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I had braces in high school, but lost my retainer...

I had braces in high school, but lost my retainer and my top front teeth moved back. I'm starting invisalign express- 10 trays, five months- today and will update as I go. I have 6 attachments total with 5 of them on the top. The attachments make the invisalign looks less invisible. It took 4 weeks to get my first aligner after I did my impressions.


Congratulations on starting your express treatment!  We don't have a lot of people doing express, but we do have a couple.  One, Lissa120, who is also here in California, by the way, just started right around the first of February, if you wanted to check out her review :).

Your teeth are already very nice--I hope this goes smoothly and uneventfully for you, and that you have the smile you hope for at the end of your treatment.

I look forward to following your review!
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Sore teeth, cut up tongue, but I'm hopeful my mouth will adjust.
I should add that with insurance invisalign express cost $500.
I added a picture with the first aligner in.


Your mouth will toughen up for sure.  But if there are really sharp edges, you can file them.  And use orthodontic wax as well if the filing doesn't help. :D
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Hi Liz! Looks like we're express buddies! I just started tray 2 a couple days ago and will hopefully be past all this mouth plastic by July as well! :)
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Can't wait to see your updates. Your teeth already look so nice and straight! :-D

Tray 2

I can't really see a difference yet, but I can feel my bite changing. The second tray feels much more finished than the first tray- no tongue irritation when I talk. I have the third tray and will start it next week. I think I'll be able to see a difference when I'm done with that one. Just comparing trays 1 and 3 show a big difference on the top front teeth. It's just tough to wear these 22 hours a day when you're a coffee addict like me!


Man, how many cups of coffee do you drink in a day?  LOL!  I'd think two shouldn't make a big difference in how long your trays are in, so it must be more.  Do you get bad withdrawal if you cut down?
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I'm a slow coffee sipper. With my crazy work schedule I'm drinking coffee throughout the day just to stay alive. I wouldn't dare cut down! lol

Finishing up tray 5


Hi!  It's a little hard to compare with the different angles on all the pics :).  Do you see any progress?  With regular invisalign it'd be very early, but since you have so few trays in all, I wouldn't be surprised if you're seeing something...
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Tray # 1 and 7 side by side.

Retainer #1 is on the right side and #7 on the left. You can see the v shape on the two front teeth are straightening out and the two teeth on the side are moving forward. I don't start #7 until next week.


Curious as to how long went by between high school braces and teeth movement? I didn't have braces prior to invisalign, but a have a few HS friends that are now doing invisalign after they had braces then. It's been about 6 years in between then, which to me is a very short time for things to noticeably move around that much! But they're actually happier post invisalign treatment than regular brace treatment.
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That is a really good question!  I want to know, too :D.
I got the braces off at 16 and I'm 25 now, but my teeth have been messed up for a few years now. I noticed it was getting worse by the year so I decided to take care of it before I would've needed a full invisalign set or wear braces again. Bottom teeth moved so little it isn't noticeable, but the top front teeth started to get crowded.

Started #8 last night.

I can see a good difference in my smile, but number 8 is a bit painful. Day one is always a sore one. The pictures compare tray 1 and 8. Tray 1 is starting to yellow from being out... ew.


The movement is really obvious in the trays.  Is it equally obvious in your teeth?  Thanks for the update!!
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