Bad Facelift in Buenos Aires, Argentina

I had a really bad experience in Argentina, Buenos...

I had a really bad experience in Argentina, Buenos Aires. (April 2011). I had a facelift (upper eyelid surgery) necklift and a fat transfer into my cheeks and under my eyes. I now have a bag under my right eye and all the fat in my left cheek dissappeared after 4 weeks. My earlobes are totaly attached (Pixie Ear) My ears are uneven. My right ear is lower than the left ear, terrible! My upper eyelids are more sagging after surgery than before and they are totally unequal.

So sorry you had to go through this!
I know this can be very hard and want you to know your not alone. I have my good moments and I have my bad ones. Sometimes people are less then sympathetic because we elected to do this but none of us elected to be scared or disfigured. Thoughts, prayers and a little strength (when you need it) sent your way
Sounds dreadful.....and i cant help thinking that most facial surgery is a lottery ....and that is scary.
But forums like this help us to make informed decisions....thankyou 'RealSelf'.'
Dr. Bukret

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