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Mons Pubis Liposuction? Is It Worth It and How Much Will It Cost?

Hi I am 19 years old from Vancouver, British...

Hi I am 19 years old from Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) and I have a very large mons pubis. It makes me very insecure when it comes to what I wear becase like other girls I can't wear nice fitted skirts, dresses or also jeans because it just bulges out and looks like I'm packing on like a little boy. I even tried to loose weight but it seems to stick out more then before. I was thinking of getting liposuction to remove the fat, would it even be worth it and roughly how much will I be looking to pay because I am a student and I will be paying for this myself. Any local surgeons that you would recomment with a decent price as well...


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when they do lip of the abdomen, the doctors usually do you pubic area too so that it doesn't stick out more, so if your is naturally like that and you lose weigh I just believe it will show more. Go talk to a dr and see what they can do for you. the dr can lower his fee, but you still have to pay the hospital for use of the facility and for the anistesia, probably could do local for just that spot
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HI, I totally understand you because I also had a big mon pubis and recently had liposuction on my thighs, abdomen, flanks etc and my doc did lipo on my mons pubis as well, I neber knew that's even possible, we never even discussed it before surgery, after surgery the next day when I went back for my post op consultation, I noticed I was super bruised on my mons pubis and asked him why, he said he did lipo!!!! :D I was so happy and my result is amazinggg, looks so much smaller now, but can't help you for the price because I did all kinds of stuff lol! But maybe call a few docs and inquire about the price! :) good luck
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