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18 mo. paralysis of inner frontalis muscle after coronal brow lift

Do NOT have a coronal brow lift. Endoscopic do not...

Do NOT have a coronal brow lift. Endoscopic do not last and coronal is cutting you whole head from ear to ear! I had horrid pain where surgeon did not close incision, drain failed three times, major pain for months, head itches continually, one eyebrow is now 1 inch lower than the other and this brow is paralyzed 4.5 months later.

Surgeon was supposed to have been top-notch. He never explained that he could inadvertently cut or damage the frontal branch of the facial nerve and never admits it. There are MANY options that I wish I had known that would be MUCH better than a brow lift. Surgeons do not want to try new things...just things they have done for years and for which they can get top dollar! Do NOT fall for anyone's assessments. It is NOT worth it!

Pretrichial Brow/Forehead seem to be the best option for brow lift. That's what I had and although I have temp. paralysis/nerve damage that I will have to wait 2-6 months for regrowth of nerves and up to 1 year for absolute final results, I think it's the way to go. Also, must, must, must go to a board certified doctor, discuss/know different procedures, ask to see before/after. If a doc tells you the good, bad, and ugly side of surgery, at least you know he's probably a straight shooter and honesty with regards to Cosmetic surgery is a necessity. Hang in there! :)
I went to a board certified doctor and knew the risks. It has been 18 mo. and I still have paralysis in one brow. I have had MANY replies from doctors on this board and they will all tell you that it can happen to the best. Nerves can be damaged or severed. You have NO guarantee that 6 mo. or a year will bring yours back either.
Thoughts are with you.....

At 18 months, after a coronal brow life and face...

At 18 months, after a coronal brow life and face lift, my left eyebrow is still 1" lower than than the right eyebrow, resulting in a "mean" look. The surgeon has used Botox on the right eye and on the "drooping" left eye tissue, but this wears off. After about 1 year, the outer frontalis muscle started to work again, but the inner frontalis muscle still does not. The doctor has said that eventually these start to work again and to be patient, but I am weary with waiting and hate the "heaviness" of the paralyzed eyebrow as well as the strange look.. He has used laser and Botox but nothing works for long! Please tell me if a stitch above the brow, a brow-life in the hairline (which is now receded) or anything else would work? Is this a more difficult surgery than the original coronal brow lift? I would NEVER have done this if I had known the problems that have occurred! It has been a nightmare from the beginning with MAJOR problems with anesthesia, pain, etc. I will go anywhere in the US if someone knows the BEST thing to do. Many thanks.

I have consulted every specialist I can find in...

I have consulted every specialist I can find in the US from Bascom-Palmer, NY, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, etc. and each says it will take a full brow lift or a mid brow lift, which will both leave a scar.

There is NO skin or wrinkle to hide a scar in hairline or forehead. Endotine will not work as it is inner or medial brow that is needed. I am beyond discouraged.
I have one brow that ended up higher than the other after a brow lift that used the eyelid itself as an entry point. For me it's been two years so I suspect any change has already happened. What I have come to, similar to you, is that a direct brow lift near the eyebrow for the lowered brow may be the only certain, controllable way to offer symmetry. There may be a small scar but may be less noticeable than two off-kilter brows. I haven't done it yet; and, if you do please post know how it goes.
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