Healing up from FTT, MR and Hernia..May 10th Buffalo, NY

I am 37 years old and the mother to a wonderful 9...

I am 37 years old and the mother to a wonderful 9 year old boy. I gained 65 pounds with my pregnancy...then proceeded to lose 75 in the year following his birth. I was left with saggy skin that I refer to as my 'front butt' lol.

I have maintained my weight loss within 5-10 pounds with healthy eating and exercise. I have wanted a tuck since my original weight loss and have finally decided to do it. I also have an umbilical hernia I am having repaired at the same time.

I am scheduled for May 10th, a mother's day gift to myself. Well, now that it is a reality I am beyond nervous. I have read many inspiring stories here and some that have scared me. I am trying to only focus on the positive things that will come from this-like my brand new flat tummy!! I will be sure to post some before pictures along with questions as they pop into my head. Thank you all for sharing your personal journey.

Is it normal that the surgery is all I can think...

Is it normal that the surgery is all I can think about?! I am very excited! I look at before/after pics regularly and try and imagine what I am going to look like when the healing is done. Super thrilled to be having this done but wish I could make the time go faster...

So I decided to get on youtube to watch some video...

So I decided to get on youtube to watch some video reviews of tt's. One of the girls was at a follow up visit and was showing her drain bags to the camera and talking about them...well, I started getting really sweaty and felt like I was gonna pass out. Not a good idea ...now I am SUPER nervous. Thinking about the drains freaks me out. Help.

Went in for my pre-op blood work yesterday and...

Went in for my pre-op blood work yesterday and medical clearance today!! Everything looked good and I was given the thumbs up from my primary!! Pre-op with PS in two weeks! So excited. I am focusing on all the positives from here. Oh yea...bring on a new tummy.

Well, yesterday was my pre-op appointment with my...

Well, yesterday was my pre-op appointment with my PS. I couldn't belive how excited I was just being there! This is REALLY happening. Found out where my scar will be-nice and low :) should be able to hide it nicely this summer under a new bikini. Got my before pictures taken in those fancy undies...lol I will get some pictures up soon things have been kinda crazy lately. 13 days and counting...

OMG!! The last two day I have been eating so...

OMG!! The last two day I have been eating so horribly...I know I need to stop but keep making bad choices. What is going on?! Pizza, cookies, french fries...I never eat this stuff. It seems to be all I want right now. I HAD been working out really hard and eating great, even lost 6 pounds over two weeks which put me at 144-my goal was 140 by surgery. Now I'm afraid to get on the scale. I have 10 days until surgery. Anyone else go through this?

I am super excited. Went and bought a new bikini...

I am super excited. Went and bought a new bikini for pictures(and for the upcoming summer of course)...8 days to go...

With only 5 days to go things have been crazy...

With only 5 days to go things have been crazy around here. My son has been running a 102-103 fever for 8 days-we have been to the doc twice with bloodwork and a chest xray today. It's a nasty virus so antibiotics won't help. He hasn't been sleeping(neither has mommy). My husband, was hit by a truck while riding on his motorcycle 3 years ago and is a quadrepalegic. I am his main caregiver-well, he has been sick and I have been taking care of him as well, all while working full time! I am being super vigilant with the hand sanitizer and just trying to get them both healthy before I go in for surgery! Needless to say I haven't had any time to worry :) Keep your fingers crossed that I don't get either of their sicknesses-I do not want to have to cancel my surgery!

My son went back to school today, his temp finally...

My son went back to school today, his temp finally returned to normal. Husband is feeling better as well...ahhh deep breath. I got pretty excited today-my lift chair was delivered. Tomorrow shopping for all the things I will need during recovery. Looking forward to getting my little area all set up and ready to go! Chair is pretty comfy and will be so awesome for getting up/down.
3... days

Took myself to urgent care this weekend thinking I...

Took myself to urgent care this weekend thinking I had the flu...turns out its wicked allergies from all the pollen flying around. The urgent care doc said it should not interfere with surgery at all since my lungs are clear. Anybody else out there have nasty spring allergies when the went in for surgery?

So happy my PS said I could take Claritin!! I am...

So happy my PS said I could take Claritin!! I am already feeling better!

I have to report to the surgery center at 6:15am(which means I have to leave my house at 4:30am...long drive with no coffee) I went shopping yesterday and picked up greek yogurt, protein granola, protein shakes, lots of fruit n veggies, a weekly pill sorter(with all my pills in it for the next week), gauze, tape, books and cleansing wipes ;) Everything is all set!! WHOOO hooo...

Just finished mopping my floors, gonna have a...

Just finished mopping my floors, gonna have a snack and try and get some sleep. Talk to you lovely ladies tomorrow afternoon :) with a new tummy...

