Tummy Tuck - June 28th - "I don't recognize myself!"

Three years ago I was hit and run over by a drunk...

Three years ago I was hit and run over by a drunk driver, injuring my back and foot. During my recovery I developed Post-traumatic stress disorder. Rather than take the anti-depressants that the Dr. wanted me to go on I started to exercise consistently, my love now is running. In the process I lost 20 plus pounds.

I've also had three pregnancies which took a big toll on my poor body. Love my girls to pieces, hate what they did to my stomach!

I'm pretty fit and feel good about my body other than my flabby tummy. When I work out I find myself staring at my stomach rather than my form!

I am now at a point in my life where I am able to go on vacations more, I wear a tankini but dream of wearing a bikini!

Thank god for this web-site! If I hadn't stumbled across it in February I know that this dream would have just remained a dream. My decision was cemented when I showed my three daughters my stomach (I'm pretty good at hiding it)...one of my 19 year old's jaw dropped...she was ready to drive me to the PS that day! Besides which, all of my girls have fabulous smiles my TT is only slightly more than their braces! Along with my girls, my husband, sisters, and friends are completely supportive of my decision!

I had my consult a couple of weeks ago, I loved my PS! Once he "lifted" up my stomach to show me where the scar would be place I knew that there was no going back. Nobody has ever "lifted" up my stomach before in my life. Ewwww

My only concern going into this is that I live in a tiny, remote community, I have to travel quite aways to have this done. I am going to stay in the city where it's being performed for about 11 days then will be travelling home. I am doing my pre-op with my GP prior to leaving. I will also take that opportunity to make sure he is able to deal with me post-op. the good news in this scenario is that a family member of mine who is coming with me is a nurse.

Other than that, I am excited to finally have this done!

My stats are...42 years old, 5'4, 161 lbs. I will post pictures soon.

Because my PS is requiring me to go home with a...

Because my PS is requiring me to go home with a catheter for three days and I hadn't heard about this on this site I posed it to the Dr.'s. All six responded that they had never heard this before. I have e-mailed my clinic to see if it's optional or not. I'm fine with having it for the first night but want to be able to have it removed the next day.
His reasoning was for comfort, especially at night.
I'm ultra-paranoid about blood clots so I know that I will be up and about as much as I can be/supposed to be.

It's official...paid in full! I have been in...

It's official...paid in full!
I have been in communication with my PS office and they have answered every single one of my questions. I needed clarification on a few things including the catheter issue. I've been assured that it can be removed as soon as I feel like it's ok. I've since read a few stories where patients have appreciated them, I feel much better about this now.
I was supposed to be in Mexico this week but due to a family emergency it had to be rescheduled and the best dates for me were the end of August, eight weeks after my procedure. Humidity on top of swelling....hmmm. I may be living on the ocean!

So, it's just a little over two weeks until my...

So, it's just a little over two weeks until my TT! My biggest challenge this week will be weaning myself from salt. I swear, I could lick a salt block if I were to own one!

My other problem is making sure that I have enough clothes to last the summer, I live in a tiny remote community with no clothing store. I'll have to buy what I need while I'm in the city for my procedure. I'm thinking elastic waisted skirts...

Updating pictures!

Updating pictures!

Due to some unexpected issues in my life I have...

Due to some unexpected issues in my life I have been on a "stress diet" for the past two weeks. The only benefit is the unexpected weight loss! Add anxiety about this whole procedure and I'm a big 'ol mess. Luckily I have great support from my friends and family!
My pre-op is tomorrow, it's with my GP so that should be interesting.

Well, I got the green light to go! My pre-op and...

Well, I got the green light to go! My pre-op and ECG are all good. Yay!
My GP has never dealt with a TT patient so this should be interesting. To tell you the truth I think I'm only the third person in my town who's ever had this done. I'm hoping I won't have to visit him very often if at all.
I also found out today from my PS's nurse that I can't shower until after my drains are out for 24 hours. Booooo

Ten days to go and I think I'm losing it a bit...

