Pubic Area Electrolysis - New York, NY

Hi ladies, I have a question, I did electrolysis...

Hi ladies, I have a question, I did electrolysis on my pubic area, I have blond hair and it took around year and half to remove, I almost finished, however it's so much pain! To do it down there, I used emla cream before treatment, however I could not tolerate the pain so every treatment I did local shots of anesthetic ,( exactly the same like in dentist office when they do anesthetic in teeth ,)very painful needles there.... But after that I didn't feel anything, I heard that there are machines that won't hurt, I don't know what ripe of electrolysis women did to me ( one needle and it's make little noise every time hair removed) I have blind hair which can be more difficult to remove, but I can't tolerate the pain to remove everything , I did only pubic area, I like results! So smooth but I want to remove more down there... But I can't have there even local shots, I tried and it was to painful, so there is a way or machine that won't hurt???? I post pictures u can see where I did
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