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I had twins in August 2011. They were 7 lbs 12 oz...

I had twins in August 2011. They were 7 lbs 12 oz and 6 lbs 4 oz. I carried full term and delivered vaginally. They really did a number on my stomach muscles and stomach skin. I also lost 70 lbs on Weight Watchers after they were born. I am 5'9" and weigh 153 lbs.

I had my tummy tuck with muscle repair and NO liposuction November 6, 2013. Today is November 10 and I feel pretty good! I would have to say that the first day after the surgery was the absolute worst. I felt buyers remorse, wondered why I did this to myself, was in SO much pain, and I just couldn't stop crying. I went online and read that this is pretty normal, so I felt better knowing I wasn't alone.

I have swelling in my thighs and hips. The incision is thin and not red. I have not removed the garment yet to see (crazy, huh?) but my post-op appointment is tomorrow so I know I will see it then.

Has anyone else had swelling in the thighs and hips area? How long did it take to go down? I tried on some pre-op pants today and they were tight. Yikes! I know it's expected, but still.

I am walking at a hunched level still. I guess for another week I will be doing that. I cannot believe the back pain that came along with this too! I've been taking Bromelain to help with swelling.

I uploaded my before pictures and will do some after pictures once I have my post-op appointment.

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My Tips & Advice if You're Getting a Tummy Tuck

(1) Start taking stool softeners BEFORE the surgery (I started 2 days prior and will continue as long as I am taking pain meds)

(2) Eat low sodium meals

(3) Eat 5 - 6 small meals a day with a lot of protein to help your muscles heal. I've been making protein shakes with Whey protein powder and eating Quest Nutrition Bars (loaded with high quality protein and fiber)

(4) Drink A LOT of water to hydrate your muscles

(5) Take one 500mg pill of Bromelain three times a day on an EMPTY stomach (this helps with swelling)

(6) Take your pain meds around the clock (I set my alarm clock throughout the night so I don't miss a dose)

(7) If you do not have a recliner (I did not) make sure you have a lot of pillows to prop your back and to use under your knees

(8) If you have kids, have help lined up. I have 2 year old twins and can't do a darn thing!

(9) Try your best not to cough, sneeze, laugh too hard, or blow your nose

(10) You'll be swollen for awhile, so spend $20 for the 'Belly Belt'. I used these when I was pregnant so I didn't have to buy maternity clothes. They're pant extenders and AMAZING! Just wear a long shirt over your pants and you're good to go. Just google 'Belly Belt'. I got mine on Amazon

(11) Lay low and take care of yourself. You only get to heal once from a surgery like this!


Thanks for the great advice!!
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5 Days Port Op - The Big Moment!

Went for my post-op visit today and was finally able to see my new belly! I was not allowed to take the binder off until today. I also should point out that I did NOT have drains (my surgeon does not use them).

I am swollen in my belly (lower and upper), my pubic region (all the fluid falls because of gravity), and my hip area. It's going to take time for all the swelling to resolve, but WOW, what a difference! I love my new belly button too.

Still quite sore and taking the pain meds around the clock. My back is killing me too with not being able to stand straight.

Doctor said I look fantastic and everything looks really well!


Congrats. Looking great. Thanks so much for your advice!
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Thank you for your comment!
congrats on the new flat tummy! you great fabulous! happy healing! :)
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Spanx and the Compression Garment

My surgeon told me yesterday that I could wear just Spanx if I wanted to. However, I find myself typing this while wearing Spanx AND the garment. Did anyone else feel like that as well? Basically that you can't get through an hour without that garment on! I feel more safe and secure in the garment.

As far as Spanx go, I'm glad I didn't throw my old Spanx away after losing all the weight I did. I actually have on the size too big Spanx right now. I found it difficult to get the Spanx on that were my actual size for a couple reasons: my swelling is still pretty bad and it's HARD to pull up too small Spanx when your stomach muscles have just been sewn back together!

So my advice on Spanx: Get yourself two pairs. One that is a size too big (for when you're all swelled up and puffy) and one that is in your size range for when your swelling goes down.

And my advice on the garment: If you need to wear the garment most of the time like I do right now, do it! I actually feel more comfortable with the garment over a soft t-shirt. The material of this thing isn't exactly super skin friendly. I actually credit my surgeon with this idea, he's the one who told me to do it.

Tomorrow is one week after the operation! I will have photos as well as an update on how everything feels.


You look great! Thanks for sharing your story
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1 Week Post Surgery

It's been a WEEK since my surgery! Yay!

Things I still feel and see one week post surgery:

* Swelling is still pretty prominent around my belly (upper & lower), pubic area, outer hips, and even some in my inner thighs.

* My belly is still super numb and feels like I am touching someone else's skin (so weird).

* I still feel pain, and still take my pain meds every 5 hours (it's NOTHIING like the day after surgery though). Pain isn't as bad however.

* I still use about 7 pillows to sleep at night (5 under my head and neck, 2 under my knees). Haven't tried sleeping on my side yet, but hopefully soon.

Things I have accomplished in the past week:

* I can get in and out of bed SO much better now!

* My stomach muscles don't burn as much.

* My stomach muscles don't spasm as much (the spasms freaked me out the first time I had them, felt like baby kicks!)

* I am still walking hunched over and cannot stand straight yet, BUT, I am walking more straight than yesterday!

* I can stand for a longer length of time (i.e. - I made myself dinner at the stove and got through it! In the beginning, I could barely walk to the bathroom)

* I can sit pretty well at the kitchen table and on the couch if I am at somewhat of an angle.

I attached some pictures for my 1 week timeline....

(1) The scar is pretty thin and scabbing up. Surgeon said he will recommend a scar treatment for me at my next visit (November 25) if I even need one (some scars just heal great on their own).

(2) I am still quite swollen around my entire belly, hips area, and pubic area. Completely expected though. I think the weirdest part for me right now is that numb feeling all around my belly.

So glad to be healing well and look forward to my progress each day.


Yea it's still swelling booo:-(
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UGH....Well, at least it's only temporary!
You look great esp for no drains and 7 days post! I'm almost 8 weeks and pulling the spanx up is still with caution. I wore my binder for almost 3 weeks cuz I just couldn't find a cg that was comfy or that seemed to provide enough support! I love your positive attitude! And did I mention you look great ;)
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My Two Favorite Things Right Now: Swelling & Walking

Yes, the title of this review has sarcasm written all over it!

Let me start with the swelling. UGH! When will it go away? Now I knew going into this surgery that I would swell, and continue to swell, and have flat days, and have puffy days, and I knew I had to expect this to go on for like 6 months. But what's freaking me out is the fact that I measured my waist last night and it is 2" bigger than it was prior to surgery. So of course I added insult to injury and proceeded to try on my pre-op pants (size 8) that I couldn't button. Someone talk me down off this ledge! :) I know that I am swollen, but it sucks. So for all the ladies out there who made it to the flat side, when did you see your waist shrink and your pre-op pants fit again?

Alright, how about a little chat on walking. Good grief. I am walking more upright than I was a couple days ago, but no one really told me how much lower back pain to expect from all of this! I feel about 90 years old with the way my back feels and the way I walk. This hunching has got to stop! Yikes! When did your hunching finally cease and you were able to walk upright? I am 8 days post-op today and going back to work in 5 days. I really hope I am not still walking like this!

Happy Thursday everyone!


So glad you found me. You look great!! How is it with the boys? My girls are amazing but so used to jumping and hanging on me that I actually haven't gone home yet. I'm planning on going home day 3 or 4. My pain has been really manageable but I'm ridiculously hunched over :). I have a day after check up with my ps today so I'm hoping I get a peak at everything. I will definitely be staying in tough with you! Stay positive you look great! Thanks for the all the notes on ups downs and accomplishments too
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Keep me updated on your check-up and if you got a peak!
Your looking great for just 8 days post op! Back pain was my biggest complaint too. I started standing straighter around 2-3 weeks. And the swelling is tough, I'm 2 months post op & still get it ( mostly later in the day) hang in there .. Your going to look fantastic !!
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9 Days Post Surgery

I guess I'm in 'Swell Hell'. My belly is SO firm. Is anyone else's swelling like that? (Or did you feel like that when you were swollen for those of you that had this done awhile ago).

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE that my excess skin is completely gone, but right now I feel like my waist got square. Is that due to the swelling? (the swelling that feels very firm!)

For those of you who have gone through this journey ahead of me:

(1) When did your waist feel normal again?
(2) When did your measurements go DOWN?
(3) When were you able to button your pants again?
(4) Was your swelling very firm like mine?

This is all so new to me. Obviously :)

I included more pictures! I like my belly button. You can also tell from the sides how swollen I am. I kind of look pregnant and my girth is pretty big! Thoughts?



Hi, AmyS33....You look great after your TT. Its just swelling. I too experienced the firm swelling, and not to scare you but that will be with you for a while. What I also know from what my PS told me was, that over doing it in one day will add to the swelling. I honestly think you are doing the right things, wearing garment and spanxs as you are suppose to. I couldnt wait to see results,but that takes time and time will fly by. You'll get back into those jeans again and probably a smaller size. Just wait and see. Good luck to you :).
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I heart you and your comment! Thank you :) When did you get back in your jeans? Do you remember how many weeks or months?
I look actually the same from the side. And I was wondering the same thing. I feel like spong bob square pants! Lol I have no shape rgt now. Hoping this will get better. I'm glade I'm not the only one feeling like this!
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I wanted to share with everyone the supplements I have been taking to promote healing and (I think) help with swelling.

I would love to know what others take, if anything at all, and if they have helped! I would also like to know if anyone takes what I take and if you think it's helped you with healing, swelling, inflammation, etc.

* BROMELAIN: From what I have read all over these boards, this supplement aids in reducing swelling. I think it's working, but I'll continue to take it anyway. I take one 500mg pill on an empty stomach three times a day.

* TUMERIC: This is an anti-inflammatory supplement that I took everyday but because it's a natural blood thinner, I stopped it two weeks prior to surgery. I just started taking it again. I take one 500mg pill a day.

VITAMIN C: Vitamin C promotes healing. I love Vitamin C! I take one 500mg pill, once a day.

* ARGININE: I am a big workout fanatic and love Arginine. It's a non-essential amino acid, but boy does it make me feel good. When taken in large amounts on an empty stomach before bedtime, this stuff increases your human growth hormone and promotes healing while you sleep. Of course, I am not a doctor, but I've been doing the Arginine thing a long time even before the surgery. I take 3mg - 5mg an hour before bedtime on an empty stomach.

* DANDELION ROOT: This aides in getting rid of excess fluid in the body. I take this when I am about to have my period to help with bloating. I'm not 100% sure it's helping with the swelling, but I take it anyway. I take three 525mg pills together at once, just once a day.

P.S. -- I just sneezed for the first time since having this surgery. I thought I was going to DIE!


You're welcome :) I probably started wearing my jeans again in the second month with spanxs under them of course. I will admit it wasn't comfortable and only wore them to doctors appointments. Hope this helps


One more thing I wanted to touch upon today: Eating during this recovery.

I lost 107 lbs after my boys were born (40 lbs or so came off naturally after their birth, the rest was lost on Weight Watchers). I learned how to eat correctly with portion control, etc. I started in October 2011 and plateaued in March 2013. In August 2013 I hired a personal trainer. He REALLY opened my eyes as to how to not only lose weight, but BURN FAT. I lost 4 lbs and 1% body fat in about 3 weeks prior to my surgery.

So, here I am, typing this knowing I cannot do my PX90 workouts, or cardio, or lift weights for what is it, 6 - 8 weeks? Good grief! So I have been sticking to my meticulous eating plan from my personal trainer to make sure I don't pack on any unwanted pounds while I am not working out. I also want to mention that I eat very low sodium after this surgery. Not only does eating low sodium help with flattening your scar, but it doesn't make you feel bloated and retain unwanted water.

This is how I eat:

* 5 - 6 small meals a day
* Each meal is less than 5 grams of sugar
* Each meal has a lean protein, a veggie, and a starchy carb (if you want, don't have to)
* Protein shakes & protein bars (made with Whey & less than 5 grams of sugar) are your friend
* I don't eat 3 hours before I go to bed

I have to say, I feel fantastic as far as knowing I'm keeping my weight in check during this non-cardio time and not feeling bloated from over eating or too much sodium.

It's hard to be non-active, but my time to be able to workout again will be here before I know it!


You look great!! I am 9 weeks out and still dealing with swelling- lower abdominal in evening and a little as you mentioned in hip area. I had full muscle tightening and skin. But no lipo. Still swollen. It is resolving. But very slow!
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Hi 40ish! I feel like everyone but me had the full tummy tuck with lipo, so I'm glad I'm not alone! It'll be nice when all the swelling just GOES AWAY! When were you able to get back into your pre-op jeans/pants?
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Walking Upright & Seroma

Walking upright now, THANK GOD. I cannot believe the lower back pain I experienced while walking hunched. I have a very strong back and legs too thanks to PX90, but nothing prepared me for the back pain during this healing process. I still have to sit slowly, and get up slowly. When I get up, I have to hunch for a few minutes before I straighten up again. I'm not walking too fast, but I'm not walking like a snail anymore either.

In other news, I think my left side above the pubic area has developed a small seroma. I have an appointment with the surgeon at 12:30pm today. I honestly didn't know how to tell if it was in fact a seroma until I went to You Tube. Gotta love that website! I found a video of a women who had one and showed how it moved throughout her belly. It's a waterbed effect when you press down. Sure enough, that's what's happening with me. But it's not as bad as hers. So for all of you out there that are unsure if you may have a seroma or not, check out the videos on You Tube.

Going back to work Wednesday! I'm scared I won't make it through the day. I work in an office environment, think they'd care if I wore my pajamas all day? ;)


Yes I'm I week po and I feel like you right about now everything is hard and swollen I do take vitamins. But the question is when will your belly soften up?
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From what I've been told, it will take a few months, but it WILL soften up! I have no patience. I guess I picked the wrong surgery to have when I don't have patience. The skin needs to adhere to the new waist and the swelling needs to go down. I still can't believe how HARD my belly feels.
Aw dang on the potential seroma. I think if its small enough it may be left to heal on its own. Sure hope it heals quickly for you!
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2 Weeks Post Surgery

I can't believe it's been two weeks already! Four more to go before I can lift my kids :)

I am walking SO much better, however I still hunch when I get up after sitting for awhile. I'm still swollen, but know that this will be going on for a few months at LEAST.

I have some seriously compressed Spanx on as I type this. So much so that I don't even have my garment on!

I'm still sleeping on my back with 8 million pillows under my head and legs. For all of you tummy tuckers out there, when did you sleep on your side again? Or stomach for that matter?

I attached a few pictures. My scar is looking really good and will be even better once it turns white. I love how thin it is!


I also am NOT having any lipo done and I feel like I might be missing out. But I'll leave it up to the doctor. I am also having a drainless TT. So excited about that!

Thoughts & Questions Going Through My Head at 2 Weeks Post

* When will my jeans fit again?
* Did I seriously swell 2 inches just from sitting at my desk at work?
* When will the puffiness in my lower belly just go away?
* I hope no one notices how much I hunch when I get up from my chair
* I feel so dependent on this compression garment
* Some days I feel fantastic!
* Some days I feel AWFUL
* Is my pubic area going to de-puff already or what?! It's creeping me out!
* I want to fully stretch SO BAD when I wake up in the morning
* When, oh when, will I be able to sleep on my side again?
* 4 more weeks and I can lift my boys again!


thanks for the info, ur list is awesome. very informative post. ur healing looks fabulous. expecially the scar.. perfect
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Thank YOU! I am a list person :)
I too like your lists. I'm not one to take pills of any kind but I'm going to check out some of those vitamins. Your scar is beautiful.
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I Wish...

