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1 procedure done with 1540, the setting was on...

1 procedure done with 1540, the setting was on 50. I was swollen for 2-3 days. Not bad at all. No complications. 1540 worked well. I could definitely see improvement.
I had 2 more procedures done with palomar icon (my doctor bought a new laser) . Things are getting better
Feel free to contact me, if you need any info.
Do you know if that doctor does it for stretch marks can I have there phone number and location
Hi, Did you get any waffling print/pattern on your face? I've read bad reviews about that.

Thanks for sharing our story with us.  What kind of specific improvements did you see (pore size, wrinkles, etc)?  As the community manager, I'm asked all the time to keep encouraging people to share more details, so please accept this as a well-intentioned request from thousands.

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