20 Days Until My Surgery! - Brookline, MA

I have wanted a breast reduction for 30 years,...

I have wanted a breast reduction for 30 years, ever since I developed at age 15 and cant believe it is actually happening. I didn't develop early but it was very sudden. All the women in my family are small boned with large breasts. My grandma had the surgery when she was 60 - I am 44 so I think Why Wait? I am a 34DD but quite out of proportion to my frame. My weight has been as low as 115 lbs (too low for me) this year but my breasts don't shrink at all! And now that I have put some weight back on, they are even bigger than before. My surgery is scheduled for October 2nd. I have a job and two small kids but I am taking 10 days off and my mom is coming to town to help. I'm nervous about
1) the surgery - I've never had surgery before
2) the recovery - there's only so much lying around I can do with 2 kids
3) will I go through all of this and they still won't be small? I would love to get to a B but understand that it's not guaranted.
Anyway this forum was a huge inspiration to me when I was working up the courage to go see a doctor. I feel like I am doing something for myself that I really want. I am also SUPER lucky in that my insurance is covering the surgery. I will add a Before photo here. This is me IN my minimizer bra - clearly i am asking too much of this garment ;)

The other thing is that i have only told my partner and my mom that i am having the surgery - no co workers or friends which is unusual for me. I guess i want to see if they notice and to keep it personal for now. Im really good at hiding my chest so they may not even notice, but I will! Thanks for the inspiration and support everyone. :)

Pre-operative Appt - Done!

So I had my pre-op appointment yesterday with Dr Halperin. It was a lot quicker than I expected. The didn't take blood and I just had a clear mammogram, so she just gave my scrips (Percoset and a nausea patch) answered a few questions and that was it. I scheduled my 1-week follow up. She doesn't use drains and the stitches all dissolve on their own, so there's not lot to do after the surgery except rest and recover!

I have enlisted some extra help for when my mom leaves from our awesome babysitter. I didn't tell her why yet but she is going to come and help out a bit. I am not planning anything except resting for the whole month. And working after 2 weeks.

I am a little nervous about the Percocet - I had it one time for dental surgery and it made me nauseous. Hopefully it will be ok and I wont need to take it too long anyway. It's only 13 more days til my surgery - I am very excited! I can't wait til it is - over and I am on the other side. I am going to post another before pic - it's embarrassing to see myself from this angle, but it just makes me more sure that I need this surgery.

I can't stop thinking about next week!

My surgery is a week from tomorrow - it is all i can think about! It's the last thing on my mind before i fall asleep and the first thing i think of in the morning (after, 'why are my kids awake at 5am everyday?') I know it will be here before I know it, but the anticipation is killing me! I'm trying hard to take everyday as it comes and not wish them away. I know this probably sounds weird but with two kids and a job, i NEVEr get a chance to relax and i am actually looking forward to having a reason to stay in bed and having my mom here to help... even though i will be actively recovering, i wont be expected to do anything around the house for a while at least.. that is the only kind of vacation i think i will ever get :) so i will take it. More later - i'm at work!!

One week to go!

So a week from this moment I will be on the other side. I can't believe it. I ordered three seasons of Law & Order on DVD today for my convalescence. the hours just roll by when I am lying there hearing that "Du-Dum!" I can't believe this is actually going to happen. I just made plans to go see Justin Timberlake in February and was thinking that I can probably wear something cute (and maybe even strapless!) instead of my usual cover-up. Excitement!

I am going to do a bunch of 'before' pics with different tops on before my surgery, inspired by many of the photos I have seen other ladies do. It will be great to see the contrast with my after pics later..so I will post those soon.

I made it to the other side!

hi everyone - my surgery was yesterday and I will try to remember everything that happened. I wish I had been able to relax more in the days before the surgery. I had so much running around to do to get things ready at home and work for me to take some time off. I did get everything done but by Wednesday morning I was pretty stressed.

My surgery was at 915 and I arrived at Dr Halperin's office at 815. I felt thirsty because of not being able to drink anything. Everybody at her office was so kind, friendly and calmed me down and put me at ease. By the time I was ready to go to the OR I felt much more relaxed and sure that it would go ok.

So they had me do some preliminary tests and I went into the OR. The next thing I knew it was noon and I was waking up in recovery. I wasn't in pain or nauseous. I told them in advance that I get nauseous easily and the doctor gave me some extra meds. I was in recovery about an hour and then got picked up and went home. I was super drowsy the whole rest of the day and just slept.