I wish I could:

* Feel the skin right above my incision
* Could get in and out of my car like a normal person
* My pubic area didn't look like a Ken Doll
* People didn't look at me funny when I walk slow
* I could sleep at least SOMEWHAT on my side
* It was 6 weeks already so I could lift my kids
* I didn't get so tired after work (and I sit at a desk!)
* The swelling would just hurry up and GO AWAY
* I didn't have to wear compression (makes me claustrophobic)
* I could get out of bed without 8,000 maneuvers I have to do
* My cat realized she simply cannot walk on my stomach!
* I could gorge myself with 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies and then just work it off on the treadmill tomorrow!

And lastly, I wish it was 6 months into the future so I know the swelling is gone and my jeans look super cute again (or even better!)


I think about 3-4 weeks I was able to start sleep more normal. But honestly its 7-9 weeks that I feel like I'm sleeping comfortably. I was taking muscle relaxer a few times a week at night to sleep, then switched to Rx antiinflammatory- which causes swelling...
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Thank you! I will wait for the weeks to go by. I'm actually a stomach sleeper, but THAT won't be happening for awhile! LOL
You said you didn't remove your garment at all until you saw the doctor. Do you know if that changes the outcome? I just opened mine yesterday to get a breather and can't seem to get it as tight as it was. I think I need help. You went to work because you felt better? Do you think you needed more time? I have to plan on how much time I'm out too. Just wondering.
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My Wonderful Monthly Friend!

So before I had a tummy tuck done, I used to bloat tremendously a week or so before my period was due. My stomach looked like I was pregnant. Oh yeah, absolutely. I was one of the lucky ones whose period STARTED the day of my surgery. Yes, that was sarcasm and no, I was not lucky.

Fast forward to today. It is one week before my period is due. Awesome. And guess what? My belly is bloated just like it was prior to surgery. I guess I was hoping that would just nix itself after the surgery!

So here's to sucking it in once a month for a good few days. Booooooo

Anyone else deal with this?


Ok, first of all, you look great and you and I have very similar results….great thin scar and a great, natural looking belly button. And you are absolutely right about the back pain….I wished someone had prepared me for that….that the pain is actually worse than the TT itself. My back started to feel better a few days AFTER I was already walking straight….so a couple weeks PO. Swelling…..your 2in waist gain, etc…..that will last awhile. I am 11 months PO and only last month was I able to feel some sort of sensation on my tummy and it didn't feel like I was touching a strangers stomach. And even still, if I eat lots of sodium filled foods….fluid pools right about my incision line almost immediately. You will probably fit into pre-op jeans in a couple more weeks. Hang in there…..you sound well prepared. But even knowing ahead of time how long swelling can last….it still takes it's toll on you. And my advice, ditch the CG and go straight to spanks. I remember many girls in my surgery month held on to their compression garment for months!! And my wise surgeon said it can potentially make swelling worse and last longer. And with patients like you and me who opted not to have any lipo…there really is no need for the CG anymore. Get some comfy spanks and ditch that CG before you get too attached because the relationship is much harder to break 2 months down the road. Some girls could not part with it even 5 months PO thinking that it helped with swelling but those drainage channels just take time to form new connections….let your body be and don't let it become dependent on a CG to keep you from swelling. It'll figure itself out faster without the CG. That is my theory anyway :) Good luck to you…sorry this was so long! xx
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I haven't experienced a period yet. Mine ended the day of surgery, thank goodness. I was so stressed about that. I'm anxious about getting my next one but hopefully its ok as i'll be 3 week post op. Sorry I'm not more helpful haha! I just wanted to share. And your scar looks awesome!
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In Pants! Yay! (tight though, of course)

So it's been 17 days since the surgery. My lower belly is a swollen mess as you can see from my side shot. Icky.

My pubic area still has that seroma I mentioned last week too. The surgeon tried to drain it but there wasn't "enough fluid". So I am back Monday for him to look at it. The fluid is still there and doing that oh so fun waterbed motion under my skin. I'll say it again: Icky. anyone else ever go through that? NOT being able to have a seroma drained? I couldn't find anything on google.

Anyway, back to my pants post! These pants are my size 8's from Express pre-op pants. My faaaaavorite pants to wear to work. I love how great things look from the front, but not so much from the side. Patience, I KNOW! I would also like to mention that I HATED the way the pants felt on my skin. It was a weird sensation with some pain and numbness. I normally wear a soft t-shit or cami with the compression garment over it.



Your scar looks awesome! I am 16 days PO and am dying to be able to pick up my 2 and 4 year old. :( Congrats on your results!!
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We're so close from our surgery dates! I can't wait to pick up my boys too. I've come close a couple times, but then I remembered how far I've come and I don't want to screw up this muscle repair. I have a star on my wall calendar showing when 6 weeks is. Can't wait! =)
Looking gr8! How u feeling?
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3 Week Post Visit to the Surgeon

I feel pretty good minus the tightness in my belly and the fluid accumulation in my pubic area (hell Ken Doll!). My surgeon got 10 cc's of fluid out of it, but that's not a lot at all. He said to watch it and wait. Should absorb because it's so small. I just hate how puffy I am down there. Anyone else have the Ken Doll syndrome?

My surgeon also said that on a scale of 1 - 10, my swelling is about a 3 or 4. Not too shabby for 3 weeks post! And this was at the end of a workday! I'll feel much better when my lower belly pooch and fluid filled pubic area is normal again.

Here are some accomplishments of 3 weeks:

* I can laugh harder now
* I can sneeze a bit better (without passing out)
* I can blow my nose better
* I can cough a bit better
* I can walk a bit faster
* I twist better reach behind myself for something
* I can stand for longer periods of time
* I can wear my pre-op again!

My waist prior to surgery was 29", and below my belly button was 36". My waist now at 3 weeks post is 29" and below my belly button is 32". At one week post, I saw 28" at my waist and 30" under the belly button. However, I'm assuming swelling took it up an inch.

Tomorrow is officially 3 weeks and I will post pictures then!


Pre op clothes! Soon they'll be too big!
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Do you remember the week where your pre-op clothes were too big? My surgeon said I am really not that swollen and I am back in my pre-op pants. I don't think I am going to lose a size. Who knows though! My stomach looks SO SO SO SO much better though in pants!
Hi AmyS33, i know it maybe hard nut try not to focus too much on the numbers, but how u feel and how u look in with your clothes on and off. I think the results are nicer that way and from what i see you r surgeon did an amazing job and you look great each time u post new pics. so congrats on that. by the way great dietary update, love it

3 Weeks Post Surgery

What a difference a weeks makes. I no longer look like Sponge Bob Squarepants from the side!

I only put my binder on for an hour when I get home from work and when I sleep. All the other times during the day I am wearing Spanx. When did all of you ladies stop wearing your Spanx?

I can't wait to see what 4 weeks brings!


Your review was SO helpful! Im one week post op and sooo swollen! I feel better knowing theres a light at the end of this swollen tunnel!
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Hi! Welcome to the flat side! Yes, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. The swelling sticks around for a bit, but eventually it will be gone. I freaked out not having my pre-op measurements in the beginning, but now that they're back, I'm ok when I have swollen days. Today was a bad swelling day for me. I'm so glad my review has helped you!
I am with you about the Cg. I wore a binder for weeks. Especially of I was out shopping or being particularly active. That corps soon holding those layers together makes for less friction and less fluid accumulation. Once I was clear for spanks I went with a spanks type tank top nice and long so it covered my whole tummy and down over my hips for gnat swelling as well. I would the able to tolerate the spanks that you wear on the bottom. Pulling them up and down to pee would make me nuts! I also really liked how that tank was a nice thin layer of sturdy fabric between me and my jeans if and when I chose to wear some. I stick mostly to yoga pants and leggings still because I find it uncomfortable to have jeans on my tummy toward the end of the day when I swell most. I also did WW! Isn't it amazing! I lost about 90 lbs. I don't think I could have done that without the points system. It's awesome! You look great! And just prepare for swelling to hang around. It can take months. Just look forward to that day when your tum and lady bits are normal! Wont that be glorious!!!
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3 1/2 Weeks Post

Good grief, this was a BAD day for swelling. I went to work and sit at a desk, but when I came home I was HUGE. I thought I read online somewhere that the worst swelling can come at 3 weeks and end around 6 weeks. True? Not true? I would love some input from all of you post TT'ers.

I have to admit as well that my period started today. I normally gain 4 lbs in water weight, so maybe it's that as well. It feels weird to have my monthly bloat with such a tight belly. Really weird quite honestly. I also read somewhere that the first period after your TT is the weirdest and worst. Again, for all you post TT'ers, true? Not true? Let's discuss!

I had my period for my surgery. Yeah, THAT was fun.

Here's my wish list for being 3 1/2 weeks post....

I wish:

* I could sleep on my side already!
* I could wear my jeans and not have them feel weird on my belly
* I still didn't hunch when I get up from sitting
* My lower belly didn't feel so TIGHT
* I could do my lower body Pilates routine. God how I miss that. My legs need a workout -- BAD!

And finally, I wish this swelling would hurry up and just go away already!

For being 3 1/2 weeks out, I can do the following much better:

* Get in the car a little faster
* Walk way more normal
* Twist better when reaching behind myself
* Get out of bed a lot better
* Not have to take pain medication hardly at all (just here and there)

And this is a big one for me: I can FINALLY blow my nose, like, REALLY blow my nose! :)

Yay for 3 1/2 weeks!


Wow! Your scar is amazing! You look gorgeous! I can only hope to have such a pretty scar, it really looks good! I too look forward to blowing my nose properly, especially because of all the crying I've been doing lol! I'll bet that before long you'll hardly even see your scar, I cant believe how good it looks, good for you x
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Thank you! Yes, I cried a lot too (I'm still emotional at 3 1/2 weeks out). I also have allergies pretty bad and I couldn't really taste my food too well because I couldn't blow my nose! LOL Looking forward to your big reveal day :)
Thanks I thought I was losing my mind I would be walking and a pinch in my back or side and my tummy is very sore my puppy stand on my belly when I lay down an it hurts like hell but I veen rubbing pure shea butter and with light messaging cream into tummy and it make my muscles feel better
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4 Weeks Post Surgery

Tomorrow will be 4 weeks since my surgery. Ok, seriously, where has the time gone?

I have pictures that I will post tomorrow.

Not too much has changed since 3 weeks, but some things have gotten better. So here is my 4 weeks post surgery list:

* The swelling is all pretty much lower, lower belly and crotch area (Ken Doll syndrome!)
* I'm still pretty tight in the lower belly, especially when I get up from sitting
* I never had my belly button scab or have weird junk in it, even to this day (just a little bit red inside)
* I can twist better than 3 weeks
* I can get up from a chair and couch a lot better
* I can move around a lot better and walk faster
* I still grab under my knee when I get out of bed
* I am somewhat sleeping a bit angled on my side finally!
* I cannot lay totally flat yet
* I'm still scared that I will rip my incision open if I do a full body stretch in the morning!
* I still take Bromelain religiously (3 times a day on an empty stomach)
* I am flat as a board in the morning and about 2" - 3" bigger by dinnertime around my waist
* I'm only using Palmer's Cocoa Butter (concentrated formula) on my scar
* Upper abs are tender, while lower abs are tight
* I've been doing my lower body Pilates routine again, but if I feel it too much in my abs (and it's more sore), I just don't do that particular move
* I wear Spanx under my clothes and quite honestly I cannot WAIT to not have to wear it anymore. I wear pants to work and the Spanx under the pants are making me crazy!
* All my pre-op clothes fit me now (I don't think I will be going down a size, I didn't have that much skin removed and I didn't lose weight)

My main wish is for this swelling to go away in my crotch. I can't stand looking at it!



Yea my scar area is the most swollen by my vag lol.. I'm 4 wpo yesterday n the swelling is my biggest complaint
  • Reply
Me too! :)
I still grab under my knee to get up! It is getting better tho. I wear spanx under jeans too and the jeans constantly slide down on that soft material! I went a day with out it and my skin was sensitive to the new sensations..
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4 Weeks Post Surgery Pictures

Here are my photos of 4 weeks. You can see in the last one that I have swelling quite a bit in the pubic area. I can't stand it! Definitely can't wait for THAT to go away!


Your waist and Scar look really really good. Does the palmers that you use have vitamin e in it? I want to pick it tomorrow.
  • Reply
Hi! Yes, it has vitamin E in it. I love it! It's called 'Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Concentrated Cream'. I bought it on Soap.com. It smells awesome too :)
Scar looks great. Are you doing any scar therapy?
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Before Surgery / 4 Weeks Later

The before pictures were taken the night before my surgery. The after shots are 4 weeks later. I can't believe the difference. I wanted to do a side by side comparison to see. P.S. - I am not sticking my belly out in that pre surgery side shot! :)


I'm SO glad you posted your Ken doll! I've heard about it on here but haven't seen pics, so at least I know what to expect. I know it must freak you out, but you will HAVE to laugh about it in a couple of months! Your scar looks incredible and your results are amazing! Thanks for sharing!
  • Reply
Thanks Klee! Yes, the Ken Doll (or monster crotch as I call it to my husband) definitely creeps me out. I can't stand the way it look in yoga pants! EWWWW! :-)
You look fantastic. I too have the ken doll look and hate it.
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To compress or not to compress?

So tomorrow is officially one month since my surgery. I live in Buffalo, NY and today (hello, December) it's almost 60 degrees! So I decided to wear a skirt to work with NO Spanx. I made it until about noon until I had to throw something on.

Question for all you past TT'ers: When did you feel comfortable NOT wearing any type of compression at all?

Happy Thursday everyone!


Looking gr8 x
  • Reply
Thank you! ♥
I'm behind you in recovery but my PS says I can stop wearing it at 3 weeks which for me was this past wed. I'm still wearing mine though. It feels weird to not have it on like mentioned below. I plan on wearing it till I feel comfortable without it.When I go out, where I have to socialize, I wear the spanx though. I find those worse...sooo tight. But the cg makes you look bulking under nice clothes.I find anyway. If I have to run errands where I don't take my coat off I wear the cg. It's really hard not wear it and I didn't expect that.
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Exactly One Month Today!

Where has the time gone?

I have to say that this past month has been quite a roller coaster of emotions. I seriously had no idea I would have the feelings I would have. Especially the first week. I was so depressed for a number of reasons. Basically because I was in so much pain (I'm a wuss) and the mere fact that I couldn't walk right. Oh, and not to mention the swelling that made me feel fat. Or how about just not feeling normal? Or not being able to do basically anything! I laid in bed and pondered why I did what I did and thought I could have been happy with my old body. I thought I made a mistake.

BUT THEN CAME WEEK TWO. I could walk upright, I could walk faster, I could stand for more than 30 seconds and not feel like I was going to die. I saw a small light at the end of the tunnel. Week three was even better. I was able to walk faster, cough, blow my nose, go back to work, AND my swelling was going down!

So here I am, one month out. I can wear all my pre-op clothes, I ditched my binder 2 weeks ago and only use Spanx. I sleep with 3 pillows behind my head instead of 5. I walk on the treadmill (slowly), can lift low weights (without using my abs), and I can do my favorite lower body Pilates routine again. Maybe not AS good yet, but still!

