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I had always wanted to have this surgery done, but...

I had always wanted to have this surgery done, but never had the money. Past few months I was able to save and get it finally done.

I never had the perfect breasts, my mother's mom passed it onto her and she passed it onto me. I also lost a lot of weight during the past couple of years and this lead to my breasts looking very unpleasant.

The only reason I did not do it earlier was that I had not saved the money, there always seemed to be something else more important. Until last 2 months when I realized that it was time to take care of myself. I knew about a doctor back in my home country and I made an appointment with him. I do not live in in this country anymore, but knew that he can make me a nice pair of boobs. :)

When I went there for my appointment, I had already scheduled a date for my surgery, 17th of Oct. I walked into the clinic and what did I see, so many women were waiting for their own appointments. :) I had only seen that many women waiting in a regular clinic while having a regular check with the gynecologist! :) Go ladies!

Here I am today, sharing my story and possibly giving my advice. I did it, it is over and here is what I can share.

I am in pain now, but not too much. I was supposed to have the anchor type of surgery, but when the doctor started drawing on my body he realized he did not need that one, and he said he would most probably do the lollipop style. I was really happy as I knew that the anchor one is way more painful and could lead to more complications. On the other hand, I am supposed to fly back to the country where I live in just 20 days, so I have no room for complications.

I was not 100% positive that the doctor performed the lollipop surgery, as he told me right before it, that he would decide in the surgery room itself once he gets started.

When I woke up I saw just some nurses around me. My eyes were searching for the doctor. Finally, his assistant came in and I said, "which one did I have?" He said to me "we agreed against the anchor one and the doctor did just the vertical incision and the one around the ?reola."

It is pointless to show you a picture at the moment since they are covered in massive tape. I will have this replaced with one that would allow me to shower tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Depends on when I make it to the clinic. I am actually scared to see my breasts.

Update from today, 20th Oct (4 days after the...

Update from today, 20th Oct (4 days after the surgery)

They were supposed to change the tape with washable one, but this did not happen, as the doc said that there was a minor issues and I heard him whisper, there were some bubbles. I personally could not see, but it was on my right breast, the one they had to cut quite a lot.

He said nothing to worry abut, will give me an injection and to go back on Monday to change it. Everyone was in such a rush, it seemed like all people in Sofia went to his clinic that morning.

Today I realized that my belly looks bigger and just now I realized that I have a even bigger belly which is hard when touched, almost like a rock. I feel it heavy but no pain really.

Any idea what is going on with me? :((
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I arranged everything from another country. They would always respond to my emails and help me. The doctor looked at some of my pictures and suggested mastopexy, but shared that in a face to face meeting would decide which type it would be. I probably had tons of questions and they did answer all of them. :) There was just a bit of an issue with my card while paying as the transaction would not go through and had to do it two times in 2 different days. They said it was normal to happen that way, as for some reason there always were issues with foreign cards. All paid though. My doctor came just for 5 mins after the surgery, I said I was fine and then saw him next day for just 2 mins, he said he had caught some virus and had to avoid patients. Overall, very good service in my opinion. The staff was nice to me, and most importantly, made me feel at ease at all times. Had fantastic sense of humor.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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Hi LillieLee,

They said I could call any time but I honestly didn't want to talk to anyone who did that to me that night, including myself. :)

Here is my good news from this morning, I slept like a little baby (well, I guess in crazy positions and stuff), but woke up at 11am nicely rested and with no complaints any more. There belly is gone and I am hungry.

The boobs are not as swollen! :) They are only itchy, but this is a pleasure in compensation to anything else.

Thanks for your support, LillieLee! I hope to share some nice results on Monday.
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Dear francesca_d,

Did they give you a number to call when you need to talk to someone to minimize your worries?

I was told I could call even at night, which, luckily, I didn't need but it's an awful lot of time til Monday, no?
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Hi Kimmers25,

Thanks so much for your positive comment! It comes in times quite needed!
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Hi Girlie!

I would not worry about ho they look.  I had the same procedure done with the same cuts and I healed beautifully.   My scars around the nipple are totally faded and the vertical scar is so very faint.  In fact if I didn't tell you that I once had a vertical scar you would never know.

Give it some time to heal and you will notice great improvement month after month.  Scars can take 1-3 years to fade so be patient.  

Just try to focus on the "Perky" new girls you have.  Hang in there and keep us up to date on your healing process.

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Hey Angiemcc,

:) I did trust my doctor since he has a very good reputation, also explained everything in detail. I will certainly share how I feel about the new breasts. :)
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It can make a person anxious to see what's under all that tape! But it sounds like you felt able to put your trust in your doctor. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of your perkier breasts! Please come back and let us know.

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