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I'm new to Real Self but I love it!!!! It's like...

I'm new to Real Self but I love it!!!! It's like an online family lol. This site is extremely helpful. Making the decision to go under the knife is no easy task and I'm grateful for sites like this because it helps you connect with others like myself.

I haven't posted any wish pics so I will now. I do not want a bum you can see from the moon but just enough! Tell me what you think........


That was how much it coast u 5000 for evrything
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No it was 3,500.
Cute pics and have you found the doctor
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21 days smoke free

Hey! Hi! Hello! RS , So I have kicked the habit of smoking!! I am very excited about that. I haven't had and sky rocketing urges "thank God!" I also have been taking a list of vitamins such as multi, b12, iron, folic acid, vitamin c, d3,& biotin (just for my own reasons). I am feeling good and I'll soon be looking even better!!!! Tomorrow I'm scheduled for a vi peel and then the countdown starts for the BBL. I am still aiming for early November. How long before your surgery should you stop taking vitamins?


Where in Brooklyn ?
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Where in Brooklyn are you getting your BBL
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Hi CottonKandy I'm getting my sx done in the DR and Dr.Duran is doing it *Boss Lady*
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