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I'm really looking for true insight here. Not...

I'm really looking for true insight here. Not just: having a BA will change your life, or everything is perfect after you have boobs.
I want to know how you see yourself now that you've gone through with it, what was the best part, the worst part, why you're happy you did it....
It all started in middle school. I was small vs other girls I thought looked like high schoolers. We are all so impressionable at that age. (I've talked about this with my therapist!....I think everybody should at some point or another.) well, I accepted my fate. My older sister had tiny breasts too so I knew that was it. I decided to focus my energy on being good at school. I told myself: don't get down you're good at other things, you're just not beautiful like those other girls. That sounds wakeful now that I type it. Ugh. I'm a pretty confident person until it comes to boobs.
In the bedroom I rarely let my husband touch them let alone look at them. I've been trying to get over this for ten years. It bothers both of us. I wonder if this could change without me getting a BA?
Sooo my questions are:
1-Can I muster up the courage to get the breasts that a BA can give me? (Yes)
2-Will I have regrets after I have a BA?
3-Do they ever really feel like mine?
4-Will I have better sex without being so self conscious about how i look?
5-How long will they last without needing revision?

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Consulting PS with my questions

Information is a powerful thing. My heart tells me I'd love to have breasts, my spirit fears the unknown, my mind says do the research. I've scheduled an appointment to discuss my questions. Hopefully I'll be in a better place to make a wise decision.


I had implants in 2000. My experience growing up was much the same as yours. Feeling less than feminine and feeling 'why not just take care of it?' flash forward 13 years. I've had these pretty nice looking boobs for awhile now, but I've come to dislike them. They aren't 'me'. I realize it's complicated... since our femininity is very much tied to these things. In this time, I took up ballet... and really started to appreciate how beautiful a smaller breasted woman can be. I'd always been a runner, but never knew what it would be like to continue with larger breasts (not fun). Maybe after having them for awhile, I realized how much I didn't need them and how much I really liked being smaller. Wish I knew then what I knew now. I wouldn't have done it. I'm considering an explant now. Mostly what I learned is to appreciate what my body can do. It's a tough sell, I know. Worst case scenario... go ahead and have them for awhile then remove them when you get tired of them, like I am. I'm lucky though... I had no capsular contraction and my skin is in good shape. I'll probably be a bit deflated and flat, but I've seen pics of other ladies here and I'm optimistic my girls will spring back pretty well. Albeit, not as cute as they were before I did this.
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How old are you?
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I went through a similar search. I say give your self plenty of time ( a couple of months or more) to do research, think, pray, talk, go to consultations, etc. I'm glad I went through with it myself.
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My stats

I'm 5'0", 105lb, 35 yrs old.
Married for a decade and four kids.
Always been small. Breasts never filled an A cup.
I've wanted a B cup since high school.
I'm going back and forth about the procedure but last night I thought I should do it and take a chance on living a little. I'm not in high school so I know it has to be a calculated and responsible risk. I have little people to take care of ....and one big person ;) and me!


Hi Precious! I am 34 a mother of 4. I have wanted to have my breasts done my entire life, and it was always something I thought about, never something I thought would actually happen. 2 years ago, my husband gave me the go ahead (financially) and I was off on my research. I had a surgery date scheduled and everything. Life happened and I had to spend my BA $ on something else, so had to cancel. Fast forward to July of this year, and I have saved the money again. (I didn't ever want to finance them). I was disappointed the entire two years, although I had resolved myself to the idea that my BA was probably not going to happen. Oh well, I made it this long right? My husband, knowing me as well as he does, and loving me as much as he does, he insisted that I go have it done with the money we had saved. He said "What is life worth if you cannot see your dreams and desires realized." I had major guilt when it came to actually spending the money, and that would be my only regret thus far, if you could even call it a regret. The way I look at it, most people spend what I did on a 10 day vacation and all they have left are souveniers, pictures and memories. I have something that will be with me for a long time, will boost my confidence, my husband will enjoy them, and I will have them for many years! We have started a fund already for revision if necessary, or a re-do when needed. I don't think these implants will change me, but I do feel like they will improve on what was already here. I am convinced my sex life will improve, I know my husband has already enjoyed them! The courage for you will come and go; I wanted to cancel two days before my procedure, but that is normal. This is a very personal decision, one only you really know the answer to! Good Luck and I look forward to following your progress!
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I wish this website had been around ten years ago when I had my BA done and like rays1 says, I wish I knew then what I know now because I would have never had mine done. I had my BA ten years ago and am desperately waiting for an explant because they've ruptured and the silicone is spreading and causing my lymph nodes to become enlarged! They never really feel like your own & I hated people knowing I'd had mine done. I went from never filling an A cup to just filling a D cup but have spent the last ten years waking up at night worrying that I've ruptured them by laying on them! they always feel cold & I always had pain in one of them. I personally don't think it's worth it and I pondered having it done, weighing up the pros and cons for ten years before deciding to just go for it!
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Do you have a date for removal? That's too bad. So sorry you had complications. I've heard that they feel cold and some people don't feel like they Are theirs. Going to a d is pretty ambitious. I'm staying small. If I go for it I'll stay in the b cup category. I don't want big ones.

