35four Kids - Bronx, NY

I was born like this I just want to be normal...

I was born like this I just want to be normal because I get made fun of all my like I hate looking like a monster I always wanted my nose fix ever since I got older so I'm saving money now to get is done for my 36 birthday I hate the way I look so I'm writing this for more views to help me though this
You are not a monster. We are all beautiful!!
I was looking for the monster that you see when you look at yourself but instead I end up seeing a pic of a beautiful stunning DIVA we all have our flaws that we don't like about ourselves but I always remind myself that we were made from the image of GOD and sis he don't make mistakes or monsters.. Stay BEAUTIFUL XOXO...
You are a beautiful woman. You are not a monster. I admire you for for your push to better yourself. I hope you are able to raise the money and fulfill your dream.You should look into going to Bogota, Columbia. They offer services that are quite less than US services. Check out Professional Medical Toursin Bogota, (786) 401-9197. God Bless.
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