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I have been on this site for quite sometime now...

I have been on this site for quite sometime now dreaming about having a Breast Reduction. Well, I have finally taken the first steps!
My story is the same as all of you: I've had large breasts since puberty, I am self conscious, terrible back pain, and I desire to feel more confident, comfortable, and happy! I am 5'8 and have a pretty normal size frame but my bust makes me look so much larger. I have not worn a regular bra in over a year. It is too uncomfortable so I only wear sports bras. This makes clothing much harder to find and makes me self conscious when I walk outside every day.
I am living in Chicago but I am flying home to Boston to have the procedure done. I flew home the other day to spend some time with family but also to have my consultation.
Dr. Halperin has multiple surgeries on the day of my consultation so I was squeezed in between her surgery times. I was nervous about this at first, afraid I would feel rushed and wouldn't have time to ask questions. I was wrong! She was professional, took her time with me, and covered all of the bases! I watched a video to start and cried, both because I'm an emotional person, and because I am nervous and excited all at the same time. Then the Dr. came in and told me all about the procedure and addressed my issue with anesthesia. I told her I would like to go from a 34H to a 34C! She said this was perfectly realistic and she believes I am a great candidate.
So now we play the waiting game. My info was sent off to the insurance company so hopefully I hear in the next week or so if I have been approved.
Thanks to all you ladies for sharing your stories and photos I can't wait to have this done and to pay it forward to others on this site who are looking for comfort, hope, and a place to find answers.
Dr. Terri Halperin

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I have my breast reduction with Dr. Halperin on Sept 16. She has been wonderful. I was worried about coverage, but she worked hard to present my case and got me it on the first try. I am a 34 DD and 28 years old. If you want to hear more about my upcoming experiences, I would be happy to share!
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Best of luck to you! You will be SO happy. I had my BR end of February. I only wish I'd done it years sooner. It has really helped in so many ways (less back/neck pain, more self esteem, less self-conscious). If I could have asked for one more thing, it would have been to ask for lipo or lipectomy for my underarm fat, which of course is cosmetic and would not be covered. I didn't know about it then either or I'd have asked. However, I am very happy and grateful to have had this opportunity at a new life. It really has been life changing for me.
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Good luck to you; I hope insurance comes through quickly! Judging from the level of social discomfort you feel with your current proportions, I bet this will be life changing for you!
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Hope you get your insurance approved. You're very fortunate to have that option over there too. My surgery is this week and the feeling is just overwhelming- in a good but slightly nervous way! :) x
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