I Want a Booty Soooo Bad - Aventura, florida

Im 25 years old and after years of being insecure...

im 25 years old and after years of being insecure about my body ITS TIME FOR CHANGE lol. im a 38dd but as for my a$$ i seem to cant find it. lol im black indian and portuguese. i have a nice exotic look to me and getting a nice booty will complete me. i live in nyc but leaning towards dr. salama. i sent them an email with my measurements along with pics of my body back and side. i told them i wanted a kim k booty. i hope to hear from the real soon cause im so ready. in the mean time i need to figure out how imma pay for this cause credit is bad lol #dontjudgeme

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Anyone how long dr.salama takes to get back to you...

anyone how long dr.salama takes to get back to you with email about price and his opinions? i also booked an appointment with dr.kenneth francis in nyc. im going to more afternoon to see wat he has to say but im realy hoping ti hear from salama soon


yes i agree i just want a booty :( i wrote dr. salama back reminding him im only 25 and i have no kids as yet. i waiting for his response back but i have a feeling i wont be getting a bbl anytime soon. i tryna lose about 25 llbs right now though. im taking this herbal pill called fruta planta to help shed lbs i hope it helps
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No I wasn't recommended to receive a tummy tuck. I am concerned with extra skin sagging but I too have never had kids. A tummy tuck is way too invasive for me at this point in my life.
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did he recommend a tummy tuck cause dr salama said i needed one but i dont have kids yet. he said my skin will sag without it. good luck with francis
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I dont no wat to do. dr recommends a tt with my...

i dont no wat to do. dr recommends a tt with my bbl and i really dont want one. he says my skin will sag and once i told him i dont have any kids he said its perfectly fine and i can still have kids.....wtf


girl i want a bbl soooo bad to. i feel you on everting. maybe we can go around the same time to save money. good luck :-)
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Good Luck
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I am unsure about that. I mean I'm 29 and I still have hope to have at least one child. I feel that when I do my stomach will be stretched like crazy. Then it would be even harder if you really did one a TT later on if you already received one. Dr. S work is great but if he won't do it without the TT you might want to get more opinions.
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