Will the GREEN PEEL Actually Be THE Peel That Makes a NOTICEABLE Difference? - Burbank, CA

I have done several different superficial peels...

I have done several different superficial peels but none have really been of any noticeable difference. Sure, my skin looked smoother at first but then seemed to go back to its old self, i.e., thick, oily, uneven textured, superficially scarred skin, with its large pores esp. on my nose still noticeable as ever skin, in addition to hyperpigmentation, still as noticeable as ever, making me feel like more self-conscious than ever....ughh. I do everything from using Retin-A to Tazorac gel to even trying Ma Ma lotion to see if that will make my skin look smoother, all to no avail. So I'm willing to give the "green peel" a go because it looks like it will actually peel a layer or two away and maybe even help with my hyperpigmentation. I would just like to get a peel (or two?) that will have a noticeable effect on the hyperpigmentation, scarring, and help my skin look somewhat brighter and smoother, and stay that way. Not expecting baby smooth skin, just nice improvement is all I'm hoping for, and I definitely don't want to go with injections like Radiesse, etc., too invasive for me. I have a consult tomorrow, so I will go from there. I'm hopeful. To be continued. :0) We shall see.


I have booked an appointment at my local spa for a Green peel at the end of September. I am 65, and have sun-damaged, wrinkled, acne scarred skin. In the early 90's I took Accutane for my acne, and it was fabulous. Obviously, that treatment was too harsh for on-going use. So your review was really helpful to me. I haven't used any kind of 'peel' since that time. I would love to hear the "to be continued" from Cazzy's experience!
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Hey Michele, how did it go?

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How did the consult go? Are you going to try it, or keep searching for something else?

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