I didn't sleep well last night - maybe because of sleeping a lot in the day - but I just watched TV. No worries on that because I don't have to go to work anyway so I can sleep all day! I have been taking one pain pill every four hours so far and the pain is not bad at all. I feel sore when I get up and walk around. Also my throat hurts mildly from the breathing tube and the meds are making me itchy! But nothing too bad so far.

I will post some additional pics now. I didn't get to take as many before pics as I had wanted to because I was so busy. I feel good about the results so far. They are definitely smaller and higher, and when I walked downstairs this morning they didn't move up and down on the stairs! I have more cleavage than I expected but that also might be from the swelling. I can shower tomorrow so I will be able to see the results better then.

My mind is a little foggy still so I will post more later. Thanks to everyone who sent me good luck wishes!


some before and after pix

A few more things...

A couple more things I forgot to say before about how I felt waking up. first, I had a hard time peeing yesterday. I felt like I really had to go but not a lot came out. This seems to have resolved itself today. Also, I am in surprisingly little pain as long as I am lying in bed. I took one pain pill at 6am today and 7 hours later I still feel fine. Sleep and rest ladies! That is key.

2 Days Post-Op

So it's been 48 hours and i'm still doing well. I haven't taken pain killers since yesterday morning - the pain really isn't that bad. My torso is sore - like I did a killer core workout yesterday! I also feel a little bloated - prob from the pain pills and the IV fluids they gave me. I peeked under the bandages today and they are so small and perky! when I look in the mirror, I think This is how I am supposed to look. I'm very happy with the results.

The hardest thing now is that my back is stiff from lying down for two days. I think I will get up and walk around the house a little and see if that helps. i'm also finding that it is not easy to do nothing, but I am doing my best. I'm used to running around like crazy all the time and I feel guilty staying in bed. But I am forcing myself to do it, as I know I need the rest and my mom's only here for a week.

I will post another picture when I take my shower.

Pix from yesterday...

so far so good! im tired but not in a lot of pain.

5 Days Post Op...

I thought I posted a bunch more pics the other day but I don't see them so I will post them again. My head is still a little cloudy! I haven't taken a pain pill since the day after the surgery - i'm not even taking Tylenol anymore! I can't believe how little pain I have had... the worst part is that my back is incredibly sore, either from lying on it too much or from some position I was in during the surgery - or both. It is very painful. I am using a heating pad and going to see my chiropractor tomorrow. So hopefully that will improve.

I have a little swelling and itching and am starting to see bruises. But nothing really bad. I have also had a lot of nausea since I took my scopa patch off after 72 hours. I think that must be from the anesthesia? it probably stays in your system for a while.

Since day 3 I have taken a small excursion every day - went to CVS to get gauze, took an extremely short walk (like half a block), just to get out of the house. Each one was followed by a 3-4 hour nap, which tells me that I still need a lot of rest. Good think I still have another 8 days off work.....

A few more photos

Thank you Mr. Chiropractor!

I just returned from a visit to my chiropractor - I took the train downtown which was a nice little outing and I did OK. He confirmed that my S/I joint and related muscles are completely locked up! He did some movements to loosen them up a bit and gave me a few exercises to do at home. He said I needed to try and move around more, that being in a stationary position isn't good for the S/I joint, but I need to balance that with what I feel like I can do being only 6 days post-op.

I made another appointment for Thursday so I guess I will just take it from there... i'm going to go lie down now...that was enough walking around for this morning.

PS I showered again today and can't believe how perky my new boobs are! I was never perky - ever. I cant tell if they are swollen - prob a little... i love them!

12 Days Post Op

I am 12 days post surgery today...everything progressing well. I had my one week follow up apt last Wednesday and the dr. was very pleased with the results so far. I am still pretty swollen so between that and the giant pads I am wearing in my bra (they're just so comfortable!) I don't look a ton smaller with a shirt on. but when I take my shirt and or bra off I notice a huge difference. I am just trying to heal and get back in the swing of things. I went into my office today to get a head start on tomorrow when I return to work and it went great.

I cant wait to start exercising again! I feel gross not being able to work out. Being on vacation for the past two weeks didn't help in this regard either, as I feel like I have been lying around and eating a lot :) But as soon as I can work out again that will be great....

