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My story.....Alot like everyone elses. I had my...

My story.....Alot like everyone elses. I had my first baby at age 19 and over the next 12 years she was followed by 8 more (one passed away as an infant so I only have the pleasure of raising 8). Yes ladies I had 9, the last 4 being c-sections. I have since been divorced from my husband of 18 years and found the true love of my life and now am a happy mom of 4 stepsons as well. As kids are finally getting older and starting to leave home, it is time to take some time for me.
I have always been very active and tried to squeeze running and workouts into my daily life. I am at my heaviest weight right now (aside from post prego) and weigh in at 146 lb and am 5'7" tall, and age 40. pretty average I guess. I have always wanted to go ahead with this and my husband told me he loves me the way I am but if its important to me then its important. So he is making this dream come true for me. I'm so nervouse excited I can hardly wait till Saturday!
I am going ahead with a mini TT, my Dr says I don't have enough skin to do a full, so sadly I will still have my stretchmarks. I actually shed a few tears on letting that go. And a breast lift and augment with a 300 implant. I wear a 36B right now and should end up with a 36 C, (I hope) I have lurked on this site on and off for the past 3 years and have loved following all the stories. Me joining this group is very unlike me! But I figured I lurked for so long that I owed to anyone out there looking into this to have another story to compare too. So.....its nice to meet you all :) I will try figure out the picture thing as soon as I can

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So its now day three. Back at home doing the...

So its now day three. Back at home doing the mommy thing. Pretty tired and feeling super impatient to get just get better and move along with life!! I Took off my bandages from the TT and wanted to cry, its just a lumpy ugly mess!! I knew I couldn't get rid of stretch marks so it was just to tighten up the pooch. But its just so puffy and ugly :( I am just being impatient I know, I thought the swelling on a mini wasn't supposed to be so intense?
How long doe it take for the breasts to drop? At the moment they are still very high, Still kinda hard to take a deep breath, like an elephant is sitting on my chest!! Pain is managable with just T3, but they wreak havoc on my stomach. Most of the pain is intense burning sensation at incision sites. Can stand up nice and straight again, so thats good!
I have a question about compression garments. Why do some ps says yes non-stop for 6 weeks and some for a week? I don't even have to wear one for my tummy (but its more comfy so I have been anyways) and he said a sports bra is fine for the breasts, is this normal? Maybe I should've asked more questions....
Wow! Mom to 12! Nothing short of supermom! I'd have died of exhaustion. You're still early at day 3, be patient with yourself and take it easy. I see your before pics and since you're in pretty good shape, you should get great great results. Happy healing :)
Hi! I had my mommie makeover on Dec 3. Full TT breast lift, reduction, and augmentation, thigh lift and lipo all over. The first few days are hard but u have to be realistic. It takes weeks to unswell. I still have swelling in my lower tummy and anywhere i have had surgery. My breasts took a full four months to drop into place-- but they finally did. I did have the full tuck-- but my stretch marks went up to my ribs so i still have them on my belly. My biggest problem right now is trying to reduce my scars. I wore the silicone tape for 3 months and them switched to the very thick vitamin e. Now I'm using Mederma and i hope that helps. I went back to the gym too soon (6 weeks) and i hurt myself-- so i was out for almost 3 months -- which didnt do much for my weight! I worked out 5 days a week before my surgery. Im now back in the gym and trying to get my weight down again. Dont make the same mistake i did. U will have plenty of time to work out. And note-- the more u try to do the more you will swell up! Try to rest as much as u can and u wont swell as badly and u will recover quickly! Im 36 and a full time working mother of 3 (8,9,14) so i know its hard to chill- but the more u just relax the better off u will be!!
Congrats on your journey, I have not had my procedures yet but from what ive read, it takes a while to see your full result. Now just rest and let your body do the rest. Thanks for sharing.

Hmmmm, well now I'm a week post op. Actually...

Hmmmm, well now I'm a week post op. Actually pretty good week. Still strugggling with the swelling :P But I have an awesome binder from walmart that sems to keep it under control. Remember I only had the mini with noe muscle repair so my recovery has been pretty quick. My surgeon also did no drains on tummy or breasts so it was awesome. Breasts are still pretty tender but not as bad as I thought they should be....Is that normal? Also I have a major nasty bruise on the side of one.

I have never worn a sports bra in my life and the thing seems to be killing me!! Is it just too small or are they supposed to be super tight? I think thats the worst part right now, it feels like theres an elephant sitting on my chest! Is it the bra or the implants?

Physically I am healing well, PS said things went textbook awesome. But I have been struggling more with the emotional side of things. My dear hubby was not for this at all. He has always told be I am beautiful in every way. But when he saw it was so important to me he said go ahead, if its important to you that makes it important. But it almost feels now like he is resentful or something. he will not say anything about wether he thinks it looks good or if he likes it, in fact he's kind of distant. Not at all like himself.He is usually sweet and attentive and complimentary. I have wanted this for so long, thinking always that it was all for me. But what if he really just doesn't like it? I feel beautiful and kinda sad all at the same time. Honestly in my clothes you can't tell a bit of difference, my jeans don't have to adjust for the poochy tummy so they are comfyer but not enough to change sizes or anything. But naked?? Big difference
As you all know, when we go through this it is absolutely all consuming, right? I think it, dream it, everything. But when you can't voice it at all (no one else knows) it gets overwhelming. So today feels dreary! Anyways, be strong ladies, take care of yourselves, I'll post a picture of my new bikini shot at one week post op. Take care
you look great! what made you opt for mini tt and are you happy with it?i am thinking about 284 or 300 ba, do you think the 300 are too big? i am not telling anyone about my surgery either.

At 9 days post op, I feel fabulous! Still the...

At 9 days post op, I feel fabulous! Still the swelling and all but really so happy I went through with it! I actually ordered 4 bikinis from VS today, I live in the frigid north, where the heck am I gonna wear these!!?? It just feels good to be positive and happy.

I had a tiny bit of lipo on my tummy, no bruising or anything but man oh man is that tender...Is that normal? Breasts are nice and soft already, I have been doing massage everyday, and it sure has made a difference on how they feel. Tummy too, cuts down on the swelling, I'm wearing my compression garment only a couple hours a day, just for comfort sake. I probably look like a prego always rubbing my tummy!
Sorry no picture this week yet, I'll get my daughter to do it for me (technologically handicapped here) Have a good day all, be happy, your beautiful!!
U look good :) I too just had a mini tuck w no muscle repair n no drains. I am 24 days post op I had a small seroma that I had to get drained 3 times but is all better now :) I feel fabulous too but the emotional side has been crazy. I too was very sensitive too my husband. I thought he was being distant too but I spoke w him n he was giving me room to adapt n honestly looking back I believe bc of the emotions from surgery I was being very very sensitive n imagining things that weren't their. My husband too thought I was perfect before but he has told me I look even more amazing now. Also the sports bra does such but also it's the implants takes a little while until they get comfortable. Happy healing girl :)

Looking good! Thanks for your updates and photos!

I think that's just how some men deal. He might be worried and unsure like you feel now, but as time passes and you feel back to normal, he might be able to voice what he was feeling. My husband is the distant type, so I've come to get that, but it's harder for you since you're used to him being more connected. Remember you wanted it enough to go through with it and its super normal to have these feelings of regret. My surgeon even had me sign a paper with this described on it, saying it was common and temporary. I'm not looking forward to that!

Two week photo shoot :)

You look great. Congratulations. Take care.
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