Ten days to go and I think I'm losing it a bit. I asked my husband today if I should cancel....he looked at me like I'd lost my marbles. I have spent pretty much everyday since February researching this, countless hours talking about it, never mind the cost!

My mom is in town visiting for a few days and I...

My mom is in town visiting for a few days and I reminded her that I was leaving for my tummy tuck this week. Her response surprised me, she basically told me that I should love myself the way I am and that's there's nothing wrong with me. I mean, that's really nice for her to say and all (she is my mother after all!) but I thought she would be more supportive!
Then to top the day off, one of the two of my friends that disagreed with me doing this called me and asked what the update was on my TT! She's gone from one extreme to another...a few weeks ago she called and pretty much pleaded with me not to do it and now she's super excited!
That's what I get for having a big mouth and telling anyone who is within ear shot! Lol

I know I should be getting ready for this. The...

I know I should be getting ready for this. The only things I have bought so far are a new toothbrush and a bag of prunes! Do I really need big undies? I'm overwhelmed...

I think I'm ready! As I shopped today I just...

I think I'm ready! As I shopped today I just kept thinking I was crazy for doing this! Am I really going to pay someone to do this to me? OMG
It's just after midnight so technically this is happening tomorrow!

Yay! I just weighed myself and am going into my...

Yay! I just weighed myself and am going into my surgery tomorrow at 155 lbs! I've lost 9 lbs! I will probably lose another pound today from the anxiety alone.

Done! 3 lbs gone! The most fantastic staff at...

Done! 3 lbs gone!
The most fantastic staff at the surgical center! Saw a quick peek at my tummy, all my stretch marks are mainly below my belly button, so weird!

Day 1 - made it through the surgery with flying...

Day 1 - made it through the surgery with flying colors! Got back to my hotel room and was really great, until the gas set in! Omg, either I never read about it on here or I didn't pay attention! The gas nearly killed me last night, it was sitting between my boobs, slowly making it's way out...all.nite.long. Two and a half hours of sleep is all I've gotten!
I took one pain pill, I'm on Dilaudid...but that's it. It made me feel nauseaus. So I'm going to try and tough it out with Advil and Tylenol. I'm also taking Sinecch.
Working out, running and being in good shape definitely makes a difference when you have to get up and down!
So my first piece of advise...get something for gas!!!

Day 2 - Who would have thought that the worse...

Day 2 - Who would have thought that the worse thing to come of this would be gas?!? OMG. I am still suffering, even with Gas X!
The nurse came to the house and gave me a sponge bath and washed my hair...heavenly! She is pleased with how well I am doing. I am up and down on my own. She also took out the catheter which was a life-saver lastnight.

Day 3 - I had one of my drains removed yesterday,...

Day 3 - I had one of my drains removed yesterday, what a relief! It bothered me right from the get-go. I will keep the other one in until Monday which I can live with. Had another terrible sleep...same story. Gas.

Day 4 - Was given the red light to walk twice a day, have gone on one walk so far. No problem. Also took a half-shower today myself and washed my hair. Ackward but I did it. I can't have a full shower until the drain is out. Boo.
I can not stand my belly button being touched! It feels like a bunch of nerve endings, similar to a tooth that needs a filling! Ack. I hope that gets better soon. My gas issues seem a bit better this afternoon.
Had thoughts this morning after my miserable sleep about the cost of this and ohmygod, I really did it. I know it will be worth it the first time I don't have to tuck my nasty tummy in my pants!

Day 5/6 Doing very well. I'm up and about and...

Day 5/6 Doing very well. I'm up and about and doing my normal daily living. Today I went to a petting zoo with some friends for short bit and then out for lunch.
I managed to shower by putting a hand towel over the binder on the back and then a garbage bag around my waist. Heavenly! I've been able to do this for the past two days...and the good news is that I even managed to shave my legs! lol

Day 6 - Went for my post-op and my drain is at 32...

