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Ever since I began to go through puberty, I felt...

Ever since I began to go through puberty, I felt that my breasts weren't "right". Not only were they smaller than I wanted (most girls feel this way), but the left breast was droopy and lifeless, while the right was practically flat against my chest with no shape at all. It was the equivalent of having a C cup on one side and less than an A on the other. I have very athletic shoulders, a small waist and large hips, so the anatomy of my breasts was a nightmare to me. I spent my entire adolescent life ashamed of my body and could never get close to anyone romantically for fear of being shamed and ridiculed for my "circus freak" chest. It wasn't until I brought this issue up with my doctor at age 19 that she referred me to Doctor Tantillo.
The second I walked into the office, I felt very relaxed. Everyone who worked there and assisted me was pleasant and friendly- not once did I feel humiliated or mocked for being there. Doctor Tantillo himself was very pleasant and courteous, leaving the room to let me change into a smock so as not to make me feel uncomfortable. The second he saw my breasts, he smiled and said, "Ah, I know exactly what this is." He very politely explained what I had; "Tubular breast deformity", and assured me with utmost confidence that he could fix it for me and give me the confidence that I had always wanted. He worked with me patiently and professionally to help me find the results that I would want, and even worked overtime to notify my insurance that my deformity should be covered. That was more than I could have dreamed, because it would have been next to impossible for me to afford surgery without that kind of help. And when my insurance company denied any aid, Dr. Tantillo and his associates fought back to make sure that I would get the help that I really needed.
In the end, I had to have two surgeries. First, a tissue expander put into the right breast, similar to what cancer patients use to have reconstructive surgery. It stayed in for a couple of months, and then I had a breast augmentation (with silicone implants, which I was told were ideal for reconstructive surgery), a mastopexy procedure on the left side to make my breasts even, and shrinking the areola to make my breasts look more aesthetically pleasant. Not once did I feel frightened or unsure about it- Dr. Tantillo and the company were extremely polite and courteous. The surgery went very well, and although recovery was uncomfortable (when isn't it?), I can't imagine my life now without it.
I now have the confidence to wear the clothes I want, and more importantly, I feel comfortable to let myself be vulnerable with others. Every boyfriend I have had has told me that I have the best breasts of any girl they'd ever dated, and not once has one complained that "they don't feel real". Even though I knew going in that my case of TBD was very extreme and a "perfect" solution might not be possible, I'm thrilled with how it turned out and couldn't imagine a better outcome. I honestly can't thank Dr. Tantillo enough and would recommend him to anyone out there who's uncomfortable with their body.
Tubular breast deformity is more common than most people realize but you don't realize you're not alone during adolescence when everyone around you seems to have better boobs. I'm so glad you were able to reach out to a doctor you trusted and get a good referral. And how wonderful that your insurance finally covered your procedure. Did you have family support during this time? Glad to hear you're enjoying your new found confidence!
Thank you for the comment! Yes, I was very glad that someone was able to put a name to the problem that had been plaguing me for so many years. I thought I was just "born this way" and that I'd never be able to fix myself, or that I was shallow or less of a person because I even wanted to have it fixed. My eyes are so much more open now. My family was extremely supportive. They felt bad for never realizing the pain I was in because I kept it inside, and my mother (who had thought I was originally just a little bit self conscious of a normal, slight difference in breast size) was there for me every step of the way. I would encourage anyone who believes that their body is out of the rang of what fits for them to look into a procedure like mine- I know my life is completely different now that I've had this procedure. And, thank you!
Aww, it's so nice to hear your family was so supportive. I'm certain that other young women will come across your review and feel both relief and inspiration. Thank you for sharing your story. Feel free to post any photos you feel comfortable sharing...even in clothing is helpful!

Some pictures~

I deleted a lot of the pictures because I was very self conscious, but I will try to give you some semblance of what the procedure ended up looking like. I'll be sure to add more soon.
Hey!! Glad to hear you had a good experience with Dr. Tantillo. I am going to him for my BA in May. He did my tummy tuck a few years ago, and I absolutely love him. I have slightly tuberous breast also, so he needs to open up the tissue at the bottom. Do you have over or under the muscle? He recommended over for me, but I am nervous because of the heightened risks. Thanks for your story... I would love to see some before and after pics.
Mine are over! I was initially concerned because I had read that "under" tended to feel more natural, but I haven't noticed any problems. I sincerely hope that your surgery goes well, and I trust that you're in good hands with Tantillo. :) And I'd like to post some pictures, but I have very few from before the operation, but I'll do my best to seek some out!
That's a relief lol. I think he wants to do overs because of the tuberous shape, and I want them more rounded. I trust his opinion though. I am very happy to hear of someone with similar issues so pleased with the after product of Dr. Tantillo. I know he specializes in BA's but it is nice to talk to a real patient lol.
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