I forgot to ask my doc how much she took out- I will have to ask her at my 3-week follow up.

3 Weeks Post Surgery

I had my 3 week follow up yesterday and the doctor said I am healing very well. She took off the steri strips which were still pretty firmly attached to my skin. I feel naked without them! My scars are already pretty light but I am going to start with Mederma today, rubbing it in 2x per day for 5 minutes. I sometimes feel tender especially around my nipple area but overall have had very little breast pain - it has all been back pain and that is improving slowly. I am still pretty swollen especially on my left side.

The doctor said she took out 250g +/- from each side with is over a cup size. It seems to me like I am going to end up a full B which is what I wanted so that measurement may be a little deceiving.

As far as activity goes, she said I can return to my normal activities as my body allows. I definitely don't feel like running but have started walking instead. Now that my chest is looking better I really want to get my core in shape!

That's all for now - I will post some more pics soon...

A month post-surgery....

Everything is going well with my healing - I hardly have any bruising. I am still swollen but now that I look back at my previous photos I can see that this has gone down. My nipples are very sensitive right now - if I get a chill (or drink alcohol for some reason) they get this tingly feeling - it kinda hurts but mostly just feels different!

My major issue so far has been my back. My S/I joint is very inflamed so I am trying to get that taken care of. As for my front, all is well! I bought a new dress this week and couldn't believe how good it looked - I feel like I am finally in the body I am supposed to be in. Now if I could only get my back in shape so I can work out again! Will post some pics in a bit...

A few more photos

Here are two more...

Wearing new clothes

One thing I forgot to mention is that last weekend we had a big Halloween party for my two year old daughter whose birthday is right before Halloween and this weekend I went to my niece's bat mitzvah. For both events I was able to wear dresses that I NEVER would have gotten away with before my surgery. It made me so happy to be able to do this! The funny thing is that I hid my breasts so much before that nobody is noticing my surgery - they all just say I look great!

Six Weeks Check Up, Etc...

I had my six week check up last week and everything seems to be going well. I have been doing Mederma on my scars and will continue to do that - they don't look too bad and I wouldn't really care if they did! The doctor took out a few stitches that were sticking out. I think I still have one or two in there but she said they will dissolve in time.

She took photos at this appointment too - she said that I will probably notice that the swelling will go down even further in time. My left breast is larger than the right - this is how it was before my surgery too - hoping that does down a bit more. Also, the little skin pouches below my breasts are still absorbing back in - the doctor said that that would continue to progress.

The doctor told me to get some underwire bras to help put a little pressure on the skin pouch areas so I went bra shopping this weekend. I have to say it was the first time I ever enjoyed bra shopping in my life! I didn't find any underwires I liked, but I did get a sports bra in 32B and a soft cup Bali bra in Medium. They are so cute - not like a flak vest like my old granny bras used to be! I almost started crying in the dressing room i was so happy. When I looked at my chest I couldn't believe it was my own body. Very happy about that!

I will post a few photos....

Reviewing Old Photos

I just looked through all my 'Before' pictures and I can't believe I walked around with those boobs since I was 15 years old! Geez. My one regret about this is not having done it sooner.

Two Months Out - Some New Pain

hi! So i am two months post surgery..still healing well but i started having some pain the last few days - it felt like a burning sensation with some shooting pains but mostly burning. Not sure if it is related to PMS, nerve sensations or just healing. It is completely tolerable, but just something new.

I will add some new photos too.. I have been doing the scar cream rubs as much as i can - my scars look pretty angry in these photos.. hopefully they will calm down a little.

I'm also back to exercising as my back feels a lot better. I got a bunch of new sports and regular bras.. im a 34B at this point which is exactly what i wanted. i even bought a bra that was a 'medium' - who ever knew that they made bras in S, M, and L? I have had a little discomfort while running - sometimes i hold myself down while i run because it hurts a little - but nothing major.

OK - going to check in on some of the other ladies here!

Same Underwear!

So I just noticed that I am wearing the same underwear in my 6- and 8-weeks post op photos - I assure you this is a coincidence and I do have multiple pairs of underwear - Haha!
Dr. Terri Halperin

My doctor is Terri Halperin in Brookline. She has been great. She has a very nice manner and really puts me at ease. Also her surgical and nursing staff was terrific before and after my surgery. Would definitely recommend her to others. She really listened to me and I am very happy with my results so far.