I have been home for a few hours and surprisingly...

I have been home for a few hours and surprisingly feeling pretty good. The pain is certainly tolerable. I have been drinking a lot of water which makes me hve to pee a lot-getting to the bathroom makes me very sore!!

I wasn't as nervous this morning as I thought I would be. The nursing staff and doctors were informative, fun and lighthearted which I loved!! Surgery went great. Recovery was a breeze-no sickness thank goodness. Slept the entire ride home and now have my beautiful son and husband doting on me!!

Went to my first post op today!! Got to see my new...

Went to my first post op today!! Got to see my new tummy for the first time....so flat. I half expected to see my same old stomach. PS said everythings looks good.
Coughing a bunch from these damn allergies adn lwt me just tell ya it makes my incision feel like it burning. I cry like a damn baby whenever i have to cough! Although putting an ice pack on it hleps the burn. I am really hoping this cough doesn;t last long becasue honestly other than that I feel really good! So tired, off to sleep. I'll write more later.

Day 4 Walking a bit more upright today and...

Day 4

Walking a bit more upright today and with less pain!! Got up and made myself some toast with a smoothie. By the time I was done I was ready to sleep again!! Made myself cough repeatedly until most of my lungs were clear. Just woke up and trying to figure out if I want to go was up or go back to sleep...I am telling ya ladies-not having a hard time with the instruction 'do nothing except rest'. Maybe next week I will feel differnently but this week I am loving sleeping all the time!!

Well yesterday, Day 5, was horrible. I was in so...

Well yesterday, Day 5, was horrible. I was in so much pain from non-stop coughing and was really depressed. Totally wondering why I had chosen to put myself through this. Hated that I couldn't sit anywhere other than my recliner, had to poop and couldn't, felt dirty from not being able to shower, kept dropping things on floor, couldn't sleep... So at bedtime I took two pain pills to knock myself out along with Delsym cough syrup. Slept like a rock for 4.5 hours took two more pills and slept another 6 hours!!!

Day 6-Amazing! A complete turn around from yesterday :) Have been taking my pain meds(just one every 4 hrs during the day) and have felt awesome. Coughing has subsided for the most part, had a BM, my awesome sister came and washed my hair, mom made me breakfast with coffee(first time since surgery), I shaved lower legs, dried/styled my hair and actually dressed pretty. Great Day!! I really really really hope tomorrow goes as well.
Other than in the PS office on day 3 I haven't had my binder off so no pics yet. As soon as I do I will snap some photos...

Day 8-Walking almost upright and with less back...

Day 8-Walking almost upright and with less back pain. Very little drainage-hoping PS takes them both out on Thursday!! They aren't painful or anything...just annoying when trying to figure out what to wear.
Drove myself to the grocery store today to pick up a few things. Wasn't sure how it was gonna go but it was super comfortable. One milestone completed :) Looking forward to everyday getting a little bit better :)

Oh yea...I posted some pictures today. Finally got...

Oh yea...I posted some pictures today. Finally got the courage up to take my binder off for a few minutes. It felt really good!! I love love love my new tummy!! My husband and my son were right there with me to check it out. My 9 year old thought it was 'cool' and asked if my belly button will look like that forever? and where did my old belly button go? Too cute. My husband was like...'wow your scar is really low!!' Not sure where he was expecting it to be...lol. He kept saying, 'It's so flat' my response 'I know right??!!' This process is SOOOOOOOO worth it!!

Day 10-Had a post op today. Got one drain removed....

Day 10-Had a post op today. Got one drain removed...girls, it burned like a son-of-a-*****. I have to call monday morning and let him know how my drainage is-since it's so low I may get the other out Monday morning. Also, got my stitches removed and my PS is very pleased with how I am healing. Yea :)

Day 11-Felt great today. Last night was the first...

Day 11-Felt great today. Last night was the first night I slept until morning. I am or should I say was walking mostly upright then I decided to vacuum my house. I knew I shouldn't but there was dog hair everywhere and I just couldn't take it anymore. I tried to be very careful but now I know it was a bad decision on my part. I am hunched, swollen and sore. Back to the recliner.

Day 14-I want to shout from the rooftops...I AM...

Day 14-I want to shout from the rooftops...I AM DRAIN FREE!! It feels so good. One more step towards 'normal'. I can take a shower tomorrow. Can't wait :-) Only one more day off then back to work.

