Tummy Tuck Done on Fri 02-18-11 No Support from Husband - Bronx, NY

Sat and Sun I was in alot of pain sitting up and...

Sat and Sun I was in alot of pain sitting up and going to the bathroom was the worst part.
Today Monday I have to say the pain is a lot less. The drains are very uncomfortable and sleeping is not easy. The pain meds make me very drowsy. It is hard when you have to sleep sitting up with lots of pillows behind your back and under your knees.

Less pain than yesterday, did not take any pain...

Less pain than yesterday, did not take any pain tablets because I just hate how it makes me feel and today the pain isnt that bad, still taking my antibiotics and the ones for the swelling/brusing. My butt hurts from sitting. I can't stand for too long my back hurts like crazy. Coughing hurts too I am taking delysum which helps alot. Thank God I am staying with my aunt and she is a great help.

I am doing good. I'm not able to stand up straight...

I am doing good. I'm not able to stand up straight yet.....it's scary and the feeling of the skin pulling when I stand.....boy my back is killing me because of bending foward when I stand. Thank goodness I don't have much pain and dont have to take the pain tablets (oxycod generic of percocet). If I have to I will take advil liquid gel. This site has been a true blessing to me.

Today my doc removed the drains, I am soooo happy...

Today my doc removed the drains, I am soooo happy they are out, he took only a few seconds, it felt weird but did not hurt.

One week today........Yayyyy and it gets better...

One week today........Yayyyy and it gets better everyday. I am taking a peek every now and then, so far I like what I see, can't wait to see the final results. I've been able to stand up alot better this morning however at night It's been hard sleeping. I never could have slept on my back before and find it so uncomfortable, when I strech out I feel the lower skin pulling and streching it is not a good feeling and I get very little sleep at night. Thank God I survived the first week!!!

Went home today after staying with my aunt for one...

Went home today after staying with my aunt for one week, she really took great care of me.....God Bless her.
My mom lives with me and she will be helping out with my two kids and the cooking. I am so happy to be home and my kids are happy to have their mommy back. I never spend a night away from them before. I was a bit nervous to walk in the door, my husband did not even say a word to me. I took a shower and it felt so good but after an hour I was sore and a little swollen. I am feeling a little down because since I came home my husband havent spoken to me. Men?????? I am sure he had a good time when I was gone watching porn and drinking......yes.....he always buying them hiding and watching them when I am asleep. Men are so lucky they dont have to make babies and feel what we feel.....and have to deal with a muffin top, streched muscels and strech marks from being pregnancy.
He did not approved of my TT but it's my body and I paid for my TT with my money. Thank God I worked, saved my money and I could do this for myself. I love my kids and my mom they are everything to me. Only a woman would understand. God Bless.

FUNNY.....my daughter said mommy you need to put...

FUNNY.....my daughter said mommy you need to put two bandaid on your belly when she saw my stomach. And boy she is doing a good job keeping me company since I came home.
Feels good to sleep on my bed again, lastnight I got the best night sleep since my TT and been feeling pretty good with the pain, the area does feel num. I am wearing my own binder that I had purchased from Modells for exercising that is alot more comfortable than the one they gave me. Today I feel like eating KFC. Have a Blessed Day!!!

OOUCH!!! OOUCH!!! It HURTS when I sneeze!!!

OOUCH!!! OOUCH!!! It HURTS when I sneeze!!!

10 days and I feel GREAT!!! This morning I was...

10 days and I feel GREAT!!! This morning I was looking at my stomach in the mirror and I love my new tummy I love what I see and I feel like a brand new person. I wish I could share this special moment with my husband but still waiting for him to come around, our conversations are very short and they are about our kids....that's it, he has never showned any support or concern about me up to now. We have been together 15 years now with two kids and I just don't know if he is insecure or what??? Every man should want their woman to look and feel good. Have a Blessed Day Everyone!!!

I am doing great!!! I have to say my hubby is...

I am doing great!!! I have to say my hubby is finally coming around.....little by little. Yesterday he started talking to me, he even made chicken soup and today he is making BBQ, I feel so much better too.
God is GOOD!!!

Six weeks today and feeling great!!!! Love how...

