11 days post op- NEW PICS!- Ready to Begin the Rest of my Life After Weight Loss - Bryn Mawr, PA

I'm 22 years old and finally have control of my...

I'm 22 years old and finally have control of my life and weight. I started Jenny Craig my senior of high school at 239 lbs. by gained most of it back by the time I got to college. In the beginning of 2010 I was still 209 lbs. After nearly a decade of unhappiness, depression, and self-consciousness, enough was enough and I decided 2012 was going to be the year for me. I now weight around 145lbs., having lost around 50 lbs. since this January. This has left me with large amounts of extra skin, mostly around my abdomen. Working out and being healthy is now an engrained part of my lifestyle, yet no amount of exercise will get rid of this problem, so I've decided to get a tummy tuck.

I've worked so hard the past year or so, I feel like I deserve to see the results and my body doesn't reflect all my efforts right now. I'm so excited to start this process!

I've done tons of research and looked at before/after pictures, but I still wonder about a few things. I'm not sure if I'll need to get the muscle repair done since I've never been pregnant. And I also wonder how far the effects will reach as far as the loose skin on my upper torso...

I am 4 weeks po this week. I am a philly girl too.... Good luck. You will do great....
Thank you! Congrats on your surgery, how's recovery?
Philly. I am 5 weeks po today. Recovery is fine just slower tha expected even though they trill you 6 to 8 weeks and up to a year they are right! I never has a lot of pain just what I call discomfort. You are almost there. Let me know how u do. Are u staying overnight at a hospital?

I finally had my consultation/pre-op appointment...

I finally had my consultation/pre-op appointment today! My doctor was very helpful and knowledgeable, and seemed optimistic that my results would be good. He said the abdomen will get great results since I have little to no fat there, which was a huge surprise to my ears. I also decided to get a breast lift, so basically a Mommy Makeover (minus the Mommy). Surgery is officially happening and by this time next Tuesday hopefully I'll be recovered. 6 MORE DAYS!!!!!

P.S. My surgeon doesn't think he'll need to do any...

P.S. My surgeon doesn't think he'll need to do any muscle repair/tightening since I haven't had any kids. Happy to hear that and hope it'll make my recovery a little smoother!
Good luck Philly I'm having mine done on 31st of oct and your tummy is very similar to mine .... Keep us updated xxxx
Congrats on the weight loss. That's not easy what you've accomplished. You look great already. I'm sure the TT and breast lift will make you even more beautiful. Can't wait to see how things turn out. I'll be 10 days behind you. My TT is on 10/19. We'll compare notes.
Wow, thank you so so so much! I really really appreciate it. Your results look amazing so far, how's your recovery going?

Today my drains came out. Wow! What a weird...

Today my drains came out. Wow! What a weird feeling. Worst part is: after taking percosets for 5 days I now have the absolute worst constipation. I've been up since 2am, tried stool softeners, laxatives, and magnesium citrate. Still nothing...

But on a better note, everything is healing well. I absolutely love my new breasts and I'm optimistic my tummy tuck will improve as the swelling goes down.
Try glycerin suppositories. I had the same problem and was able to go using the suppositories.
Wow! What a difference even from day 6 to 7!
Thank you! I reallyyyy appreciate it. It's so tough to see any progress when it's yourself!

Feeling pretty much back to normal now (9 dpo). Am...

Feeling pretty much back to normal now (9 dpo). Am able to go out with friends, walk around, completely off pain killers and meds. Still seeing a lot of swelling in my abdomen, especially the sides/hip area :( breasts look and feel great, haven't given me any problems except a little itchy at times. Next doctor appointment is next Friday to get my tape off and put on the scar strips!
Wow think im.gonna be in trouble tomorrow :-(. I really think i over did it but that sad thing is i didnt really do that much.. i did dinner and dishes then took my first real shower (which felt Amazing) just sat in my recliner pillows under legs and i can already feel tighter under my cg. I could actually feel my skin tightening while i was in the shower.. come Sunday my hubbys back to work which meens im.full time mommy again then i go back to work Monday. Luckily im a manicurist so i sit for most of my day, but im.just worried im going to be struggling to get back into the swing of a normal routine! I just get tired to quick...
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