When I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, I still cannot believe the difference. I can't believe I regretted the surgery the first week. I was nuts to think such a thing! :)

As each day passes, I still have my emotions. I want to feel normal. When I say normal, I mean being able to feel my lower belly (it's completely numb) and not have swelling. However, my swelling is mainly crotch area. UGH. I know that my belly is bigger by the time I get home from work, and I'm sure some of that is from swelling, but I also know that my belly was like that prior to surgery. Food, fluids, moving around all day, etc. causes that.

Tonight was the first night I put my kids to bed alone. I was nervous, but I did it. They're still in cribs and I got them up a 3 step stool (they thought it was fun). I have not lifted them since prior to this surgery. I was not about to chance messing up this muscle repair! I have an appointment with my surgeon Monday. I will ask then when I can lift them (they're both around 35 lbs each).

I can't wait to see what the next few weeks bring!


Your tips and advice...MAJOR PLUS! Thank you, I have 2 weeks to go and I loved your pointer! Which stool softeners did you use and when did you start your supplements? My Dr. said nothing from now until afterwards. My surgeon uses drainless also and that seems to be a plus, but is it with all of the fluid retention?
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Hi SPme! I used Ducalax (sp?) for the stool softener. I started it a couple days before the surgery. I stopped all my supplements (minus vitamin C and my allergy pills) 2 weeks prior to my surgery. I didn't start my supplements until 2 weeks post op. I was told 2 weeks prior, and 2 weeks after for all supplements. However, I started Bromelain right away after the surgery. That is not a natural blood thinner, so that was ok! I noticed a difference in my healing when I started the amino acids (Arginine and Glutamine). I've been taking these for a long time anyway for my workouts. But wow do they make me feel good! As far as drains go, quite honestly I didn't have a lot of swelling or fluid retention. Just in the pubic area, but as my surgeon said, that's where gravity falls! I loved not having drains. I compared my pics with a lot of women in here who had drains and I looked just like them. So in my opinion, there wasn't much of a difference. When is your surgery? So exciting!!!
thank you so much for posting all that you did, pictures and all! You look gorgeous!! I am on day 3 post TT surgery, and it's so nice to be able to have a crystal ball and see what's coming :-) Plus you your writing reminds me of Erma Bombeck books, entertaining, funny and truthful!! besides the extreme discomfort and pain, lower back and stomach, I am having these phantom baby kicking feelings, did you ever? Its insane!! I like how my stomach looks as far as tightness but I can tell already that I will not be going down any sizes...keep posting, I love reading them...best of luck to you!! :)
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Stretching in the Morning

Alright, so for the past week or so I have found myself waking up because I am trying to do full body stretches as I sleep. Anyone else go through this? Then come the dreams. Awful dreams that I accomplished that full body stretch and ripped my entire incision open! It's terrible! Last night the dream entailed the incision completely open and flapping around. Seriously? What's wrong with me!? LOL

I would love to be able to do a full body stretch in the morning while laying in bed, but I am scared outta my mind to try it.

So....When were you able to do that stretch my body is trying so hard to do? :-)


I stretch. Mostly stretching my legs out, but I catch myself thinking oh crap my incision! Since it's still numb it's hard to tell if I'm causing any damage. I feel like I haven't had the urge to stretch as much as I have since the surgery. The one time maybe I shouldn't be and the feeling doesn't go away. You must be really stressing about it if your dreaming about it like that. I think you'll be ok though:)
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I think I really AM stressing about it! LOL

1 Month Appointment with the Surgeon & Compression Talk

Well, ain't this just a grand 'ole day!

Here's the lowdown of my appointment:

* I can resume all cardio (starting slowly)
* I can lift weights (gradually increasing to where I was)
* I don't have to wear compression anymore!
* My pubic swelling is just tissue swelling now (no more fluid) and will go down
* He said I look so good that I pretty much am seeing my final result (I attribute a lot of this to how clean I eat)
* He doesn't need to see me anymore because I am healing so well!

In regards to the compression, I am actually HAPPY I don't have to wear it anymore. I ditched the post surgery binder 2 weeks ago but I will throw it on when I start my rigorous treadmill and PX90 routines again. I have to admit, after I ditched the binder a couple weeks ago and put some Spanx on ONLY, I felt so much better. I was wearing the binder 24/7 and my doctor even told me at my 1 week post op visit that I only needed Spanx. However, I kept wearing the binder.

But after taking the advice of a fellow tummy tucker and sticking with JUST Spanx (no post surgical binder anymore), my body got used to no binder and any crazy swelling that was going to happen months down the road (if I were to wear it for months longer) was going to happen at 2 weeks. Might as well get it out of the way. I'm so glad I ditched that binder and went to just Spanx. I didn't want to the post surgical binder to become a crutch or an addiction. Does that make sense?

So after 2 1/2 weeks of wearing just Spanx, I started to hate those too! I actually got a pair that were somewhat too big so they weren't really compressing the heck out of me, but had just enough compression. I have to admit, I couldn't stand the way Spanx felt under my pants, so now that I don't have to wear compression at all anymore, I can wear my pants and just my undies. Ahhhh, normal! I can even walk around naked at this point and I don't feel like I need anything to 'hold me in'.

So here's my advice on the binder: If your doctor says you don't need it anymore (whether it be at the 1 week visit like me, or your 6 week visit), get rid of it. Don't depend on it. Do Spanx until your surgeon says you don't even need that anymore.

One more thing: Just because my surgeon said to ditch the binder at 1 week doesn't mean YOUR surgeon will say the same. Always go by your surgeon's advice.



WOW!!!!! hon you LOOK amazing as ever..:)
  • Reply
AmyS333 thanks for all the detailed information. I just copied some of your eating and vitamin intakes. Thank you !
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I also forgot to include Glutamine on my list of supplements! :)

5 Weeks Post surgery

Today is 5 weeks! Can't believe it. Here are some pics. My pubic swelling has gone down, thank God!

Measurements before surgery:

Smallest point at waist = 29"
Below belly button: 34"

Measurements 5 weeks post:

Smallest point at waist: 27"
Below belly button: 31"

The scar is starting to turn red, but that's normal. It's called 'scar maturation'.

Happy Wednesday my fellow TT'ers!


I love your story. Thanks for sharing.
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Thanks Amy!! :-)
Look at you ! Wow. Pone this looks like you're almost 100% back just new and improved.
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5 Weeks Post Surgery Updates

Alrighty, here we go!


* I can sleep on my side again! Thank GOD!
* I can walk at a 10% incline on the treadmill, 2.0 mph and feel GOOD
* I can lift 5 lb weights (each hand) and it doesn't hurt
* I can do my full lower body Pilates routine
* I can twist pretty well
* The only swelling I can see is in my pubic area, and that's gone down
* My waist has gone down 2" since the surgery
* I am NOT wearing ANY compression all day at work and my pants look fabulous!
* I can lift my boys up! (they're 35 lbs each) but I do it slowly
* My incision does not bother me at all (no itching, pain, etc.)


* I still can't sleep on my stomach
* It still hurts for a full body stretch (but my maniac dreams about it have stopped!)
* I still put my Spanx on to sleep at night (makes me feel better when sleeping)
* My lower belly is still quite tight, especially after getting up from sitting
* My upper abs can be pretty tender at some points during the day (varies)
* Lower belly is quite numb, but this can take a year to come back!

Happy healing my friends!



You look great!
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I can walk and run from 3-5 mph on treadmill for up to 75 minutes w my cg binder on!!! And I also use 5lb weights like you lol. I feel swollen lower abs but idk if it's swollen or just numbness.
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We're on the same page! Today I walked at a 13% incline at 2.5 mph. I like to work my booty when I can. I am too scared to try running right now. I also wear my binder when I workout. I think mine is just numb (lower belly). How often do you lift?

Party Dress

I had to put pictures of my dress that I am wearing to a party tonight on my Review because I am still in awe that I can (1) wear something like this now and (2) not look pregnant.

I wonder how many times I'll 'suck it in' tonight out of habit?!


Looking great!!
  • Reply
Thank you!!!!!!!!!
Love the dress and the shape you are in! I can't wait to do that.
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6 Weeks Post Surgery

Well, I made it to the 6 week mark! I gotta say (and please tell me if anyone else went through this), I felt flatter at the 5 week mark. Please tell me others went through this.

I don't know if it's my period about to start or swelling starting for basically the first time (say it ain't so!)

In any case, I feel pretty good and don't see much of a difference picture wise from 5 weeks. However, I do see a bit of bloat and/or swelling in the side pic. I obsess, I know.

Things I can do much better:

* Walk at a 10% to 15% incline on the treadmill
* Lift 10 lb weights
* Walk faster
* Wear no compression
* Get out of bed without having to grab under my knee!

Things still lingering, things that suck, etc,:

* I am still super tight in the lower belly after I get up from sitting
* I'm actually still pretty damn sore! (Normal? Chime in people!)
* My skin above my belly button is very tender
* It does not feel good to lift my kids (35 lbs each) so I only do it when I have to
* I can't run yet
* I wake up a lot when I sleep on my side because my body is trying to go all the way to my stomach which does not feel good yet to sleep on

Would love to hear thoughts....


Your scar is so nice.
  • Reply
Thank you. He did a fantastic job with that incision. I'm just so happy to look good on clothes again!
Wow, you are doing so well already! You look fabulous too!
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PMS & Bloat

So for the past couple days my belly has blown up something fierce! I thought swelling was starting for the first time. I never really had too much swelling after the surgery, and my surgeon told me at my 4 week appointment that I'm pretty much seeing my final result. So when this huge belly started to grow these past few days, I panicked like maniac!

I just got back from the surgeon's office and the nurse told me it's bloat from my impending period. Good grief. She also said that because the muscles are tighter now, the bloat & tightness will be more amplified.

Hormones SUCK!


You look great... Ehat did you use for your scar?? It's so nice and thin?
  • Reply
Hi and thank you! I am only using Palmers Cocoa Butter in the concentrated form. I bought it on Soap.com. It's pretty red right now, but that's normal. It will be white by month 8 I think!
I just love your results! I feel like I 'obsess' about the bloat too. I take pics everyday to compare and sometimes I wonder why I looked better 2 weeks ago! I have a 20lbs baby and I've been CAREFULLY lifting him since my 3 week po mark (got the ok from my ps), but now I'm 5 weeks po and I lift him with such ease now. I've tried not wearing my binder as you said (my ps also said I didn't need to wear it during the day after 3 weeks) but I find it so difficult without it (I walk more hunched, walk slower, tummy hurts, feels like stomach is putting pressure on my muscles) that after a couple of hours later I put the binder back on and feel like I can breathe better and function better. I'm worried I'm never going to be able to ditch this binder!
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7 Weeks Post Surgery

Merry Christmas!

I made it to 7 weeks. A drop in the bucket of healing from a tummy tuck, but to me, it feels like I would never make it here. Thought I would update my review while my boys are napping and it's quiet in my house!

I added photos that I took AS SOON as I woke up because I have been very active lately and I ate pretty damn bad last night, so I wanted to make sure I got shots of my belly in before I even made it out to the Christmas tree with my boys this morning! LOL

You can see from my pictures that not much has changed since 6 weeks. You can also see some indents in my skin because I actually had to wear my binder to bed last night. Not Spanx, but my binder. That's HOW MUCH food I ate last night. Ridiculous. It's 2:00pm right now and I have only had a couple eggs and maybe 2 cookies because nothing fits in my belly!

Not only have I been active and eating with the Holiday season, but I also have been walking at a 15% incline on the treadmill AND doing my P90X cardio/plyometric workouts again. I can tell I have some swelling from this, and I can also tell that I am bloated not only from holiday food but also from my period that started today (Merry Christmas to me!)

Things I can do much better:

* I can sleep on my side without hardly ANY twitches or weird pains
* I can lift my boys better, but I still do it slowly and not too often
* I can lay flat on my back (I was scared to try this one for awhile!)
* The tightness in my lower belly is not AS bad as last week
* The tenderness above my belly button is a bit better
* I'm a size 8 in pants, but they're actually getting bigger around the waist (my booty is still the same!)
* Squatting and/or kneeling down has gotten easier

Things that I am still working on:

* Twisting still bothers me, although I can do it
* I can't get up the nerve to sleep on my stomach yet
* I haven't ran on the treadmill yet, still afraid of that one too
* My belly in general is still pretty sore

I've been extremely good with my eating routine and lost 3 lbs. So now I am 150 lbs. Well, maybe not at this exact moment ? I've also noticed that my belly skin has softened up a bit. It's a bit more lax than it was a couple weeks ago. Anyone else go through that? I'm so used to that super tight feeling!

Hope you are all healing well and have a great Christmas!


Wow u look great, nice result, if I don't get talking to u b4 this year ends, hapi new year:-))
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Happy New Year to you too weelamb! And thank you for the comment :-)
Your incision is so nice and thin! Your results look so good! Thanks for the updates!
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Stomach Flu at 7 1/2 weeks

Well, if you want to see the flattest you've ever been, I have the secret: Get the stomach flu!

It started last night around 7:00pm, mind you my husband and I JUST sat down at the theatre to see Anchorman 2. Needless to say, we left and it didn't end until 1:00am. I woke up this morning to the flattest I've ever seen myself. So maybe Emily Blunt WAS right in 'The Devil Wears Prada' when she said "I'm one stomach flu away from my goal weight". ;)

Incase anyone is wondering what it felt like to vomit for almost 6 hours after a tummy tuck 7 1/2 weeks out, it was a little sore, but I have a feeling that if this would have happened within the first couple weeks of the surgery, I would have been in a lot more pain and possibly messed up my muscle repair.

Happy Sunday everyone!


oh no!!! the stomach flu is the worst!!! i hope you had some suppositories left!? man that is awful, i am so glad it is over for you, and SO glad it didn't happen within the first couple weeks. You're right…it would have been far worse.
  • Reply
I am SO glad it's DONE. I will reply to your message today! :-)
Thxglad to hear that voice I was really over here too losing my mind thinking about it but I really want them done so I guess I have to the pain
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8 Weeks Post Surgery

Ok, so I am 8 weeks post-op. Seriously? The weeks are going by fast now! I wish they went by this fast in the beginning when I regretted the surgery, was depressed, couldn't stand the pain, and wanted to take it all back. BUT, I digress. For all of you out there that just had this done or will be having this done, it gets better!

So here's my run down for 8 weeks...

Things that I'm happy about:

* I am back to doing P90X and love it!
* I can fully twist and not cringe when I do it
* I can get in and out of my car like a 38 year old can, and not a 95 year old!
* I sleep on my side with no problems and it feels amazing
* I do lower body Pilates with no problems, but only a couple AB moves (no crunches yet!)
* Absolutely no compression during the day
* My pants are getting big around the waist (I am an 8), but I don't think a 6 will fit my booty! LOL
* I went from a size 6 though in a suit jacket to a 4
* My belly button has deepened a bit
* The incision scar is turning red (I only use Palmers Cocoa Butter, no scar treatment)
* My belly is starting to soften up and on some days, I don't even feel like I've had a tummy tuck!

Things that are still progressing:

* I can't sleep on my stomach yet (my body tries, but it hurts to lay on my belly)
* I still have some lower belly swelling, and sometimes upper belly swelling
* I am not ready to run yet on the treadmill (I'm still a wuss to try)
* I still wear my Spanx 'higher power' when I get home from work and sleep in them
* My twins are 35 lbs each, and I still keep my arms close to my sides when I pick them up
* Full body stretching in the morning still hurts

A few things I want to mention while I'm updating this review...

