7 Weeks post op

Like many others, I have been here lurking around...

Like many others, I have been here lurking around since November when I started this process. I want to thank all you gals for sharing your journeys.
Back in 2001 I had a hysterectomy, after that is when my boobs just kept getting larger. I was always a C to a D cup before that.

Fast forward to November I went to see my PS ( who by the way did my daughters reduction 12 yrs ago.) 2 weeks after that I was approved by my insurance and here I wait for Feb 19 which cannot come quick enough!
I am 58 years young,I am looking forward to a pain free neck, shoulders and back. My size varies. I have bras in 38DDD, 40G 36FF

Thank you! OMG !! I can't wait. 4 weeks from tomorrow. This site is such a blessing. I am so thankful to have found it!
Congrats on your approval!!! I bet you can't wait!!! I couldn't wait either, but time flew by!! This is a nice sight because everyone is so supportive and is so helpful with any questions you may have along your journey!!

Welcome to the community. I am so happy that you crossed over from the lurkers side:)

Glad to have you here with us and I look forward to reading your posts.


Tomorrow is the day!! I can't believe it's here!...

Tomorrow is the day!! I can't believe it's here! It seems like I waited so long and all of a sudden it's here! The last 3 weeks have flown by so quickly! Today I go and see my surgeon for all my final instructions and then the surgical center is suppose to call me this afternoon to give me a time to be there.
I am really getting nervous. So many emotions going on! It will all be worth it in the end. Right??
Thank you again to all you gals for sharing your journeys, it has helped me so much!
I will see you on the other side!

Went to see the surgeon today and all is set to...

Went to see the surgeon today and all is set to go! I was scheduled to be at the surgical center at 7:30 am then when I got home the office called and had a cancellation so I need to be there at 6:15 which is much better! Lets get this over with bright and early! I am a coffee drinker so I won't have to hang around wanting that morning coffee.
It's so amazing how Drs are so different. I will have drains in for 8 days she said maybe more because my girls are bigger, can't use any ice and I noticed many of you used ice for pain.
I will keep you posted.
I know the emotions are running high right now , it's all gonna work out I can say try and stay calm but it's hard I know it I just went through the " day before last Thursday (14th) I will just say this it's worth it and you deserve it !!!
Thank you for the encouragement! I'm really trying to stay busy that helps a lot. The best part of today was after my shower I was getting dressed and this is my last day for the BIG bra! Lol

Well it's day one on the other side . everything...

Well it's day one on the other side . everything went well not in too much pain. Feel very full and tight .Didnt sleep we'll at all as I am a tummy sleeper so that bums I see the dr next Wednesday hopefully to get the drains out. I do have quite a bit of draining. can't wait to see the new girls
will post pics soon
Awesome !!! Congrats to you happy healing !!!
Thank you! Glad you are doing well and you look great!

Ok I'm hurting pretty good today. Can someone tell...

Ok I'm hurting pretty good today. Can someone tell me if you had soreness in the breastbone? It feels as though they just pushed and pushed on my upper chest. Has any one else experienced this?

Haven't been here for awhile, but I am so happy to...

Haven't been here for awhile, but I am so happy to have this behind me and so happy I did it! I can't believe how different I feel. This past Wednesday the drains and bandages were removed and I got to see them for the first time. They seem small but I am thrilled how they turned out. Wednesday I get the stitches out
My daughter and I went to the mall yesterday and had quite a hike from where we parked and I cannot believe how great I felt walking without all that added weight from the old boobs! I am totally amazed!
I still hurt, but I know it's all the nerves regenerating and thats what gets me through it all. It's not pain just discomfort but I would totally do it again
Please if you are having any doubts just do it! It's the best gift you can give to yourself!
Best wishes to you all!
Hope you are still doing great. Your pictures are fabulous. Even thou we're the same age your "after" pictures look firmer and rounder than mine do. Maybe what the Dr. had to work with I guess. I'm still have with my C's now that I had BR in Oct. 2012. Now onto my TT on Thursday.
You are looking great!!
Thanks! I am loving it! You did great too. You look awesome!

