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My mom has always been embarrassed over her...

My mom has always been embarrassed over her "turkey neck" She went to a consultation with LSL and tried to ask all the right questions and tried to get as much information as possible before signing on the dotted line. They told her it was minimally invasive and minimal pain and she'd be in and out in no time. they even talked her into getting her eyelids done.

She put it off and put it off for a while and they kept calling her and even had her come in again. On the second "consultation" there just happened to be a woman in the office telling my mother how "Great" it was and how quick it healed etc etc. What a Crock!! I think she was a plant.

My mom did decide to have it done though. I thought it was great because she was doing something for herself. I encouraged her even though I wish to God I didnt now.

She had it done and she came home in absolute agony. This is a woman who has a huge tolerance to pain. I have never seen her in such a state. Her face and neck were swollen past recognition! Two days following the procedure she looked like she had two Huge Goiters growing out of both sides of her neck. She called the office and they told her swelling was normal. This was Way past normal. She went to have her stitches out and the swelling in her neck was fluid and had to be drained! And then she had to be wrapped up again for three more days.

Her scars are just like the others Ive seen on this site. Front and back of both ears, it looks like they tried to cut them off! I don't think this place is what the commercials make them out to be. Also when she went in for the stitches to come out, they were very rude to her. She had asked to see the doctor, but was told he was busy of course. She has another appointment coming up next week but Im sure she wont see a doctor then either even though the swelling is coming back and shes 3 weeks into this mess.

I did a little more checking..and LSL was sued by the state of New York for putting up fake reviews and fake customer pictures online and in their ads. If its so great, why did they have to lie? And by the way..they Lost the suit and had to pay 300,000 to the state of New York.

My advice for all it's worth is If your going to bother spending all this money...go to a REAL SURGEON! This is crazy and believe me I so wish I had found this site before I encouraged my mom to go to this hack shop! She did end up going to her own Doctor and he put her on more antibiotics and some kind of cream to help with the scarring..just food for thought.

Pros - NOT A ONE! The whole procedure was done under a Huge Lie!

Cons - Pain beyond compare, Bruising, Scarring which is not going to just fade away, (there's too much of it), infections, and my mother will not come out of her house and hasn't in three weeks!

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I had the procedure done in Burlington, Ma.
I will not go into great detail but I had a awful experience.
The first part of the procedure hurts but as the meds wear off the pain is unbeariable. I felt as though they hurried the procedure and then slid me out the back door away from the waiting room so that the incoming people would not see what a mess I was. I went home with no meds, the swelling and black & blues lasted about two weeks. I was told at the consol that I could go to work the next day.(lots of lies). I was a mess for two good weeks. It's a real wrip off.

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Don't remember his name. Just go to a real certified plastic surgeion and do your homework.
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I had my lifestyle lift near Boston three years ago and I am still in pain in my neck. It still feels like someone is chocking me all the time, but especially at night. I had mine done in Waltham, Mass, but a year later they moved to Burlington, Mass. When they have enough people complaining they move to a different location. Never in a million years woulkd I go through all this pain again.
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There does seem to be a lot of negative comments. It would be helpful to me if I knew the name of the doctor who performed your LSL. I've already had a consultation in Burlington. Thank you
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I have improved greatly and must say the PS @ LSL has turned out to be very kind and compassionate. My own ignorance caused most of my complications because my infection stemmed from the URI I had prior to surgery. As for my ears being taken off I feel like they were but I have researched facelift procedures extensively now and questioned some of the PS I know and am told this is the "traditional facelift" incision lines. My expectations were the "minilift" so I should have questioned more. And I am impatient especially when in pain so to me IV therpy is quick however with the drains and daily trips to the PS @ LSL I am recovering. THe pain has improved greatly and I am beginning to look like a person again. I still feel this is more invasive than what should be done under local anesthesia but I choose this route without alot of research so that's my fault. For the money I spent I think in time after my infection heals I think the PS did a great job! I now know him by the way because of daily trips to see him and he is genuinely a caring MD. I did check his credentials prior to surgery and checked for complaints/suits against him and there are none. I can see now that I mispoke, sometimes being a nurse I do that and regret it this is one of those cases.
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Very happy to hear that you are much better - sounds like a very painful ordeal for you. I am considering the LSL and have only 1-1/2 mths to make my decision (before the cost goes up (I really hate that kind of a "sales pitch"). I see so many negatives! I believe the doctor who does the surgery is extremely important, no matter what or where the surgery. Very few people tell what doctor they had. Can you tell me what doctor you had in Burlington. I had my consultation but still have questions. One of them will be, "How many of these procedures had the doctor you recommended to me performed?
I would really appreciate it if you would tell me the name of the doctor even tho it was done almost 1-1/2 yrs ago. Thank you for your response.
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I haven't been able to get any information on the name of doctor that has performed LSL in Burlington - either pro or con. Don't know why this is?? We know that the expertise of a doctor far outweights any kind of procedure.
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Whatever you do, don't do it. My neck hurts all the time. Vanity is not worth this kind of pain. It always feels like someone has their hands wrapped around my neck and is choking me. All these doctor's are there because they can't practice in real medicine. Please give it a lot of thought.
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I was told the same thing as your mom: a "simple procedure" with very little scarring. I was told just a small incision into my ear and up my hairline; they literally took my ears off! I have incision lines all the way around my ears and running from in front of my ears to about 3 inches behind my ears. I am not sure if I will ever look normal again! I would never have agreed to such invasive surgery done in a clinic setting. I can relate to your mom, my pain has been unbearable and now I not only have Bells Palsy with facial droop to my right side but I have cellulitis and have drains behind my ears one of which is already stopped up and not draining. I have made 2 trips back and return tomorrow. The MD had been really nice and apologetic but is not equipped to handle the complications I have developed.The PS @ LSL keeps insisting I can get better on PO antibiotics and doesn't want me to go to the hospital. Well I go back tomorrow to replace the drain that's not working, that is if I can get through the night without the temps of over 101 again. If not to the ED I go and I will make sure that LSL in some way reimburses all my extra expenses. By the way I am a Critical Care nurse and have had patients that look better than me at this point! Never again will I not go with an MD I know! I pray your mom gets some help!
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