THE INCISION SCAR: I think that cocoa butter is fantastic to smooth the incision scar and I honestly believe that the scar is going to heal the way it wants to heal regardless of treatments like Mederma, or silicone sheets. You know who else agrees with me? My surgeon. In fact, he recommended NOTHING for scar treatment. If you look closely at my photos that I put up today for the 8 week mark, you can see a white scar around the end of my boob. I had a breast reduction in 1997. I didn't use anything and it turned white. The same thing is going to happen to the tummy tuck incision. It will turn white. I honestly don't care how long it takes, so the only thing I like to use is the cocoa butter because it makes my skin feel amazing down there.

LIFTING: I am a momma to twins. They are around 35 lbs each. My surgeon told me no heavy lifting for the first four weeks. I abided and did not lift anything. Including my kiddos! There was no way I was going to take the chance of disrupting my muscle repair, 'cause you know what? I was NOT about to go through that surgery again! Heck NO! So if you're having this surgery, make sure you have help for kids. No joke.

SWELLING: I have to admit, I google too much. I want to see if anyone is like me, if anyone had issues like I did, or if anyone goes through the same things as me when it comes to this tummy tuck roller coaster mess! The truth of the matter is, no one is alike. My swelling was pretty much non existent in the beginning, however, I find now that I have days where I wake up with lower belly swelling, or get upper belly swelling after working out, or wake up with swelling for no reason what-so-ever! I keep reminding myself that my belly is trying to reconnect so it can drain properly again. Everyday can be different. I am 8 weeks out and a very active person, so this swelling is normal.

THE STOMACH: Ok, so basically, what I have to remind myself about is the fact that my stomach MUSCLES were sewn back together. My actual stomach was not touched. Sooooooo, when PMS comes to visit me a week before my period, or ovulation is knocking at my door, my stomach blows up like a hot air balloon. The first thing I do, of course, is freak out and think my muscle repair failed. But I have to remind myself that it's my stomach. Not the muscles. If I eat too much (hello Christmas!) my stomach will expand and because my belly skin is nice and tight now, it's quite noticeable! And scary :-)

Happy healing my gals!


Looking good Amy! Great update as always. I really like the week by week "what I can do". I'm still in the two week point and trying to rest up as much as possible before going back to work on the 6th.
  • Reply
What does your job entail? Are you sitting mostly, or walking around/standing?
Congrats! I'm 2 weeks behind you, I hope I feel as good as you soon!
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Why You're Not 'Flat as a Board'

I have to admit, I look at my stomach sometimes in the mirror and suck it in and think "why aren't I THAT flat? I should be THAT flat with the amount of money I spent!"

So then I started googling (of course, because I'm a maniac about google) and I found this question that someone posted on Realself about the very same thing I was wondering.

I wanted to share this with everyone because it definitely makes me see things in a different light after this tummy tuck surgery. The response from the first doctor really hit home.

I posted the link to the question at the bottom if you wanted to see ALL the doctors answers.

THE QUESTION: "I had a full TT 5 months ago I was 5'4 and weighed 123lbs. I workout and have a low-cal diet, I never had a fat stomach just separation of muscles and loose skin. I expected to look completely flat after my full TT with slight liposuction but its not, I still have a slight pouch. I told my PS and he said everyone will still have a slight pouch or they are sucking in. I am back working out but the change is not like I expected. No one can tell I had anything done and I am 120 lbs. Is this true?

ANSWER: "You certainly sound fit and non-obese, but your surgeon still had the same volume and weight of intra-abdominal contents to "contain" within your tightened abdominal wall after removal of excess skin and fat. No matter now tightly your surgeon sews the rectus muscle sheaths together, your "insides" (intra-abdominal organs, intestines, mesenteric fat, and omental fat) still had their exact same size, weight, and volume "pushing out" against a tightened, but not rigid and unyielding, abdominal wall and skin. That's just anatomy, and this has nothing to do with your surgeon's skill (or lack thereof), or the technique used. (Unless, of course, he "skipped" the muscle repair.) It's the natural stretchiness of your (even surgically-tightened) abdominal wall combined with your own intra-abdominal contents.

An example might be helpful. Think of your loose stretched (pre-op) abdominal wall as a trampoline (one that is a bit older and well-used; i.e., a bit stretched out). Now put some pressure on that trampoline, like a bowling ball tossed onto its center and being pulled by gravity. No matter how tight you screw the turnbuckles on that trampoline, the bowling ball with still stretch the fabric somewhat, even if you somehow also tightened the fabric by removing some of it. An imperfect example, I know, but one that illustrates that your "insides" still push outward, no matter how tight your abdomen has been made. True, some patients do achieve flat, but usually only if they were flat before surgery (just loose skin and stretched muscles).

If the amount of skin and fat removed was 3 pounds, this would be a good amount for a woman your size. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it sounds as if the only problem here was unrealistic expectations. Unfortunately, sometimes we surgeons are the cause of these expectations if all we show are the "perfect" results with the "flat" after photographs.

Yours is the more common result. Talk to your surgeon, but there is likely nothing further that can be done except to lose 10 pounds or so, and this may still not even give you the "flat" tummy you seek."

THE LINK: http://www.realself.com/question/flat-stomach-after-tummy-tuck1


Your scar looks amazing! It's so thin! I have to say I have seen some awful ones and that has scared me, but your surgeon did a fantastic job!
  • Reply
I would have to say I agree! I love my surgeon. Thank you :-)
Thanks for your update, Amy!
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9 Weeks Post Surgery

I made it to 9 weeks! January 6th was actually the official two month mark, but I like to update my Review by weeks, so today is officially 9 weeks.

Things that I am happy about:

* Sneezing makes my belly tingly now instead of all pain, so that's good!
* My swelling is pretty minimal, if anything at all
* I really don't workout anymore with my binder - I can do it without!
* My belly skin is softening more, and feels more and more like I didn't have a tummy tuck
* I can do full outright squats now! YAY!

Things I'm still working on:

* I still cannot sleep on my stomach - I tried it and it hurts!
* I can do some Pilates AB moves (the '100' and the 'saw') but crunches hurt
* The area directly under my belly button to my pubic line is still completely numb
* I can still see just a bit of tissue swelling in the pubic area (not much at all)
* I still wear my Spanx to bed!
* Anything jumping related doesn't feel right either (jumping jacks, etc.) while working out
* I find that I will swell if I am on my feet too long (i.e. - standing at a party, etc.)
* I feel some pain in my lower belly once in awhile when I lift one of my kiddos (35 lbs each)
* Running doesn't feel right to me yet
* Boy does it HURT when one of my boys kicks me in the belly by accident!

Just a few things....

MEASUREMENTS: They have only changed below the belly button. I was 31" and now I am 30". My waist above the belly button still remains at 27" (it's almost 26" though, but I really don't see it getting any smaller).

EATING: I'm still following my 5 to 6 meals a day, every 2 to 3 hours with every meal being less than 5 grams of sugar. I am starting to see some serious definition in my abs and plan on really having it shine through by summer! I have to say that I am a huge advocate for clean eating and you are what you eat!

AB EXERCISES: As I mentioned above, there are a couple Pilates moves that I can do that feel ok. However, if you're familiar with Pilates, there are a couple moves that really still hurt: the 'double leg stretch' and the 'teaser' for instance. I am in no hurry to do crunches, and to be quite honest, I was never a crunch girl anyway. I read somewhere on Realself, posted by a doctor, that Pilates was the best form of AB exercise to do after a tummy tuck instead of crunches anyway.

BLOAT: I am about to ovulate. If you're lucky like me, you bloat during ovulation AND period. (Seriously, kill me). So my belly is about to blow up any day now! It's crazy how now the skin is tighter and when my stomach gets bloated, it REALLY shows! all that flabby, yucky skin I had before pretty much hid just how big it could be! But at least it's temporary. (phew!)

SCAR: It's in the maturation phase where it's turning very red (the camera isn't doing it justice with how red it really is). Anyway, I am just using Palmer's Cocoa Butter in the concentrated form to smooth it out. As I posted previously at 8 weeks, my surgeon recommended nothing for treatment. I'll be happy though when it turns white. I attached a picture of just how white my scar is from my breast reduction a few years back. Eventually the tummy tuck scar will turn that white as well.

PEEING: Ok, this is going to sound crazy, but there are other women I've have seen write this on their review as well. My pee angle has changed since the surgery due to my lady part being lifted a bit! I have to lean more forward on the toilet to make sure my pee doesn't go OUT! It's actually quite hilarious. In fact, if I wanted to, I could write my name in the snow. I live in Buffalo, NY so there's plenty of it here! I would love to know if this has happened to anyone else on here.

Happy healing!


Hi Amy S! I really enjoyed your review. I remember reading it before I created my own profile when I was still researching. You mentioned how your legs would stretch out in your sleep. I have found the same for myself over the past couple of nights (right at 2 weeks post). It wakes me up, but it feels sooooo good actually. Your scar is so thin and smooth. I'm amazed that you've only used palmers on it. I really think scar healing is genetic. I'm hoping mine will fade well too! Thanks for sharing! Your post provides a lot of helpful detail, really helps newbies like me!
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Looking fabulous!!
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Thank you!!!!!

10 Weeks Post Surgery


* For the most part, I feel really normal!
* I really don’t swell anymore (crazy, I know)
* Scar is healing nicely (still very red, but that’s normal)
* Belly button scar is also turning deep red (healing well)
* I sleep on my side completely fine
* No compression during the day (since week 4 actually)
* I do not hunch at all anymore when I get up from sitting for awhile!


* I still can’t sleep on my belly yet
* I still have to wear my post-surgical binder if I am doing any jumping during a workout
* The skin over my muscle repair can still be quite sensitive to the touch
* AB workouts are still quite sore (no crunches for me yet!)
* I still wear Spanx at night/to bed (but I know I don’t need it anymore)

Few things...

SWELLING: I gotta tell ya, this past weekend was a very busy weekend for me. I was in heels, drinking, and standing for most of it. I did not swell! I couldn’t believe it. I still looked flat at the end of the night when I got home! Hallelujah! The night I posted the party dress pictures, I was in heels all night, standing most of it, and I swelled pretty bad by the time I got home. That was 5 weeks ago, so the past 5 weeks have really made a difference in regards to the lymphatic system draining! I want to point out as well that I still take Bromelain each day. Usually first thing when I wake up, and then before bedtime. I really haven’t noticed any swelling at all anymore. I know this is not normal, but I’ll take it! I only bloat when I ovulate and a few days before my period is due. I can definitely tell the difference between what the swelling used to be and when I bloat. I also want to point out that sometimes I FEEL super swollen, and look down only to see everything flat. It’s bizarre. Anyone else experience that?

LOWER BELLY: I still have numbness right below the belly button and to the incision line. I do feel a bit of my insides underneath the skin (if that makes sense) but I do not feel the skin. So if I itch my skin, or scratch it with my nails, I don’t feel it. THAT creeps me out!

UPPER BELLY: Ok, so since I am feeling quite normal again and the belly has softened up quite a bit since the surgery (that oh-so-amazing super tight skin doesn’t last?! WTF!), I have noticed that mu belly button has sank in a bit and my upper belly skin is soft just as it was prior to the surgery. I did not have any liposuction done, and I know I do not have a lot of fat up there, but there still is fat there. No matter HOW well you eat. This is why I am such a stickler for what I eat (granted, I have my cheat days, but they’re usually once every two weeks or so). Needless to say, I know it will take dedication for the rest of my life to make sure my belly looks good. To make sure I don’t gain weight (and I mean more than 20 lbs), and to stick to a low sugar diet (no more than 15 – 20 grams a day). Even though working out & weight lifting is one of the keys to a successful body, eating right goes hand-n-hand with how your body will look and how it will burn fat.

PAIN: Sometimes if I sit too long and then get up, I have a stiff pain all over my belly. But it goes away pretty fast. I also notice that if one of my boys hits/kicks me in the belly, it REALLY hurts. Or how about when I grab a shopping cart at the grocery store, use my hands for something else, and proceed to push the cart with my stomach. Um, yeah, that hurts too!

SIZE: I am still a 27” waist and 31” right below the belly button. I wore a size 8 pre surgery, and still wear an 8. However, the waist on my pants/jeans are pretty big now. I would love to go down to a size 6, but I don’t think my booty is going to allow that! I have 39” hips.

Notice the Eiffel Tower’s on my new Victoria Secret underwear in today’s pics. Fancy, huh? LOL I took full advantage of their semi-annual sale!

Hope everyone is healing well!


Looking great girly
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Great review and great results.. This will help me in my journey.
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Thanks! I'm so glad it helped you! I will be putting another update on tomorrow. I do every Wednesday. ☺ When does your journey start?

11 Weeks Post Surgery

Well, I made it to 11 weeks! I remember when I was 11 weeks away from the surgery, and now I’m 11 weeks post. I’m glad to be at this point in the healing process.

Fun Facts:

* My belly is softening up quite a bit and feels more normal
* The incision is still very red, but quite flat (same with belly button scar)
* I can do a full body stretch now without being scared!
* I am 90% of where I was working out prior to the surgery

Debbie Downer Facts:

* I still can’t sleep on my stomach yet. UGH
* Crunches hurt too much (I can do Pilates for my abs, and heard it’s better than crunches anyway!)
* Jumping still hurts (jumping jacks, jumping rope, etc.)

LOWER BELLY: Well, this is probably the biggest ‘whoa’ moment of this review because I am starting to get some feeling back UNDER my skin below the belly button (and above the incision). It’s not on the skin yet, but underneath it, if that makes sense. I feel pressure from my jeans or pants now, whereas before I didn’t. I almost liked the numbing feeling better! This is just wEiRd. Sometimes too it hurts down there because the nerves are waking up. The feeling can sometimes be tingly as well.

UPPER BELLY: I am still super sensitive under the skin here. In fact, when I put my kids to bed in their cribs, it will actually hurt to lean over that railing.

SWELLING: I don’t really see swelling anymore. However, I still wear my Spanx at night around the house and to bed. Security maybe? Like a child’s blanket? Who knows. I think my pictures look the same from week 4 or so and to today. I just got my period yesterday, so my bloat is starting to deflate! I bloat a week prior to my period and once it starts, my body goes back to normal. It was all bloat, no swelling. I don’t swell anymore either when I workout (I used to get some swelling when I started working out again). I only use my binder when I do P90X, but I think that will be going away soon too.

Happy Wednesday!


I love reading your review because it answers a lot of my questions. Especially the post about not having the "flat" tummy you had expected. But you were so much thinner from the get go than I was so I don't expect our results to be near the same. Sadly !! Ha anyway thank you for your review!! I would love your tummy! Hopefully one day I can do ab work again and get there! Of course with much better diet control as well.
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I am 12 weeks tomorrow (will be doing another Review then) and I still can't do crunches. But I actually prefer Pilates for the abs anyway. But crunches really still hurt! In regards to not having the flat tummy post - I can see that once everything has settled underneath for me, and my skin softened a bit, I am not flat as a board. It's normal. But yes, what you eat is a huge factor in TT results. Especially sugar! Happy healing my friend! :-)
Thx! Btw you look super flat to me though! Hey did you feel little suture knots under your skin like in the upper center?

12 Weeks Post Surgery

I’m 12 weeks out! That’s 3 months! WHAT?! Crazy!

