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Facelift and Upper/lower Blepharoplasty with Dr Komwit at Bumrungrad and GHT

I had a facelift + upper/lower blepharoplasty with...

I had a facelift + upper/lower blepharoplasty with Dr Komwit at Bumrungrad facilitated by GHT.

I am 7 days post op and I am over the moon.................. as I can already seen a massive improvement. You can hardly notice the scars around the eyes, incredible............

Everything went extremely well!
I am astounded at how quickly I am recovering! and the fact that I did NOT experience pain after the operation. Only some discomfort and the cold of the ice packs over my face. I did NOT have to take any pain killer

I saw Dr Komwit on Tue, had the operation on Wed (7 hrs!), he and the anesthetist both checked on me the next morning and I was discharged that day, taking home antibiotics, sleeping tablets, and pain killers (that I did not require at all!). Went back to the hospital 3 days after for a check up then 2 days later to get stitches removed. My last visit is in 2 days (11 days post op) before I fly out.

GHT were very efficient to organise everything a short notice ie a week!
I was picked up at the airport, Sugar from the Patient Care Team took me to all my appointments and she knows Bumrungrad inside out so it was very easy. Loverly the registered nurse has been looking after me extremely well and beyond what would have been expected. Although I could have looked after myself, having someone to apply the antibiotic cream behind my ears.

In terms of discomfort, the first couple of days were a bit tough, mainly because you need to sleep with your head up and that is not really easy. The sleeping tablets really helped there. Also the antibiotic cream makes your vision blurry. The bruises have quickly disappeared but my face is still numb on my cheeks and neck. This is normal and it will be a few weeks, possibly months before I get feeling back.

Bumrungrad in my opinion beats most Australian hospitals in terms of efficiency and care.

So all in all, I am really pleased that I did it and saved about 30 to 40% by doing it in Thailand even considering flights and accommodation.

My one suggestion is to have your questions ready at each visit as I found that information may not be given unless it is asked for.

Good luck....


Some photos 2 wks post op - facelift + lower and upper eyelid surgery Dr Komwit

here are some photos to show level of scarring 2 wks after

new photo

some more photos

Facelift + lower and upper eye surgery with Dr Komwit - 5 wks later

here are some photos 5 wks later. I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Dr Komwit

