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Good in the Longrun... but a LONG Recovery - Argentina

My story. I had a cute nose as a boy, and when...

My story. I had a cute nose as a boy, and when puberty hit, it went big. A jewish nose and I'm not jewish. When people used to say I had a big nose, I never saw it as my nose as remember, I had a cute nose, so it was always like having something growing on my face. As a teen, my nickname was ratboy from friends, and comments here and there about how big my nose is. I always figured I'd get it fixed... one day.

Adulthood. My nose now suited my face...sorta.... until I was late 20s. It seemed to go from a large strong nose, to one that was starting to droop. I felt that as my youthful looks faded, people would just see the big nose.

At age 28, people were mentioning my nose for the first time in years.

At 29, I was in Argentina and it started to bug me. (photo 1) While looking up info on IPL for freckle reduction, I came across articles on nose jobs being so cheap in Argentina. $1,500, whereas it would be $8000 plus in Australia or USA. I booked an appointment at the Barrancas Medical Center.

Dr. Abel Chajchir, and his son run the cosmetic clinic in the the suburb of Belgrano. The place looked like a mansion and the staff were great. Both the father and son looked at my nose and said it would be easy. I asked about any possible complications, they said impossible. They were so confident that my mind wondered whether or not I did have the most basic nose to fix, or whether or not these two were snake oil salesmen.

The customers in the waiting room were both foreigners and locals. Because there were locals too, I figured that he must have a good reputation.

But it was too casual. "when do you want to book this in, next week?"

I decided to go for it. I was in Argentina, away from any family or friends who would stop me. I could do my recovery (which should be 2-4 weeks) in privacy, away from judging eyes.

I rented an apartment for a month and paid for the surgery. The thing that struck me was that they never asked for next of kin contact details. What would happen if I died under anesthetic? It just wasn't up to a Western standard... but I went ahead.

I didn't bring in photos of what I wanted, just talked to him. He said straight nose, I said I wanted a curve. He said a curve is a womans nose, I said I meant only a slight curve.

Surgery day. I go under, wake up, gasping. They come over, help spit out the blood in my mouth. I go into a recovery room and stay there over night. It didn't hurt at all, only if I were to touch my nose.

I go home. One week later, the bandages come off. I have two black eyes an a new nose. I hate it at first. Looks turned up too much. Miss piggy stuff. But when I got home I did the side profile photos. I like it. I might just have made a great decision. (photo 2)

One month goes by and still my breathing hasn't recovered. I take off on holiday to the south of argentina. I notice something photos, my upper lip is hanging low. I notice that it doesn't lift over the teeth when I smile. People joke that I look creepy when I smile! So the muscles were definitely affected. Getting worried.

Two months. My left nostril was so tight that I couldn't fit a cotton tip through it. It was that small! A nightmare.

Back in BA, and I visit. He charges nothing for these follow ups.

During the visits, he stretches it, he puts needles in, etc, and it is painful as hell.

4 months later, I am still not better. My new turned up nose makes my chin look very pointy (a smaller nose will highlight your other features, for better or worse.) . I go to him about fixing my pointy chin, which he tells me is dubbed a witches chin in the industry (fair call.) He proposes cutting off the point and creating two edges to give a square jaw look. So $500 for the chin, or $1000 if I use a gel implant. I say "why so much?" He brings me the packet and it has $500 written on a sticker on it, and claims the manufactuer charges that for the implant. I thought BS as it looked like he did it himself so I opted for 1st type.

On the day of the chin surgery, he proposes doing lipo on my tummy to get some fat out and fill out my chin. I am shocked that he dropped that decision on my on the day. I said no way. I didn't want any complications or scaring on my tummy.

So the chin worked out good (no more pointness and a square jaw look.)

Back to the nose. It's St. Patricks day, 4 months after surgery and i go out on the town. I come home and look in the mirror. Might have been the booze but as you can see, I look disfigured. I took a photo. My nose seemed like it was sinking in. I couldn't breath properly and my once ok looking nose job is starting to fall apart. Plus a dimple (or sink hole) has appeared between my eyes. I wanted to kill myself. What had I done to my face??????

I go back , and he puts in a filler in my nose and between my eyes, fixing it.

Winter comes, I've been in Argentina for 7 months and it is time to go. I move to LA, where I see a cosmetic surgeon. He says its still very swollen and they will not touch it for a year minimum.

One year and 4 months after the surgery, the swelling starts to finally go, and I'm getting definition back in my nose again.

I see another surgeron who tells me that I've got a great looking nose, but he will straighten the airways in my nose for $5000. I pass.

I see another surgeon who says they look pretty straight.