Fun Stuff:

* I have A LOT more feeling now where it used to be numb (especially around the incision line)
* I can workout (P90X, running, etc,) at about 95% now
* I can do crunches – but they hurt! (but I prefer Pilates for abs)
* I can lay completely flat on my back
* I can do full body stretches with no weirdness underneath
* Quite honestly, 90% of the time it doesn’t even feel like I had a tummy tuck! I feel pretty normal

Other Stuff:

* Still numb directly below the belly button to the incision
* It doesn’t feel right to sleep on my belly
* Still get a weird pain directly under my belly button when I life one of my kids (not all the time though)
* Skin is softening quite a bit now, so I really have to watch what I eat!
* I still have sore pain above my belly button, especially when I lean over something like a railing
* I still wear my binder ONLY when I do super intense workouts like P90X or Insanity
* I can't do planks yet (ouch, ouch, ouch)

Few Things...

INCISION: It’s so flat that I can barely feel it. It’s still red, but it seems to be getting a bit lighter now. Almost pinkish. But of course the camera doesn't really show that. All I use is Palmers Cocoa Butter in the concentrated format. I’ve never used scar treatment (silicone, Mederma, etc.) due to the fact that my surgeon said there’s no need for it. Ok, well, he just saved me a bunch of money! I also want to mention that I do not feel any stitches around my incision. I know some people have them pop out.

SWELLING: Swelling is pretty much non-existent. In fact, I would go as far to say that it’s not there AT ALL. I don’t swell when I workout, and I don’t swell at night. I basically don’t swell after doing anything. Maybe my lymphatic system learned how to drain pretty fast, but I also believe that, at week 4, when my surgeon said I don’t need compression anymore, I DITCHED it! Don’t depend on your binder many weeks out. Be done with it and let your body adjust to no compression. You'll be so happy you did. The swelling gets so much better if you just push through it. The only thing I notice now is bloating when my period is about to start, or when I am going to ovulate. I will also notice puffiness in my upper belly area if I eat too much sugar or high sodium foods. It’s not swelling though. I also want to point out that I still take Bromelain each day (twice a day). I take it because I still have some left, and I also heard it's good for breakouts (which, at age 38, I still get!).

JUMPING: So I have to say that I am a huge P90X & Insanity fan, and there is a lot of jumping, plyometric type stuff in the series. When I do a jumping jack, my lower belly gets SO tingly! It feel like pins-n-needles, but not in an ‘ouchy’ way. Just a weird sensation way. It feels like I am swelling up, but I don’t. So strange!

Hope you are all healing well! Can't believe how fast this is going by!

p.s. -- I am loving my new Victoria Secret rainbow undies today! ;-)

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4 Weeks and 12 Weeks Comparison

In regards to my '12 weeks post surgery' update that I just posted a few minutes ago, I wanted to add a comparison picture of me at 4 weeks and then again at 12 weeks.

The reason I wanted to show this comparison is because at 4 weeks is when I ditched the binder and stopped relying on it all day and night. My body stopped swelling and adjusted.

I have not swelled since around week 4. In fact, if you look at all my pictures from all the weeks, they all look the same.

I was given the advice to ditch that binder and stop relying on it from another tummy tucker on this website who had her tummy tuck 9 months before I had mine. Like I stated in an above update I did a few weeks ago, always go by the advice of your surgeon. However, when he/she says to get rid of it, do yourself a favor and get rid of it :-)


Hi Amy, I just had my TT today and found your post to be so helpful, informative and inspiring! Thanks so much for sharif your journey, it has already helped me mentally prepare for the days ahead of me. You look AMAZING!!!!!
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Hi Kanga! Thank you so much for your comment! And Welcome to the flat side! I'm glad my review helps you, and please feel free to inbox me if you have any questions or wanna chat! :-)
You look great :) xxoo
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13 Weeks (3 Months) Post Surgery

It’s been 13 weeks (3 months tomorrow) since I had my full tummy tuck with muscle repair!


Quick Stuff:

* I finally started running again! Oh how I’ve missed you! And it feels great!
* I still CANNOT sleep on my stomach. In fact…..
* I still have to sleep in Spanx because it somewhat hurts to not to!
* My incision is still quite red
* I have some feeling coming back lower belly and it’s not pleasant
* I have a lot of tingly feeling after working out still (feels like I’m blowing up, but I’m not)
* My whole belly is still quite tight
* I can do intense cardio at 100% now
* AB workouts definitely hurt! (see more below)
* I can squat, twist, bend over, and move every which way with no issues

Detailed Stuff:

AB WORKOUTS: Well, I’ve been hitting the Pilates AB moves quite hard this past week. Holy crap. (1) it hurts and (2) my upper belly gets quite puffy from it. I know it’s only temporary swelling, but of course it still freaks me out to see it! However, I think the benefits of Pilates outweighs the puffy swelling I get from it. Besides, it’s not going to always be like this. Another tummy tuckers on Realself shared with me what her surgeon said: “No AB work for at least 6 months. It takes time for the internal AB sutures to totally fuse, bond, and heal. Causing resistance with the AB muscles would only irritate and slow the healing”. So maybe that’s why I am puffing out after the AB work and why it hurts so much. I have been doing Pilates for my AB’s everyday for the past week and a half or so. I am going to cut back to maybe two days a week and go very slow. After all, I am only 3 months out!

GENERAL SWELLING: I only really see some puffy upper belly swelling after doing AB work. I do not see swelling at all. My belly protrudes out by the end of the day, but it did that prior to the tummy tuck from moving all day, working out, eating, etc. It’s not swelling. I measure my waist every morning (I’m a freak) and it’s always the same as the morning before.

SKIN: Well I have to report that my skin looks pretty normal. It has relaxed and loosened up. I can pull it now. Weird. But I haven’t gained weight, so I guess that’s what’s supposed to happen! I was so used to that super tight skin from the tummy tuck, but now I have to really watch what I eat. I also bloat pretty bad with ovulation AND my period (good times) so my upper belly (where the skin has loosened) really puffs out. It is what it is I guess. My lower belly has NOT loosened up. I also read online somewhere that the fat underneath redistributes a bit during the surgery. I could have some fat hanging out in the upper belly. After all, the upper portion of your belly is NOT pulled as tight at the lower (otherwise your boobies would come down too! LOL). Who knows. I am not flat as a board, and that’s ok. There are numerous factors here (ovulation, period, AB workouts, fat). What means the most to me, is that I look good in my clothes! You can read my post above, a few weeks ago, about not being flat as a board. Everything relaxes. Makes me yearn for the super tight skin days around week 5!

LOWER BELLY: My nerves are coming back to life. Good God. It feels like pins-n-needles sometimes, super tingly, and sometimes painful. It's a tolerable pain, but annoying! I actually feel some pain when my pants/jeans hit a certain spot. There is still a small triangular portion below my belly button and down to my incision that is completely numb. I feel better when I put my Spanx on at night around dinnertime. Sometimes I won’t wear them until bedtime and sleep in them. I tried sleeping with the Spanx off Sunday night and it did NOT feel too good! I’ll try ditching them again in a couple/few weeks. My pants at work feel funny around the waistband now that feeling is coming back. I actually preferred the numbness!

UPPER BELLY: I still have very tender pain here. Especially leaning over something. We put our twins in toddler beds, so at least I don’t have to lean over the crib railing anymore! The waistband from my pants somewhat hurts this area as well if they’re pulled up too high while I’m sitting at my desk at work.

Hope you are all healing well, my tummy tuck gals!


Congrats u look amazing!
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Thank you!!!
Did u take bromelian and turmeric right after the surgery? Day 1? Thank u. I asked my dr but he said not to take anything like that!
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14 Weeks Post Surgery

It’s been 14 weeks since I had my tummy tuck! Not TOO much has changed since week 13, but the changes I have seen are subtle ones.

Quick Stuff:

* I am working out at 100% (included a gym pic today too!)
* I’m only doing ab work two days a week (and yes, it hurts to engage the core!)
* Still can’t sleep on my belly (but I can at SOMEWHAT at an angle)
* Jumping jacks make my lower belly all tingly
* Getting a bit more feeling back around the incision
* I don’t swell at all anymore
* Still wearing my Spanx to bed! (mostly because of the weird nerve feelings)
* Upper belly is still tender, but it’s actually getting better!
* My incision is starting to lighten a bit

Detailed Stuff:

LOWER BELLY: There’s still a small triangular spot below the belly button and to the incision line that is completely numb. BUT, it seems to be getting smaller meaning that the feeling is coming back in small portions around that area. I still feel a bit of pain for a brief moment when I lift my kiddos (they’re about 37 lbs each) but that is slowly starting to diminish.

UPPER BELLY: The pain is still tender here, but it’s actually getting better and it’s really not that bad anymore. However, at work the other day, one of the guys actually punched me in the stomach (goofing around) and I was OK! I nearly passed out though from all the thoughts that went through my mind at that one moment!

BELLY BUTTON: I feel a bit of feeling coming back around the belly button. It’s nothing major, but it’s a change happening! I also see that the belly button is getting more depth. When I stick a q-tip in there to clean it, I can't feel anything inside. The feeling I am getting back is around the edges.

AB WORK: Yeah, this is not going to be at 100% for awhile. I have gone from 5 days a week to 2 days a week (you can see why in my 13 week update above). No crunches either. I am only doing Pilates moves for the abs. I’ve also noticed that the abs feel stronger and better since I started running again.

INCISION: I see that it's actually started to lighten a bit. Nothing earth shattering, but it's a start. I don't know if my camera does it justice though. I also notice some sensation coming back right ON the incision. Now this is just a weird feeling, let me tell ya! Especially when I have hiphugger/low rise undies on that hit that area. Oh, it's so weird! Has anyone else experienced this yet?

Happy Wednesday and happy healing my friends :-)


Hi Amy, Your process appears to have gone fabulously and you look fantastic. I was wondering where you have found Arginine at a 3-5 mg dose? Is that in a powder format? I have cruised online and found capsules at 500 mg or greater but not much else.
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I appreciate all your details! I'm coming up on 9 weeks post op and it's nice to have something to compare to, especially with the workouts! I def. get that same tingly feeling after I work out, especially after running, so I'm glad I'm not the only one ;) I was wondering about starting abs too and my surgeon said def. not to start before 3 months out and be careful and just go with how you feel. I didn't have super extensive internal muscle tightening with my surgery as it was mostly all skin removal from weight loss (and I've never been pregnant) so we'll see how the ab workouts go in a couple weeks. Good luck with everything! And keep the details comin' ;)
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THANK YOU so much for the comment. I'm glad you can refer to my Review to see what's a comin'! :-) Yeah, I can only do AB workouts 2 maybe 3 times a week and they're short workouts. It still hurts quite a bit and I do not want to hinder healing by pushing it! Happy healing Miss Kitty ;-)

15 Weeks Post Surgery

15 weeks! Holy moly!

Quick Stuff:

* I can sleep on my stomach! I repeat…
* The feeling around the incision is coming back more
* Running again full fledge (couple miles a day)
* Upper belly is still tender
* I am STILL sleeping in my Spanx! (especially now that the nerves are waking up around the incision line)
* AB work still hurts
* Measurements are the same as they were a few weeks ago (Waist: 27” / Below BB: 31”)
* Still in same size pants as I was prior to surgery (my waist may have gone down 4”, but my a$$ didn’t!)

Detailed Stuff:

LOWER BELLY: I have to say that when I workout now (whether it be running, lifting weights, walking at an incline, P90X, etc.) I feel like I am blowing UP with swelling in the lower belly area. But the crazy part is, I’m not! It’s this tingly feeling all over this area and it makes me feel huge. I can’t explain how strange that is to look down and expect to see Santa’s belly, but I’m flat. I’m also still numb from below the belly button to the incision line. If you take the area from the belly button down to the incision line, and DRAW a line, then extend about a half inch out on either side, that is the area that is numb.

UPPER BELLY: Still tender in this area. Sheesh. When does that go AWAY!? Leaning over anything like a shopping cart still hurts. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with me doing AB work now and actually USING these AB muscles that have been so nicely hidden by my twin-skin (as I call it) for so many years. This area has always been tender, but I wonder if the AB work is hindering the tenderness from finally going away.

AB WORK: Still only doing this 2 to 3 times a week and that’s it. If you’re familiar with Pilates, I can’t even get to 100 yet with the ‘Pilates 100’. I can only do up until 70 or 80. Baby steps! I posted before that I refuse to do crunches, and well, I still stick by that notion! I’ve also been working my obliques like mad to bring in my waist and strengthen my lower back. Just taking it easy on direct AB work directly in the middle.

INCISION: Ok, so if I throw on a pair of bikini undies, and it hits right where the incision is, it does NOT feel good at ALL! It’s such a bizarre feeling. However, if I put on some low rise hiphugger undies that cover the incision all together, then I don’t feel it. Even when my hands are pulling my pants or jeans up, the movement OVER the incision is just unpleasant. I preferred the complete numbness! This weird feeling is the reason I still sleep in Spanx. They just seem to help. The incision is lightening up a bit still though, so that’s good. I still just use Palmers Cocoa Butter in the concentrated format. Another thing I want to point out in regards to the incision is the ridiculous itching that has been occurring all around the damn thing! And the worst part is that I just can’t get any satisfaction when I itch it! I can’t use my nails because that just feels WAY too weird, so I’ll just take the palms of my hands and just go nuts rubbing everywhere. It sometimes helps. Other times I just have to let the stupid itch subside.

PUBIC AREA: I gotta be honest here, I really don’t know if my pubic area is still swollen or if the 'free lift' that I got is now my final result. It looks a bit more puffy than what I remember, so I am going to give it more time (I’m only 3 months out). At least it pretty much looks normal (both in and out of pants – lol) and nothing like the first couple of weeks! Holy monster crotch!

EATING & WEIGHT GAIN: So I’m that type of person who likes to binge on sugar when my period is about to start. Sugar is worse than fat. On any given day, I eat less than 10 grams of sugar for the entire day. Normally I allow Saturdays to be my cheat day (I eat very clean Sunday – Friday). In any case, this past menstrual cycle I let myself binge almost 4 days. I gained a couple pounds and let me tell you, I could REALLY see it in the belly area. I think the skin I had prior to the surgery hid it more and now with that skin gone, any weight gain is more noticeable. My stomach really pushes out. Booooooooo. So now I just limit those cheat days to 1 day a week, if that. I am not about to ruin my result. No, no, no! As I’ve posted previously in other posts, I believe in clean eating. You really are what you eat and it shows.

I have to end this post today by saying that ever since I had this surgery and the swelling has subsided, Victoria’s Secret has made a BOATLOAD of money from me! Someone needs to make me stop. PLEASE! But I just can’t help it :-) The purple undies I have on today are the ‘Rose Lace Cheeksters’ by PINK (Victoria’s Secret). I had these on in my last update as well in the pink color. I have five of these babies. They hide the incision SO well!

I hope all of you are healing fantastic and if your surgery date is coming up, good luck on the journey you’re about to start!


You look great! I love reading your post. I over did it last week and swelling started. So I have had to reboot and not over do it. Your post are very informative. Thanks for sharing every week with us. I can't wait to get on with my life and get back to 100% back at the gym.
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Thanks Pam! Yeah, I am still no 100% with AB workouts, but everything else I am 100%. I was itching SO bad to get back to the gym! You will be there before you know it. I remember how awful the first week was after the TT, and how I thought I would NEVER walk straight again let alone workout :-) I'm glad my posts help! Happy healing!!!
Ok, so I just read our latest post on your Review and how you are already going to the gym. I should have read that before I commented :)

16 Weeks Post Surgery

16 weeks! YAY!

