Waiting six months to see if I'm going for Round "2"

Good morning to all! Had my labs and EKG done...

Good morning to all! Had my labs and EKG done today just waiting for the Doc to call with results. Hoping all went well the nurse said my heart rate was a little low but hopefully all is well, wish me luck! If all goes well I will be in recovery this time next Friday. I'm so excited soon Instead of talking about getting it done I will be posting pro- op pictures! Yah me

Three days and counting!

Ok I received good news today my nurse Chris called today and said that all my labs were good! Ooh now I'm super excited three more days and I will have the curves that I've been wishing for. It's on now went out today to get a little more items that I'm going to need, but still not finished hopefully I can complete the rest tomorrow! I'm glad I started getting everything a couple of pieces at a time or else I would be broke. But in the long run its all worth it anything for me I believe I deserve this! Pics to come hopefully on my next update.

More awful pics!

Here are some more pictures of my before, keeping my fingers cross that Dr.Fallek does the Dam thing! I have confidence that he will he's suppose to be the best at body sculpture I just wish he had pictures to share of BBL patiences that everyone could see! I saw a couple at his office that were excellent but I feel every procedure he does should be posted! That's how you build your clientele but let it be known soon as I get mines done it will be posted. The last picture is computer imaging I would love to look like that.

Surgery day!

Good morning ladies , the day has finally come! Sitting here waiting for my doc to come in and do my marking. So ready to get this done its funny though I'm sitting here and I'm freaking starving I hope my appetite is like this after I'm done! Anyway keep in your prayers everyone will update later if not today tomorrow .. In a couple of hours I will have my new Curves woo hoo!!!

Feeling pretty good a little pain!

Ok rested a little have to say the product make me heal is an excellent item to have before and after the procedure practically no bruising minimum pain, that along with pineapple juice! The nurses was surprised when I woke from my well needed sleep my first question to them is when can I eat lol. Every single one of the nurses were excellent glad I chose Palisades wasn't getting good reviews but I found them to be great thanks ladies. Ok judgement is still in on Dr Fallek so far everything looks good! Ok here are the post op pictures tell me what you think and please be honest. It still a lot of swelling going on but hopefully it will get better!

Will take some better ones!

I will post some better ones in a couple of days, when the swelling goes down a little more.

Not very happy

Ok it's been a week now after my procedure, I am looking at my results right now and I'm not very happy with them. In the beginning it looked fine probably because I was still under the anesthia, but looking now the butt is not is big as I was hoping for and at the bottom it still looks flat no projection at all and it still looks square my waist still looks the same no curves wow!!! All I can do is look and cry! Why me seems like every time I go for a procedure and spend all this money I get .uck.. And the bad part about it this time is that I did my research for over a year! Dang I go back to Dr. Fallek on Monday I have to let him know that I am miserable with this outcome don't get me wrong he's an excellent Dr. But not for this procedure .

How it should look

This is how it should verses how it looked its since went down!

More pics

Week after!

More 1week photos

Starting to see progress

Ok it's been 29 days since my bbl wasn't so happy in the beginning , but I think I'm starting to see a little progress. Still wish it could of been a little bigger but we will see still a little swollen in the stomach and hoping the ass will drop and fluff but I guess I have to be patient. I know for a fact the I will be going for a round two but like I said I'm trying to wait for the final results before I take that leap! Still hopeful

Round 2

I think I'm going for a round 2 I will go to DR this time around! Here are some wish pictures I hope to get these results on my next go round I hate that I have to spend more money on another round! But I have to do what I have to do to make me happy! Dam I was so hoping that I got the results in the first try, I have a couple more month to go to determine if I'm actually going to do it I hope not but I don't see the fluff. I'm a month and some days in so I'm going to go The six month and see what happens! Still waiting
Englewood Plastic Surgeon

So far it's good lets see when the swelling goes down! Excellent doctor.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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ok . well. you know how it is suppose to look after being on rs and reading other profiles. I see DR in your future but I could be wrong.
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Yes Alwayswantedabooty, I see DR in my future too it have to wait a couple of months. But I already started the process!
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Think I need a round 2! So freaking frustrated
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Ok so today I went in for a follow up appt with the doc! I'm glad I spoke to him about me not being happy with my results. He assured me that I need to give it a little time for the swelling to go down before I actually see the results and I believe him I guess I just need to be patient and as for the stomach it will go down it still has a lot of fluid because he doesn't do the drainage procedure ! Ok feeling a little better.
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I'm so sorry. In the garment u look good. but out no really changes in shape or butt size. What do u think went wrong?
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Don't think he gave me enough cc's I go back to him Monday I am surely going to ask !
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And thanks for the honesty, I thought it was just me!
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What other procedure have you had besides this one? Also, give it little time to fluff,I see some fat back there but I totally get it
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I also had vaser liposuction done on my flanks and stomach!
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Oh okay, I had that in 2011 and wasted my money! It does not work, you have to stick with traditional lipo
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Trust your research. Let your booty settle a bit. I'm in the same boat as far as projection is concerned. But if you look at BigBootyTinyWaist profile, she has a pic from 2 week post-op and 6 months post-op...her projection grew and the shape of her butt changed and now looks even better that post-op. I'm holding out hope that the Fluffing Fairies will pay me a visit. My surgeon told me that the butt goes through so many changes over the first few months...it may be flat one day, huge the next, and different sized cheeks the next...just let your body heal and don't stress too much over the day to day changes. Sending positive vibes your way! Happy healing.

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Thank you Zulu Princess for the positive outlook! I will sit back and see what happens and pray that the square ness take form!
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Yes ma'am! No problem! It's hard to go through all the emotions post-op, but it's nice to have other women here on Realself that are going through similar emotions! After 6 months - 1 year...if you are still not satisfied you can consider other options. But give it some time!
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I wish you could like comments on RS, I respect the love on here And @jennifer45862 thx for sharing your story, I'm sorry your results aren't to you liking now but I agree with Zulu give it time and wear your faja you probably need to get a different kind remember your body is swollen and the faja helps contour your shape, I haven't gotten mine yet but I can't waited to share my story with you Happy healing my bbl sister it'll get better!
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Give it more time.... it may fluff up
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DR would have been different
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Yes I know now!!!
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Look good. Looking good looking forward to more pics
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Thank you Ms. Queen.
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So far really good cant wait to see the outcome when all the swelling goes down!
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Goodluck. Keep updating
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Thanks I sure Will!
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how many cc's did u get jetta467
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He said he gave me 525 cc in each cheek! Don't look like it sad.
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Good luck, hun. Wishing u a speedy recovery! Don't forget to update.
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