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Iam 48 and very thin and have loss more in my face...

Iam 48 and very thin and have loss more in my face. It's hard to gain weight since I have crohns . I just wanted a little fullness in nasel folds and had a giant line down face. In consult repetely told lady didn't want to look puffy and to full. She said we would try Radiesse cause it was better for people with my problem, also would last longer. Of course it cost more!

She said we would take baby steps. Well my face blew up like a ballon, the she hit a vessel and one side of my was three times its size. We had to stop filling that side, cause it was so swollen. Instead of stopping she kept putting some in other side. I kept saying I didn't want to be to full. Then I was getting sick from it and a little shocky. She finally stopped after FOUR syringes of the stuff at a cost of 2600. I really left in shock then! I had pain and nausea all of that night and next day. Day four still have some pain in cheeks and look so full and puffy. They keep telling me to be patient that it will look good, but now one side of face is bigger then other.

Not happy with results at all, maybe if she did less. I also iam stuck with this cause, it last longer and can't be taken out. I don't want any more put in cause I had the worst experience ever!!! I trusted my practioner and feel like I was taken advantage of. Hope we can work on a the price cause I look like a lopsided chipmunk !

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My sentiments exactly. This is a dangerous product. I've been through hell and back.
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I have Crohn's also and my initial reasoning for exploring fillers was to correct the effects of rapid weight loss. I'm sorry to hear that your DR didn't abide by your wishes. Have things improved now that a little time has passed?
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Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. 4 syringes seems like a lot, especially cost wise. :( Had they discussed with you the amount they thought would be needed before starting?

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Our consult she told me the cost one syringe, but I told her many times I wanted to take it slow. My face is really thin, didn't want to look too filled. She really went over board, kept saying needed the Radiesse cause it would be more cost effitive then juvaderm, in the end. saw her yesterday she kept swelling will go down and will be great. Not so sure I look very filled, then what I wanted and one side is bigger then other. Don't want any more!
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OMG! Thank you so much for posting this! I too have Crohns and have been looking into fillers for around my mouth and cheeks. So many out there and I don't know the difference nor have been able to guess the price. I just want to smooth out the texture. If I were you I would take pictures of what they did and then go to small claims court and get your money back! That's too much money to not be completely satisfied. Good luck and keep us posted :)

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