Implants Teeth in 5 Days - Budapest, Hungary

I found Dr. Gabor O and his team very professional...

I found Dr. Gabor O and his team very professional. Dr.Gabor made me feel at ease the minute i met him. I had 7 extractions under IV sedation as i'm quite nervous of dental treatment and I received 18 implants. The implant surgery was done on the very first day and I received a full set of top teeth 5 days after my implant surgery. They function quite well. All is good so far.

Holy crap!
Oh my god!.. your transformation is impressive, I have one missing from tooth and I haven't even met this doctor yet, I wonder what will happen when I do. those results are very amazing. congratulations!!! you have a very beautiful smile.

Congratulations on overcoming your nervousness and getting your teeth treated. Your new teeth look absolutely beautiful. I'm so glad to hear they are functioning well also. How long has it been since the surgeries were performed?

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