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So glad I stumbled upon your posts! I am 20 years old and seriously looking into a reduction. I have a consultation with Dr. Halperin this August! I currently live in Chicago for school but I want to have the surgery at home where my parents are & the best doctors in the country! Many people have told me a man is the best for "breast surgeries" but from reading about Dr. Halperin I get a good feeling. After reading your posts I am now sure that she will be the doctor for me! Thank you for sharing your story!
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Hi! Dr. Halperin is just great - i had a terrific experience with her and her staff from beginning to end. Good for you for doing this at age 20 - my one regret is that i waited so long...Yesterday was my first day in a bikini with my new breasts - it's weird because i had a hard time taking off my shirt at the pool...i think it will take me a while to realize i dont have to hide them anymore! Best of luck to you and keep us updated on how your appointment goes. Thanks!
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I'm so happy to have found this blog and your posts! I've been unhappy with the shape and how droopy my boobs are since they developed at age 15. Now I'm 28 yrs old and finally have the financial means to get the surgery done (unfortunately it's not a reduction so it's not covered by insurance). One of my friends recently had a breast augmentation with Dr. Halperin and talks wonders about her so she referred her to me. I was a bit bummed out to see that there is only one picture of breast lift at Dr. Halperin's gallery. But I'm thrilled to see how you explained your whole experience with lots of pics! I'm planning on getting my surgery done at the end of this year during the winter. I'll be scheduling my appointment at the end of July as I'm 2/3 of the way to getting fit (I've been 40 lbs overweight for about 10 yrs and started slowly losing weight and toning up since last year). Do you think that's too early to do a consult in July since I'm only planning on getting the surgery in December? You look awesome and you gave me so much more hope!!
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I'm so glad someone referred me to your post. I am 11 days post op right now and I am feeling extremely down with how my breasts are looking, but seeing your photos makes me feel comfortable with the process. I was aware of the stages, but I guess looking down it's more of a "how is this going to smooth out" thoughts going on. You look amazing!! I can't wait to work out either, have you started?? How was it when you did?
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I have to say i think you look AMAZING! Go back and look at my pics from post-surgery - I was a bruised and puckered mess. I can't believe how things have smoothed out. At this point (4 and a half months post) I am basically monitoring how the scars are fading. I think when you live with breasts you hate for so long it's hard to even accept it once they are 'fixed'. I still have this weird paranoia that they are growing back, even though Dr. H says this will not happen unless I gain weight. I'm so glad I took the before pictures i did - it's helpful to compare what I used to look like with what I look like now. You look really terrific! I started working out again about 6 weeks after my surgery. I had to scale back on running because I was having pains. But at this point I feel like I can do most anything. I'm excited for the summer and to be able to wear dresses and bathing suits without a giant bra or underwire! I will post some news pics this week so you can see scars at 4+ months. so far so good. So hang in there - with the results you have right now it's just going to keep getting better! xo
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Ahh yay. So refreshing to hear, thank you so much!! :)
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You look so good. I have been considering this for at least five years. First I thought I would try to shrink them by just loosing weight. Well I tend to lose weight in lots of other places before the boobs but when I finally lost 18lbs, I did drop down to a large C cup but I ended up gaining the weight back over a year and now I am up to a 34DD. I am thinking that getting a reduction would be the best way to get them down to a large B and then I wouldn't have to worry about losing so much more in order for the lose to show up in the boobs. I love in MA and I am just starting to look at the Drs. available in the area. I was wondering if you had considered any other surgeons and why you decided to go with Dr. Halperin? Also, what insurance do you have and did it take a lot to get them to cover the surgery. I have been going to a chiropractor for a while and I have been having to treat the rash under the boobs when I exercise, especially in the summer. I used to bike a lot and pretty much gave it up because of how annoyed I am with my size and how they get so irritated when I sweat. You look great and I love the size you ended up at and how "stable" they look, not all floppy if you know what I mean.
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hi! i also tried losing weight - unfortunately even when i got down to like 115 (which is not really sustainable for me) my breasts did not shrink much at all...I am so happy i had the reduction. I felt really comfortable with dr halperin and she had great credentials - also her office staff was wonderful to me and made me feel really comfortable. and her office is close to my house which was really convenient. i have BCBS and they just approved it...i had also seen a chiropractor for years so i am sure that will help.. thank you for your comments! i have to say i am very happy i did this - the only regret is waiting as long as i did...and i highly recommend dr halperin - i have nothing at all bad to say about her, her work or the practice! good luck and keep us posted!
