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I've always been a little chubby. My 1st son was...

I've always been a little chubby. My 1st son was 9lbs11oz. 2 years later I found out I was pregnant with twins! I never could have imagined they would weigh in at 7lbs14oz and 9lbs11oz. There's just no coming back from that. I gained 40lbs with my twins. I lost those in a few months and then spent a year working out 6 days a week; bootcamp, zumba, kickboxing, pilates, crossfit... I tried everything and my body was just not coming back. I decided to schedule a MM for my 30th birthday, 9/14/13. Well as luck would have it, DH came into some money from an old mutual fund and we decided to bump up the date to 1/29/13. EEEk! I've never been "under" before so I'm really nervous. I'm also nervous about taking care of 3 little ones, once my family help is done (I have someone each day until 13 days PO). I have SEVERE anxiety about not exercising for 8 weeks and just not good at sitting still in general- here goes nothing.

That's an awesome belly shot of you pregnant with twins. My son was 9-11 also and that's pretty large!

Glad you were able to move your surgery date up. Very excited for you!


Thinking of you today! When you feel up to it, please let us know how you're doing post-op!

All the best to you. Before you know it you will back in action, do take the time to heal properly.

I made it! I'm just about 24 hrs post op and...

I made it! I'm just about 24 hrs post op and feeling alright. I had never been "under" before so I was weepy and nervous but had great nurses. I was wheeled back at 7:28 for my 7:30 surgery. Surgery took 5 hours. I woke up and was in a bit of pain so I was given a loritab. DH came back to see me in recovery where they told me I could not be released until I peed. since I had a cath for surgery. Well I hadn't eaten or drank in 24 hrs so it took me almost 90 mins to have to pee. By the time I was released and we drove home a bumpy 30 mins I could feel the pain meds wearing off. I also started to get really really sick. Every time I took a step I thought I would throw up. I knew I had to eat but felt way too queasy and weak. By 10am I ended up throwing up and OHMYGOD it was the worst pain ever. I had to have DH help me up from the recliner. I couldn't use my abs to sit and using my arms hurt my chest too much. By 2am I was able to get back to the bathroom alone. Today im just swollen, sore and exhausted. It feels like my garmets are squeezing my guts out. I already love the look of my boobs :-)
Yes I hope you have a speedy recovery as well! Thanks for the update :)
Following your journey. Hope you feel better soon :)

Had my 1st post op appt today. Felt SO good to...

Had my 1st post op appt today. Felt SO good to finally see some results, makes the pain feel more "worth it". I'm able to get around a bit faster now, reposition myself in bed and get more comfortable easier. I have to wait a week for my next appt where I'll get my stitches and 1 drain removed.

Wow, you're looking good already! I know these next few days are rough. Hang in there and it will get better.


4 days PO. This morning I felt the emotional side...

4 days PO. This morning I felt the emotional side of the MM that I've read so much on here about. I switched out the painkillers for extra strength tylenol 3 days PO b/c I was sick of the groggy kind of feeling. I'm at the point where I feel good enough to be up and about for a few minutes at a time but not good enough to stay up and about. It's frustrating. Our house is small, so I can hear my kids playing in the living room and I'm dying to be in there playing with them. My husband has been bringing the babies in here to play/cuddle for a few mins which only makes me want them more. My older son will sit with me and watch TV or play his ipod, so it's nice to have that company. Last night I took a side by side pic to try to boost my mood.
Congrats on the twins and for making it to the flat side. You have great results already. Happy healing.

Today my TT pain was pretty minimal, except for at...

Today my TT pain was pretty minimal, except for at the drain sites, which are sore. I know that I get one drain out on Thursday and I really hope it's the left one. It is rubbing against the zipper on my CG so I put a ton on gauze on top of it. My implants got so hard, like just in the last 24 hours. I've started doing a bit of massage on them but I'm not sure it will do much this early.
You look great! Happy healing! I am POD 17 and it is still hard but gets better every day!
Hope your healing well. I'm po 5 days. I got a bl w/o implants and tummy tuck. Did you do implants? I go for my first po appointment tomorrow , hopefully get these drains removed . What meds are you taking ? Day 1 and 2 were hell! Happy healing. :)
Yes, I do 450 silicone implants with my lift. PO day 3 I started extra strength tylenol and they seem to work just as good as pain pills but no sleepy effects. And yes, I totally agree- days 1 and 2 were 100x worse than I imagined!

Today I had a 9 days PO appt with PS. He said...

Today I had a 9 days PO appt with PS. He said everything is healing great and I agree, I totally love the results so far. I graduated to my zip up sports bra (Danskin from Walmart). My breasts feel very full and swollen. I have no pain at my TT incision, just a tightness/soreness if I'm up and about for longer than a few mins. I'm walking soooo close to upright and have no trouble getting in and out of bed/chairs/car. I drove myself to the grocery store last night and it felt so great. I am a very active person so the cabin fever was about killing me. Tonight I made stuffed shells for dinner and apple crisp for dessert- I stood the whole time and didn't get too sore or swollen. I've had help with my kiddos everyday since I still can't lift the twins for diaper changes or into their cribs. A huge milestone for me is that it doesn't hurt to laugh anymore. I have a very funny husband and 3 goofy kids so we laugh a lot here and it burned those 1st few days! I got my stitches and one of my drains out today. I don't even notice my right drain but my left was always rubbing against my pants or CG and was sore. I was so happy that it was the left to come out. It hurt like heck- everyone is right bu
clearly you likely aren't on here anymore, BUT looking at your preop was like looking in a mirror! so far i would have to say that your belly is most like mine. I have my appointment for a full tummy tuck in a months' time and am pretty stoked to read your profile and see your results. Hopefully thing have continued on well for you! cheers!
What plastic surgeon did you choose?
You look FABULOUS! What size and profile implants did you go with? My surgery is on Valentine's Day and I am stressing over the implants....especially the profile.
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