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I have moderate acne scarring on my cheeks and...

I have moderate acne scarring on my cheeks and have meant to get something done about them for years but something else always comes up. However, the older I get, the more lax my skin gets and the more noticeable my scars seem to become. So, I have been researching everything under the sun that would give noticeable results on reducing pore size, acne scars and skin tightening. I decided to try eMatrix first with alternating IPL treatments. I had my first eMatrix and either I have a high tolerance for pain or it wasn't that bad. They put the numbing cream on and we did the highest setting on my cheeks. It felt more annoying than painful. Since she did the highest setting and I was tolerating it, she felt I would get some really good results. I went home with the expectation that I would be in pain, have swelling, wake up in the middle of the night wanting an ice pack, etc. none of that happened. Right after the treatment my face got really red and you could see the "track" marks. But it really just felt like a sun burn. On day two, my face feels like sand paper and a little itchy but nothing like what I have read about in other posts. I have yet to see scabs. I have committed myself to 3 treatments with alternating IPL.... Will keep you posted. Also, the cost was $400 per treatment, I paid for 3.

Ematrix Day Three Update

Today is day three and I am getting back to normal. Still a little red and have minor scabs and dry flaky skin. Using moisturizer which seems to help. I am posting a three day comparison to show progression. I still have scarring but this is not a over night cure all and so I will keep documenting to see how it looks six months from now.

Day 4 Ematrix

I have noticed more scabs and skin is still itchy but still no swelling and overall it seems like everything went well. I am still trying to decide if I notice any difference in the scars on my cheeks. Some photos seem to show more improvement than others. I didn't expect a dramatic difference after only one treatment but it seems like there is slight but noticeable improvement.so, I am starting to lean towards the process being worth it.

Updating My Review To "Worth It" After Day 5

So, I didn't really have high expectations and figured it would take several treatments and many weeks to see any change. However, today is day five and it looks like I have seen noticeable changes in the scarring on my cheeks. I went back to Original Skin today and showed the ladies my face and pictures and we all seem too agree that I am getting some great results already.

I have tried to be skeptical and have taken pictures with different cameras, in different lighting trying to get the most detailed pictures to show the scarring and I just can't get the the scarring to show up in detail like it did. I tried to chalk it up to swelling.... But my facial features aren't showing signs of swelling or irritation. I can't wait to see what I look like after the next session!

Now, with that..... I truly believe that my results have to do with several different factors. First, with me.... I have a decent tolerance for pain and did a lot of research so that my expectations were in line. Second, my technician...... She used numbing cream and didn't skimp or rush so that I would get the full benefit of the treatment. And finally, I carefully picked the facility I went to. Original Skin from first impression does things right. And that was confirmed today when I went I to start Exilis treatment and found out that they actually invested in the newer Exilis tip..... Which is a big deal to me... AND when I asked about alternating IPL with the Ematrix, Danna, my aesthetician, told me that I didn't need to and we should just wait and maybe do one IPL after all Ematrix sessions were done. I wasn't UPSOLD or signed up for unnecessary treatments or products.

So, bottom line....... insist on numbing cream, make sure equipment and technicians are top notch and facility invests in the most recent technology and avoid chain medi spas..... Just my two cents.

New Photos

Trying to show photos with same distance, lighting, etc.
I go back on December 6th for the second treatment.

Thanks for providing so much detailed information.  When do you go back for your second treatment?

I think your doing just fine...

Results After Round Two

It has been day 3 after my second session of Ematrix and I am noticing scars aren't as deep. I went to see family for Thanksgiving and received compliments on the results. I have added updated photos here.

Side by side photo

Images are of day 3 after first treatment and day 3 after second treatment.
Hi! How was your impression after de end of the treatment? Did you like it? Thanks. I am appointed to do it, but i am not so sure that it's the best treatment. Thanks!
My skin has improved but my scars have not disappeared completely. Some were very deep and the treatment made those more shallow. I am going back in a couple of weeks to compare their before and after photos. All in all I think my results are okay but no miracle. I did post two new pictures of the progression.
I had three treatments almost two years ago, my skin looked very similar to yours. I saw my best results about five months after the third treatment. I had two more treatments at the one year mark, and will be scheduling another set in a couple of weeks. I find that yearly 'tune ups' help. My scarring is much improved, and the treatment also tightens the entire face. I was very pleased with my results - my skin will not be perfect, but it is much improved with E-Matrix, and the cost and down time is minimal.

February 6th photos

Progression after final treatment. By no means did the treatments get rid of my scars completely but I do notice that the scars are not as deep. My humble opinion is at some point the collagens built up and the treatment was not able to penetrate the scars center to help push the skin outward..... Just a guess.
I just had my 1st treatment, for me it was very painful, I was never offered numbing cream. I'm excited to see the results once the redness and small scabs are gone! I'll be going back for a second treatment and will definitely ask for numbing cream!
I have had two treatments , the second one yesterday. I would NEVER go to someone who did not offer numbing. I made her put on more numbing ointment this second time around. Not as painful, just certain areas are very sensitive. Find another doctor!
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