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Hey I am 26 years old. Weigh 190lbs and 5'5. I...


I am 26 years old. Weigh 190lbs and 5'5. I have a one year old son. I'm interested in getting a mommy make over. My pregnancy left me with mild saggy boobies, stretch loose, flabby stomach and split abdominal muscles (Diastatis recti). Although I still have my curves, it had been flawed with mommy scars. Im interested in getting a mommy makeover in the near future; tummy tuck, breast lift, and butt lift. I heard DR do pretty good work.

does any body have any advice and suggestions.


Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! I hope you'll use this space to keep us updated as you get closer to your mommy makeover.

If you do go to the DR for this procedure, make sure you go to a plastic surgeon who is board certified in that country.

Here are reviews from a couple ladies who've had their work done in the DR:

I hope this is helpful! Keep us posted.


Like I explained in my previous post

Like I explained in my previous post, I'm currently 26 years old with one child who is now 13 months. The pregnancy left me with a loose flabby stomach and a diastasis recti, and a whole lot of stretch marks. I'm currently doing research on procedures. I know I definitely want to repair my Diastatis recti and also want to lose my ugly stomach. But the more I'm researching, the more work I want to get done. Don't quite know if I necessarily need it. For instance, butt jobs. They look so good!!. Know I'm considering on getting a bigger butt as well as an butt lift.

I seriously need suggestions as well as all the advice I can get. I really just want to get the pre baby body back, at least close to it.

So a couple questions now are:

1. Should I get a full tummy tuck or lipo the stomach. Don't quite know which is more effective for my specific situation.
2. My breast always hang but since the pregnancy, its hanging more. I'm currently a D cup. Do I get implants or just a breast lift?
3. Finally the tush, I don't want a gigantic over exaggerated booty. I just want a lil enhancement that still makes it look real. So should I get implants or fat transfer

Im going to post a few before and after baby pics
You already look great to me!! I understand about getting to the pre-pregnancy stage. Regarding the tummy tuck, are you all done having children? I did see one review of a woman who got pregnant after her makeover and she still looked good. I love looking at pics of women who got their work done in the DR. Most of their shapes appear amazing. The prices seem quite affordable. Good luck to you.
No. I hoping I have another child before I'm 30, because that's my cut off point. I figure the procedures will be a birthday present to myself for my 30th. So I'm trying to do as much research as possible from now, so when that time comes, im ser. Have you gotten any work done? Especially in DR?
No work yet. It never hurts to do early research

Just edited pix

Just edited pix

13 post pregnancy

These are just pictures I simply forgot to post.
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