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Hernia, Muscle Repair and Tummy tuck. Great Experience. Fast Recovery. Would Do It Again - Brookwood, AL

The pros of it is that I am looking a lot better...

The pros of it is that I am looking a lot better than before the operation. My motivation was my kids because I love playing and running with them, and having an umbelical hernia and muscle separation, made that difficult. I am still recovering. So far looks great and flat. A little swollen but I guess that is normal. It has changed my life for now, because I cant really do a lot but I cant wait to fully recover and do the daily normal activities with my family and friends.


We DO have similar builds! I'm eager to see your results!
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Happy recovering!!!
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11 days today and removed the drains. I feel great...

11 days today and removed the drains. I feel great. I can move a lot easier than I did with the drains inside my body. I was so nervous when he was about to pull them out. They did burn and hurt, but it was over so quick. I was so happy to get them out that I didn't really care how much they hurt. It lasted maybe 30 seconds to remove both. The Dr cleaned my incision line and belly button. Did not put any bandaid or gauze on it. Now I can shower. What a great feeling. Even though I feel and look great, I am hoping I dont develop any seromas. Those scare me.


Looks great . I look forward to your posts
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OMG I took my first shower and felt great. I did...

OMG I took my first shower and felt great. I did not want to get out of the shower. I bought a stool and sat on it. It made taking a shower easier. I got tired really quick though. Incision looks good. Still swollen. Wondering when all the swelling will go off.


You look awesome!! I haven't had my surgery yet but I heard the swelling could last 6-9 months. Just drink a lot of water and I've heard pineapple and supplements bromelain and arnica forte reduce swelling and bruising. Good luck with the rest of your recovery. : )
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You look fabulous! I'm 9 days post op and still VERY swollen. In fact, I look bigger than I did before the surgery. I had a 5 inch diastases and lipo as well. When I went to the doctor yesterday, he said "be patient it will happen." Patience is not my strong point:)
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Thank you girl. I feel swollen too. I am not patient at all either, but I am trying to think positive and take it day by day. I should cut down to eating. I mean I eat soups and salads. I dont know how much to cut down. lol Cant wait to see your pics.

It has been 20 since the surgery, and I still feel...

It has been 20 since the surgery, and I still feel bloated. Sometime it feels like i am putting on weight. Sometimes I feel flat and nice, and there are days when my stomach swells up. The scare is healing nice. I have a Dr appointment in 3 days and hoping he is saying I am doing ok and havent developed any seroma.
I have been walking straight since yesterday. I still feel like stretching and pulling, but I feel ok. I sleep on the bed now but I still cant really stretch great in the morning. I am scared I might pull some stitches lol. Hope everyone is recovering okay as well.


I have a hernia also (ventral). Did they repair your hernia with mesh? Mine is pretty large and Im having both a general surgeon for the hernia and a plastic surgeon for the tuck. The GS is the head of our hospital Hernia Center so that makes me feel comfortable. I'm nervous but trying to take it one day at a time.
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Yes they did. I had two surgeons as well. One repaired the hernia with a mesh, and the other did the muscle repair and the tummy tuck. It has been 3 weeks and I am doing pretty good. Walking straight and driving. I am not lifting anything though. Too scared to do that. Good luck on your surgery :)
You look awesome!! There aren't as many stories on here with women who had both general and plastic surgeons for their TT and hernia's. Im grateful that you posted. It's so encouraging. I already feel better. Glad you are doing well. I wish you continued healing. Thanks again!!

It has been a month post op and I am feeling great...

It has been a month post op and I am feeling great. I started to lift my 6 months old baby but not hold her up. I got my PMS and I am so swollen. My muscles started to hurt a little. My tummy is numb and I dont feel it when my daughter tickles me ( 3 year old). I am still taking it easy and I cant wait to fully recover.


How are you feeling now ? I go see my plastic surgeon on the 21 an we have the same body type. Are you still feeling tight ? In your Abs
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