Quick Stuff:

* I can still sleep on my stomach
* Still sleeping in Spanx though (I feel more protected when laying on my belly)
* More feeling coming back around the incision
* Upper belly still tender, but actually a bit better
* AB work still hurts quite a bit
* Drove in my car for 3 ½ hours without stopping at all and was quite sore upper belly!

Detailed Stuff:

AB MUSCLES IN GENERAL: They’re still sore. Maybe not AS bad as last week, but still sore. Especially during AB workouts, but I am still just doing those 2 to 3 days a week and I am just doing Pilates. No crunches. I still get quite sore when I lift my kids (one is about 35 lbs and the other is about 40 lbs). I feel it lower belly and up the middle when I lift them. I notice too (and forgot to point out last week) that I still sometimes have stiffness when I get up from sitting in my chair at work. When does THAT end?! This surgery is a bitch of a healing process! I’ll tell you that much! LOL

SWELLING: My swelling is completely gone. I don’t swell at all anymore, not even during working out. I also don’t swell when I’m on my feet too long. I notice I get bigger when I ovulate or when my period is about to start and that is only due to bloating. Not swelling. I attribute a lot of this to me ditching the binder when my surgeon said it was ok (which was 4 weeks).

INCISION: It’s getting lighter but I also have quite a bit of feeling coming back around this area. I itch but get no satisfaction! The nerve pain I’ve had for the past couple of weeks has diminished quite a bit, so the feeling I am getting back is just plain old feeling of the skin again. It’s strange because it’s been so long since I felt anything there. However, I do want to point out that I am still completely numb below the belly button and about a half inch out on either side.

BELLY SKIN: It’s pretty much normal now. Doesn’t feel like tummy tuck skin anymore. Sad but not sad, if you know what I mean. When I sit down, yes, the skin shows and if I sit a certain way, it can still ‘roll’. However, I have to make it do that! When I lay on my side, it looks pretty nice. Doesn’t fall down to the floor like it did prior to the surgery. I think I had it in my mind that my skin would be SUPER tight after this surgery forever, but the truth of the matter is, is that your skin DOES loosen and it’s ok. The skin drapes itself over your new muscles and contours over time to what it should look like. Basically, a normal tummy :-)

Happy Wednesday everyone!


wow! I just found your review through someones profile you posted on... I just spent 30 mins reading from start to finish! Thanks for the weekly updates. I still have a couple of months until its my turn so Ill have to find you when I need to read up on my weeks! (its almost like the book what to expect when your expecting LOL)
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"it's almost like the book What to Expect When You're Expecting" --- OMG, I would have to say that out of all the 700-some comments I have received on my Review, that one is my favorite! THANK YOU! Feel free to message me if you have questions, etc. Not that I'm an expert, but if I can help at all. When is your surgery??
I love the sentence too. So true!

17 Weeks (4 Months) Post Surgery

17 weeks!

4 months actually tomorrow!

Quick Stuff:

* Still sleeping in Spanx
* Slowly getting better with Pilates AB workouts
* Upper belly still tender
* Belly as a whole stiff sometimes after sitting then getting up
* Incision itchy and more feeling coming back
* Skin loosening up and looking more normal

Detailed stuff:

AB MUSCLES: I am starting to really see a difference in my AB’s after starting Pilates again. I have been doing Pilates specifically for the AB’s (and a lower body routine). Don’t get me wrong, it still really hurts to do these exercises, so I am not overdoing it by any means. I am still only doing AB work 2 to 3 times a week. AB muscles seem sore though even at almost 4 months out. But this I attribute to my workouts as well as how active I am. It could also be the fact that a tummy tuck is freakin' major surgery! ;-)

INCISION: So I took some of my husband’s blue painter tape to show the triangular area that is still 100% completely numb. I can’t feel within this area (see pic). But all the area outside of that triangle, I CAN feel. The bottom of the triangle is the incision line. I am super itchy around the incision (the entire incision) and it also seems to be fading more and somewhat peeling. Is the peeling normal? I dunno. I hate that I can’t wear certain bikini bottoms because the scar will show, but then again, who cares. I don’t have a pregnant looking belly anymore.

SCAR TREATMENT: I want to add that on February 27th (pretty much one week ago) I started Mederma for scar treatment. Why? Because I had a tube of it on my dresser that I forgot about and thought why not, let’s give it a shot! It’s rolled on once a day. That’s it. So I have been putting that on at night, and then using the cocoa butter in the morning. But it’s only been a week, and according to the Mederma tube, it should take 8 weeks or so to see a difference. When the tube runs out, I will not buy a new one. Quite frankly, I really don’t care. I am just so happy to look better in clothing and bathing suits! And besides, my surgeon said no scar treatment was needed. So I’m pretty much just doing this as an experiment not expecting much of a result.

BROMELAIN: I still (and since week 2 after the surgery) take 2 Bromelains a day on an empty stomach (once in the morning and once before bed). I’ve read that Bromelain helps with scar healing and of course everyone knows it helps with swelling. Even though I do not have swelling anymore, I take this for the scar aspect of it and for acne (yep, it helps that too that I STILL get at age 38!).

BELLY SKIN: I was driving this morning and I made the belt too tight on my coat. My belly skin felt very tender because of it. Sometimes at night when I have my Spanx on, the top of the garment hurts my upper belly skin as well. I can’t believe that 4 months out, that skin is still so tender.

HOW I FEEL: I want to add that I pretty much feel normal now. I have my moments where I’m sore from sitting too long, or the top of my Spanx at night actually hurts my upper belly. But I have to remind myself that this surgery was SUPER major. I know I pointed this out before, but I will say it again: I’ve had liposuction, a chin implant, 2 nose jobs, and a breast reduction but this tummy tuck takes the effin’ cake! I’m anxious to see how I feel one year out. I’m only (almost) 4 months out. My belly looks normal to me, minus the redness in the belly button, but that will turn white (I think it’s hard to see in my pics). I still feel like a kid on Christmas morning everyday I put my pants on for work and (1) there’s room at the top and (2) they look SO much better!

Happy healing gals!


Wow you look fantabulous!!!! Thank you for sharing your story... Can't even tell that little body housed twins!!!
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Thank you ☺
Looking good!! Thanks for all the helpful tips!
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18 Weeks Post Surgery

Well, here it is: 18 weeks post surgery!

Quick Stuff:

* My upper belly skin is still tender
* I STILL get tight after sitting too long
* I am still sleeping in Spanx
* I am still 100% numb in that triangular area (I put a pic up in my last post)
* Skin is pretty much completely normal now
* Belly button is deepening a bit

Detailed Stuff:

PMS & BLOAT: Wow, this month really threw me for a loop with bloating related to PMS. My stomach looked like someone blew up a balloon and placed it under my skin. Insane! I can't believe how much more noticeable bloating is after this surgery. Sometimes it's so bad that I think the sutures popped or something. I mean, my belly is HUGE when it's that time of the month.

INCISION: I posted in my last update that I was starting to use Mederma. Well, no more. Not only did I have some sort of reaction to it (super itchy, red bumps, etc.) but it actually made all the skin on and around my incision line peel. Yuck. So I am just using Palmers Cocoa Butter in the concentrated format again (which I have been using since week 2 after the surgery). The incision is definitely starting to lighten up a bit too! Hopefully you can tell in the pictures.

AB WORKOUTS: I was able to do a plank for a whopping 5 seconds without wanting to die! LOL! However, I am still only doing Pilates for the abs about 2 to 3 times a week.

OVERALL: I feel great (minus the monthly PMS bloat and sometimes during ovulation too). My belly looks completely normal to me, minus the occasional gasp I get from my friends when they see just HOW LONG that incision line it :-) Thank God for hiphugger panties! Perfect coverage. It still hurts when I get hit in the stomach by one of my kiddos, or a lean over the grocery cart. I workout without my binder now (yes, even P90X without the binder).

Happy healing and happy Thursday to all of you!


Thank you for being so detailed in your journey -- you look and sound fabulous ! your scar very thin also:)
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Thank you so much for your comment! I really appreciate it :)
You look amazing! I am having my TT in May & I would be happy if I got the same results as you. Your tummy looks so flat, I am about the same size as you but have this tummy that I am constantly trying to hide with baggy tops. Really looking forward to the final result of 4 months post-op. I have really enjoyed reading your blog! :)
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19 Weeks Post Surgery

I’ve made it to 19 weeks! Woot woot!

Quick Stuff:

* Feeling coming back under the skin, but not ON the skin (below belly button)
* Slept without my Spanx on AND didn’t really like it SO I am still sleeping in Spanx (wah-waaaah)
* I get weird tingly feelings when I jump (i.e. – jumping jacks)
* Still tight when I get up from sitting too long
* Scar is lightening up more and more
* Belly skin feels TOTALLY normal now

Detailed Stuff:

LOWER BELLY: Ok, this is weird, but the area below my belly button (and above my incision line) is starting to have SOME feeling some back underneath the skin. It’s almost a bit painful too and I don’t know if it’s because I’m not used to feeling under the skin there, or what. However, I want to point out that I cannot feel the skin’s surface. So if I run my finger nails over that area, I don’t feel it. Hopefully I’m making sense here! I want to add as well (unrelated to the feeling thing) that I still find myself pulling the waistband of my pants up when I sit down to ‘hide the skin flap’. But that flap isn’t there anymore. Anyone else do that? Old habits die hard I guess.

UPPER BELLY: So is it considered a milestone when your toddler can kick you in the stomach (accidentally of course) and you don’t feel the need to puke, pass out, and die? My upper belly is not as sore as it has been in the past couple posts I have done. That tenderness seems to finally be going away.

AB WORKOUTS: Still doing Pilates for the AB’s, and only doing it twice a week. I think I puff up a teeny tiny bit in the AB area when I do it, but it’s gone in a couple hours. Prior to my tummy tuck, I would do a routine called ‘Standing ABs by Laura London’ on You-Tube. LOVE this workout! I forgot about it and started it again about a week ago. I highly recommend you guys check it out when you’re able to (or already can) do AB work!

INCISION: It’s lightening up quite a bit! Very exciting. I am still using cocoa butter once a day, sometimes twice if I’m not lazy. I thought it was peeling a couple weeks ago, but it was that reaction I had to the Mederma.

I hope everyone is doing well on their TT journey (or soon to be!) ?


I don't get bloated unless I drink too much water at once and then I pee and its gone!! You look amazing the best results I have seen so far, my scar show even above my pants its really high, none of my underwear cover it
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Thanks for your comment!!! I had to switch some of my undies after the surgery because my scar is a tad higher on my right side. I'm just glad not to look pregnant anymore in clothes!
I agree with the bloating being more noticeable. Mine is from food, or just bloating from being constipation etc. But it really stands out. I feel like I look pregnant at times! So weird. You're looking great. I gave up my garment at night. I sleep so much better without it.
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If You're Planning on Having Surgery in the Dominican Republic

Although this is not an update on my belly (I am planning my next one around April 6th when I am five months out), I wanted to share this news article that really upset me this morning on Yahoo.

For all of you considered your tummy tuck or any cosmetic surgery to be done over there, please read this article first. I know that not all experiences have been bad, but I still wanted to share this with everyone.

Just copy the link below and paste it in your browser:


Hope everyone is doing well! :-)


Love love love your posts!! I feel almost everything you are saying which makes me feel not alone. Including "monster crotch".lmao. I am 9 weeks tomorrow. I wear the spanx when running. Back at gym. Sometimes I wish results were more magical for the money also. But I am so happy this is normal!! Keep the posts coming. Thanks!! : ). Ps. U look great!! So does your scar
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Thank you Ggina! I am updating today actually. Happy 9 weeks to you!! :-)
Hey hun how are you?
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5 Months Post Surgery

Well, I was 5 months as of yesterday April 6th! YAY!

I'm just going to bullet point some things here:

? I am 5 months out and still tender. What's weird to me is the fact that I workout 6 days a week, I do P90X, I run, I jog, I sprint, I squat, I lift weights 5 days a week, and I do Pilates, but having a weekend of running around and eating more food than I should have will STILL hurt! I hope that eventually goes away. Good grief.

? My scar is definitely getting lighter! I can see on the left side that it's a tad bit lighter than the right. Oh well. I'm still using cocoa butter only.

? The nerve sensations around my incision are driving me CRAZY! It's like nails on a chalkboard when I shave my va-jay-jay and the razor goes up to the incision line. OH-M-GEE! I hate it. I also still have to sleep in my Spanx because of this weird nerve sensation. I am really hoping that simmers down before summer! I don't want to sleep in Spanx in the summer.

? The feeling below my belly button is starting to come back, but underneath the skin only. I still cannot feel my skin when I run my nails over it. It's just below the belly button and above my incision.

I hope everyone is doing well!


Your scar is looking so good! You're looking so flat too! I had my bb revised and I didn't even feel the anesthetic shot I think it's because I'm still pretty numb too.
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How are you feeling since the revision? My belly button is very numb too. I'm actually thinking of a belly ring because I know I wouldn't feel the pinch. LOL Thank you for your kind words ☺
I'm feeling well just a bit frustrated BC I can't workout. It's my stress reliever. I feel like I start making gains in my strength & physique and then I have to take stop. Oh well, will get back into it again.

5 1/2 Months Post Surgery

Well, ALMOST 5 1/2 months :-)

Just wanted to throw a quick update on here today and mention a few things!

CARDIO: Who would have thought this far out I would still be sore after cardio, but I am. Guess it goes to show just HOW MUCH was really done under my new skin. I do a lot of high intensity interval training, running, plyometrics, and walking at a high incline. I am mostly sore after the running aspect. Hoping that will diminish soon!

AB WORK: Still only doing AB work twice a week. I am quite sore after I get done with just a few minutes of Pilates for the AB's! However, I can see more definition and I love it!

NUMBNESS & SENSATION: I cannot feel below my belly button and above the incision yet. I know it could take a year, and I'm almost 6 months. So we'll see what the next 6 months bring! The sensation around my incision is driving me crazy though! I can't stand it. It's like nails on a chalkboard to me for lack of a better phrase! When I get an itch along the incision line, I cringe. Quite literally CRINGE. I try to itch it as fast as possible!

BELLY SKIN: Oh how I miss those days right after surgery of the uber-tight belly skin! Now it's completely normal. However, I don't have rolls when I sit, but it's definitely quite soft now as opposed to the early stages after the surgery was completed.

DIET: I have to admit, I am a strict human being when it comes to diet and exercise. I don't ever want to (1) gain those 110 lbs back I lost and (2) un-do all the amazingness of my belly! I eat 5 to 6 meals a day. Each meal is less than 5 grams of sugar, and less than 40 grams of carbs. Each meal is a couple hours apart, and includes a lean protein, veggie, and starchy complex carb. I eat about 1,500 calories a day and then throw in some high days once or twice a week to keep my metabolism guessing. I'm burning the fat to feed the muscle by eating this way. I'm also losing weight as well (bonus!)

Happy Easter to all of you!


