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16 Hours to TT - Brooklyn, NY

52 year old (look and feel like 40). Two adult...

52 year old (look and feel like 40). Two adult sons, two grandchildren. First son was delivered naturally and left lots of stretch marks and a little belly. The second son, 6 years later, was a C-section (bikini), more stretch marks and more belly. I run 1/2 Marathons at least 3x a year. Enjoy hicking & biking. Can't wait to wear my blouse tucked inside my pants or skirt.

Welcome to RealSelf.

You are one active and busy lady.   Love it!!   I will be excited to hear from you and get all the details as you go through your journey.  Update us as soon as you are able.  We will all be anxiously waiting to see your new tummy.


Thank you Kimmers25.

Hello Everyone: 1 day PO. My surgery went well....

Hello Everyone: 1 day PO. My surgery went well. Didn't get any sleep last night, due to going to the bathroom every hour. Was so happy to get that IV out this morning. My doctor came to check on my at least 3X during the course of the night. Did I mention he held my hands, while the anesthesia was being administered. You ladies were so right, the draining bulbs are horrible. I see my doctor in a week to hopefully, have them removed. My husband stayed with me until he was kicked out of the hospital. But he returned first thing this morning. I left the hospital at 10 AM. 1 hr left before my next vicoden. Talk to you all tomorrow.
Hello Brooklyn6!

It shows that you have taken good care of yourself and have been active. I thought the pic with your clothes on was post op until I retread your title LOL. You already look good and I'm sure your results will be great, especially on your already toned body. Many well wishes and prayers for you as you go into surgery. Can't wait to see your new tummy! :-)
Thank you Mochamom5. I was pleased when my doctor told me I had good muscle tone.
Hey Brooklyn, I left you a message on another girls posts. I didn't know you already had the tt. I did what you did just the opposite I had my lipo and bbl first then in 6 to 8 months I'll get my tt. I want to wish you all the best in a speedy recovery. Looking at your pre op pics you can tell you're going to look great!

Good Afternoon All: 2 Days PO. I slept very well...

Good Afternoon All: 2 Days PO. I slept very well in my recliner last night. Today, I was a bit naseous and my back hurts. I took only one vicoden this morning at 5:30 AM. WHY!!!! I was in so much pain by 7:30 AM so I had to take another one. I feel better about the drains now that I've actually milked & emptied them myself. I don't have an appetite yet. I'm still eating apple sauce, jello, home made soup (no salt), protien shake and crackers, before I take the necessary meds.The fluid being released now is yellowish in color. My husband was helping me out a great deal, until the Knicks & Bulls Game last night. Then I had to ring the bell more than once. All in all, he's been a sweetheart.
ilove it. your right u LOOK in early forties, or right around 40 mark that is awesome! i hear this all time pix in my avie(profiile avatar pix here)no one believe i am late 30s so i know now all i need is mi NEW SEXI FLAT Stomach i am so happy that GOD IS GOOD 2 let another great lady like urself,wake up after surgery and LOVE ur new tummy begins now chica good luck and god speed,i can't wait!
and pix plz when your up to it,and i know u r goin to b loving ur new SEXI FLAT STOMACH!
your really not lookin early fifties at all,proving age is just a #
how we live,and love life,and treat our bodies,spirit AND INWARD/our mind.

Hello All: 3 Days PO. Have not had a BM yet, but...

Hello All: 3 Days PO. Have not had a BM yet, but don't have gas in the upper intestine either. I take two colace tablets each night. I eat a lot of papaya and pineapple. Slept through the night. Milked & empty drains by myself at 3:00 AM. Hubby fixed breakfast, oatmeal w/apple sauce at 7:30AM. I'm able to stand a little taller today. My doctor called yesterday evening to check on me. Doctor said I can remove the band and shower or I could just take bird baths. Well, you know who has been taking bird baths. I'm not removing this band until I see the Doctor on Monday, 4-16-12. Can't wait to take post sugery pictures for you all. Time for my walk from room to room. Later

Hello All: 4 Days PO. Still no BM, just releasing...

Hello All: 4 Days PO. Still no BM, just releasing a lot of gas. Didn't sleep very well last night. Don't know why. Milked & emptied drains at 2:30 AM (25 mark on drains). I thinks that's good, since previous mornings have been 50. Reading about drains that have been in for over 16 days is frightening me. I'm walking taller. Still to chicken to remove band. Did take pictures with it on for you all to see. Husband is still helping out. Sometimes too much. If were up to him, I would never get up from the recliner. He wants to milk & drain. Said he dreamed last night that my scar was above my navel. Why is he dreaming about my scar? Any way, until next time.