Six weeks today and feeling great!!!! Love how flat and nice my stomach looks in the morning, however I wished I had the extra money to do some lipo at the same time.

Looking at tattoo's to cover up my TT scar.

Looking at tattoo's to cover up my TT scar.

FEELING AND LOOKING GREAT!!! I have to say my...

I have to say my stomach and cut itches like crazy sometimes, my doc says it is normal, it's part of the healing process. Getting dress now has never felt so good and seeing how nice my tops fit and look on me.....sooo much better....love my nice flat tummy everyday more and more. I can't help looking in the mirror a couple times a day.
Take Care and God Bless!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

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It's been 2 yrs and now since I had my tummy tuck, now I want to have lipo done on my stomach but I am afraid how the results will turn out. I read a lot of reviews and lots of people was not happy with the results. I regret I did not have it done when I did my tt. This sort of procedures are not cheap. I will have to think about this decision carefully because saving that amount of money it's not easy and I will be paying for my surgery.
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Thank You!!!! I really enjoyed reading your comment. :))
Everyday I love my new tummy more and more, sometimes a few times a day I would watch my stomach in the mirror and it's like a dream come true to have a nice flat stomach that you've always wanted your whole life.
I plan on getting a nice tattoo over my scar in the future, excited about that. My husband asked me on Sunday did you weigh yourself? I said no he said you should and see how much youve lost, I think he thinks I look thinner....well I know I dont look five months pregnant anymore. I will post pics soon....TAKE CARE AND GOD BLESS!!!! :))
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I am so glad that your husband came around for you...:). It is so important to have the support of our loved ones and significant others. We kind of want their approval but at the same time even if we do not receive it, it is important to us to feel good about ourselves regardless of others opinions. I told my boyfriend and my parents and they were both fine with it. My mom of course was worried but she doesn't see me but every few years so she hasn't seen the weight flucuations I have gone through. I have told her and now she understands why I did this. She even sent me some money to hire someone to stay with me if I couldn't get anyone to help out. She is so sweet...:). Always looking out for me.

My boyfriend told me before surgery that he loved me just the way I was but didn't have a problem with me wanting to improve myself and gain more confidence. He loves the new me even more...lol. He took care and is still taking care of me throught the whole healing process. I wouldn't want it any other way. However, I did make some promises to him that when I lost the weight and felt more confident about my body there would be some new things I would try, like wearing lingerie...lol. Now he is holding me to it...lmao. He is right, I have nothing to be ashamed of now so why not???? Time to make a trip to either fredricks of hollywood or victorias secret...:).

Are you going to be able to post any before and after photos of your transformation? Would really like to see your new tummy...:) Good luck and GOd bless girlie! Take care...
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Girl, you did the right thing doing this for yourself! Sometimes when men don't understand something or have control over it they will lash out. You are right that he should want his wife to look good and maybe that is the problem. He is worried that you are going to have start beating guys off with a stick. He is worried and jealous. At the same time, you shouldn't have to put up with such childish behavior. I know because I was married to a man who watch porn, create porn sites, viewed other porn sites, and drank beer all day long while I worked my butt off. I was miserable. So were my kids. So I finally left and I am able to live my life the way I want to and do things for myself for a change. And now I walk with my head held high and big smile on my face...

You should never feel guilty for wanting to improve yourself and maybe he will come around once he sees how happy you are with the new you. who knows, maybe it will be like starting over for the two of you when he comes around...:). I wish you luck and congratulations on the new you!
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Yes.....I am happy I did it and very very, happy with my results, I've wanted and waited for this so long....feels like forever. I feel like a brand new person and loving my results everyday, my husband sees how happy I am with my new stomach. It took him a while for him to finally come around....now his stomach is bigger than mines....lol sometimes when he hugs me he says where's the belly I'm missing the belly...lol.
Take care!!! :)
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My husband thought I was doing it for him (boobs and TT). He told me he thinks I'm beautiful as is and don't need any surgery.

I said "What makes you think this has anything to do with YOU?" :)

Men don't get that this isn't about them. It's about reclaiming yourself, or reinventing yourself the way you always wanted to be. They don't get that those stretch marks and blobby bits are always on our minds, every time we can't button a pair of pants or scowl at our reflections in another awful swimsuit!