Hello, I enjoyed reading your posts. I am 3 weeks post and I lmao at the getting up still hunched over and getting out of the car, so true! I look around the parking lot to see if anyone will be watching! Lol. I also am a patient of the center for plastic surgery, Dr. Graff did my TT and BA. They are both excellent surgeons. I've only have worked with Dr. Graff and have done the TT's and BA's with him. My binder is like my security blanket I only take it off when I shower, I will be nervous when I switch to the spanx next week. I have the tingling going on but I can feel myself touching most of my tummy. Swelling is minimal for me, that suxs that you had so much. I will follow your advice about the Pilate abs and P9OX, can't wait to hit worlds gym. I went everyday and I'm going insane I feel like I'm losing muscle tone doing nothing SMH!! Have been able to go up and down my basement stairs at least that's something. I love your pics, we look like were the same size. I had some saggy skin that had to go!! :)))
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Hi! SO glad you found me! I will be 6 months on May 6th. Can't believe that! I'm glad you're doing well. That hunching took awhile for me to get over (and I mean weeks!). I really didn't have much swelling at all and in fact I was done swelling around week 4. When Dr. Graff tells you to ditch the binder, definitely do it! You are just prolonging the swelling if you keep wearing it. It will actually hurt for a couple days and you will see your body swell a bit, but then it all evens out :-) When is your next appointment to see him? You'll be lifting weights and going to the gym in no time! Before Dr. Rigan cleared me to exercise and lift again, I was lifting 2 lb weights in my kitchen while I was sitting. Made me feel better and didn't hurt! Stay in touch and feel free to message me too!
Hi Amy! Glad I found you to! Coming from the same office both Docs are about the same. I go an see him this Friday, he did ask me if I was ready to get into the spanx last visit but I said one more week. Pulling it up is what I'm nervous about. I read that you went in it at 4 weeks that's when I'm doing it! Did you wear it at all times? I have to go get a couple. I may get one of the tank top ones with the built in bra that Boyzmom suggested. When did Dr. Rigan release you to go to the gym? Thanks for all your advice, I'm goin to get my 3lbs weight from my basement right now! :))

6 Months Post Surgery

6 months! That's half of a year! Really? I remember the first week after the surgery and thinking I would never, EVER get to this point. Well, here I am...

SENSATION: Oh my is this weird. Everytime I put on my undies, the seam rubbing over the incision line just feels so strange to me! Sometimes I can tolerate it, other times I CRINGE. I still cannot feel right below my belly button down to the incision line. However, I am getting some feeling back all around my belly button. Another weird sensation I get is when I lightly grab my leggings to pull them up. It's the most bizarre feeling on my belly! It almost hurts, but it doesn't. I wonder if that made any sense at all :-)

SCAR: I can't believe how much it has lightened up. I will be a very happy woman when it turns white like my breast reduction scars. I am still using just Palmers Cocoa Butter in the concentrated format. I use it at night before I go to bed. I have noticed that the right side of my scar is a bit darker than the left. It's fading more slowly.

WORKOUTS: I am 100% with cardio, P90X, etc. However, I am still limiting the AB workouts to twice a week. I am still doing just Pilates for the AB's as well (no crunches). I am doing planks, but not for long. They hurt. However, with the way I eat and the AB workouts I am doing, I can see definition!

DIET: Still sticking with my new way of life. Still eating less than 15 grams of sugar a day. This really lets your muscles really show through. Google why sugar is so bad for the body. I eat mainly whole foods, and very high protein. The only carbs I eat are complex starchy carbs (brown rice, sweet potatoes, kidney beans, black beans, whole wheat tortillas). Don't get me wrong, I have my cheat meals. But they're every couple of weeks only.

At 6 months post surgery, I am VERY happy with the results. I have to admit, I still feel pain and weirdness, but nothing like the first couple of months. Even laying (or is it lying) on my belly last night while playing with my kids in the family room, it didn't feel all that nice. It was tolerable, but I didn't like doing it on the hard floor. I am so excited to hit 1 year and see how it all feels then! Until then, I'll wait for month 7 to show up :-)

Happy healing to you all!


Looking pretty frikin amazing! Love how your abs are showing! The hard work is paying off!
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Thank you!!! :-)
Hi I just had to comment because this morning I was woken up by a pooping sound in my upper abs and thought I remembered that I was stretching. I don't know if I was dreaming or if I actually did stretch. I couldn't fall back to sleep soI on here and saw your review. I just could not believe that you wrote about nightmares off the full stretch. LOL! What a coincidence! Anyway you look awesome and I hope I have results like yours. I am just alittle post the 1 month post op mark and ready to get my booty moving. I feel so flabby in the legs and butt. I see that you have been sucking to a strict diet. Do you use any particular diet that I could reference or can you suggest any resources that I could check out. I also try to eat clean but need more ideas. I have twins they are now 16 years old and we always have some kind of bad food in the house. They are both athletic so they can take it better than I can. Lol! Did I mention that you look great. I can't wait to see what I look like at 6 months. Thanks for this detailed review. It really helps!
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6 1/2 Month Post Surgery

It's been 6 and a half month since my surgery. YAY!

I like doing these half month updates sometimes because quite frankly, a lot can change in a half of a month!

I only attached one picture. It's of me (duh) in the gym yesterday afternoon. I love the definition I see in my abs. I'll do more detailed pictures for my 7th month post update.

In any case, here we go!

PAIN: Yes, as weird as that sounds, I still have some pain. BUT, only when certain movements are done or I get kicked in the stomach by one of my 2 year olds! (Twins). The pain I mostly experience is from doing ab exercises. I do not do crunches. Ever. Not because they hurt, but because I would rather do Pilates and P90X moves for definition (well, that and alo eating less than 15 grams of sugar a day). Anyway, I am still only doing 2 days a week of ab workouts.

CARDIO: I still feel tingly stuff when I run or jump. But it's only AFTER I have finished my run (or jumping). It's such a bizarre feeling. Like pins-n-needles. It only lasts a few minutes though.

SCAR: My scar is really lightening up, but still more of a deeper color on the right side. I am still only using the concentrated form of cocoa butter. My breast reduction scars from 1997 are so incredibly white. I know eventually this tummy tuck scar will be that white as well. But who cares, I look so much better in clothes where you can't even see it!

BELLY SKIN: I notice my skin has really gotten to be as normal as it ever will be. I'm happy to report that when I sit down, I don't have rolls. That scared me that eventually it would loosen up possibly TOO much. But I also attribute a lot of this to my diet and how I eat. I would have to say that my week 5 photos are me at my ABSOLUTE flattest. After that, things got more normal. I often to refer to my post in this Review about why you're not flat as a board. It REALLY makes sense. Go read it if you haven't yet :-)

Happy healing gals!


I haven't done an ab workout in months. I sure need to. I suppose I shouldn't worry about hurting anything. I still have a little bit of "pain" after cycling hard. Ive been just tightening my abs like you'd do with kegals. Love the definition you have!
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Try the 10 minute standing AB routine on You Tube. Love this one! :-)
So your advice regarding the bi del and span is really helpful We to my 6 day Po appintment today and doctor says I only need span What r ur thoughts What day exactly did u ditch the binder? Which span garment did u wear at first?
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7 Months Post Surgery

I’ve made it to 7 months! Well, this Friday June 6th will be 7 months, but I am updating today. I remember hitting 7 weeks and couldn’t believe it. Now I am 7 MONTHS out!

WORKING OUT: I am 100% with cardio (actually, I have been for a couple months). I’ve been doing a lot of running and sprints lately and what I want to mention is that I am still having that weird pins-n-needles feeling in my lower belly when I run, sprint, or jump. It only lasts a few minutes, but it’s so bizarre! I do cardio 6 days a week. Saturdays are my only day off. I only do 20 – 25 minutes because quite honestly, I can’t stand it! LOL! I would rather lift weights. I lift 5 days a week, doing single body parts each day. For example, Monday is chest, Tuesday is back, Wednesdays are legs, Thursdays are triceps and biceps, and Fridays are shoulders. I notice when I lift heavy for arm work, my belly hurts. It’s not a oh-my-God-this-is-killing-me pain, but it’s annoying to say the least.

AB WORK: I am still doing two days a week of AB exercises, sometimes three. I love Pilates for the ABS, and I am also doing stand-up ABS. If you go to You Tube and type in ’10 minute standing ABS’, you will see a video from Exercise TV (the instructor is wearing a green sports bra and white shorts). I love this video! I love what she does with the Abs standing up! I also will do Tracey Anderson’s standing ABS (also on You Tube) and I will create my own standing AB routine doing a figure-eight motion with my belly. The trick is to ISOLATE the AB muscles and not move anything else. And incase you’re wondering, it still hurts to do AB work. But I push through it because I know I am not going to hurt anything suture-wise at this point. I’m too far out. But I also want to mention that I didn’t do hardcore AB work until 6 months out (I wrote why about this in an earlier post). I also want to end my AB work section here with stating that sweet looking Abs start in the kitchen. It’s all about nutrition AND AB work!

NUMBNESS: Still cannot feel my skin at all below my belly button in that triangular section. Actually, I got quite sunburned and this area was very bad. I didn’t feel a thing! You can see from my pics where some of my burn was. In any case, I will have itchiness and weird sensations along the incision line. I have gotten past the point too of a very weird feeling when my jeans or pants lay on the incision. It’s not a nails-on-the-chalkboard thing anymore. It’s actually ok now! I wonder if that feeling below my belly button will ever return though.

DIET & WEIGHT GAIN: Good nutrition and exercise paired along with resistance training will make you lean. The big thing my personal trainer taught me was to stay away from refined sugar. Well, easier said than done. Especially when I am PMS’ing and ovulating. Yes, I am one of the "lucky" ones who get the cravings twice a month. Hello, my name is Amy and I am a sugaraholic! When I bloat and eat too much sugar, you can see the weight gain on me. It lands right on the sides of my upper hips and upper belly. I will put my jeans or pants on, and have to yank the sides up a bit higher to cover the hips so they don’t overflow over the sides of my jeans. LOL When I cut sugar out completely (normally I eat less than 10 grams a day, and yes, I keep track) I feel so much better and LOOK so much better. In any case, it’s a struggle for me and one of my demons. It’s my addiction. Did you know sugar is four times more addicting than Cocaine? Crazy. So yeah, when I gain weight (and I have fluctuated 5 lbs or so since the surgery), I can definitely see it more. So I have to say that my flattest picture since the surgery was at week 5. Scroll up my Review and check 'em out (the pictures that is). I gotta say, if you're not up to par with diet and exercise, you're really going to notice it in your mid section if you gain weight. My belly has definitely relaxed since the surgery (it was SO tight right after) and that's completely normal. This will always be a work in progress to maintain.

SCAR: My scar has definitely lightened up a bit. It's still more red/darker on one side than it is on the other. But, whatever. I don't look pregnant in clothes anymore! That's all I really care about anyway. I still only use Palmers Cocoa Butter in the concentrated form once a day. That's it!

I added new pics today of my new Victoria’s Secret bikini. I love this color. However, my husband said the ruffles make me look like a big flower ? For the first time in my life, I walked around in a bikini and didn’t have to suck in my belly! Halleluiah!


Great review ! The bikini is too cute!
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Aw, thanks! :-)
i love your pics!!!! you are one hottie mommy! sorry i have not been on RS lately....but thanks for posting on mine!
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7 Month AB & Belly Skin Updates

It hasn't been quite that long since I updated last, but I wanted to post a few things that I have noticed, etc. since my last update.

BELLY SKIN: Well, I hate to admit it, but I did the ultimate test. I did a plank NAKED and LOOKED DOWN! My belly looks nothing like it did pre-surgery seven months ago, HOWEVER, the belly skin is absolutely 100% normal now. Two things I want to point out here. #1 - Your skin will be the absolute tightest the few weeks after your surgery. It DOES loosen up as time goes on. #2 - The skin learns to re-drape itself after your tummy tuck surgery and will soften up as time goes on, so yes, no matter HOW TIGHT your surgeon pulls your skin down (and trust me, mine was TIGHT - it took me three weeks to walk upright again), your skin will loosen and if you do a naked plank at seven months post op, you will see some skin hang ;-)

THE STOMACH: Everyone is different when it comes to how their stomach (the actual organ) is situated inside of you. Mine has always had a tendency to pudge out a bit. Even though I paid $7,450 to have my muscles sutured together and skin removed, I still 'suck it in' when I am out in public. If you are new to this site, or you just got your surgery done, or you're contemplating it - please scroll up and read the post a I did a few months back about NOT being 'flat as a board'. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE MY RESULTS. Period. But I also am realistic when it comes to anatomy, etc. Oh and hey, let's not forget about period, ovulation, and bloating too! YUCK! Or how about just eating too much? EVERYTHING pushes out then! Yikes! I see a lot of people post on their review (months and months later after their surgery) that they still 'swell' after eating a big meal. It's bloating. Not swelling ;-)

CORE WORKOUTS: When I do the sitting bicycle crunches (and I only do 20), my ABs still hurt. Crazy, huh? But it's not the kind of hurt that would make me stop. I still only do AB workouts twice a week. However, I also want to point out that I have now added standing AB's to my workout routine. Just search 'standing abs' on You Tube's website. There are some fabulous workouts on there! It's all about isolation of the AB muscles. Love it! I have also been doing 'figure 8' motions with my AB's while trying to keep my hips still. What an AB workout! Seriously though, check out the standing AB workouts available on the internet.

Happy healing to all of you!


Now I am worried. I am 4 weeks post op and the skin above my belly button is too loose. This means in a few months I will look even worse.
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How loose is your skin? Can you upload a picture? Have you seen your surgeon about this? Hang in there....
beautiful result you have there! Love your posts. :)
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8 Months Post Surgery

I can’t believe I’m 8 months! That’s 4 months shy of a year! CrAzY! I did not post any pictures because quite frankly, I look the same as the past couple of months. I will throw a couple more pictures up in the next update!

BELLY SKIN: Oh how I miss those SUPER tight skin days like 5 weeks after surgery. What I wouldn’t give to go back to that! Since the surgery, the skin has draped itself over the muscle tightening and my belly looks completely normal now. Even when I am on all four legs, you can see the skin come down a bit. I want everyone to know too that I was pulled TIGHT. This is totally normal and what is supposed to happen months out. I was pulled so tight that it took me 3 weeks to stand upright again. The smallest my waist got after the surgery was 26”. That was a result of that super tight skin. Once everything went to normal, I am now 28” – 29” around the waist.

SENSATION: Ok, so this one sucks and I hate it. I am getting sensation back around the incision as well as under the skin beneath my belly button (but not the surface of my skin underneath the belly button). When I put hiphugger undies on, I feel them around the incision. I hate it. And because I am feeling beneath the skin (underneath the belly button), it feels as if my lower tummy is constantly bloated or sticking out. I can’t stand it! I miss the numb days! I am hoping that this is something I get used to pretty fast because I find myself looking down quite a bit to make sure the old pooch isn’t still there!

DIET: Still low carb, and still less than 15 grams of sugar a day. I believe that plays a huge roll in ab definition! I will admit that I probably put on about 5 lbs or so since the surgery, but I am still in the same size. Summer is tough because of parties, picnics, etc. but I plan out when I will cheat and those days are pretty rare.