2 Weeks I just showered...whoo hoo!! I was...

2 Weeks

I just showered...whoo hoo!! I was nervous about the water and how it would feel on my belly but it was fine. I didn't want to get out. I washed my hair, scrubbed my face, cleaned my belly button and shaved my legs. I feel amazing :) I took some new pictures and am so happy with how my stomach looks. I put on the bikini I took my 'before' pics in and cannot believe how much better it looks. My scar sits just under the waistband-perfect. I am so very happy with my decision to have a tummy tuck.

Day 16-Yesterday being back at work was great. It...

Day 16-Yesterday being back at work was great. It was so nice to see my students. I was exhausted when I got home. Put my comfy clothes on rabbed my ice pack gand proceeded to fall asleep in my recliner until 9:00pm, got up ate a bowl of cereal and back to sleep until 6:30 this morning. Talk about wiped out!! I had some minor swelling but I didn't think it was awful. Put my ice pack on it for about 20 minutes-it felt so good! I also started taking Bromelain a few days ago-it is supposed to help with swelling...

Day 18-ahhhh saturday. I am so happy I have a...

Day 18-ahhhh saturday. I am so happy I have a three day weekend to just hang out. Going back to work was nice but I missed my recliner if you can believe that!! Lol I was very swollen last nite. First time for me to be that swollen-it kinda freaked me out that my stomach was so tight!! Much better this morning. :)

I have been sleeping in bed the last few nights. It has been amazing to be able to sleep on my side!! I have always been a stomach sleeper so having to sleep on my back has been tough to say the least. Even though I toss and turn from one side to the other every few hours in bed it is way better than the recliner!! I actually slept until 10:30 this morning!! Love it.

Hope you all have a lovely Memorial Day weekend!

Hey Ladies!! I am now 3 weeks(and one day) and...

Hey Ladies!! I am now 3 weeks(and one day) and knock on wood-feeling great. I still get uncomfortable but doing better at this point then I thought I would be. Still not cleared to exercise or do housework-which is actually killing me I think!! I want to vacuum and mop more than anything else in the world right now!! LOL Oh and give my dogs a bath-they stink!! I am hoping Monday when I see myPS he will set me free to do those things.

After reading the post of a 'realself' friend who is struggling with swelling I want to share with everyone what homeopathic remedies I have been taking to help with recovery. A week before surgery I started with Arnica and took it up until Day 20. A week after surgery I added Bromelain twice daily-it comes from the pineapple and targets reduction of swelling. Arnica is more of an all around remedy whereas Bromelain is just for swelling. Bought it at GNC. At the same time I started taking Staphysagria(30x potency) which is for cuts/lacerations and abdominal surgery. and last but not least I take Calendula Off(30x) to ease pain, promote the healing of cuts and nerve pain(think taking your tummy apart and those nerves reconnecting)...I take those two 4 times daily. If your interested you can read about them on 1800HOMEOPATHY.COM

4 weeks-My steri stips finally fell off in the...

4 weeks-My steri stips finally fell off in the shower a couple days ago! I had wanted to see my scar so badly. It looks good(well, as good as a scar can). I started Mederma and Bio Oil and it feels wierd rubbing it on there. The sensation is sooooo strange, but for a reduction in appearance I will keep it up. Had a visit with my PS monday and he didn't release me for exercise yet!! and still no vacuum/mopping...With the heria repair as well as the tt my body needs more time to heal...damn. I miss working out. My belly button is beginning to look more normal-still like a coin slot but getting better.

I am getting excited to go shopping for an outfit for my 20 year class reunion coming up in July!! No need to try and hid my belly. Only wish is that I could do something to try and firm up these thighs before then-so they match my new tummy. I will get some new photos up soon.

Hi All!! It has been a long time since I have been...

