I Have a Bulge of Skin over my Tummy Tuck Scar-any Ideas???

I had my procedure done @ a military hospital by a...

I had my procedure done @ a military hospital by a board certified plastic surgeon- I am not a big girl- I am 5'8 and weigh about 145. I got the procedure a few months after my third child- I went in for a umb hernia and advised could see plastic surg and it was scheduled in 2006-they advised me could not dettach my bb b/c of surg for hernia- after the surgery he adv me did not need drains and I wore a compression belt-

I think the scar is okay-but I am not happy that I have a hard area below my bb -it is like a roll- I have not gained or lost a lot of weight- not sure what to do. One surg advised lipo and the other a new tt-help??- one of my friends said it may be scar tissue- but it is very painful to massage it-???


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Hello JML, I am also scheduled for a tummy tuck with a military doctor. I know he is board certified because I check his credentials. Did you pay for the tt procedure? I thought it's free if they have it done in a military hospital. I reside in Wa. state and we go to Madigan Medical Center. When I discussed this with the surgeon, no dollar amount was discussed.Am I missing something or maybe you can enlighten me a little here. Thanks for any advise you can give me.
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I was reading your story... As far as your bumpy hard skin, there is ultrasound treatments your doctor should have provided them to you after treatment. If not go get them. You can do them once a week and it will guarantee smoothing of scar tissue and the hardening of the skin. Really good idea might even smooth out the bulge. Tara Reid should go and have them done.
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