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Well I'm young gal who attends college with no...

Well I'm young gal who attends college with no children. I weigh about 135 and my bra size was a 34 DD . So my shoulder issue was unbearable , even doing physical activities such as running on a treadmill or jumping jack. The weight on my chest was very due to my breast that were very over sized for my body. Also adding as I'm getting older my breast started to sag and made the situation a bit worse.

Its been 2 weeks since my operation and the second day I saw them I was SO happy to see them up perky and a reasonable size. But now after the Dr. removing the white stickers that were over my stitches I have noticed I what they call " wound separation" .

Its scary to see this and Im concerned if it would get better or worse. I have looked up information about it and didn't get much on it. All I know its a wound without pain but does leak a little yellow liquid. Overall I'm completely relieved with the procedure and at last I have breast that fit me and I can be fine with.

I feel very inpatient about these wound...

I feel very inpatient about these wound separations, I wished I could speak to someone who had the same issue to better help me in this situation. My PS does say its normal , but they are so ugly looking and gross. I fear my results will not be what I am looking forward to! Monday I have an appointment to see the PS and hopefully everything will go well !

Hi everyone I saw my PS yesterday, no worries or...

Hi everyone I saw my PS yesterday, no worries or concerns the wounds seem to be healing well , slowly but shortly! I see the difference myself . I forgot to ask a few questions , I'm curious to know how much was taken out of my breast and its been a month and a few days since the surgery and forgot to ask when I can start wearing regular bras?... Other than that everything is going well swelling on my right breast (the bigger one) seems to be going down as well. I'm so excited to see the final product . Its such an amazing feeling have this relief :)

Hi everyone . Sorry I haven't been on , just some...

Hi everyone . Sorry I haven't been on , just some recent updates on my breast reduction. I think I permanently have lost sensation on one of the nipples. Other than that no complaints with the healing just one breast is slightly bigger than the other. The scars seem to be improving slowly but shortly.

It been 5 months now & I'm still some what...

It been 5 months now & I'm still some what concerned about one of my breast as it is still slightly bigger then the other. i would think by now it shouldn't be swollen. Also I would like to know if theres any good cream to use for the scarring? any suggestions would be very useful .thank you !

I haven't been on here lately but I was wondering...

I haven't been on here lately but I was wondering if anyone can suggest any good remedies for the scars ? also wanted to know if it was normal for one breast to be larger than the other???
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My PS recommended ScarZone. You can get it at Wal-Mart for about $10. It is a silicone based cream that has worked very well for me. My son had surgery on his wrist that left a large, red, hypertrophied scar and we have used it on there and it is fading. I think the best thing though is just regular massage with anything that softens the skin. Good luck!
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Try the Palmer's Vitamin E Skin Therapy Oil.  Or the Bio Oil.  I have used both but prefer the smell of the Palmer's.  Firm circular massage on all incisions 2 times a day.   

Here are some links to the products so you are able to see what they look like.

Palmer's Oil

Bio Oil

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Glad you are feeling well. Have you spoken with your PS about the loss of sensation?
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I'm so glad everything is going better. I go my first bra this past weekend. It is a Bali that has a wide band at the bottom that is very soft and molded cups. It is still much larger than I wish it were, but am continuing to be hopeful that I'm going to shrink some more. But even though I'm still a DD I am thrilled with the perky girls I have now. And the relief from shoulder pain is amazing! Hope everything continues to go well for you!
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Im doing a little better the wounds don't have the white stuff anymore and look somewhat pink. My appointment is this Monday so I will keep you posted . This process of healing seems so long !
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Yes it is long and can be frustrating.  Hang in there because there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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Hey its me again!

I am having a similar situation. I have an appt with my PS tomorrow (one week followup) and tonight I notice a yellow ish discharge under my right breast. Its also at the T junction closer to the beginning of my incision near my underarm. I hope that doesn't mean I will have wound separation. I will keep you posted on my page.

Keep me updated on ur wound care as I may be in ur situation...
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Good luck at your appointment today, Itty Bitty. I hope it all goes well.
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How are you doing?

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Thank you for the update:)   This will all turn out fine and you will be happy in the end.  

Don't be afraid to wash the incisions.  Go gentle and it really doesn't hurt.  You are a bit numb so go for it.

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Hi guys! thanks for being concerned. I went to the doctors office today , he took a look at it and said everything was fine. There isn't much blood and today it actually was no blood thats to show how little came out but he did say being that I'm so young my skin tends to be tighter than an older woman so therefore that cause the tension to cause the wound at my T-Junction. He saids the white stuff on it is not puss , which normally people think it is but instead its something produced by the body , its like a bandage , so he saids. Well he said if I'm brave enough and dare to scrub with the gauze during the showering and get rid of all the white stuff so it ca be a quicker healing process. He did reassure me all of this is common, he's been doing it for 15 years. He also said the wounds do sometimes tend to get bigger. Hopefully I will have courage enough to clean it and help me heal because these wounds are not attractive to look at!. I will try to post some pictures soon to give you guys a better idea of what I'm dealing with.
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How did your appointment with the doctor go today?
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Today I noticed some very minor bleeding and called my Dr. & asked me to come in tomorrow. I am very scared because it seems to me the wounds are getting bigger which isn't a good sign . I was really anticipating a quick recovery and unfortunately its not turning out the way I wish it would be.
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Give me an update darling...

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Just keep an eye on those incisions and keep in contact with your doctor.   

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Yes my insurance covered it so I'm really happy and relieved about that :)
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Hi there,

Here's what some doctors have to say about wound separation. It's great that you were able to get this done and resolve your shoulder issues. Did insurance cover your procedure?

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