FINALLY!! I had a BM about an hour after I wrote...

FINALLY!! I had a BM about an hour after I wrote the last update. It was very smooth, because I have been taking 2 colace each night since day 1 PO. No problems. Feel better. Again, all I do is sit in my recliner and watch tv or sleep. I use the computer when I get up to stretch my legs, I don't have an IPAD. I will see my doctor for my first PO visit on 2/16/12. Hopefully, he remove the drains. I walk normal now, no longer hunched over.

5 Days PO. Rested well last night. Love this...

5 Days PO. Rested well last night. Love this recliner, may never get back into the bed.(lol). Haven't taken any pain meds today. Feeling trapped inside the house. Will take a walk later today.Drains at 5 AM were at 25CC. I can maneuver the recliner by myself now. Took a bird bath last night,too afraid to remove the band. Can't wait to see what I look like under the bandage.

Well, I walked a half a block and back. WOW!!!!...

Well, I walked a half a block and back. WOW!!!! Had to take the pain meds. Didn't know that such a short, slow walk would cause so much pain. Feeling better after I returned to my recliner.

Woot woot!   Glad you were able to finally go!   


Good Morning All: Somehow my right drain came out...

Good Morning All: Somehow my right drain came out around midnight. My husband and I became frantic. I put a sanitary napkin over the location and emailed the Doctor. I fell asleep, and had several night mares. Pleased with my husband to lay in the recliner with me. Of course he refused and tried to convince me to get in the bed. Well I wasn't about to let a few night mares force me into a position (bed) that might cause pain. NIGHT MARES BE DAMNED!!. I awoke this morning at 5 AM to empty the left drain, 20CC. I then noticed that my doctor responded at 2AM, stating not to worry, as the amount of fluids coming out over a 24 hour period was not enough to even have the drains on and that he will be removing the left one tomorrow during my 1st post op visit. YIPPI!! For some reason, I thought my guts would be spilling through the site where the right drain was located. My husband will drive me to the drugstore today, so I can pick up some tylenol PM. I'm tired of the vicoden induced night mares. Will let you know how my car ride was. Oh, by the way, I just had BM, all went well. Later.
You Look Great, It sounds as though you are having an easy recovery. Once you see your results on Monday you will be so surprised.
I am surprised that your drain came out those things are in there farther than I thought. I can't wait to see your bare belly pics I'm sure you look great!

Hello All: My car ride yesterday was nice. I felt...

Hello All: My car ride yesterday was nice. I felt like a kid on an outing to Coney Island. I didn't over extend myself. I was only in the store for 20 minutes and then it was back home to my recliner. Took a nice bird bath to prepare for my first PO visit. It is exactly 7 days since my TT. The doctor took out the other drain. Yippi!! Said I was progressing nicely. The removal of the drain was painless. The removal of the stitches stung a little bit. The doctor did not remove the bandage covering the incision. Said it will wear off. I can now take showers and am scheduled to return on April 30th for my next visit. I took my camera to the doctor's office and asked him to take photos for me. He loves my camera. :). He gave me a presciption for percocet for pain when needed. I only take one at night. Because I'm still swollen, the pictures look almost like the before shots. My navel is much prettier than before. I know it will take time for all the swelling to be gone, so I'm not concerned. Later.

Good Morning All: No new changes to report. I...

Good Morning All: No new changes to report. I slept better. Still in the recliner. I'm concerned because I have no oozing from the drain sites or navel like others have reported. I took a photo this morning, but won't post because it looks like yesterday's photo. I have to keep reminding myself that I'm still swollen. I guess I'm getting antsy and want to see a flat, flat stomach now.
You look good! I am swollen the same way. I hope you feel better about it soon, I think from now on I will only post my pics once a week.
Thanks ArmyWife88: I did feel a better this morning. The swelling is going away, slooowly :)
Good I'm happy that you feel better!

9 Days PO Hello everyone: My husband gave me a...

9 Days PO
Hello everyone: My husband gave me a nice wash down last night (not a full shower) and it felt very nice. I slept well. When I got up this morning, my belly appeared to be much flatter than yesterday. I was so excited, I decided to try on one of my tee shirts. YEAH!!! I think I look great in it! I thought about not eating breakfast because I didn't want to put anything into the flat belly. But realized, the gas would cause me to swell. I move around with much ease. My back pain has decreased. I sleep on my side (still in recliner). I find that I itch a lot around the belly area. There is still no oozing from the navel or the former drain locations. Haven't taken any pain medications since very early yesterday. Will take updated photos in a couple of days.
You are looking hot!!! Loving it!!! What time are you going on the 30th?...i have a 10.00am appt that day too..
My appointment is at 9 AM.
okay maybe well get to see each other..i should be there about 9.30 that day...glad to hear that you are coming along...