Bra help


I got 400cc mod plus profile Mentor silicone gel unders, inframmamary incision, on July 2nd. And I have been delighted with them ever since! They feel soft and natural and bouncy. I had a wonderful experience (along with a tummy tuck and lipo). You can read my review and see lots of pics, if you want. Good luck to you!
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Is the mod + profile the same as high profile? I'll check out your profile too! Thanks jen
I'm jealous, I had to have mine in two separate operations. Happy that you had a great experience!

Sizers, sizes and profiles

I'm feeling better now. Really considering the pros, how this would positively affect me. Still know that it's a big commitment though...
Went with a friend to ease my mind and try some sizers on. We agreed we liked the look of the 250cc but to get that look we'd need to go with 275cc. That was the dr's recommendation. To go up 25 because it goes under the muscle it loses a bit of volume.
Profiles also affect the look not just volume. A smaller volume with a high profile can look bigger that the same volume with moderate profile. That's what I understood from the doctors forum here on RS.
Still thinking, trying not to fret but closer to making a decision. Will speak to the surgeon this week.


I loved reading your review just now and the comments to go with it. I'm 31 and mum of 4. After breast feeding them all, I have remained the same size as I was before my first pregnancy, only a lot of extra skin so they look rather sad. I go from "yes I really want this done, I deserve it" to "no, should be thankful for what I have, some people don't even have this much" and "I've breast fed my 4 beautiful kids and have given them the best of what I could offer them, I am a mother and I should be proud of what I've achieved with my boobs". I recently made a post on my review with all my concerns and I'm so torn as to what to do. I really fear that I will regret them and this fear seems to play on me more than my desire to love them. I can't say either way as I have not had them done, but you need to be prepared for the possibility that you won't like them, for whatever reason, then will you be stuck with them? Or get an explant and feel guilty for wasting the money on them? These are my fears, but if you won't be stuck with them should you not like them, and the money doesn't phase you then that isn't an issue... Who knows? You may love it! Each person is so different from the next and only you know exactly what's going on inside your head.... This is just what's going on inside my head. It just seems to go on and on and on. It's consuming so much of my thoughts at the moment that I feel like calling it quits so I don't have to think about it any more! Good luck with your decision making, it's a tough one. And sorry for rambling so much :-/
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You're not rambling you sound just like me! Haha. It's scary, painful, regrettable...all the above. I'm at a place where I'm thinking my intimacy would benefit the most. At least that's the main why. It's weird because I was deathly afraid of the TT and it's the best thing I did. I didn't think the boob job would be a big deal. Well now I see that it is! Not to be taken lightly. My husband and friend are a great support. I've been soul search ing and there isn't an easy answer.
You're right, there isn't an easy answer. How nice would it be if there was! I guess there is for some, but for people like us who seem to over think things, it's a bloody nightmare!

Emotional mess

I've been teary, emotional, and a royal mess....I think I'm going to get my period soon. Not so positive as usual. I'm freaking out about this augmentation thing.
Dr answered all my questions. Surprisingly attentive. Didn't rush me. I felt like, ok I can do this. He knows what he's doing.
Tried on sizers and liked the 250cc.
But then these butterflies and anxiety take over. I've thought about thus for years but I don't know how I'll feel with boobs. Never had that feeling.
At night, my mind was racing. Is this me? Am I ready for this? Should I wait? Ugh...I'm going to freshen up now and put some makeup on. Maybe this will help me feel better.


I agree with AnasScott about not choosing silicone. I've been told mine have been ruptured for years and even though I went to the doctor it was only detected recently and now I have silicone in both my armpits causing me health issues. I didn't have a choice, my surgeon chose silicone and I just went with it but I would choose saline if given the choice.
I'm still waiting for a date for my removal :-( I had my pre-op assessment on Tues and was told it could still be another 4-6 weeks yet! My breasts hurt, my swollen lymph nodes hurt and I can't sleep properly. The surgeon told me he was going to give me b cups as I said I didn't want to go big, I just wanted to fit in my clothes properly. I'm 5'7" tall and I only weigh around 118 pounds, I tried 32 C bras which fitted but they would stretch and get too big around my ribs making them uncomfortable and when I put a few pounds on I was able to wear 34 B bras, so the implants probably are B cup size. I have next to no breast tissue so whether I put weight on or not, my actual breast stays the same size and they don't actually look bigger than a B/C. In fact, I've had loads of people say...."You've had a boob job? What did you have before...Nothing?! Because they're not exactly big!" and to be honest, I've felt almost as self concious about my implants as I was about being flat chested :-( I hope you choose the right decision for you but I think you look great in your pictures, it doesn't look like your breasts are saggy or wrinkly but small and perky, which is nice and I wish mine were like that! I know that's probably not what you want to hear though.
Forgot to say.... I'm pretty sure my implants were 250cc, I can't find my papers but I remember reading the size not long ago.

