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Hi guys, I've read a couple of reviews on here and...

Hi guys, I've read a couple of reviews on here and just wanted to let you know how my journey goes.
So I have my consultation on 2nd April and I've put a reserve on the 9th may for my operation. I'm going with dr ullens as I haven't heard any bad reviews on her..
I've been wanting this since I was 15 but everytime I saved for them I had to use the money for something else.. But now is the time that nothing is going to stop me lol
I'm 24, size 8-10 and I'm a 32 A...
Here are some wish pics that I'm hoping to achieve... I'll give you an update once I've had my consultation... :)


Hi Emma, I also have the consultation on the 2nd April, but i was told I couldnt reserve a surgery date? How have you booked yours? The reason I ask is i have a very small window to have the surgery...Thanks
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Yh so have I and I told the woman who I booked the consultation with and asked her if I can reserve a sergery date... You have to pay the £1000 deposit at the consultation tho!... Also when your pre book it you can only book the afternoon which then you have to stay over night :( which I don't really want to do... So after the consultation I'm goin to ring and see if they have a morning app... Hope this helps... Be persistent when you talk to them... xXx
Thanks Emma, I have tried to ring them several times today but no reply and when they finally did reply to my email they only stated they dont have surgery on Tuesday's, that other suggestions to a different day. They also told me Dr Sara Ulens only works on a friday. I must say they are not looking to impressive or very professional which is worrying me.


I guys I'm so excited but nervous about my consultation on wed... It's kinda gone so quick where I've been busy... But now that it's only next week I'm so nervous lol... A lot of reviews that I have read have said that it's kinda rushed, I just hope that I ask all the questions I need answering lol... And then I can actually book a real date for my op as I want it in the morning so I can go home instead of stayin the night... xXx


Hey ladies ive had my breast augmentation with ulens december 2013. And i had my consultation on november 6 : if xou want to book a date just promise you ll bring the money at your consultation. I told them ive book my ticket (flight) that ill come for sure. If you want to choose sara ulens dont stay at campanile hotel. No restaurant nothing to eat. But rooms are comfortable. My i had a problem with my ba, so no implant no more the offer me to have a new operation for free. But ill prefer dirk van zele honestly.
What you mean you had a problem with your bra??? Does she only do afternoons then, coz I don't want to stay over.. N they don't let you go home on an afternoon op xXx
Be sure you wont stay overnight. . had my operation at 10am and its better to do the morning because you can stay longer to sleep at the clinic. I had a big infection and hug( geneva hopital ) took off my implant in emergency. Not with my bra with my ba(breast augmentation) Many things you should know 1) DONT GO by yourself please its a huge invasive operation you even wont be able to put you arms up. You need somebody to stay with you the first night even wont be able to stand up after laying down. 3)dont go at campanile if you go by yourself I dont wanna put the picture ofy operation because its unfair, it has been great for many other girls with this doctor im probabely the only one who had a problem. Dont underestimate this operation the day of the operation you ll feel ok because of treatment they give you but the day after. Its hurt, the way she put implant hurt indeed the day after. But shes so sweet so beauty and gentle. You wont see her before your surgery you have the consultation with dr vrambout. He wont take you mensuration no picture just explain you the surgery


Just got out of the consultation... And as expected from reading other reviews it was quick... Although he answered every question I had... He feels 400 cc would still look natural on me, and that my surgeon will decide properly on the date of surgery, he suggested that even if you have a morning op that you should stay over night, but I really want to go home the same day so ill just think about it... So all I got to do is confirm my surgery date and pay 2moro... Well excited now... The ball is finally rolling!!! xXx


Hi there, im having my ba on the 8th of may at 8am at Clinic Beaucare in Brusselz, Belgium. Getting my surgery done bij dr. Wim danau. I've looked for information on the internet for some rewiews on him, but couldn't really find anything. Can anyone help me out? Im really anxious and not really knowing what to expect.
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Awesome wish pics!
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Good to hear!!! :)

10days to go!!!!

So excited!!! Only 10 little days to go.... ???? x


YAYYAYA for you:) how tall r u?
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It's done!!!

