Boy Oh Boy Was I Scared,but in the End After Waiting 2 Years on my Dr.waiting List - Brooklyn

Everything went well after the surgery I was in a...

Everything went well after the surgery I was in a little pain went home the same day. What bothered me the most were the two drain tubes that has to stay in for a week. The doctor placed on to close to my grond area and every time I moved my leg I got Sharp needle pain in my lower leg and vagina area. Its best to keep on your belly band because you will have a hard time coughing even breathing without it I will keep mine on for a least 3-4mths. The skin is pulled so tight that I had a hard time eating and the gas and bowl movements were pretty bad so make sure u have a stool softner to help. If I didn't take the pain medication I would feel numbness in the cut area. I will stay home for 2 weeks just to be safe. I do light house work like wash clothes and dishes, but the key is that u have to move around no matter how much pain ur in the sooner the better. While my tubes are In I will take a shower every 2 days other than they ill just wash up. I sleep on my back just so that my body will equally drain the fluid. After the tubes comes out ill sleep on my side. Hope this info. Helps.

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I'm doing well for my 3rd day.

I'm doing well for my 3rd day.


Hi can you tell me the name of the doctor you went to been looking into this for a long time and I want to get it done I would appreciate it a lot thanks
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Hi, Can you tell me what the name of your doctor is? everywhere i've been to they are charging $8500.
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I live in brooklyn and would like to know where you went. Can you send me the name of the doctor as well
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Name not provided

The price was right.

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