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Today marks 2 weeks until the procedure. I'm...

Today marks 2 weeks until the procedure. I'm trying to maintain a healthy weight (3 lbs overweight LOL) and be active. So, when I drop off my daughter at school, I go walking at a local park. I just started this last week monday (my boyfriend's mother passed a way last thursday, so it I missed out on my morning walks). I was able to return to my usual morning today and in the car ride to the park, I'm getting anxious knowing that I have 2 more weeks before my boobs are smaller.

I've been big. Always top heavy. I'm 23 years old, 4'9'' and 123lbs. Very petite but my boobs are now at 34DDD/E. After having my daughter (now she's 3) my boobs has taken a lot on my body. Back pains, aches, neck stiffness, etc. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. Ideally, I would like to be a B. My boyfriend would like me to be a C/D. But I worry about the future. Weight gains. Pregnancy. Boobs getting bigger AGAIN. That's the main reason why I'm taking walks, jogging, and watching why I'm eating. I should worry much about what's gonna happen in the future but I'm those type of people that needs to be in control.


I will tell you this, that I also watched what I ate for a few weeks before surgery, and now after it. The biggest thing that has helped (and has also been the hardest) is going low sodium. You really shouldnt have more than 2000mg a day, and you would be surprised how much is in foods like milk and bread.
But with low sodium, I have next to no swelling, even only a few days post. And I lost ten pounds just from losing excess water that my body was holding with all that salt.

Good luck! You are gonna love it. As a fellow petite person, it is the best thing I have ever done for myself.
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Good luck! Hope everything goes well for you! What does your PS say about the size he feels he can take you to?
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Congrats on your upcoming surgery (I'm three weeks out as of yesterday)! As far as the size, you should go with what makes your comfortable and what fits your frame. As you said, you do have the future to worry about (and as much as they may want to, no man can carry them around for you). If you go with a D, you may have to do this all over again later! Without knowing anything else about you other than your height/weight, I imagine a B would be perfect!
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Tomorrow and it will be a week before its MY turn....

Tomorrow and it will be a week before its MY turn. Good thing is that PS up my schedule time from 1:15 to 11:15. My biggest fear is avoiding food and starving. So these few hours would be beneficial.

I also called my job to get family medical leave application so I can be paid for those to weeks. I'm working this WHOLE week but I'll be off Friday so I'll do my cleaning and shopping for anything else I may need. Plus I ordered that herbal supplement to reduce bruising and swelling.


One more week, MissX! Good luck :-D
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While doing laundry today, I packed up my bras...

While doing laundry today, I packed up my bras into a bag. I'm giving them to my sister. She's also top heavy and a few inches taller. Packing up my bras was making me realize how fast my surgery date is approaching. 6 more days!

I really wanteda little lipo on my sides but I would have to pay out of pocket. I can't afford that right now as a single mother. Plus, school is right around the corner and still haven't got my books/sluppies. That's my on my to-do list before work tomorrow. Plus the PS RN said I would need to consult with PS and I may have to re schedule this procedure. Per my insurance company, I need to have this down by September 13. Again, school. I'm hoping the PS will go about himself and do it. But regardless, 6 days to go!!!!!


You are going to do great! Just think, by this time next week you will be recovering!!
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2 more days. I still haven't decide what I should...

2 more days. I still haven't decide what I should wear yet since I don't own many button down shirts cause of the buttons popping off. I did receive an approval for my medical leave so that's one less thing to worry about.


I'll be thinking of you on Monday! Wishing you peace, rest, and perky little tatas!
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2 more days.
It's so hard to watch what I'm eating. I hoping this will motive me to work harder physically since my tatas won't be in the way.

So my surgery was Tuesday August 28. I'm currently...

So my surgery was Tuesday August 28. I'm currently 3 days post op. I feel like I'm slowly getting better each and everyday but I'm still taking it slow. My energy isn't up there yet. I haven't taken a prescribed pain killer since I left the hospital just plain over the counter pain killers.

Tuesday: after surgery, I came home a slept. In the middle of the night I woke up and slept in the recliner.

Wednesday: I slept. I ate a little.

Thursday: my sisters came to see me. I was able to move around a lot better. Took a shower and got a peak of my new tatas. I think I'll be a C.

Friday: I went to Walmart today to buy some new sports bras. My PS said I can wear sport bras as long as there's no wiring.


Thanks for the update, MissX! Sounds like you are doing wonderfully, considering you just had major surgery :-D Just make sure you are getting plenty of rest!
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