10 Days PO Hello All: I took my antibiotics (6PM...

10 Days PO
Hello All: I took my antibiotics (6PM dose) without eating, because I was not hungry. BIG, BIG MISTAKE!!!! By 6:15 PM I started to feel very nauseas and dizzy. Realizing what was the cause, I proceeded to eat a piece of fruit cake and drink more water (I drink a gallon of water every 15 hours since surgery). To no avail. I began vomiting for the next few minutes (but it felt like hours). The strain of the vomit caused me great pains in my belly area. Felt like when one cough after a tt. Painful!! Finally, I took pepto bismal and fell asleep. I actually slept in my bed for the first time since the tt. I tossed and turned all night, so I will return to the recliner tonight. Don't know how anyone is able to sleep in a regual bed right after a tt. Or maybe, I'm just a whimp when it comes to pain. I have not taken any pain meds. There is still no oozing at any of the sites. When I woke up this morning, my stomach was flatter than yesterday. I asked my husband to take pictures for me, but he takes to long to snap the photo, which causes me to get angry. So I'll just wait for my daughter to take the pictures for me. My husband keep saying how slim I look and that he can see my waist line. He encouraged me to take a ride to Home Depot with him and I'm glad I agreed. It's a little difficult getting into the CRV and I don't walk as fast as usual. I'm so looking forward to getting back into the gym and running in the park. I hope everyone is healing and doing well.

11 Days PO Hello Everyone: I had a wonderful...

11 Days PO
Hello Everyone: I had a wonderful shower last night and slept like a baby. The swelling is decreasing. Headed out to the salon for my weekly hair appointment; got on the subway for the first time since the tt and I was a tiny bit afraid. I don't know why. Old habits are hard to break, in that, I always use my body to push out or into the turnstile. Well I did that today and was reminded that I had a big cut in that area, and almost screamed!!! I showed off my new scar to my stylist. Of course, she wants the information to the doctor so she can get a consultation :) . I opted to take the bus back home. Oh, I ususally can walk to the subway from my house in about 4-5 minutes. Today, it took 10 minutes :(. Can't wait until I'm fully recovered.
Hi Brooklyn, looking good, congrats to u and happy healing!

14 Days PO Well today was my first day back to...

14 Days PO
Well today was my first day back to work since my tt. Wasn't so bad. Although I sit at a desk, I'm up and down between 3 floors continously dealing with staff. I worked 12 hours and was happy to get home, shower, and sit in my recliner. I've been sleeping in the bed two nights now. The swelling is sloowly going down, with the exception of what looks like a small water balloon on my upper left belly area. My doctor said not to worry, since it doesn't hurt or my skin has not changed colors. I sent him a photograph of the area on Sunday. The doctor also said that the fluids would eventually go away, if not he can drain the fluids out (hopefully it goes away) during an office visit. Even with the swelling, my skirts have more room around the belly area, looks nice. Haven't put on any pants, other than running pants, yet. Until next time, happy healing to everyone.

Week 4 Hello All: I saw my PS on 4-30-12. He...

Week 4
Hello All: I saw my PS on 4-30-12. He removed the bandage and it was painless. The balloon spot I was worried about is completely gone. I'm so happy!! It still feels like I've done 500 situps and I love it. My PS said I can start walking now and start exercising this week. So excited. Interesting thing, my PS did not advise me to use any scar creams. I went online and found that some doctors don't think they are necessary. I love the way I look in my clothes. I'm still swollen a bit, but I'm not concerned because I know it will take time. Once again, I took my camera to my PS, so I'm downloading a few photos. Until next time, happy healing to you all.
you look great!
You look phenomenal!!

25th TT Day: Hello All: I still healing. There is...

25th TT Day:
Hello All: I still healing. There is still some swelling and a tiny bit of oozing from one drain area. I believe it happens because of my constant movement at work (up & down, up & down for 9 hours). Yes, I'm one of those folks who doesn't know how to work a 7.5 day and call it quits. I'm exhausted right now, but I wanted to post some pictures that I just took by myself. So they are not the best, but will give you an idea of how I'm progressing. I still wear my veronica garment during the day and my binder at night. I haven't began a work out yet, because by the time I leave work, I'm exhausted. My appetite has decreased tremendously. Chat with you all again soon and Happy Mother's Day!!!!
Summer ready girl! Looking good. How much smaller are you?
Thank you degree.
Looking good congrats
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