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Had vaser on my upper and lower abdomen and flanks...

Had vaser on my upper and lower abdomen and flanks on Saturday and am feeling very sore and stiff.... worried about the compression garment as seems to be leaving deep indents and lumps on my front not sure if fits properly... also seem to have quite alot of loose skin and folds at the moment due to see nurse tomorrow. Is any of this normal or should I be worried. Any comments welcome. Thanks.


could you kindly upload some pre-and post-op pictures? I've scheduled a consultation with Dr.Siddiqi end of August, would like to know more about him and the procedure,most importantly the results! can't really find much review on the hospital group regarding vaser lipo. I'm so delighted to see your post here!
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Hi don't have any before pictures as did not take any myself just the ones the surgeon took.... but have had a look at them and could not believe it was me at first!!!! My belly and flanks are definately thinner with no over hang. I found dr siddiqi quite stern and not much of a talker.... procedure was painful at times I would definitely recommend some MLD massage after procedure and to wear garment for as long as you can 6-8 weeks. I saw surgeon after 3 months as still had a few irregularaties but assured me this was all part of healing process and to give it 6 months to see final results..... let me know how you get on.
is the MLD massage included or an extra purchase after the vaser lipo? is there a limit to how much fat u can extract? are you able to work the day after procedure? million thanks to your reply by the way, it's very helpful and assuring!!
dr siddiqi

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