He's come around (I'm sure it helped that we have separate finances, I'm footing the bill, and he'll get to play with the results), and will be taking 2 weeks off to take care of me and the kids after my surgery. I feel very lucky.

I hope you are in love with your new waistline...I can't wait to be in love with my new body (5/31!!)
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Yes.....so true...
Oh yeah....I love my new waistline....can't stop watching my stomach in the mirror....lol... I had some tops in my closet I really liked but never liked how my belly would look, now when I wear them I feel really good because I no longer look like I'm 5 months pregnant, I'm soooo happy I had my TT and love the results.
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I'm so glad your husband is coming around. As he should.

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Me too...
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good for you for being strong and going through with it. I'm so happy for you. I wish you a speedy recovery and would love to see the postop pics. All the best !
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Thank You soooo much!!! I will post pics....not sure when.
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I love the honesty on this site and the support the ladies give. My husband was NOT supportive of my tt(march 2nd) at first, it took months to get him to even respond to me when I would bring it up. Finally he talked to a friend of mine who told him its not about him and to stop being so selfish. It actually worked and he has been on board ever since. No marriage is perfect,and men certainly could use a manual on how to treat women,lol, but us ladies on here understand what your going through. Some guys think that once you feel better about your body, it wont be long before you find someone else. This might be causing him to shut down and be unsupportive. Totally silly of course,but we are talking about men here. So glad you went for it anyway!!
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Thanks.....I feel so much better reading your post. Thank You
you for taking the time to write your comment it really means alot to me. Today is 10 days and I feel great!!! I looked in the mirror this morning at my stomach and I love what I see and it feels good when you look good. Take care!!!
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I enjoy reading your updates! I know how you feel. I am 3 weeks Post op and hate the feeling of standing up straight, feels like I am going to rip open! I also hate the feeling of hunching over like an old lady, its really taking a toll on my body. My husband, yes a porn watcher and drinker too;) Empower your self silently! I do everyday, nothing makes you feel better than looking good, as a fellow woman I understand. Just take it all with a grain of salt and smile and be beautiful everday:o)Sometimes Men get worried about their wives looking "too good" Godbless!
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Hey....HOPE ALL IS WELL.....after reading you comment I feel so much better.....Thank You for you support and your positive comment....it really means alot. I was looking at my stomach in the mirror this morning and I love what I see.....I felt really good. Take care and God Bless!!!
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Hi!!! I am 32 years.....Yes soooo many wife that have support from their husband but I am not one of them....we have been together 15 years now.....I sometimes feel sorry for myself going through this alone but Thank God my mom and aunt are supportive and been there for me and helping me tru this. Take care!!!
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Oh SORRY....I am 33years....
Sometimes I still think I am 32...lol.
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when you are all healed from this surgery you will probably think you are 25, so don't worry about the actual number, say the one you feel!
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Virgo, tell him the truth. We don't care what men think. We want other women to look at us in envy and ask, how old are you??? lol My husband has been very supportive. Sorry yours hasn't.
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Linda I like your comment. It is so true that we are more interested in what other women think than men!
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TT Done,
YOu have the best support around you, your auntie and most of all your children they will always support you in everything you do..seat back, relax spent quality time with them..Don't do too much..

I'm one day post op Ftt/flank lp and first night was not bad. went to my ps this morning and they were very pleased with my results and my standing position. I drink plenty of Kangen water/and I do walk every 4 hours with meds..lol.Do the best you can do..we do not need to be stressed in a time like this..keep a dairy of positive things and you will feel better..like think about the up coming summer/shopping HAHA!!
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Thank You so much for your positive comment!!! I wish you the best!!! Today is 8 days and still not able to walk straight because I feel my lower belly pulling and it feels so tight, it is kinda of scary....hope my doc didnt remove too much skin. Take care!!!
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Look at it this way, if he's speechless now, wait until he sees the results! He is probably intimidated that you will look great, gain confidence and dump him...
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I like your comment!!! He once told me if I'm doing it for other men to look at me....he is such a fool.
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