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On Tray 12 of 20 - Burnaby, BC

I have just started Invisalign treatmemt. I am on...

I have just started Invisalign treatmemt. I am on my second set of trays and will be going in to see the dentist for a check-up and to recieve my third and fourth sets.

Things have been going well so far. My second set of aligners did feel extremely tight when I first put them in but it didn't take long for the pressure to ease. I have 11 buttons and will need 20 trays in total. I have noticed a very slight difference alreadh - my front teeth have been pushed back slightly.

So far, so good!


Wow, from what most people say the part you just went through (the first couple of weeks) is the worst. It sounds like you did pretty well with it, so hopefully the rest of your treatment will be just as smooth.

Did you know ahead of time that you would be getting the 11 buttons?

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I didn't mention this in my initial post, but I...

I didn't mention this in my initial post, but I have had IPL on two teeth. Like everyone said, it sounds scary but doesn't hurt. I was a bit nervous because one of the teeth that needed thinning was quite sensitive due to a huge filling. It was fine though and actually feels better now.
It's Wednesday today and I go to the dentist on Friday for my next two sets of trays. I am curious if the third set will be tighter than the first two when I put it on.


Hi, I was aware I would be getting buttons but not how many - not because the dentist didn't tell me but because I didn't ask. The buttons are annoying and they do make Invisalign more visible but if they give me straight teeth, it'll be worth it!

What a great attitude!! I bet you will have a fantastic result and am looking forward to hearing about each step along the way. :)

Just as a matter of interest - My dentist told me where and how many buttons I would be getting -and I told him I didnt want any on my front 6 teeth, and he sent it back to invisalign and they came up with another plan where I didnt need them on the front 6 teeth at all - so helpful and accommodating. Just need to ask lots of questions and let them know exactly what you want.. (Altho I do realise everyones issues are different - and maybe not so easy to change)

I am now on tray number 6 and things are going...

I am now on tray number 6 and things are going well. My teeth have definitely shifted and I'm noticing that my trays are getting easier to clean because they have fewer weird angles and are more symmetrical.
I do go see my dentist every month for a check-up and to get the next two sets of trays. I do appreciate that he wants me in so regularly because, as I've read on here, that's not always the case. He is willing to listen and answer questions and has been very helpful.
My one complaint is that the dental receptionists are unclear on what I should be paying. Every time I go in I get a different story. It's very annoying and I am definitely keeping track of what I'm paying. I'm not going to pay any more than what I was quoted without good reason.

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I am now on tray nine and have definitely noticed...

I am now on tray nine and have definitely noticed a huge difference in my front teeth. One of my front teeth was overlapping the other and that is now mostly gone.
My bottom teeth don't look a huge amount different to me. In fact, one of my bottom teeth wasn't "tracking" (moving, I guess) properly so I had to leave both trays seven and eight in for an extra week. Because of the difficulty in moving by bottom teeth, I now have to keep the rest of my trays in for three weeks instead of the previous two. Annoying but as the dentist said, there's no point rushing through the process and being unhappy at the end.
I will be very excited to get tray 10 on - half way!

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I'm now on tray 12 of 20 and things are going...

I'm now on tray 12 of 20 and things are going pretty smoothly. I've had to keep the last few sets of trays on for three weeks rather than two and that's really slowed down the process. I am going to ask if I can go back to two weeks per tray when I go in for my next appointment. By the time the third week rolls around the trays are really hard to get and keep clean. In fact, I find them a bit gross despite lots of brushing, cleaning and flossing. Otherwise everything seems to be on track.

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Tray 16!

I'm on tray 16 and am still happy with everything. I was allowed to go back to two weeks per tray starting with tray 13 and that definitely speeds up the process. As it stands now, I should be done mid-September. The dentist did mention that it was likely I would need a few refinement trays. At first I was annoyed at the thought but I'm over it. I'm hoping to be finished with Invisalign completely by the end of this year.


I can understand why you would be bummed at the thought of having to do refinement trays, but hey, at least your dentist told you now rather than finding out in September. That would have been a major drag. Hoping things continue to move quick so you can stay on the 2 week schedule from here on out!

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