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Wow, beautiful results!
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I did book for a longer stay away also good advice from you.
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yes I was at DB seminar at Mercure Hotel in June
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Thought so....I was there also. I think you asked quite a few good questions?? . I flew down to Brisbane for that seminar. I have had contact with GHT today. Seems too good to be true. I should have had them organise the lot it would have been better for me but I had booked with Dr Komwit and then booked my flights last night. Taking advantage of the cheaper flights available until the end of August supposedly. I feel less anxiety now I have taken this option with GHT. Did you choose Dr Komwit with GHT referal? The only drama I have is what I said - seems too good to be true. I do have to find somewhere else to stay post post op (they have suggested places for me) as I get there on a Friday and have my pre op appointment on the 9th and have the operation on Monday the 11th at 1 oclock. So my thirteen nights run out on the 20th. Never mind I am so happy about the support that will be offered and my husband can stay also....hope he can cope. ha ha. One comment that I have heard is the concern of Asian doctors operating on our caucasian faces. I had not thought of that one...as I know of two people Dr Komwit operated on..three now including you. I would love to catch up with you. I will be in Brisbane from the 30th to the 4th Sept. I will not put on this where I am staying wonder whether I can privately send you my mobile number. Don't feel obliged. I am down for a few shows and a high tea and generally to soak up city life for a short break. Have quite a full agenda. I am not sure what questions I have to ask the doctor as he is the expert and he has already told me - I will be refreshed and not changed too much. I felt great trust toward him. So I hope my situation turns out as successful as yours- you have been a fountain of information. I had asked at Bumrungrad if I could find a carer and the response via email was told there was noone that they knew could help me. But you have.....cheers and thanks again
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Thanks again...I have just registered with GHT. Had never heard of them until I googled facelift and Dr Komwit and read your review. I have been to a Destination Beauty meeting but decided on Bumrungrad and Dr Komwit from a personal reference and I also had a meeting with him recently whilst on a holiday in Asia and felt reassured by this. I cannot believe how quickly your stitches come out. I really need to know what time I should allow - I was opting for ten days but maybe I should add a few more days on for comfort and finalising it all? I would have to find my page to add my photo I am guessing not having used this before.
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I think with GHT they want you in Bangkok for 2 weeks for a facelift. I arrived on a Monday and left on the Sunday 2 weeks. I saw Dr Komwit on the Sat the day before flying out.
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I will ring GHT tomorrow as it would appear there are no vacancies for accomodation when I just checked. If that is so will book at a hotel nearby and was working it out for two weeks....too be sensible. Also the flights leave so late at night I am going to book an extra day. They have me booked in for an appointment on Saturday to see Dr Komwit and then operate on Monday. Should try and change it and opt for consecutive days but not going to....that is the chosen date so to speak. By chance did you attend the DB meeting in Brisbane in June? I think it was....I feel I recognise you. I live in the Mackay region.
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We stayed at the Skyy Hotel next door to Bumrungrad Hospital and it was OK for US$75/night. Not a lot of hot water and no freezer for ice - they charge for ice delivered to your room - so my husband went to the 7/11 every day and brought back a bag of ice. Breakfast was included. Bring DVDs to watch - there is nothing on TV worth watching. Rooms were clean and beds were comfortable. After a week we moved to a nice hotel on the river (Chatrium Hotel) and got a suite and enjoyed the extra room very much. BTW, all the GHT rooms are suites with kitchens. They also stock the rooms with DVDs! If I did it all over, I would stay with them.
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GHT stands for Global Health Travel. They are a facilitator. I pick them because they are based in Australia and that was important for me. Destination beauty is another big facilitator working in many countries. They do group tours which is a great idea for those not wanting to be by themselves on the journey.
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I visited the GHT apartments while in Bangkok in July and I was very impressed. They have rented a floor in a luxury apartment building and they have a room for staff (they have a nurse 24/7 on call) in the same building. They take you to all your appointments and bring you breakfast in your room. I was very impressed, and I am now referring patients to them from the US. My experience with Dr. Komwit was very good, I am Caucasian and he had no problem working on my face. See me review for pictures! Good luck, BJ
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I have looked at your review - wonderful results. Gives me so much confidence finding this link and other like minded people. I will be 57 - just after my surgery. I have decided not to tell people what I am doing - I will afterwards if they don't notice??!!! It does seem to get a negative response when you say Thailand. I am not sure why? I have had abdominoplasty done here where I live as I had a very bad umbilical hernia so thought I may as well get a plastic surgeon to fix my overlap (too many pregnancies) as well as my hernia. The hospital care I received was shocking and none existant and surgery about three star I am guessing. I still have a huge scar - but I am happy with the results I can at least wear the size pants I should be. Thank you for your input - I have registered with GHT in Australia and I am now going through them. I have to check out before I fly home so will go and have a look at the Chatrium Riverside - sounds nice. My husband will be there the day I come out of hospital and will leave two days before me. Maybe you have some suggestions for boy things for him to do - can you fish in the river. Probably only snakehead fish there. I cannot get over how good you look in the 10 day photo. It will be 9 days to my birthday after the operation so I should hopefully be a happy camper by then also. I will have to get some photos on in the next few weeks and start my own little blog - or review. Thanks so much - wish it was history for me also but it soon will be. It will be like a pregnancy counting down to when I go. I still have quite a lot of anxiety about it all - such a big decision - but I have made it and booked flights and everything else so it is happening.
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So amazing your results give me confidence thanks for That
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Obviously I mean next
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Great review my turn nect
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Wow! you look stunning. Can I ask who is GHT and how do I contact them? I'm planning on going to Bumrungrad Hospital and will be alone. I'd like to have the support and aftercare you had. Do they only help Australians?
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I am an agent for GHT in the US. Contact me for more information BodyMindSpiritTravel@gmail.com
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Amazing results,! I know you're happy.
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Plusbelle, I also had Dr. Komwit and I am very pleased with my results. He was very sweet and gentle and was playing classical piano music during the surgery. I am not yet 4 weeks post op but I am getting more feeling back in my cheeks every day. You look fabulous - are you still tender or numb at 4 weeks?
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Hi BJ in Hawaii. yes still numb on the side and I cannot feel when I put mascara on but it really does not bother me. I am very careful with the sun (deadly in Brisbane, Australia). I have one question, how do you know about playing classical music during the operation, weren't you asleep?
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Not at first, he wanted me awake so he could check the marks on the eyes properly - took about 5 minutes, then I was out like a light.
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You really look incredible.  Great results!
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wow, very impressive. no real eye bruising at all! was the eye incision inside or unde rhte lashes? well done you.
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Scars are under the eye lashes but 3 weeks post op with make up cannot see them. I am confident that in a few months nobody will know ANYTHING!
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I had a FL and upper and lower eyes with Dr. Komwit July 18. I am 3 days post op and still a lot of swelling. Did you use a lot of ice packs? How did you get them? My hotel - Skyy - charges foe ice in the room and it doesn't freeze the ice packs anyway. Any advice?
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