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I am 30 years young. I opted for a brow lift,...

I am 30 years young. I opted for a brow lift, because one of my upper lids was droopy. I had both brows done, and they look nice, but I have horrible scars, and hair loss at the incision. It looks nice, but I am not sure I would do it again.


Great it looks nice.. sorry you have scars, maybe your hair will grow back. What sort off brow lift did you have?. and why wouldnt you do it again? i am considering a hairline browlift, i cant risk scars in my hair as its already very thin.. BUT I need feedback on recovery: i have just been through breast cancer and 3"op"s dont feal i could cope with anything to big, recovery wise. Please could anyone tell me how theres went. (would be very greatfull. . many thanks. PS I realize its differant for everyone.. and that i cant spell..... ;) xx
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