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I had the full adominoplasty on August 14, 2013...

I had the full adominoplasty on August 14, 2013 and am 10 days post op. I chose Dr. Weiglein because he had worked on my son's face when he had a ski accident and he had great results. There was a time in my schedule which allowed me to be bedridden with no responsibilities mid August until mid September. I took this opportunity and made an appointment with Dr. Weiglein. He advised that I would require a full adominoplasty with lipo on the sides. I booked the appointment, without really realizing the "pain" associated with the procedure. I had a drain and pain pump connected to me. They were both removed on Day 5 po. After reading alot of others experiences on real self, I realized how great my tummy tuck is. I know things can change but so far so good. I'll post photos when I get them.

stitches are out!

At my visit with the doctor today, I had my stitches removed. Everything is healing nicely. These photos are of me 12 days po. The first week of recovery is really a blur now. I wish I had of done this earlier...

Time for an update, 18 days post op!

How time flies while surfing RealSelf. My photographer leaves for university tomorrow, so I needed him to take some photos for here. I like how I can compare the previous photos with these, I highly recommend the new patients to do the same.

I am far more active, but know when to take it easy. Overdid it on Friday, and paid the price yesterday. Big Time, alot of tightness in my stomach, couldn't get comfortable, etc. But woke up today feeling refreshed and back on track.

I have always had an athletic shape ( ie no waist) but could never get rid of the stomach particularly the part above the belly button. So I am thrilled with the result.
The scar is puckered etc, my doctor told me it was on purpose and each pucker disappears as the healing progresses.

My back occasionally reminds me that it is sore, but that's closer to bed time anyways.

For those who don't know who to tell, in the end I told my parents the night before. My parents aren't the type to come down to care for me, but I was afraid I would get the "why would you pay all that money....." which I didn't get it, a nice surprise.

I "confessed" to my girlfriends in NJ before I move to NYC, because I am going to see them soon, and if they see me now and I said, "oh, I dieted" they would call bulls##t in a heartbeat. They are happy and jealous at the same time.

As my husband lives in NYC and only comes home on weekends, it was my kids who were the superstars in my recovery. They walked the dogs, brought me soup, etc.

My girlfriend across the street, got the phone call the first time I saw my scar and I said "what did I do to myself" and questioning my decision. (a very bad day) But 5 days later when I walked across the street to show her, all she said was "It was worth it".

I need to thank who ever termed it the Frankenbutton, I love that nickname.

Best thing I did for myself!

Well I guess I'm close to a month and a bit PO. I moved to NYC this past weekend. I was dreading the drive 8 hours, but took a few breaks and somehow managed quite fine. I will post pix of stomach when my husband is home to help, I'm so tech adverse.

I have had no real swelling or seranomas ( touch wood). My scar looks good. I know this is still considered early days of recovery but I hope it continues like this.

My PS said I didn't have to wear a binder after my last appt. I was wearing it for support, but realized when I was driving to NYC that it was really uncomfortable and causing me discomfort. I took it off adn I haven't worn it since, and that was 4 days ago. I've read that some PS's advice is to wear a compression garment for a longer duration, and some PS advise you don't have to. I suggest you go by what your PS advises.

The tightness in the stomach is still there, but very dull compared to early days. It reminds me to stand tall. This is THE best thing I have ever gifted myself..and my husband is reaping the rewards!

Good luck to everyone on their journey, as this really is one.
Burlington Plastic Surgeon

I love Dr. Weiglein and his staff. Trish is the receptionist and is friendly and wonderful. Josie is the patient co-ordinator and no question goes unanswered. She is so thorough with the file of information they give you, I referred back to it, daily particularly as my surgery date crept up. Khris is the nurse and is awesome. Dr. Weiglein has a real team there and you feel it. Couldn't have been happier with my decision.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Thank u
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Looking good girl
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Thanks Tessa, just read your journey, you look amazing!
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You look great! Did you get muscle repair?
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Thanks Amanda, I did have the muscle repair. Looking forward to your updates!
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Wow you look great! Take it easy & don't over do it. I still rest after I do too much by putting my feet up on pillows and use ice pack and heating pads. Your scar looks great as time goes on you will see the pleating or puckering go away and yes it is done on purpose. I had it on both hips. I learned that the tighter compression garments really flatten things out once you don't have stitches and drains I highly recommend it. I will keep following your progress xo
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thx pharmasales, I feel like pillows have become my new best friend! and I have the compression garment, keep it on all day, but I have to take it off at night, I can't stand sleeping in it.
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Lookin' good!!
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Thanks Beansie, 24 days will be here before you know it!
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you look amazing :) flat tummy looking so good.
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thanks Icebergm, your day is coming closer, so excited for you.
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Looking great! Good luck with continued recovery!
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thanks Silverchica, love reading your posts!
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I posted before I asked, how did your back feel? Were you really bent in half? That's a big worry for me. :)
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My back is okay, it gets sorer as the day progresses, so I don't stand as tall. I'm not sure what you mean by bent in half?
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I've heard a lot about, depending on how much your surgeon pulls your skin down, being hunched over when walking. I have a really bad back to begin with (just putting on socks can hurt it for weeks) so I have been worried about that part of the recovery. Just getting different experiences from people. :)
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I think its a bad picture because I just looked at myself standing up straight, and there is no hunch. I will have another photo taken. As for the back, I've only noticed recently that the more I spend time on my feet, ie 2-3 hours, my back starts to hurt. Hope that helps
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It does. I wasn't even referring to your pic, I didn't notice it much there. Just in general. I have that problem now, with standing. And I wear a back brace to walk my five miles daily, just to support it, because my stomach pulls down on my spine (severe hyperlordosis). I am looking forward to that being gone! :)
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Beansie, Remember to be good to yourself during your recovery. It's day 12 and I'm back lying in bed. The hard part is overcoming the guilt feeling of "taking it easy" for so long. I'm looking forward to your journey for you!
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Consider getting a wheeled walker (sounds corny, but best thing I did to help take pressure off the back) to use to walk around the house post op. It made a world of difference with my first few days. Today (8/30) I'm POD 6 and off the walker. Everyone heals differently. Good luck!
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You look great!!
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You look great! Get a tight compression garment so you don't swell...looking great! Thank you for the compliments.
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Thanks Amanda, you are very positive, when is your TT scheduled for?
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I'm gonna go in this wk so I can start all my testing. I'm ready
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