6 Weeks After Rhinoplasty and my Nostrils Are Uneven - British Columbia, BC

Hi, I have a very thick and oily skin with very...

Hi, I have a very thick and oily skin with very flat bridge and round tip. I had my nose done exactly 6 weeks ago, I got my bridge raised and my tip trimmed down but my nostrils untouched.
I had very minimal bruising and minimal pain, just had a very bad headache/dizziness. I was happy with the result after my cast off which was 6 days after surgery but after 2 weeks I noticed the bridge is crooked and the nostril uneven :(.
Today is 6 weeks after my surgery and my nose less crroked but still very round and my nostrils are uneven. I will love to hear your opinion about my nostrils, is it very noticeable ? do I need alarplasty ?, thank you so much


Any updates? How does it look now?
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Thank you:))
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Oh you must be so exciting it was a same date I had my surgery on April, hopefully your surgery will going smoothly and make sure take at least 1000 mg vit C before and after surgery it was very help me to minimize bruising and healing.... Best luck !
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