3 years on, and I one day start deciding to STRETCH the nose, by making facing, sticking out my tounge, scrunching up my nose, etc, etc. It actually helps. Try to move your nose around like a bunny and do all sorts of faces and you will stretch the inside of the nose, helping your breath.

My breathing is not 100%, but it is over 90% better.

Today, 4 years on, and I don't know whether it was worth it. I look back at old photos of the big nose, which was getting worse, and think "no way could I go back to that." But if you were to put me back in the shoes of me would I want to go through all that again?

People tell me that I have a nice nose now, and to me it isn't really a nose job, but more of a nose restoration, as I feel like I'm back to having a nose in proportion to my face, as it should always have been.

As for recommending the doctor, I feel that all cosmetic surgeons, regardless of who they are, have their patients who they deliver and the patients who they fail on.

Dr. Abel Chajchir didn't charge me for any of the follow up procedures to fix it. I heard that doesn't happen in the West. Had my nose stayed as it did when it was swallon and sinking I'd swear up and down that he was a butcher. But now I wonder whether all the complications were just my body's fault. Did my nostril over-heal and that's why I couldn't breath?

I'm happy with my nose now. I'd tell anyone who gets work done that a nose doesn't calm down for 2 YEARS after it's done. It is a HUGE SHOCK to the nose. It is super sensitive to touch for over a year afterwards.

You really need to go into this knowing that you could experience what I did, and worse still, your nose mightn't have the recovery that mine eventually did.

