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I bought the generic form of Latisse called...

I bought the generic form of Latisse called Careprost. It's the EXACT same ingredients but I only pay $10 a bottle plus $25 in shipping. I use one drop for both eyes and I'm guessing a years supply will only run me $100 at most!
It's only been 4 weeks but I thought I'd write a review then update later. My lashes are thicker & longer. Not incredibly noticeable yet but you can see in the before & after.
I think I notice some peri orbital fat loss (my eyelids seem bigger-kinda like the fat on my upper eyelids has lessened.) this may just be my imagination since I read this could happen. I think it looks fine though & I'd guess in the maintenance phase it won't happen (only apply once a week).
My eyes aren't dry or itchy. I do notice my eyelids get red quickly if I rub them. They might have darkened a bit & I have darker circles under my eyes. This could be cuz I have horrible sleep habits though- I'm not sure if they're more pronounced now or if I knew to expect them so I see them...
Anyway, so far I LOVE this stuff. One month down, 3 more to go!
So that all are aware...there is no "generic form" of Latisse. Genetics are available for production once the patent expires on the brand name formulation. Latisse is still under patent, and therefore generic formulations are not available. Because of this, a comparison cannot be made between Latisse and the product you are using. It is not the same formula, regardless of what who sold it to you may have told you. This could explain the side effect profile you may have experienced. A cheap attempt to quickly recreate a brand name product without the same strict regulations required by the FDA. YOU ARE PUTTING THIS ON YOUR EYES. Please be careful. This product is $10 for a reason.
Keep up with Careprost, you will love it. Also they sell the Retin A cream which does wonders for my skin, and you don't need a script for it, ands it's cheap.
Not for me, I bought the same exact thing you are talking about, Careprost. The first 2-3 days things seemed okay as I didn't notice too much as far as any symptoms. I continued to use it for about 2 weeks and my eyes started to water, they felt irritated, my eyelids looked red, the blood vessels were enlarged on my eyelids, because of my eyes watering all the time my nose consequently was runny. I immediately discontinued using Careprost and would suggest to anyone to be VERY CAREFUL if they plan to use it by looking out for ANY symptoms and take note of them immediately. Then stop using it immediately if these symptoms begin.

Periorbital Fat is back to normal!

So I was putting too much on each night & I thought I noticed some peri orbital fat loss. My friends said I was imagining it! I took a few days off anyway & I believe that made my lids go back to normal. Now I'm using a teeny tiny amount right on the lash line & the problem has completely gone away.
Latisse contains Bitmoprost. This is an ingredient used to treat glaucoma. Latisse is nothing more then glaucoma with a new label. So when I say "generic latisse" I mean the original medication that Latisse is rebranded from. And yes, all the ingredients & quantities are exactly the same. Furthermore, peri orbital fat loss, irritated skin, and all the other side effects CAN be caused by Latisse. I've talked to a few women online who used real Latisse and had this happen. I've also read a lot of studies that cited use if Latisse as a cause. Don't think you're safe from it just cuz you're paying more. If you don't get this particular side effect then that's great- most people won't. But it has nothing to do with it bring Latisse or an off label medication.

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Okay, i hit enter and it won't let me go back and edit.
Anyway, here's the most recent pic. My eyelids seem the same. Maybe a tiny bit different but it could just be the angle.
i have used both -- started with latisse than switched to careprost. I had long eyelashes that are naturally very dark, but lost many when a non generic antidepressant caused general hair loss ALL OVER MY BODY! It was crazy. Anyway, they really are the exact same thing. I do generic everything if possible (except my antidepressant, go figure.....) People don't seem to realize the way the FDA works. They make sure that something won't harm you, and they seem to fail at that all the time if you take even a minute look at how often they fail. Studies are run for a short amount of time, patents are filed, and bad results or side effects are underreported. No study is totally unbiased. So when you hear this or that product is FDA regulated, used to sell a product over and over, how much do you trust the FDA to get it right (and moreover to turn down the enormous financial and other incentives that they are offered by pharmaceutical companies?) Open your (long-lashed) eyes folks!!!
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