Day 6 - Went for my post-op and my drain is at 32 so I will have to wait until tomorrow to get it removed. Got fitted for my sexy second stage garment. It looks like a torture device...ele-lets, zipper and all!
Everyone's happy with my progress, the hardest part is having to force myself to rest!!!
I started taking Traumeel (arnica) pills and bought some cream and have started massaging my stomach and upper thighs with the cream. Drinking loads of water and pineapple juice. Feeling amazing!!

Haha..that should be eye-lets! Too much sun...

Haha..that should be eye-lets! Too much sun tanning today!

July 7/8 - Well hello swell hell, I was wondering...

July 7/8 - Well hello swell hell, I was wondering when you would arrive! It was nice to have a flat tummy for a while...now the waiting begins.
I got my last drain out yesterday, I had been miscalculating my drainage and I have been under 25 for a few days. Yesterday I was 19 so out it came! My PS also fitted me for my second stage garment which I was able to wear right away. Weeeeird...I didn't like the feel so I had to put my binder on over top for the evening. Today I am going to try and go "binder less". I've been taking pictures, will post next week when I get home.

That should read "Day 7/8 not July 7/8"

That should read "Day 7/8 not July 7/8"

Day 9 - I woke up today not feeling very good, and...

Day 9 - I woke up today not feeling very good, and progressively got worse. My breathing was becoming difficult so I called the PS. Luckily they took me right away. The nurse drained 25cc's from my upper stomach and instant relief! I am now back in my binder, I think they put me in the second stage garment too soon! I'm so swollen that I'm afraid that my incision is going to pop open!

2 weeks post-op - I am doing well! I am back to...

2 weeks post-op - I am doing well! I am back to work today! Luckily my job is mostly sit down and I only work 33 hours a week.
My Dr. told me that I could start walking this week so I've e-mailed the clinic to find out what my base-line walk should be.
The good news? Everyone is commenting on how big my boobs look now that my tummy is gone! Yay!!
I will post 2 week pictures soon.

I'm trying to break up with my binder today, I'm...

I'm trying to break up with my binder today, I'm afraid that if this affair goes on much longer we'll never be able to part! I am trying to get through the day with just my garment, so far so good. I will still wear it at night tho'...

Day 16 - my worst day today by far! I developed a...

Day 16 - my worst day today by far! I developed a small seroma so I went to the hospital to have it drained. The Dr. on call I swear just got out of med school and was too afraid to drain it. This is the same Dr. that wouldn't clip the end of a stitch that was sticking out the other day!
Then, to top it off I went home and took the tape off of my incision. When I did that a scab at the bottom of my incision came off and I have a small opening. Oh my god. Has that happened to anyone else? I see lots of incisions with tape on them, I just put the tape on this week.
I have e-mailed my PS clinic with my tales of woe... :(

Day 19 - Yesterday was a great day! I worked half...

Day 19 - Yesterday was a great day! I worked half a day and went to the beach with the hubby and dogs. Walked a bit but mostly just sat and enjoyed the ocean.
It's funny, I live in a small town but obviously not everyone knows what I've done. I've had comments on how I've lost weight and even one where a guy asked how come I keep looking younger!
I've gone back to keeping the binder and garment on, going to try and lose one today, I just don't want that seroma to come back.
I thought that I would be trying everything on in my closet, but really once I start... I stop. I haven't made the mind/body connection. I just don't recognize myself when I look in the
mirror! Lol

Day 22 - I was going to post yesterday but with...

Day 22 - I was going to post yesterday but with the way I was feeling there was no way that was going to happen! My incision opened a bit at the bottom on the weekend and started weeping a bit. I'm sure it was due to the bad swelling that I'm encountering. I went back to the hospital and once again had a Dr. at was too scared to drain me!? Honest to god, how the heck did these people in this town get their degrees?! I even had the Dr. call the PS office and she still "didn't feel comfortable". At this point that's fine with me, god knows what they might puncture!
So I'm on anti-biotics as a precaution, have a receiving blanket under my garment and my binder on top of that!
Today is slightly better, but I'm still super uncomfortable. I'm bound so tightly I have no appetite and can't breathe very deeply.
Time can't go by fast enough!!!

