Pubic Area Electrolysis - New York, NY

Hi ladies, I have a question, I did electrolysis...

Hi ladies, I have a question, I did electrolysis on my pubic area, I have blond hair and it took around year and half to remove, I almost finished, however it's so much pain! To do it down there, I used emla cream before treatment, however I could not tolerate the pain so every treatment I did local shots of anesthetic ,( exactly the same like in dentist office when they do anesthetic in teeth ,)very painful needles there.... But after that I didn't feel anything, I heard that there are machines that won't hurt, I don't know what ripe of electrolysis women did to me ( one needle and it's make little noise every time hair removed) I have blind hair which can be more difficult to remove, but I can't tolerate the pain to remove everything , I did only pubic area, I like results! So smooth but I want to remove more down there... But I can't have there even local shots, I tried and it was to painful, so there is a way or machine that won't hurt???? I post pictures u can see where I did


Hi sandra ,i'm very glad that I have found someone who try this,cause my wedding is next year,and I really want to get ride off all my pubic hair ,but the problem that my hair is black is that mean it will be more painful and difficult process than yours??
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Who did you get Electrolysis done by in NY ? What is the name of the Electrologist and the place?
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