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Hi, I had my consult with Dr. Halperin. She is so nice but she was running behind and I felt a bit rushed and didn't ask all the questions I wanted to. I told the girl at the front desk when I was leaving. The next morning Dr.Halperin called me and said I could email all my questions to her and she will answer them. I thought that was fantastic, wasn't expecting that at all. So how are you doing with the healing at this point? Are you still happy with the results? I was also wondering if BCBS paid your claim yet? I saw that you had 250grams removed but they told me that it had to be 350grams and that pre-approval means they will only pay if that requirement is met. This makes me so nervous because Dr. Halperin thinks she can take out that much but can't guarantee it. If your claim has been paid by them then I won't be nervous at all. P.S Are you planning on posting anymore "after" photos? I'd love to see how you are doing.
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Hi! Wondering if you claim was paid - mine was....Hope all is well!
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Oh that eases my mind a lot. Dr. Halperin did say that she can not recall insurance not paying after they have pre-approved but there is always the chance that they can start being really strict with the requirements. I'm hoping that doesn't start with me. My surgery is this Friday! So you have got to be about 6 months out. Are you still a B cup and how are you feeling about your results?
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I'm glad! It sounds like you won't have any problems...good luck Friday! You must be so excited. I am a full B/small C in some bras and still sooo happy with the results. Definitely take before pictures - I can't believe when I go back and look at mine what i used to look like... it is amazing to me that i lived like that for so long..I could not be happier with my surgery. Please keep us updated and I will be thinking of you on Friday! xo
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Wonderful results! How long did it take you to get around? Like peeing and microwaving food. I live alone and do you think I will be able to live through it. I'm definitely going to prepare food and microwave it for a week till I'm fine. where you able to walk around your house the first week? I'm asking all these because you took the train after 6 days :)
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It really didn't take me much time at all to be able to get around my house, maybe a day or so...as long as I didn't have to accomplish anything major...taking the train after 6 days was very tiring..i would basically take one little excursion per day after the first few days and then go back to bed for the rest of the day. If you have food prepared ahead of time that should help a lot. Just don't overdo it.. The anesthesia was really what wore me out - it made me feel really tired and nauseous for about a week... I underestimated how much that would affect me. For me it wasn't breast pain that laid me up, it was the after effects of being knocked out. Best of luck to you and keep us updated on your progress! Remember to be easy on yourself during recovery (I am also reminding myself of this :) ) xo
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Perfect size and shape! Sorry pains have cropped up again - any chance connected to the running? Happy for your great result.
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This is definitely possible.. maybe i need to switch back to fast walking for a bit..thanks for thinking of this!
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You look absolutely beautiful, you now have the right boobs for your frame, perfect!
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thank you so much!
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Seriously! I look at my before pics like o_O and everyone was cool with that?? lol best decision ever. I really need to go for my checkup...
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i know - i can't believe I dealt with that for so many years! And good thinking about the checkup. Even if you are feeling fine, it's prob a good idea to go.. although that is coming from me and I go to the doctor everytime the littlest thing is wrong ;) better safe than sorry! xo
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You look amazing! You must be so thrilled with your results. They look perfect.
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Yay cute boobies!! :D Don't you love how you can see more of your tummy? Lol I'll never get over the fact that I can simply look down and see my belly button without lifting my boobs up out of the way. Also, I thought underwires were bad after surgery? I kind of skipped my 6 week checkup so I didn't get to ask that...You look great though! :)
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It's so weird that i can actually see my stomach! i was doing crunches today at my exercise class and when i crunched up - i could see my belly, legs, etc! that was a first. i also wore my new sports bra (just one bra!) so that was nice. takes some getting used to.... My doctor said no underwires for 6 weeks but after that it's ok to put gentle pressure on the skin pouches that still need to absorb...
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You have the best boobs! I just bra shopped too but felt like it was too early at 3 weeks exactly - a but tender under the vertical scar as mine extends a little into the fold and still puffy :/
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Thank you so much! Yeah, three weeks sounds a little early to be bra shopping but i totally get how it's impossible to wait! I bought a bikini top before i even had my surgery because i couldnt resist. Be gentle with yourself and i hope your healing continues to go well!
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