New Boobies for my New Body (BA & BL) - Brookline, MA

Hi ladies - You all look so gorgeous on here....

Hi ladies - You all look so gorgeous on here. Thank you for the courage it takes to post your stories! I'm scheduled for a breast lift & breast implants on Monday, and I can't wait!

My stats: I'm 34 years old, with one son (who is 16), I'm almost 5'6 and I weigh 135 lbs. My bust size is 34B and the implants will be in the range of 200-250cc's, type is Saline and placement will be under the muscle. The official name of the procedure is "bilateral breast augmentation mastopexy". I believe the lift being used is called the Benelli Lift.

My doc has permission to go anywhere between 200cc-280cc. I trust her judgement and she knows I do not want to go too large but I do want a full cleavage and symmetry. I have a very professional job and career, and a conservative family so I have to be able to be discreet. I'm hoping for a full 34C-36C.

I recently lost about 5 lbs and have been eating healthy and exercising regularly in order to prep for the surgery. I'm using the same surgeon, who performed my tummy tuck so I feel confident that I am in good hands.

I feel more prepared for this than I did for my TT, I'm praying that it is less stressful than that procedure. I've always wanted gorgeous breasts and I can't wait to get them! Pictures to come...


Hope all went well today! Mine is next Tuesday 500cc hp silicone. A bbl? That sounds like a lot of work! Tell me about it because they are getting so popular now
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The surgery went happy to be on the...

The surgery went happy to be on the other side. I'm sore and my chest aches. I've heard people say this...and yes it does feel like you have done 5000 pushups and have a serious case of

The end result was 240CC in the right breast and 270 in the left breast


Hi there...yep, everything went well. I'm aching a bit but the pain is manageable. Good luck for next week Tuesday!! My doctor did a slight lift and made my areolas smaller. It makes recovery a lot worse but if you have saggy breasts most Drs. will recommend a BL with the implants.

Feeling better but my boobies have been so itchy. ...

Feeling better but my boobies have been so itchy. Has anyone else experienced that? I've been using the extra strength Tylenol instead of the prescription and I'm also bloated and I can't figure out why but it sounds like others have gone through that.

I also realize that "morning boob" is more like "whenever you lay down and get up boob" (in my case). The first 2-3 days were the worst but the feeling of heaviness is getting better, slowly but surely. Can't wait for the swelling to go down... Happy Healing, ladies!

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Returned to work on Day 8, first day was rough....

Returned to work on Day 8, first day was rough. Felt like I was in a fog. I was in pain and took Tylenol all day. But I love that my results are discreet so it's easy for me to cover them up with work clothes (and my co-workers are none the wiser).

Still sleeping on a bed of more comfortable than it is. And I take tylenol during the night. I didn't really rely on the hard drugs during this surgery (not sure why).

The chest pain during the morning on Days 8 thru 10 was horrible. It's gotten better, thank goodness. And the itching has stopped. I have nipple sensitivity. ugh. Hopefully this improves over time.

All in all everything is going well. I started my scar treatment (with the silicone sheets), on Day 12 and I can't wait for the results. I usually buy the CVS Scar Treatment Silicone Sheets. They work!!


Would it be possible for you to post new pics since it has been over one year since your procedure? I'm scheduled for a breast lift with Dr. Halperin and I was considering getting small implants along with the lift to improve the shape of my boobs. However, Dr Halperin told me she wouldn't do it a BL and BA in the same surgery... Don't really get why if you had both procedures at once, and also made your areolas smaller, as I also wish to get. Your 13 days post op results look really good!
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Hi there...I'll try to take some later tonight or maybe tomorrow morning. It could be because of the type of lift you are getting? I got the Benelli Lift and yes, it was all done in one procedure.
Hi there...Yes, I'll try to post some new ones either tonight or tomorrow morning. I love the results. I'm not sure why she told you that, I know everyone is different and maybe it's because of the type of lift you are getting? I got the Benelli Lift and (yes) had both procedures (BA & BL) during the same surgery.

New pics...

As requested some post op of Aug 2014, 1 year and 4 months.


Thank you for posting the updated pics!
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