Hi All!! It has been a long time since I have been on. My tummy tuck was a year ago in May and I still find myself admiring my flat tummy. I have worked hard with diet and exercise to maintain the doctors work!! I feel fantastic and have no regrets whatsoever. I'm going to post some up dated pics because I always wanted to see what it would look like a year after the surgery when I was first on this site.
Buffalo Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Giacobbe and his staff are super personable. I was able to ask questions and he answered each and every one. He made me feel very comfortable on the morning of surgery! I just cannot say enough wonderful things about th PS! Follow up visits have been amazing! He is so encouraging.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I was looking at all the medicine you were taking for swelling and healing. I was just wondering did you still take your pain meds with these? And did they really make a difference? BTW you inspired me to get my TT done :) I found this real self site and looked up buffalo and your story popped up. I think you look great so I decided to go to the same doctor and get mine done :) 2 more days and its here :)
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How does your belly button scar look after a year?
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Many people tell me it looks like my belly button is a little mouth smiling...lol. I think it looks fine. It def has a scar that you can still see but it's not bad. I'll post a close up so you can see it.
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Oh, ladies, I haven't been on here much this summer, but I am still determined to get my tummy tuck, too, in Buffalo. It is such a big expense, but I hate my tummy!!! My hysterectomy made it worse than ever, and I know I will be so much happier after a tummy tuck, but I too am scared. I keep thinking this would be the time for me to do it, as I'm not working right now, but hoping to find a job soon. I know as soon as I find a job it will be nearly impossible to get the time off for a tummy tuck. Spunkygirl, I am glad you are doing so well. I am definitely going to make an appt. to see Dr. Giacobbe.
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hey, I found your postings and have been following you! I also live in Buffalo and I am deciding on a doctor for my tummy tuck! OMG...I really want this but am so scared! So you really liked Dr Giacobbe? Im really scared of the scars!
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Hi Mom90! I haven't gotten on this site much this summer. Just happened to hop on tonite and saw your post. I loved Dr. Giacobbe and his entire staff. They are a superb team. They explain everything in advance and answered my questions. The recovery was better than expected. I followed his instructions to a T, ate low sodium foods(which still make me swell if I eat to much salt) and drank lots of water. I love my new tummy!! Do I love my scar? Definitely not, but as scars go it really could not be any better-it is slim and symetrical. It is healing nicely and I have been using Mederma and Bio Oil religiously. I am being patient since they say you can't tell how it will look for a year or so. Is the scar worth it? In my opinion...HELL YES!! I have no skin bulge to fight with when I am wearing my favorite pants and I cannot get over how fitted shirts look!! Have you gone for the free consultation yet?
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Any pics
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Looking good! Even 5 weeks post-op, after a long day you need to lay down and just relax. It is major surgery don't forget and we need to ease back into our "normal" life. I still get twinges from time to time and am really sore at night if I have overdone it, 12 weeks today, but feeling great overall.
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Hey girl- You look awesome!!! Congrats to you!!! I had my full TT on May 12th, and still have one drain. Which, is REALLY bumming me out. :( I have noticed it start to decrease in drainage, so hopefully this week it will go.

Congrats on a beautiful, flat tummy!! You deserve it!
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I am so sorry to hear you still have a drain!! That must be totally annoying. I am glad your drainage has decreased...I will keep my fingers crossed that it gets taken out soon!
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HOT, HOT, HOT! I am asking everyone 25 days post surgery how they're feeling/looking cuz crazy me is going in a cruise exactly at 25 days post op. But girl... if I end up looking the way you look in your pix with that bikini... I won't care about pain or discomfort I will go show off my new belly button laying down by the pool every evening (to avoid the sun) LOL
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Thank you so much Mayela! I feel hot hot hot :) I think at 25 days you shoulhd be feeling pretty good-as long as you have done nothing up to that point except lay around and let your body heal. I actually had a callous starting on my booty from sitting so much for the first three weeks!! Lol, But I think it had a lot to do with my minimal swelling and good recovery. If I were lucky enough to be going on a cruise at day 25 I certainly would've been on the boat. Also, as for laying in the sun during the day you should go for it! Just wear a one piece-I started tanning again at 3 weeks with my tummy covered and it hasn't bothered at all.
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Thank you so much for your feedback. Enjoy your new curves! You look awesome.
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Spunkygirl~I'm 9 weeks post-op and just added the Bromalain (a little late!) and really notice a difference in the swelling. I also eat a lot of fresh pineapple. Looking forward to your later pics...your new tummy looks great!
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Thanks!! I think it really helps! Glad you have noticed a difference. 9 weeks! I am just about 4 weeks. Looking forward to 9 post op and seeing if I feel 'normal'. Other than the swelling how are you doing?
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Just checked in to see how your recovery is going... You sound well and look FANTASTIC! Good to see, WTG Spunky :)
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Thanks so much, spunkygirl! Your pictures give me hope! I can't believe you went back to work already! I hope you continue to feel better each day. I'm sure I will have questions for you, if you don't mind. Please continue to post pics! I find them so helpful and interesting!
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Wow You look awesome!!!! Congrats!!!
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You look amazing!!
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You look amazing!!! I am so nervous about getting tummy tuck, but I want one so bad, and I NEED one. How do you like your doctor? I will be making an appt. with him in the next couple of months.
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I was nervous when I first started researching tummy tucks but honestly the more I learned the better I felt about it. After I had my consultation with Dr. Giacobbe and his staff I was totally at ease about the procedure. My results have been fantastic! He is very professional and makes you feel comfortable. I highly reccommend meeting with his office. Feel free to ask me any questions along your way.
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WOOw your results are looking great!
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You look fantastic Spunkygirl...excited to watch your healing process!
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Thank you for the wonderful conpliment! It certainly helps boost my confindence.
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Wow, you look great!
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