AB WORK & The ‘TUPLER TECHNIQUE’: Alright, so this is what I really wanted to touch on in this update. Basically, I have been doing Pilates moves for the abs, planks, and standing ab moves since I hit the 6 month mark. I’ve done a few crunches, but was actually told they are SUPER bad for you after a tummy tuck. The ab exercises I have been doing still hurt and do not feel right. I am 8 months out, and just last week I had to stop doing some Pilates moves and completely stopped doing planks because I felt like I was pushing my ab muscles OUT if that makes sense. So I started doing some research and talked to a few friends of mine who I knew had a ‘mommy tummy’ like I did. My one friend has Diastasis Recti and has been doing the ‘Tupler Technique’. She has closed most of her Diastasis and lost 3” around her waist. Of course I was intrigued about this Tupler Technique and thought maybe (1) it wouldn’t hurt my abs when I do it like everything else does and (2) strengthen my muscle repair even more. The creator, Julie Tupler, touches on the topic of tummy tucks to surgically correct a diastasis (how some people truly need surgery. People like me, with a 6” separation and an apron of skin). Anyway, she ends by saying that even after a tummy tuck surgery, we should continue to do her technique because it specifically targets the transverse abdominus, strengthening it and helping it to pull the two halves of the recti muscles together. She basically says this would help to stabilize our muscle repair. She also says that doing traditional crunches is the worst thing you can do if you have a diastasis, because that motion very specifically puts and outward tension on those muscles. That’s the exact opposite of what we would want to do if we have a diastasis or an extensive muscle repair tightening. So I have stopped all Pilates moves for the abs (I do lower body Pilates though) and I have completely stopped all ab exercise that make me feel like the ab muscles are pushing OUT (i.e. – crunches and planks). The Tupler Technique strengthens the transverse abdominus with an INWARD pressure on the recti muscles. I would love to know if anyone else does this!

I hope everyone is healing well and enjoying their summer :-)


You look great! congrats.
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Thank you!!! :-)
Thanks for the info. I'm with you, no crunches or sit ups here. If you have even a small hernia, you shouldn't be doing crunches. I'll look in to the new ab work out. My stomach feel much like yours, bloated (relaxed) feeling, pressure sensation. My scar still itches in the center. Think its a little hypertrophic. Thanks for the update!
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8 Months Post - Tupler Technique & Weight Gain Update

Well, this won't be the normal update I do every few weeks, but I want to focus and talk about two things: The Tupler Technique and my recent weight gain. Yep, GAIN.

WEIGHT GAIN: Well, in my last post just a few days ago, I mentioned that I was probably 5 lbs or so up from the surgery. Yeah, well, that was WRONG. I hopped on the scale Sunday morning to see a 15 lb gain. Oops. I freaked out completely, of course, and promptly emptied any cookies or M&M's into the trash! This is what I wanted to touch on: I have read all over the Internet that if you gain 15 - 20 lbs after your tummy tuck, it will alter your results. Well, that did not happen to me. The only reason I hopped on the scale was to (1) own all the gluttony I had been doing over the past few days of binge eating for the 4th of July and (2) see how much weight I had put on because my pants were getting more snug in the hips/butt area. I was not seeing any weight gain in my belly area. Just bloat. I guess I had more 'cheat' days than I wanted to admit to myself. I'm glad I got on the scale. I had to own it. I'm sure some of that weight gain was water weight, but I won't know until this weekend when I weigh myself again. I know I was lucky in the fact that 15 lbs didn't show on my belly at all, but it makes me nervous to think what would have happened if I would have kept going! I attached a picture of me at the gym today. Not too bad for a 15 lb weight gain!

TUPLER TECHNIQUE: I've been doing this now for the past week or so. Wow, my ABS are sore! I notice though that I feel stronger in there, and I know I am strengthening the core the way it should be after a tummy tuck. I have completely stopped Pilates for the abs, planks, crunches, and any AB exercise that makes my AB muscles feel like they're popping OUT. I've also noticed that even when I'm leaning over the sink to brush my teeth, I pull my muscles together. I even get out of bed differently now so I'm not doing a crunch to get up. I roll to my side to get out, just as I did when I first had the surgery! Funny, huh? If you haven't heard of the Tupler Technique, please Google it :-)

Happy Wednesday!


I'm right there with you! It's been 9 months since I had my tt and I haven't gotten on the scale in about 7 months. I did yesterday and I've gained around 12 lbs. I'm totally freaking out. We did just get back from vacay, but still!! Anyway, I think my tummy still looks good tho! I think the weight went to my thighs and back/arms. Ugh!!!!!
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I'm down since my weigh in (thank GAWD) but I used to see weight creep on within my belly region. Since the tummy tuck, I don't see it there. However, I felt it in my pants as they started getting tight. I'm so glad I decided to face the scale! I thought I gained 20 lbs, but I was down 9 lbs a week later (from an all out binge the weekend of July 4th). If you just got back from vacation, I bet you didn't actually put on 12 lbs :) Yay for us though and 9 months out! whoo hoo!
I Have to comment on your 12 week update. I hit 12 weeks this Friday and I have to say I am pretty much where you were exactly. I also think the most fun part of this is all the cute panties I get to wear now. So rock those rainbow ones. Lol. Plus even with the 15 pounds you look incredible!
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9 Months Post Surgery

Well, on Wednesday it will be 9 months since my surgery. 9 MONTHS! That’s a whole pregnancy! LOL

SENSATION: Ugh. Where do I begin with this one. I have some sensation coming back all around the incision, and some not. I’m still completely number right below the belly button down to the incision line (that triangular area) however, if I lean on something or I get hit in the lower belly by my boys (who are 2), it hurts because the sensation UNDERNEATH the skin is still quite sensitive. I also tested this one out while I was in the pool last weekend. I jumped out of the pool halfway onto the side. You know, so you’re hanging over the pool a bit ON YOUR BELLY. I literally thought I was going to die. Don’t try that at home. LOL And I’m 9 months out!

SCAR: I hate how one side is WAY lighter than the other. It's bizarre. My left side is almost white, but the right side is somewhat red, and below my belly button it's a deep red. It is what it is. In the end, I know it will all be white eventually. At least it's all covered in clothes, bathing suits, and undies!

DIET: I’m so excited to say that I am down 7 lbs of the weight I gained. I realized that I wasn’t eating enough good carbs (sweet potatoes, beans, steel cut oats, long grain brown rice, etc.) and my weight crept on because I had horrible cravings that I would give into (cookies, brownies, etc.). Now I don’t and it’s been a month. I eat less than 100 carbs a day, but like I said, they’re the good carbs. I eat a lean protein with those good carbs and a veggie (5 meals a day). Each meal is also less than 5 grams of added sugar. My energy is amazing and my PMS is being treated as well. In fact, it’s six days or so before my next period and I have no sugar cravings or even bloating! I’ve also been using 2 TBSP of ground flaxseed on my egg whites in the morning because that helps balance hormones. I can see more definition in my abs because of the way I eat. Great abs start in the kitchen! :)

AB EXERCISE & THE TUPLER TECHNIQUE: This is what I was most excited to talk about! Since starting the Tuple Technique a month ago, I’ve lost an inch around my waist! YAY! I do the ‘elevator’ exercise 10 times a day, 100 pulses in each time I do it. That’s it. I do NOT do crunches, sit ups, planks, Pilates for the abs – none of that. As I stated in my previous post on my 8 month update, those exercises are horrible for someone who has, or had, a diastasis recti. They push the muscles OUTWARD. Yeah, not cool. My middle section just feels SO strong now and looks better! It’s flatter to me too!

OVERALL: I have to say that these 9 months have been quite a journey. Sometimes I get annoyed because I feel like my mind is constantly consumed with my belly. Everytime I go to the bathroom, I lift my shirt and look at it. Everytime I sit down, I still yank my pants up like I still have the skin flap to hide prior to the surgery. When I tuck a shirt in, it feels weird. I’m ALWAYS thinking about my stomach. Yes, I feel normal as far as doing my regular activities, exercise, etc. but mentally there is always something there making me think of my belly. I hope that makes sense. Mind you, it’s not a BAD thing, it’s just something I never experienced before. I have no regrets though and would do this ALL over again. I am so pleased with my result and will always invest physically (as well as diet) to maintain this stomach that I love!

Happy healing to all of you!


Hi Amy! Thanks for your updates. I had my MM (TT with ab stitching and BA) April 23rd. I've noticed numbness after running real short distances. Is that normal, and when does that go away? Also, oops on not doing ab workouts... my doctor told me I was cleared to work out so I do oaks almost daily and about 10-25 crunches as each day my abs feel different and if I feel pain or weirdness I stop. I look forward to looking into that technique you mentioned as I think it applies to me and the abdominal separation that I had stitched back together.
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*I do planks almost daily*
Hi! Thanks for your comment :) First of all I am 9 months out and I STILL get a numb, weird sensation after running. I think it's totally normal. Second of all, I would advise on NOT doing planks or crunches anymore. Those are AB moves that push your muscles that were sewn back together OUTWARD. I started the Tupler Technique exercise called the 'elevator' on June 29th, and since then I have lost an inch around my waist and I can see SO much more definition in my abs. It's astounding actually. When you google the tuple technique, she talks about using a splint. We don't need to do that because we had the surgery. However, it's the exercises that she encourages everyone to do. Even after a tummy tuck. Email me if you have any questions. I wish my surgeon would have told me about this! Happy healing my friend ☺

Still at 9 Months Post - Weight Loss & Tupler Technique Update

Alright, so I'm down 14.2 lbs of the weight I managed to gain since February/March. Thank GAAAWD. I think what really put me into such a state of shock over just how much I gained was the fact that my pants and jeans never felt tight around my waist. They started to feel tight in the hip and butt area. That's lethal! LOL! I'm still eating very clean and have 99% rid my body of refined sugar. Hello abs! I have 11 lbs to go to get back to where I was in December.

I also wanted to say that I have lost 1 1/4" around my waist since starting the Tupler Techique. I do the 'elevators' and that's the only Tupler Technique exercise I do. I do it 10 times a day, 100 pulses each time. So 1,000 in total. If you have any questions on it, email me or post a comment. I am SO glad I stopped doing crunches and planks. They really were making my mid-section WORSE and puffy! I always thought I was bloated or something. I was wrong!

I'm anxious to hit my one year mark in a couple months. This has been one hell of a ride on the tummy tuck roller coaster!



You look fabulous! I'm glad to hear that crunches and planks are bad for women. I'm really afraid to do them since my TT. When I've tried them it didn't feel right, so I stopped. I ordered the Tupler book from my library. I'm looking forward to reading it. Thanks for the advice!
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Love reading about your journey. You look fabulous. I'm still in weight loss mode (want to lose 10-15 pre surgery and another 15-20 after) and have surgery scheduled for 11/25. I am about to begin a program for diastasis recti from The Tummy Team that sounds similar to the Tupler technique. I'm going to work it hard up til surgery and return after. I want that core strength.
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I'm so excited for you that you found the Tummy Team! I wish so much I would have found out about the Tupler Technique PRIOR TO my tummy tuck. I am so glad I found it now though and even MORE glad I stopped planks, crunches, and sit ups. They were NOT doing my belly any good at all. Good luck to you on November 25th! :-)

10 Months Post Surgery

Alright, I have to admit: All these weeks and months are running into each other and I actually just looked at the calendar to see that my 10 month anniversary was yesterday! I remember the days when every single minute, day, and week counted. Now I don't pay attention. And if you just had surgery, you WILL get to this point, I promise. Even though it doesn't seem like it! :-)

Now, onto some updating!

BELLY IN GENERAL: I think the one thing I do remain in constant awareness about is keeping my belly in shape (along with the rest of me, but I also didn't spend 8 grand on the 'rest of me'. I spent 8 grand on this damn belly! LOL). I know when I'm bloated from eating too much, and I know when I 'm bloated because of impending menstruation. Yuck.

WEIGHT: I'm about 10 lbs away from where I want to be. When I used to gain weight, I would see it in my belly. Now, I don't. I feel it in my hips and butt area when my pants are snug. I always make sure though I don't go over crazy with any weight gain because this belly is an investment!

AB WORK: I still do NOT do crunches or planks or any motion that pushes my AB muscles outward. I only do those 'elevator' exercises as through the Tupler Technique. If you're interested as to what the exercise is, email me. They're so simple and HIGHLY effective. I lost 1 1/2" total around my waist since June 28th.

SENSATION: I still do not have sensation on top of my skin right below the belly button and above the incision line. It really doesn't bother me, but it creeps me out when I either (1) have an itch or (2) am tucking my shirt in. I HATE that feeling!

SCAR: My scar to the left is pretty much white! Yep, at 10 months it's white! However, the right side is a light purple, and the line right above my va-jay-jay is a deep red. So weird.

I don't have any pics for this update, but I will next time. Quite frankly, I look the same ;-)

Happy healing everyone!



Hi Amy, did u have pain around your belly button as having period? Mine is 6 months and I start having pulling pain inside around my bb constantly this month and doesn't stop! the belly button is darkened and hard. Hurts! Thanks
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That happened to me too at 8 weeks postop... It hurts and is so annoying. Especially when trying to lay down straight or get up from sitting etc.
Yes - I DO remember that pain and I remember it lasting a while. I also remember it starting months after the actual surgery. So weird. I guess everything heals at a different pace. I will be 11 months out in a couple weeks and I still don't feel 100% (pain wise) with certain movements, etc. So good to hear from you!!!

11 Months Post Surgery ... Almost a Year!

I can't believe it's been almost a year since I had my full tummy tuck with muscle repair!

Here's the low down, latest:

SENSATION: I have very faint sensation returning right below the belly button, and above the incision line. It's not a lot by any means, but it's SOMETHING. I can feel underneath my skin pretty well (especially when I lean on something or get kicked by my toddlers) but if I run my nails over the skin, I can feel SOME of it. Weird.

AB EXERCISE: It has been quite a few weeks since I did my first post on the Tupler Technique. Since then, I have lost 1 1/2" around my waist and I have NOT done ANY planks, crunches, or sit up. None! I plan to keep it that way for like EVER :) Right around month 6 or 7 when I started doing planks, crunches, and sit ups again, I noticed that my belly was starting to puff out. Now that I stopped doing all of those and ONLY do the Tupler Technique exercise called the 'elevator', the puffiness has gone away and my belly is more flatter. Just like it was after the surgery 11 months ago!

SCAR: The left side of my scar is pretty much gone and white. The right side has faded quite a bit since my last update, and the middle section is still a maroon color. I will post pictures of that with my year update.

I'm still extremely pleased with my results, but wow, what work to keep it up and maintain. It's worth it though.

I hope everyone is healing well!


you look really great, I am also thinking about a TT but wont do it til next year as my husband is currently deployed. I am in pretty good shape and my stomach is not bad, no stretch marks but just a little hanging skin a the bottom which is only noticeable when I sit down. I am wondering if the results are worth the pain? Prior to my 3 pregnancies (the last 10.2lbs!) I have always had a pooch, based on your comments it seems that even after the TT I may still have a pooch once the healing goes down ect...can you give me your thoughts?
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It all depends on how your organs are inside. I know that sounds weird, but for example, my stomach protrudes a bit. Well, the tummy tuck surgery itself does NOT touch the stomach or ANY of the organs. So even though my muscles were sewn together and my skin was removed, I still have a stomach that can come out a bit. I hope that makes sense. I only have a lower belly 'pooch' when I am on my knees (like you would be in a plank position). I would definitely talk to a board certified plastic surgeon and at least have a consultation about it. See what they say :-)
thanks! I did see a few all were great, all said I would do well with a tummy tuck because of my excess skin. I just don't know if I can get over the scar, I must say your scar looks really good! I have seen some that are irritated, pop out and are red so of course that freaks me out. Oh, how did you learn to eat so well? I try to eat good but my results aren't where i want them to be...
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