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Facelift and Upper/lower Blepharoplasty with Dr Komwit at Bumrungrad and GHT

I had a facelift + upper/lower blepharoplasty with...

I had a facelift + upper/lower blepharoplasty with Dr Komwit at Bumrungrad facilitated by GHT.

I am 7 days post op and I am over the moon.................. as I can already seen a massive improvement. You can hardly notice the scars around the eyes, incredible............

Everything went extremely well!
I am astounded at how quickly I am recovering! and the fact that I did NOT experience pain after the operation. Only some discomfort and the cold of the ice packs over my face. I did NOT have to take any pain killer

I saw Dr Komwit on Tue, had the operation on Wed (7 hrs!), he and the anesthetist both checked on me the next morning and I was discharged that day, taking home antibiotics, sleeping tablets, and pain killers (that I did not require at all!). Went back to the hospital 3 days after for a check up then 2 days later to get stitches removed. My last visit is in 2 days (11 days post op) before I fly out.

GHT were very efficient to organise everything a short notice ie a week!
I was picked up at the airport, Sugar from the Patient Care Team took me to all my appointments and she knows Bumrungrad inside out so it was very easy. Loverly the registered nurse has been looking after me extremely well and beyond what would have been expected. Although I could have looked after myself, having someone to apply the antibiotic cream behind my ears.

In terms of discomfort, the first couple of days were a bit tough, mainly because you need to sleep with your head up and that is not really easy. The sleeping tablets really helped there. Also the antibiotic cream makes your vision blurry. The bruises have quickly disappeared but my face is still numb on my cheeks and neck. This is normal and it will be a few weeks, possibly months before I get feeling back.

Bumrungrad in my opinion beats most Australian hospitals in terms of efficiency and care.

So all in all, I am really pleased that I did it and saved about 30 to 40% by doing it in Thailand even considering flights and accommodation.

My one suggestion is to have your questions ready at each visit as I found that information may not be given unless it is asked for.

Good luck....

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Hi Citroen2cv, are you French? just asking because of your username. Mine is French too (I am French). I did choose my doctor prior to arriving in Bangkok as I needed a confirmed surgery booking. I had also contacted a number of other doctors directly by myself (ie filling an evaluation form through the hospital website - bumrungrad and bangkok hospital, or directly from the doctor's website (ie. Dr Nond, Dr Chartchai), and all indicated that I was "a good candidate". Prices varied a little bit but the price quoted from the hospital seems to be the same price quoted by the facilitator. and because the facilitator had a "special" for accommodation I chose to go with GHT rather than by myself. The incisions are a little bit on the front of the ears and then at the back. I will get my husband to take some close up photos tonight and will upload to show you the scars then you can judge for yourself. I think I am lucky that I have a skin type that seems to heal quickly. Hope this helps....
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There are a number of doctors at Bumrungrad - have a look at their plastic surgery website http://www.bumrungrad.com/plastic-surgery and click on doctor list - it shows their qualifications, experience, etc and consulting hours. For me, I choose Dr Komwit because of availability and experience and good comments on various forums. I can't see a difference re sideburns. very happy with my experience. Good luck
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sorry to ask more questions! but, did you choose a doctor prior to your trip or did you consult with several doctors once you arrived in bangkok? are your facelift incisions on the outer edge of your hairline? what ever he did, you look just amazing. i enlarged your three/quarter view photo to get a look at your incisions - plus belle!

Some photos 2 wks post op - facelift + lower and upper eyelid surgery Dr Komwit

here are some photos to show level of scarring 2 wks after

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new photo

some more photos


wow, very impressive. no real eye bruising at all! was the eye incision inside or unde rhte lashes? well done you.
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Scars are under the eye lashes but 3 weeks post op with make up cannot see them. I am confident that in a few months nobody will know ANYTHING!
I had a FL and upper and lower eyes with Dr. Komwit July 18. I am 3 days post op and still a lot of swelling. Did you use a lot of ice packs? How did you get them? My hotel - Skyy - charges foe ice in the room and it doesn't freeze the ice packs anyway. Any advice?
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Facelift + lower and upper eye surgery with Dr Komwit - 5 wks later

here are some photos 5 wks later. I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Dr Komit is wonderful And over a period on 20 yrs has done my upper and lower eye lift twice ,,, He really is the best ,,, when I came home no one new but every one said I looked refreshed and well,, of course I did not tell my secret but u all know now ,,,, lol
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Wow, beautiful results!
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I did book for a longer stay away also good advice from you.
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