A new start

Need to lose 35lbs more, total lost just >100lbs,...

Need to lose 35lbs more, total lost just >100lbs, for the 2nd time in my life. I can no longer carry around this excess baggage (bell fat) that is a reminder of times past, good and bad. I look forward to a new me and an improved outlook on my well being! I am hoping to see the PS ended Nov. Will definitely need full tummy tuck and awaiting to determine if breast augmentation only is required or a breast lift in addition to. So excited!!!

Consultation Done!

Had a consult last week with the PS that I was hoping I would feel comfortable with and the good news is, I did!!! The humiliation of a consult was nerve racking but the PS made me comfortable, I was at ease and pleased that we were able to get along. I am going to be scheduling my TT and Breast lift for April, the day after Easter Monday. Like everyone else, I am feeling super excited and can't wait for April to get here! I want to continue with my weight loss and weight training so thought an additional 3 months was perfect timing. The Christmas festivities are going to be well enjoyed and the "gearing it up" for next year is something I'm looking forward to!

Pre-op Complete!

I had my pre-op beginning of March and have my TT and BL surgery scheduled for April 7/15 - less than 3 weeks to go now!! I have been working out, doing core training and strength training in hopes that it will help support my recovery. I didn't lose all the weight that I wanted, I still have 5-10lbs to go, hoping to lose the 5lbs at least. Every bit helps and I am confident I will keep off after surgery as well. My preop was uneventful, I am a nurse myself and perhaps that is a determent as I feel like I shouldn't be asking a lot of questions. with that said tho, majority of my questions are answered as I think of them by all of your fantastic posts. I had asked about augmentation and if implants would help the longevity of my breast lift. My PS said that no, the implants would help keep my breasts lifted as time goes on and if I am happy with my current size adding implants could lead to complications. As well, implants don't last forever and quite frankly, the thought of implant removal just isn't worth getting them - for me. I have my script for Arnica and Bromelin to take 5 days before. He also gave me a script for Demoral as Tylenol 3's have no affect on me. I have never taken anything stronger but am hoping the Demoral works for pain. That is my biggest concern is the pain and mobility afterwards. I will spend the first night at the surgeon's office, which works well for me, at least I know I am in a safe environment with nurses available for help if needed. I will post before an after pictures once the surgery is complete. Good luck to all those whom have their surgeries coming up in the next few weeks as well!!!

2 weeks to go!

Now I understand the nesting phase! Spent the weekend cleaning the house, getting a bit ready here and there. I have a good support system and only need to ensure my dog has enough food for my recovery time, so there's not a lot for me to worry about. I find my mind is being more and more occupied with thinking about the surgery and visualizing how I may look afterwards, hopefully just like the Victoria Secret model! Lol
I'm 5'7, have a large frame that I carry well. I am fairly proportionate with good weight and muscle distribution. Current weight is very high 100's. Dr says he will likely be removing 10-15lbs.

I'm having a tough time finding a front close sports bra here in Canada. Frustrating as everyone talks about cheap ones they get at walmart in the states. I only have found them
At Victoria secret but 60 dollars a bra, I'm not spending that on something I will want to burn after wearing it for 2 months straight lol. I have an old one that I will use and if it's not good, I'm sure one if my friends will be happy to go shopping for me. I'm trying to eat a good diet and shrink the fat cells. I figure the smaller the fat cells are on the day if surgery, the more he will be able to suck out!!!

Here is a clothed photo, still not brave enough to post the before pic yet, but I will in all due time. You can see the lower belly fat protruding - my lower belly looks like my grandmothers after all my weight loss. My breast look high in this pic and horrid - obviously trying to hard with a push up a bra! Next time it will be my natural lift!


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