Day 22 - part II I feel much better this evening,...

Day 22 - part II I feel much better this evening, my incision appears to have closed back up and the weeping has stopped. Fingers crossed. I took more pictures so that I could compare over the last weeks, there definitley is a difference. My poor butt...I think I need a brazillian butt lift next (kidding, my elective surgery days are over!!).

Tummy tuck, what tummy tuck? Cellulities......

Tummy tuck, what tummy tuck?
Cellulities....google it. That's what my life has been about for the past week. Last Saturday I scratched my back, no big deal. A lump formed the next day, by Tuesday it had travelled to my right shoulder and up my neck. I went to the Dr. and was on IV within 20 minutes!
Talk about scared out of my mind. The fact that it had gone up my neck in such a short period of time scared me to death (and the Dr.) Well that and the fact that I was on the very antibiotic (for my incision that had leaked the week before) that they would have given me to treat the cellulitis.
So it's been a week of IV therapy every 12 hours for 2-4 hours a shot.
As far as my TT all seems pretty good in that regard. The incision is good, I did spit out a stitch the other day, no big deal.
I started walking two days ago....I was going crazy and had to get some air. I will get new pictures taken this week, still have swelling issues.
Mentally I am a lot better.

Well, I have been released from IV hell and it's...

Well, I have been released from IV hell and it's back to the TT recovery! Thank god my infection is on the mend....
I noticed a bit of a discoloration at the bottom of my incision and pushed a bit. A few drops of blood came out of my incision...I'm wondering if it's an ingrown hair or something? I also still have a scab at the end of my incision, at five weeks I don't know if this is normal. Off to call the PS...

Six and a half weeks - life without binders/...

Six and a half weeks - life without binders/ garments! I was crazy, happy to reach this point and ditch these items only to put them back on!
Daytime is fine, I am just using a tight tank which seems to be working. Wearing normal pants is great, my garment left with me with awful underwear lines so I lived in long shirts! I'm still the same size, only there's room in the waist and I no longer have a muffin top!
I tried to sleep without my binder and only lasted one night, it's back on for now. I find that my stomach is super tender now and its hard to get used to the numbness. My upper thighs and the area between my belly button and incision are numb. I don't know if that's going to come back or if I will just have to learn to get used to it. My incision is doing really well, I am still massaging my tummy every day.
Funny thing, I realized the other day that I have hips now! I never noticed them before as I was obsessed with my stomach...and I kinda like them! Is this me? Someone who is actually liking how they look! Wow. ;)
Off to Mexico in 11 days, I will be sure to take pics in my bikini!

Hello everyone! Thank-you readers! One of you...

Hello everyone! Thank-you readers! One of you contacted me to let me know that there was an inappropriate message posted on my page and then it went to her e-mail.
I have no idea what happened...I've contacted Real Self to find out what's going on. I'm the only one with my password for my profile and I did not post anything like that! It's gone now so I don't even know what it said....if I don't get an explanation I will cancel this profile :(
Ps. Tummy is good, still dealing with swelling though, seven weeks today!

9 weeks - updating from sunny Puerto Vallarta! I'm...

