2nd Procedure, Addition to TT/Lipo, Budapest, Hungary

Well, I asked Mr Zahid from Euromedical Tours what...

Well, I asked Mr Zahid from Euromedical Tours what it would cost me to also have liposuction to my chin while doing the TT/Lipo. My chin has been bothering me for years. Every time I see a picture of myself sideways, or catch a glimse of it walking past a mirror, I jump. It is not so bad from the front, so I can put my makeup on and feel good, -until i turn my head.
I am really not a 100% sure if I am going to do this. Here at RealSelf I can see how great it can be for those with good result, -it litteraly takes years of the face! But then I also see those who have had really bad results, with sagging skin and so on afterwards. I really have to think about this, and talk to my surgeon (and then follow my gut feeling afterwards). I am really going to stress my need for him to be totally honest!!!!

Only hours away!

I will mainly keep my TT review updated, but pictures will follow eventually (if I get it done, -my doc was not there this day :-( so I will only see him tomorrow right before my surgery. Cannont say I am thrilled about that!!!).
Goo luck! Wish you the best.keep us posted

Chin lipo done

Well, then, my days in a white, tight, undergarment-thingy on my head is upon me!
Feeling pretty smart. Specially since I often take a walk outside the appartment I am living in here in Budapest, 1. floor, past every neighbours windows.
Luckily they mostly have their curtains drawn.
I took the undergarment-thingy-on-my-head for a tiny walk today, to the pharmasy around the corner, with my drains from my TT in a plastic bag. Wanted to get som cough-meds. Of course, they where closed on a Sunday. Felt soooo smart. But still I am thinking about eating at the restaurant across the street today. We will see if my courage still is there.
Posting a picture that made me wonder a bit.... Had to tap my surgeon on the shoulder next time I saw him in the hallway, asking him "Eeeeeh... doc? Doesn't this look a BIT croocked...?"
He agreed and draw a new line.
Hope the light wasn't as dim in the surgery room.... ;-) Time will tell.

1 week after surgery

Well, here are some pics after one week post. I have been wearing my strap for 3 days full, and then all the time I have been inside (which is 80% of the day).Still a bit hard and a tiny bit swollen as expected.
Hi AidaCat, your results are good, you must be so pleased. I'm thinking of having this done with Dr Karvasz Tamas along with another procedure while I'm there. I'm 37 and skin not so elastic in recent years so am a little concerned about getting a turkey neck after the lipo! Do you mind me asking your age and did you find any crepiness of the neck skin after all swelling had gone down? How was your overall experience with this doctor in Hungary (I'm from the UK) Did you feel the doctor was considerate towards you? were you well looked after and well treated overall? Thank you! x
Hello, An! Thank you, I am pretty pleased. Of course, the fear of it all coming back is in the back of my mind, but I hope and think I have slowed the process for a couple of years ;-) I recently turned 40, so I was 39 at the time. I had the same consern as you after looking at some horrible after-picks! And because I have been smoking since the age of 14, I was definitively in the risk group (you can see the horrible state I have put my skin in when you look at my face, unfortunately it shows particularly good in pictures). The skin felt a bit loose in the first couple of months (as it should be, since Dr T had been poking around there with his instruments), so I wore my garment pretty religiously for a while. I do not know how much it helped (I think it did, -laws of gravity and all), but better safe than sorry! Anyhow, I cannot feel any unnatural looseness now. My experience with Dr T was all in all a positive one. Before I traveled to Budapest, he answered all my questions and I felt pretty reassured. On my meeting with him before the operation, he answered still more in a good manner, and I did not get the feeling that he would do the procedure on my belly (I assume you have been taking a peak on my posts on that) no matter what, -since I had a very protrouting one with internal fat and all, he did not want to make a decision wheter or not to do a TT before some further examination on my arrival. And that in it self is reassuring. The day of my procedure we had a talk, and he painted the operation lines. It was a bit dimly lit room, and as you can see from one of my pics, he draw a bit crocked at first. That's not good. Luckily I checked and told him, and he was horrified and apoligetic and corrected them. I had done some research and had looked at his before/after pics on what he had done (I cannot find them again), and could see his incition was a bit higher than I found elsewhere. I expressed my consern, and he told me after the surgery that he had placed it as low as he could. He probably has, but it is a tiny bit high. My belly button is also a bit large (not as large as seen on pictures with stiches in it). Still, after an infection that was NOT due to Dr T, the scarring (of course except this area, -one day I will update my TT review) is healing very well. I felt well taken care of on my stay at the hospital after surgery, the doctor and his staff where very kind and helpful. Dr T also responded when I had some questions I sent him on SMS. What can I say more? I never felt "left alone" and knew I could ask him any questions I had, and he had a fine manner about him, so I felt safe regarding the procedure. Still, my last consult was a bit quick (because I came a day early due to some consern, so he did not have much time to prepare, perhaps), and I had quite a few after-care questions I felt I had not gotten information about when I left. I figured it out by texting him, reading RealSelf-pages and Googeling ;-). I think I will give Dr T's "person-handling-manner" five of six stars. I have not given my review on him yet, because I am not quite sure I am finished with him on my TT yet (I will have to see when my healing have gone a bit further, but right now I have an assymetric thingy after the lipo on one side, -not big, so it MIGHT go away/blend). Well, much text to read after your question! Just ask if there is something else I can help you with, and good luck! :-) Let me know how it goes :-)
Woha, -I tried to split up the text, but it all came in one bulk! Sorry!

5 1/2 months after surgery

Hi all!
Here are some updated pics of the result from the surgery. The hard entry spots are finally allmost totally gone. Even with my small bulge right under my chin, I am very pleased with the result (especially when I take a look at my before-pics! ;-) ).
I have not lost any weight after my surgery (that is, I lost about 3 kg but they came back and now I am stable), so the result in the images should be fairly accurate :-)
Wow, I'm glad it was successful! The price seems very reasonable as well.
Tamas Karvasz

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