my revision done.

Thank you for reading this ridiculously long review, It feels really good to let all this out of my system .Happy healing everyone . xo
Just posted :)

Real self modeling

Overall pretty happy with how u look with clothing so far
Thanks for your amazing honesty. I too suffer from depression. It's comforting to hear from someone that struggles and has turned things around!! Great job!!! I hope your surgeon has been really fair about your revisions. Xo
thank you ! my surgeon was amazing, he did all my revisions for free. 1 year later im content with my results
BB Thank you so very much for putting all those feelings and truth out there for us to read.... I have a feeling this is so much more common than anyone is able to admit... I too have traveled in your shoes ... I will be 10 months PO this week. I also have not posted in a long while... I am not very good with words... I am glad you are on the upside of this crazy roller coaster we decided to to ride.... Keep working out and always stay positive...

My MMO 1 year later....The Conclusion.

Hey everyone,
just wanted to update everyone on my process. 1 year later my belly is flat and tight and the swelling is finally gone forever. My scar looks a lot better due to cortisol shots and at 10 months I pierced my belly button. I also finally tattooed my belly and it looks amazing.

As you all know I suffer from an eating disorder and have been fluctuating with my weight all year.
When I do gain weight its goes everywhere else, especially to my back fat which makes me look wider and disfigured.
luckily I work out regularly so I can eat the foods I love and not get fat. Balancing all that out has helped me maintain a healthy weight so far which I'm content with.

My tummy tuck wasn't the answer to all my problems as I thought it would be because I still have a shit load of them lol. I've had a lot of people criticise me and ask me why I spent all this money on my body, how vain I am, how I didn't need it and so on. But I've also had so many compliments of people saying how amazing I look which is just so comforting to hear considering that I'm still so self- conscience .
I suffer from Body Dimorphic Disorder from hating my body since I could remember so its sometimes hard to see myself as I am now - I still see myself as that unhappy fat girl that was never content with how she looked . But once in a while I do look in the mirror and say to myself, " wow I look fucken amazing".
Having this TT was definitely was something that I needed to do for myself and for nobody else and I'm happy I did. Its definitely helped my confidence so much more.

During this year I have seen what not taking care of my body will do , and I've seen what taking care of it does and this is when I'm happiest with my body. Yes my tummy is flat , but if I don't take care of it than what's the point of being big all over with a flat tummy. it just looks silly on me considering all the money I spent.
This is why I need to be careful and that's going to be probably the biggest struggle from here on. But it definitely makes it easier knowing I wont have to worry about the belly pouch anymore.

Anyways ladies. This will probably be the last post I write from here on. As I don't have anything more to say. I was considering deleting my account before writing this today but I decided that I will leave it a bit longer in case anyone wanted to relate to my experience in knowing they are not alone.

Thank you ladies for all the wonderful support during this year and remember that we all deserve to be happy and to spoil ourselves once in a while. Never regret anything that makes you smile :)
And remember , " what we eat in private, we wear in public"

Cheers xoxo

My doctor has been amazing with me , he did all my revisions for free and even pierced belly and gave me cortisol shots for the thick scars I had which has helped a lot. I'm content with the results . Theyre a good as can be considering my lifestyle during is year.
ladies our bodies depend on how we take care it . What we eat in private, shows in public.
So good to hear from you. I always looked up to u prior to my surgery and ur story gave me guidance. U look great and I appreciate you sharing your story. I'll keep it in my head "eat in private, wear in public". I've also gone up some pounds since the surgery and hate that I lost the waist line the surgeon gave me which I never before in my life had; now lost due to poor eating habits and little exercise. But I'm now a week into the gym and preparing my meals at home trying to get back what the surgeon gave me. Again, thanks for sharing and may you and yours have a very happy new year!
Thanks for being so honest and sharing in detail your journey. Very little people are so detailed and it's hard to find people posting after a yr. I just had by surgery a wk ago and this is very helpful.
Thanks for your wonderful feedback- the further I progressed with my healing the less I posted because I just had nothing more to say since the most important things were already said and plus I wasn't laying in bed anymore, I was focused on other things. But yes I like being honest when it comes to my surgery because even though it's been life changing in such a good way it was just another way of it masking my internal issues to an extent . But life is definetly what u make it. Things will be good. I'm working on it :)
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