Hey guys I have just got home... I'm in quiet a bit of pain... I havnt seen them yet as I'm allowed to have a shower on Monday I think I'll leave my bra on till then... The process was easy and reassuring... Dr ullens is really nice and very attentive to what you want... I ended up having 435cc... I took some photos... I will be posting a before pic and a 2day after op pic :) on Monday... Any questions feel free to ask xXx


Congrats on your new boobies!
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Thank you!!!! xXx
So exciting!!!! Can't wait to see lol, do they go through all sizes etc in a lot more detail with you? X
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3day post op

Hey guys just wanted to let you guys no how I'm gettin on, where do I start lol, the pain was very bad for the first 2days, the cab journey home from the train station was thee worst I was crying in the back seat with all the bumps and turns... And the mornings are the worst, I am taking paracetamol and ibuphen... And yesterday I started the co codomol... Today morning boobs was the worst I kind of woke up leaning on the left and my right boob muscle is very tender, I don't know if it's because I am right handed but it's very sore... I ain't going to take the bra off today as I'm in a bit of pain, I had a lower body shower... And I'm goin to see how I am 2moro to bath the top half... I haven't yet seen my boobs... I am quiet good with pain, however it is gettin better by the day, I'm able to go to the toilet by my self now... I've uploaded pics when I woke up... I am still bloated, I look like I'm 6 months pregnant haha I will keep you posted! xXx


How are you getting on today? Feel any better? X
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Hey Hun I'm feelin great I just had my first bath as I felt up to it 2day, just goin to upload the fotos now xXx
Looking good! I will be praying for a speedy recovery! Day 4 was WAY better for me, as the pain greatly subsided and I stopped taking the narcotics (strong pain pills - don't know what they're called over They look great so far!!! Hope you get your wish boobs ;-)
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Bath time

Hey guys I just had my first proper bath, and washed my hair with the help of my mum... I'm feeling a lot better today, I've only had one co codomol and don't feel like I need anything else, I'm uploading before and now pics... So you can all see the difference... I'm very happy with the results... I'm still very bloated and swollen... I Lool like I'm 6months pregnant hahaha any questions just ask xxx


Looking good and congrats! Speedy recovery!
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Thank you xXx
Goooood!! Your looking so well! Getting excited for mine now! xxx

Noticed a drop

Hey guys so I'm 10 days post op, and my left boob has started to drop already, my right one still feels a bit tight and is still high... I don't no if this is because I'm right handed but... I havnt taken pain killers for 2days now. It's not such as a pain it's just an achy feeling... The bloating has gone down a lot but I'm still bloated a little bit... It's been so hot in London these last couple of days and I ain't been able to leave the house because everything I wear you can see this stupid bra threw it lol... I did try another sports bra but I just felt that I was supported enough and had to put this bra back on... I got an app with the nurse on wed to have a look at the stitches.. Coughing hurts so much, and I've held back sneezing since my op... I am so scared to sneeze coz I no it will hurt hahaha... But this weather is not helping and I no it will be very shortly till a sneezing fit happens lol x

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Just wanted to tell you all that everything is perfect I'm in love with my new babies :) I'm doing everything my self now... I ain't gettin the morning boob achy feeling I was feeling before... I'm going to get all my bikinis for holiday on the 4th :) so excited!!! Goin on holiday on the 11th July... I just took a piccy for u all while I was in the bath... I'm still currently wearing the magic bra still looool... One more week and I'll be able to wear normal bras... xXx


Just wanted to say Thank you so much for your post I'm having my BA on Friday and I'm so nervous, and your post has really reassured me!! :) x
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Awe no problem hubby, I haven't updated in a while I've just been enjoying my new life too much :) Where are you goin and who's ur ps? Don't be nervous Hun ull be fine :) xXx
Sorry I didn't see your reply I have never commented of a forum before lol! I went to same place and doc as you that's why your post was so reassuring to me. I had 435cc hp. I'm sore and a little drowsy just got back to the hotel and am craving sugar lol! But generally all good cannot fault the hospital at all! One difference between us Dr Ulens told me to wear the bra for 1month not 3? But I think I will wear it longer especially at night just to make sure they stay good :) xx

Hi guys

Sorry it's been a while, I've just got back from holiday and I'm feeling great, hope everyone is doing well with there post op journey and good luck to everyone who is about to take the journey.. Just fort id upload a photo of me now... There is no pain what so ever now but I am still a bit numb on the left boob... Other then that I am healing fine and they are dropping very nicely.. X

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Dr ullens

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