Too much noise in my head

Sooooo, after having a miserable last couple days, thinking, dreaming, questioning and wondering......I've decided to stop the noise in my head and give myself a break. I was not excited as much as I was worried about the BA scheduled for this month.
I spoke to my support team and 2 out of 3 said I should take as much time as I needed to make a confident choice. I could always reschedule later. The thought of pressing the pause button on this whole thing took a brick load off my shoulders.
I felt disappointed I couldn't go ahead with it but recently I've been dealing with some unresolved issues and instead of pushing them aside and hoping the sx would make them go away, I've chosen to deal with them head on. Full force. I'm welcoming the issues, my past, and accepting that this whole situation has actually brought to the surface things I never wanted to face.
So, in light of this, I've decided to cancel the procedure until further notice. (Sigh! And smile)
Even though I was seeing myself with a new body now I'm starting to see myself in a new state of mind. It's like a new stage. I will reconsider the BA in the near future but with a healthier spirit and stronger conviction.


So my pics were finally posted. You can see from the before pics that I was about the same size as you to start with. The first doctor who posted a response to my question with pics has something very interesting you should see... especially since you don't have much tissue to begin with. He didn't address anything about removal though. I may have to post another question devoted just to that... wondering if mine will sag and how they will look afterwards. Looking at the complexity of the revision he's suggesting, makes me think even more about just getting rid of them. You on the other hand, if you are still set on doing this, may have an option to do what he's suggesting from the get go... to eliminate future issues with bottoming out, rippling, or animation deformity. Lots of women end up getting revisions later on. I'm telling you... no one told me about this when I was considering it...
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I'll check it out. Thanks. At this point I've decided to not do the aug. Feeling good about it. I like to stay informed though.
Can't say I'm disappointed with your decision to put it off or maybe not do it altogether. Look at my before and after pics... I was going through a hard time myself when I went under the knife. Had just gotten a divorce and was feeling really insecure about my body. What's done is done now... and not too horrible... but still the before pics really do look like I was. I miss them :( In any case, good luck with everything, no matter what you decide.

Talk about it all the time

I'm unsure of doing a BA but my husband and I keep coming back to the breast question! I think if I was gutsy and brave enough I'd do it and be happy with the end result. But it's the journey of the breasts that stops me....I'll have to have another procedure at one point and the real question is:..... Will all the money and pain and effort be worth it even though the results are temporary?
I saw a lot of 60 year olds removing their implants and if this is the trend then would it be worth it to have them for 20 yrs then go back to nothing?
So many emotions, not easy. I'm giving myself till the spring to figure this out before I put it to rest.


I guess my best advice is this: it's an accessory. Would you spend $10k on a car that you were going to have for 10 years? Who knows how you'll react but let's say it goes well...
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That's an interesting point.... I know the benefits hopefully would outlast the maintenance. how long ago was your BA?
9 years. And there was nothing wrong w my implants...that seems to be the exception, but that trend is changing.

It's spring! Revisiting augmentation.

I said I'd wait till the spring and I did. Made the call. Scheduled the aug for next month. It's like I don't have all the answers but the desire it have breasts is bigger than everything else.


Wow haha this is crazy! I'm scheduled for next month too! We seem to be in line with all our surgeries!
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How are you doing? Did you have your sx?

Surgery done! 250'cc high profile silicone unders

As I'm writing I'm surprised it's over. All my fretting and worrying about the sx, going through with it, not going through with it. Now I'm on the other side!

Well, I had a good night sleep sitting up in bed, few pillows propping me up. Took a pain pill and stool softener before bed. Woke up around 1:30 am and took a Tylenol pm which helped.
From the little I can see or feel it seems my skin is not ultra tight. I nursed my babies so that probably did the trick plus I went with the smallest size implant my ps recommended. I could've gone up to 375cc! Yikes, didn't want to be huge. Going from AA to a D not what I was looking for at all. Im hoping for a nice full B. I'll have to wait till next week.

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All strapped up!

I heard of people complaining about the dreaded strap but now I've seen-and felt it- with my own boobs! :)

I really hate it and took it off for ten minutes to take a breather. Oh my gosh. What a relief. But I really don't want to ruin anything so I've been dealing with the discomfort under the arms and the pressure over the breasts.

I'm wondering if I went too small. I have my post op on Thursday when I find out what they look like.