It's been awhile since I have updated. I am very...

It's been awhile since I have updated. I am very happy with the way my girls are coming along although I have to say I have been going through this depression. I quit smoking 10 months ago and gained 28 pounds, now with the smaller boobs my stomach looks so huge! I think that's where all the weight gain went. I teased the Dr that I think she injected the fat from my boobs into my stomach. I don't remember my stomach looking that huge before surgery! Well I do feel great being smoke free.I have been thinking about a tummy tuck. I did talk to the Dr about that she said I would have to wait 6 months after the BR, but seems way worse than the the BR, so I have a few months to think about that. I started walking on the treadmill at the gym as I am unable to lift over 5 lbs yet. I see the Dr next week so I'm hoping I will be released to go crazy at the gym! I love spinning I can really shed some lbs quickly with that, but she said no to that too because of the lifting myself up.
My healing is going okay. I do still get sore and I have this terrible itchy rash along the side incision don't know what that's about but it drives me crazy! Anyone else have that? What about the soreness I should say sensitivity...How long does that last?
Your story soooo reminded me of mine. I had my BR in Nov. 2012. At the time I went back for my follow up I told the Dr. he had done something wrong because I did NOT HAVE all that fat in the middle when he did my BR. He laughed and said they hear that all the time since with the big Boobs we can not see the mid middle. Well I was hurt since my measurements on my new girls was the same as my stomach. How could I enjoy showing them off with all that Fat in the middle? I made the PS show me my "before" pictures to prove he didn't take my Boob fat and push it down into my middle. So I went to the PS open house, made a consultation, went to the consultation and wanted liposuction. He said that would not get me the look I wanted since I had so much muscle damage (2 kids) I would need TT, muscle repair & lipo to back and flanks. I also had him lipo high up on my back since I didn't want any rolls of fat anymore. I received a gift from my Mother so I paid for the whole procedure the day of the consultation and was scheduled for April 9th. The person who was scheduled for March 28th had an emergency so they put me in her slot instead. So now I have the stomach (when the swelling the black & blue is gone) to go with my beautiful new breasts. So I wish you the best on your journey.......
Thank you Happy! I saw your pictures of your TT and oh! that really scares me that looks like it hurts so bad. :( Our drs are similar because mine told me the same thing when I asked about lipo, but she won't do it until 6 months after the BR. I still have to think about it though, she did tell me its much worse than a BR Sending you healing hugs!
Well I wanted the nice smaller tighter perky breasts then found out I had all that "middle" ground I didn't want so that's why I'm doing the 2nd procedures. Best wishes on getting the body you want...and love!

Well yesterday I went to see the Dr. She released...

Well yesterday I went to see the Dr. She released me for full activity. , I have to start scar massage and am able to wear a underwire bra I can't believe it! I am feeling great no more discomfort. I finally feel like I really crossed over that big hump!
For any of you getting discouraged it really does get better, you just to hang in there and be patient
Now to loose these pounds! I did go spinning today It felt awesome

3 months Post Op

Well it's been 3 months since my breast reduction and the last few weeks I have been kind of sore. Last month all the discomfort went away and I thought that was it, but I assume maybe its the nerves regenerating? Makes sense to me. Well the other news is I went to see my PS last Wednesday and am
scheduled for a tummy tuck on August 22 I'm very excited and nervous too.
Next month (June 12) will be 1 year that I will be smoke free and I gained 25 lbs and am working hard to lose it, it seems like it all went to the stomach and having smaller boobs only enhances that so this is my gift to me for quitting smoking. My hubby is very supportive but my kids think I am crazy at 58 years old to do this, I'm sure they will be fine once they see their sexy Mama lol
Hi Bev1028 im due to have surgery for bl and tt with dr anain. Im happy to find your post. Any info you can share would be helpful including updated pics
Wow your incisions are healing beautifully! Do you have your tummy tuck?
Yes I had it on 8/22
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