Ask me any questions you like, I'd be happy to help.
Argentina Plastic Surgeon

Over confident. Didn't ask for next of kin should anything go wrong. Doesn't charge for follow up visits. Helped me eventually recover. From what I heard, a good reputation for doing a good job.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I think your nose is a really good result, it suits you. You had quite a difficult one to begin with. He done a good job
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Hey u looking good man it's worth it. Can you tell which type of chin implant did you use??
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Thanks for the compliment. I didn't get an implant because he said it would be $500 for the small gel implant. He claimed that that was cost price but I didn't believe him. So I went for option two, taking the cut off skin from my pointy chin and using it pad the edges of the chin to make it look square. From front on you don't notice but if you look underneath you can see the bumps. Oh, and on the day of the surgery he said "i'll just liposuction some fat off of your stomach and fill your chin, no additional cost." I said no, I didn't like that idea as I've seen on tv where liposuction can leave indents or fat that doesn't sit right. Glad I didn't, that's a scary idea.
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Ya the implants too costly but I don't have other options am going for square chin implant. I have really small chin. Did you go for local anesthesia or general.
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Just local. He also used some of the skin from my chin to pad the inside of my nose. I felt like I was falling apart having things like this done but 4 years on and my nose hasn't caved in so fingers crossed things stay good. He also injected some filler in the space between my eyes as it had caved in a little. There are so many possible complications with surgery that I would tell anyone to prepare for worst case scenarios. If you're just getting your chin done I'm sure it will be less complicated. Mine looked great when he took the bandage off as it was swollen and looked very striking being bigger. Now it's just a proportionate chin, not too big, not small. A good chin/jaw line makes you look better in sunglasses and hats. I get told that sunglasses really suit me all the time :)
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Hey man! It may have taken a long time for the swelling to go down and for your nose to heal up, but your most recent pictures look brilliant (the pictures that are 4 years on). The same as you, I felt that my old nose didn't suit my face. I Rhino/Septoplasty carried out 6 weeks ago and
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Pressed enter lol! Carrying on... I had Rhino/Septoplasty carried out 6 weeks ago and I am very relieved to not have my old nose anymore! It's reassuring to read through your post and know that the healing process is a long one and that my nose right now isn't 'finished'.
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I hope that you have full breathing function, as that was something that was getting worse at 6 weeks. Did you have it done by my doctor?
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You look good. They did an absolutely awful job on me. Check out my pics. (Qpdoll) Wanted them to tighten up loose skin on my neck after loosing weight. Nightmare result. .
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I know a surgeon in India where they have a lot of good reviews. I didn't go there because he was wanting to do one of my surgeries in a way I didn't want. If I just needed a facelift or necklift though, I'd have gone. You can get antibiotics very easily there and if I were you, I would make sure I had access to very strong antibiotics where I went. Dupont is also in India..Percocet manufacturer. So, if you can't afford USA, that's the place. For face lift and neck lift get quoted and then tell them you can get it cheaper in another country being careful how you word it because their culture is very easily insulted. They can't even admit failure. Their religion pretty much looks at the impoverished as being punished by God. The procedures should cost about $2000 and they do teeth super cheap in India if you need that. Implants are very cheap there and they are big on speaking English.
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So sorry to hear about your experience. I believe your story, I could see that he was cocky at times. Maybe he treats men and women differently. Not too sure. You deserved to be treated better than that, and he had no right to wash his hands of you.
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He didnt. If you read her story, though she didn't go to her own prescribing doctor to even tell him she was considering surgery, they tried to improve her situation and even called a GP. She is vague too. I bet he didn't just say it was the Endicort and we will never know because she keeps changing her story. Maybe they were nice to me because I wasn't demanding. I was always polite. I was thoughtful when I thought something should be different and careful not to offend them. No one likes to be talked down to and when people act aggressive, its a human response to be aggressive back. What you described though about your nose is actually pretty common as I have known a lot of large nosed people (Grandmother was Jewish), who had the same thing done in USA. Its got to be one of the most uncomfortable experiences ever. I couldn't even stand the dentist filling my front teeth because of how my nose felt. What you went through is extremely uncomfortable and I am looking at it as a person who also knows a lot of nose pierced people. All of them say that the most uncomfortable piercing to get is your nose. That is just one little hole. So, it takes a lot to have a large portion of your nose removed. The nose and chin you have now are great but you also look 20 years younger to me. :)
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20 years? LOL that is an exaggeration, but thank you. I think the problem though was Dr. Abel said "your nose is so easy to do, I could do with my eyes closed, so easy." and I asked if there could be complications and he said "No. I do perfect job. No worries." But surgery is surgery, and lots of people have adverse reactions/effects. Plus when people look worse afterwards (like I did when my nose sunk) you can end up feeling so depressed that some (not me) might even want to kill themselves. So there are lots of potential problems and a doctor should never be a salesman and say everything will be perfect.
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Well this is why I didn't finish my studies in Medicine. I went through a post psychological episode after my surgery. I was just out from surgery and the recovery was different as well than it would be in USA, just cultural things that wouldn't have been that bad but since my brain was off I was perceiving things differently, I was a pest. Being a plastic surgeon has to be similar to what you experience as a hair dresser. We all also have our own ideas of what looks good especially on ourselves. I have had my hair done in styles I hated and yet my husband really loved the way I looked. I don't know what I would say if I was seeing a patient as a surgeon. Some people will get scared if you don't appear confident in your work too. What I was saying to the other lady who had the facelift was that all things considered for any surgery but especially surgery held outside of the USA, its imperative to research things to get an idea of what you are going to go through before committing. A lot of people just run out and do things without giving too much though especially if its something we really want. I can see though how you felt when you expected an easier experience and then it became more involved. On the bright side though, you really did look older in your before pics and now you look 18. So, I am really happy it worked out eventually for you. It gave me a lot of confidence not to have my "melted face" anymore. USA wanted $150000 for all the surgeries I needed and I could never have afforded that.
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Just want to let you know that you looked as horrible as me and now you are really handsome. It is the body I believe. Before I had all my surgery, I was bicycling 15-30 miles a day and taking 2 prenatal vitamins daily. I was in perfect shape physically but if I hadn't been, I would have had serious complications. I get infections easy and I had to take antibiotics for about two weeks after I left Argentina. I was able to take surgery without getting blood because my Iron level etc was good. I am sure, if I had nose surgery, I'd have gone through more than you did. My nose is super sensitive and I have breathing issues already. You truly look amazing and if you look at me before and after in my review those doctors brought my face back to life. My Mom was saying I was 18 again. If I ever get more money, the first place I will be headed again is there.
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wow what a change. thank you for your review. you look amazing now
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Thank you for your thorough review! You really went through a lot with this. I'm grateful you shared your experience with the community. I think you look great and I'm glad you're breathing better.

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This is a really good review.
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I appreciate your posts and feel for you ! I am all for changing something that Really bothers you ! I think this highlights the roll of the dice we take with any procedure / I don't love the sounds of this Dr / but then again I've never heard of this surgery costing less than 5k /But I believe there's a lot of procedures done in AR so this brings down the cost and probably a real mix in the quality of Drs / You look great !!! I'm not sure I would go back to him to fix problems in the future / wishing you all great things ! :)
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The problem is with everything, people always complain more than compliment. How many people do you think these surgeons have operated on? Two of their patients talked to me and praised them before I went for my surgery, but when people call up Dominos customer service its like 1 out of 1000000 that calls to say how great their order was. Most people call to complain. Dr. Abels son (who is a surgeon) even brought me a box of videos from his house to watch. The family owns the clinic. They even arranged for me to call my husband every day I was there so he wouldn't worry. If they had not helped me, I would not have gotten married, I would have never become pregnant and I wouldn't have my sweet little 2 year old boy at 42.
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