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While I would definitely do it again, MANY doctors...

While I would definitely do it again, MANY doctors take out too much fat, and eventually, you will get a "hollowing out" underneath your eyes. It doesn't show the first year or two.. but eventually, it does. This is a VERY common mistake plastic surgeons make when doing this procedure. And I thought I had one of the best... used to be head of Plastic Surgery at St. Josephs hospital in Burbank! Fairly prestigious place! But he took too much fat out (and, after the surgery, my eyes were even then a little uneven, and honestly - he didn't seem to care or offer to fix it, even it was pretty noticeable.)

I recently had Restalyne injected underneath my eyes to even out the hollowness. That worked like a dream...

So.. I'd still do it all over again. But if you are considering this procedure and have not done it yet, discuss this issue with your doctor! See his/her response.... you'll know then if it's the right doctor.

Again - that all said - I would do it all over again. Having big bags under your eyes can make you very self conscious, and NOT having them now has made a world of difference. Huge!

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I felt he removed too much fat, and then didn't care to "fix" or "tweak" what was clearly uneven (in addition to removing too much fat.) Even one of his staff admitted to me it wasn't quite right, a few weeks after surgery... but he had no intention of making it "right." :-(

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I'm 99% certain this is the guy: Dr. Meronk They changed their website and I haven't looked at it in some time, but I'm pretty sure this is it. Take a look... they really address this issue of hollowness. Seems like they really know what they're doing. I'll double check and write back if for some reason this isn't him. But I'm fairly certain this is the dude.... :-)
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Hi Mary, If you can find the site of the guy from Oxnard (where is that?) please let me know. Regarding the other posting, I too am surprised that the doc would not show photographs. Dr Amron, dermatolgist, works with Dr Nassif. They have been on Extreme Makeover, I think. Thanks, again.
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Well, I would just say don't go to ANYONE who isn't referred by someone, and/or the very least you've seen their work. That's what I hear all the time... do not go to a surgeon unless they're referred by someone who you know is happy with the work they've done. I had uppers done too, but had it done very conservatively, so no hollowness for me. Just the hollows underneath because of the fat. Personally, I think it's weird too that doctor doesn't have before/after photos. My first consult (a few years before I actually did it) was by a very well known surgeon (on TV and off) who's work was amazing. Even HE had before and after photos... maybe I'm wrong, but it seems odd. Wish I knew NYC doc's better and could help you... try a new thread/post if no one jumps on here and knows the doc's around there. Good Luck!
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I live in New York would love that refreshed look that seems to be the right description from what I am seeing, but I am more worried now that I started doing my homwork, saw Dr. Imber in NYC, if anyone knows anything about his work would love to hear. The big doctors like he wont show photos of their work because of confidentiality but it would help me, I am afraid of hollowness left even thought he would do fat transfer and I was told that sometimes upper lid surgery can make you look older, I dont think my uppers are bad but he says he wants to do them, any recos on ny doctors or comments are welcomed and appreciated, I can also send photos of me if you feel you can comment. thanks
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I live in NJ and am in search of a good dr. to correct my left upper lid after surgery. I had it done about 8 yrs. ago and have not been happy. Let me know if you find anyone..I will go to New York. Thanks
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absolutely! and yes, i've thought about the face lift... i'm not quite there yet, but i will have no prob's doing it when i am. right now, between a bit of botox and the filler (and i want to do more filler, in my "marionette" lines, plus a little more under my eyes) - between those two, i think i'm good to go for a few years. lol. who is Dr. Amron? is he the guy in Santa Monica who did Extreme Makeover? older guy? i think he did a bunch of my friends' work (and she did a bunch....) and he IS very, very good. anyway, i hope you can either get out here soon to Lillith or find someone you trust with the Restalyne soon... i know that feeling when your eyes aren't right after surgery and it's an awful feeling. i have to believe there is a fix for you..... i hope you can do it soon! oh! did i mention there's a guy in Oxnard who specifically does this? works on eyes that have been "over corrected?" i looked at this site and considered that for awhile. if you don't know about him (and have any interest) let me know and i'll google it til i find it again... i think someone else on here mentioned him too. it seems like a really good option, as well... warmly, mary
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You are very lucky to have found someone like her! Thank you so much for all your comments. Are you planning to get anything else done? I think a face life is calling to me but although I have researched many doctors and visited them I just cannot take the plunge, particularly after my eye job which changed my appearance quite a lot and I was not madly happy about the change. I did visit Dr. Amron when I was last in LA, mainly for a chat about procedures, but I never got anything done. I would love to keep in touch with you. Cheers, Maureen
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ugh. that IS awful. honestly i was pretty nervous about it too when I had her do it. i'd heard the stories.... thank goodness with her, i didn't have to worry a bit. in fact, i need (need, well - want!) a little more done, and plan to do that soon. she really is amazing and you won't be disappointed. plus, she always tell ya to come back in a week or 2, and let her now how it all "works." if she needs to make tweaks and adjustments she does it. she really cares about her work. she's done that with me for the botox and the restalyne. in fact, she's so lovely i was in there once for some of this stuff and i needed a couple red spots zapped, and she just did it. didn't charge... she's just a lovely woman on top of being stellar at what she does. ok - looks like the coffee is talking now! good luck.... :)
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Thanks again. I will check Lilith out when I am next in lA. Please let me know if she ever moves. I do not trust anyone else with this as a doctor injected restylane below my lower eyes and there were lumps after the treatment that did not go for about a year. It was awful.
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you got it... like i said, if you get the right person, it makes a HUGE difference. lately when i've run into people (after the Restalyne) EVERYONE keeps telling me how "good" or "rested" i look.. can't recommend this "fix" enough! good luck...
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Hi, I had the same problem with my lower eye surgery. I now have hollows and have been searching everywhere for the right treatment. Thanks for the reference.
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Hi Meerkat! (Funny.. I'm marecat!) Anyway - Lillith at Beautech in Studio City. She is AMAZING. Botox and Restalyne. The change in my eyes from the Restlayne is like night and day.. If you google, you can get the #. If you have any probs finding it, let me know!! :) mary
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Hi, I'm wondering where you got your Restalyne done. I'm in the LA area as well and am considering it for undereye hollowness. Thanks!
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