20 Year Old College Student Size 34H to 34C Just Wanting to Feel Better - Brookline, MA

I have been on this site for quite sometime now...

I have been on this site for quite sometime now dreaming about having a Breast Reduction. Well, I have finally taken the first steps!
My story is the same as all of you: I've had large breasts since puberty, I am self conscious, terrible back pain, and I desire to feel more confident, comfortable, and happy! I am 5'8 and have a pretty normal size frame but my bust makes me look so much larger. I have not worn a regular bra in over a year. It is too uncomfortable so I only wear sports bras. This makes clothing much harder to find and makes me self conscious when I walk outside every day.
I am living in Chicago but I am flying home to Boston to have the procedure done. I flew home the other day to spend some time with family but also to have my consultation.
Dr. Halperin has multiple surgeries on the day of my consultation so I was squeezed in between her surgery times. I was nervous about this at first, afraid I would feel rushed and wouldn't have time to ask questions. I was wrong! She was professional, took her time with me, and covered all of the bases! I watched a video to start and cried, both because I'm an emotional person, and because I am nervous and excited all at the same time. Then the Dr. came in and told me all about the procedure and addressed my issue with anesthesia. I told her I would like to go from a 34H to a 34C! She said this was perfectly realistic and she believes I am a great candidate.
So now we play the waiting game. My info was sent off to the insurance company so hopefully I hear in the next week or so if I have been approved.
Thanks to all you ladies for sharing your stories and photos I can't wait to have this done and to pay it forward to others on this site who are looking for comfort, hope, and a place to find answers.

Update- Insurance & Setting The Date

Hello everyone,
Sorry I have not been on here in forever but with school starting and other priorities this fell by the wayside. However, making arrangements for surgery have not taken the back burner!
My insurance approved the whole thing! (YAYAYYY!) I am very happy about this and so thankful that my insurance (Harvard Pilgrim) was able to cover the surgery in full!
So as soon as I got word that I had been approved I set the date! School ends on Nov. 24th, I fly home the 25th, Pre-op the 26th and surgery on December 2nd!! I cannot believe that the time is coming and I actually have an appointment.
I really have not been able to pin point my exact feelings. I am not nervous nor and I happy that I am having surgery. I think I'm more determined to get it over with and get on with my life.
Before everything was approved I was having strange dreams about surgery but since I made the appointment these dreams have subsided. I really feel ready for this and determined to get this all over with and come out on the other side as a new person. Anyone else have these types of mixed feelings?
Thanks ladies! I will be sure to update before pre-op and of course the rest of the journey!!

I Think I'm Over Thinking It

In my last post I talked about mixed feelings. Well right now in this moment I'm scared. I'm babysitting, the baby is asleep, and I have found myself surfing this site rather than doing homework (typical college student).... & all of a sudden a HUGE flood of nerves and questions has come over me. I jotted all of this questions down but I'm also going to write them here...sorry if they don't make total sense its a lot of just word/question vomit from whats swirling around in my brain.

-rather have smaller & flatter than bigger and perkier (don't care about preserving the shape I just want a c/d NEVER DD)
-extra skin make this hard to make smaller?
-Will I have extra skin?
- removing lower tissue pedicle rather than superior pedicle method
-vertical lift rather than wise-pattern anchor
-mederma scar cream, vasiline, coco butter?
-genie bra, sports bra with clips, front clip bra? Over the head sports bra ok?
-what bra will help them to maintain shape?
-any way to make all my blue veins go away?
-What if pain pills make me sick like when I got my wisdom teeth removed?

Ugh! I feel overwhelmed. I can't believe I'm 20 & having to have breast reduction! I'm trying to stay positive and think about how nice it will be to have it done with and then actually be able to dress like I'm 20 rather than constantly wearing Size L or XL clothing and be more comfortable in everyday life.
Okay that is my rant for today. If you can make sense of any of my odd questions feel free to answer! Thanks ladies! :)

We're Getting Closer!

Less than a month till the big day! My feelings about the whole thing still go back and fourth but I know in my heart of hearts that this is necessary and will be life changing for me! I keep thinking about how different life will. I few times I've had to buy clothes, such as the dress shown in these pictures, I just think "This will look so much better in just a few months!" I'm also planning a trip to Las Vegas for my 21st this summer and I know I will be SO thankful for the surgery when I can finally wear a swimsuit and sexy dresses!

Back Pain & Rescheduling

Hello ladies!
Recently I have been receiving so much support form friends, family, & all of you which really makes this so much better!
Today and yesterday I have had major back and shoulder pain. With finals coming this week for school it's all just getting to be too much and all I can think about is how much relief I will have when I'm finally on the other side.
My only rant for right now is that my PS keeps rescheduling my Pre-op! This is the 2nd time she has rescheduled on me so I'm starting to get worried that my surgery could be rescheduled which CANNOT HAPPEN since I'm coming all the way out to MA from Chicago just to have this done & to have enough recovery time at my parents house. Hopefully nothing will get changed again.
My only big question at the moment is a lot of my friends keep asking me how long I will be recovering for and I never really know what to say but i think the biggest thing is they want to know how long it can be before I can move my arms over my head. What have you all experienced?
Thanks ladies! xoxo
Dr. Terri Halperin

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