9 weeks - updating from sunny Puerto Vallarta! I'm happy to report that I have been living in two bikinis and that my tankini has yet to leave the suitcase! ;)
Yesterday I mentioned to my husband that I wished that my back matched my front. He just looked at me and sighed..I know, I know. I need to learn some self love and get back to the weight room.
On my way down I had a day to shop in Vancouver, $500.00 later in shirts and sweaters for work! I only have four shirts pre-tummy tuck that don't look ridiculous on me.
I will post new pictures when I get home next week. It's sure nice to not yell at my husband "boobs up only!" when he takes a picture of me!!! ;)
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That is awesome! I'm so happy to hear your having an awesome holiday and that you are so comfortable in your bikini! Woo Hoo.
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Checking in on ya! would love to see new pics
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Don't let some moron effect you and our community!
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I saw that message too, hg. It was just some moron thinking lewd and inappropriate comments are funny. It came up in my email as a comment on your profile, so nothing to do with your account.
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I totally know what you're saying about the numbness.. it feels so different do I wear my pant at my navel or below..lol I am still wearing my binder i have several fluid pockets that are not going down at all. I am have been told I might need some revision.. oh well
Have fun in mexico..
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You really look great! I know what you mean about the pantie lines from certain garments, holy crap they can't have improved that in all these years? I don't have buns of steel so that thing cut into me in a not very flattering way haha. They make some now that are high waisted and like boyshot length instead of the ones that go nearly to the knees. I like anything that is supportive of the area above my belly button but there's not alot that does that. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy yourself...we def want bikini pics!!!
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So glad to hear you are back to wearing your binder :) Wear it as long as you can. Wonderful that you are feeling good about yourself and happy with your results considering all that you have gone through recently..... always good to hear !!! Wow, Mexico ..... awesome, one of the places to visit on my bucket list. You are looking stunning !!
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Just checking in to see how your doing? Hope your feeling a lot better and your pics are so nice. You are looking fantastic!! xx
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I'm doing great, still getting used to the new body. Have to buy all new shirts! My old ones were meant to hide the tummy and look funny on me now. How are you?
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Glad you are doing better. That had to be scary!! I don't understand what "spitting out a stitch is". I'm still waiting for surgery so haven't encountered this yet.

You may want to take a really strong pro-biotic too since you've been on such strong IV anti-biotics. They kill the good along w/ the bad. So much of our immune system (70-80%) is in our gut. I take one called Ultimate Flora by Renew Life. The critical care formula. You can google that company. I take them daily but after surgery will up the amount I take to counter act the anti-biotics.
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Thanks for that, I'm eating yogurt every day but I don't think it's enough...I will look into it!
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Wow, you sure have been through a lot. Sometimes it feels like nothing can be easy in life doesnt it? I really appreciate your amazing attitude going through all of this. Hang in there. Your looking so beautiful!! :-) Feel better!!!
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wow glad you are ok! that must have been scary
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Look at those curves, fantastic! And very glad you are off the IV tx!
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You poor thing, I really feel for you. Try and stay positive (I know its hard) but I am sending you good thoughts and hope things start to improve for you.
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Hi there hg.girl. Sorry about the cellulitis. Gosh that didn't sound pleasant at all. I hope you are getting better and stronger by the day. Your latest pics are fab by the way.... :)
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It's good to hear from you again. You've really been through the wringer lately! Glad to hear you're on the mend, girl, and look forward to some new pics :)
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hg.girl - I googled it! You poor thing. I understand complications and I definitely understand getting to a better mental state. It seems some of us have different issues to deal with, but we will get through it :) it will make us appreciate our flat tummies even more!

I hope everything continues to improve for you.
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wow, you really went through it with your incision opening. I know it's a scary feeling. I'm so glad it's doing better now. Oh and you are looking SOOO GREAT!!!
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OH MY those are some seriously dangerous curves you are sporting there lady!! Fantastic...this is a new beginning for you! Congrats :)
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OMG YOU LOOK AMAZING!!! REALLY ... what a shape.. I'm jealous... :P lol
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Hi hg girl, I think you look great! I have mine next Tuesday, from your pics, my shape is similar to what yours WAS! I hope I get that flat tummy and a more defined waist. My incision should be nice and low too. Hang in there. :)
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Thanks so much for that! My sister said that I don't look square anymore! ;)
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Wowza! Looking good, girl! You have a nice little bb there. Glad to hear your incision is closed.
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I feel your pain controlling the seroma. But, look at you... you look fabulous! WOW!
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