Can't wait to see pics!! I understand your doubts.....I've had them all my life until now. I had tuberous breasts, and I just kept telling myself that I didn't need nice boobs to be confident and happy, but it is so nice to let my partner really 'see' me naked without me covering up all the time...and more importantly, I can look at myself completely naked and feel comfortable:)
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Thanks. It was definitely a matter of being honest with myself about how I felt naked. I can't wait to see either. All I know is I can tell I'll have a little cleavage!
Congrats on the boobs :) happy healing :):)
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I wish they were bigger!

Now I'm the one complaining about my breast size looking too small! I honestly thought that after being AA all my life that being a B cup would satisfy and overwhelm me. I'm actually worrited that my 250cc unders won't give me a B cup! ugh....big sigh :(

Even though I'm only 4 days post and have my post op appt on Thursday, I did what we all do, I peeked. I saw cleavage, sorry no pictures yet. A plump, cute, little breast. Nothing that stretched my skin into oblivion-which I was trying to avoid-but thought that it would be as much as my engorged breastfeeding breasts. Not so.... I think I filled a B cup bra nicely and then a bit more. I was maybe a small C.

I was looking for a full B cup and I'm not sure I obtained that with my procedure. I think the biggest I would've gone was 300cc, then I went down to 275cc, then down to 250cc. I didn't take into account the truth that every woman has a different amount of her own breast tissue that will influence the outcome. I wonder if I had walked around with the implants like I've heard women do if that would have helped me make a better decision.

On the upside, pun intended :), my friend was over and she said they were exactly what I had told her I wanted! She smiled and thought they were perfect for me, like I was born with them! That was honestly super nice to hear and calmed me down a bit from my freaking out stage.

I know it's too early to tell if I will in fact be content and maybe be super happy with my choice. What would you do if you felt like you had gone too small? I'm definitely going to speak to my surgeon to weigh the options. Don't like the idea of going back and forth but what's done is done and hindsight is 20/20.


It sounds like you made a very reasoned decision and gave yourself lots of time to consider the options. It sounds like you got the boobs you really wanted - if you had gone bigger right now you may be worrying they are too big, rather than too small. Give yourself time to get used to them, you may find they feel like they just belong to you and you're thrilled! Or if not, you can always increase your size if you choose to later down the road. Nothing is unchangable (as we're all showing here!). I look forward to seeing pics, I'm sure you look beautiful!
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I know time always allows for a better perspective. The waters will settle and I can decide differently if need be. Thanks for the support Myriad! :)

250cc HP silicone: I'm liking what I see

Before: 34 AA
Now: 34 B with 250cc HP

I'm still contemplating going bigger in the near future but I'm definitely liking what I see. It's already made such a big difference on how I feel about my body. Love the fullness.


OMG! I just saw your latest pics from April 20th! You look AWESOME! I love your 'girls'! They are perfect! I am a 34B as well, and I love 'em! Mine used to be a 36 DD, but I actually had a reduction in 1997 to a C, and then lost weight to a B (I think I told you this before). Anyway, I love being a B! And yours look amazing on you! :-)
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You're so nice, Amy! Thanks. I'm sorry to report that now that there un-swollen ;) they're a bit smaller. Really a full A which makes me wonder if I was too cautious. I'm still happy I went through with the ba! It has been so nice to feel I have curves.
Well, even if they're a full A, they're gorgeous! :-)

I'm proud of myself: implant exchange 325 silicone unders

No Body is perfect .... They say. And I agree. Plastic surgery only helps us improve the body we have. And to have that opportunity is awesome!
After postponing the thought of getting a BA in the first place, I went along and agreed to 300's silicone unders. Only two days before my sx did I change my mind and downsized to 250's.
Although I loved the petite look, I realized that I was soooo fearful of being huge that I overcompensated and went too small. My surgeon was very respectful of my choice and after letting up him know I wasn't as happy as I thought I would be, he agreed to do the neccessary adjustments, aka, going up at least 50 cc's.
After much thought, I decided to do the 325 cc silicone unders . Especially since I felt a bit foolish in the first place to be going through another surgery. I had to make it count.
I'm happy to report that going up in implant size was the best thing I've done. I was soo small to begin with: 34 aa and I didn't include that in my estimation if the best implant size for me. I knew 325 looked good but thought I didn't have the guys to do it.
I'm happy I did in the end.


Glad you are happy with the revision! Can't wait to see updated pics!
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So glad you are happy with your revision!! Pics please!! I went up 125 CC's and the difference is small but significant to me. I, too, wouldn't have gone with 350 at first because I was scared they would be too large on my frame.
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Congratulations on your beautiful results from your Mommy Makver!, you look fabulous, especially after 4 children :) I love the fact you chose to enjoy & embrace the beauty of where your body is now! It's so true, our beauty won't last forever & I believe it's very empowering to except ourselves where we are here & now. Thank u for sharing your journey :)
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